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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > New Regulations Tell Soldiers to Inform on Extremists

New Regulations Tell Soldiers to Inform on Extremists

October 11, 2010

October 11- Militant Islam Monitor-The program is being set up by the head of army counter intelligence and is called The Threat Awareness and Prevention Program. All the information will go into a centralized database.

According to the Washington Times:

All Army personnel "should report information regarding [Army] personnel who exhibit any of the behaviors that may be associated with a potential espionage or international terrorist threat and those associated with extremist activity," the new rules state. They add that anyone failing to report such behavior could be subject to administrative sanction or even court martial.

A chart of reportable behaviors includes "Expressing support for persons or organizations that promote or threaten the unlawful use of force or violence to achieve political, ideological, or religious objectives."And "Soliciting advice, encouragement, finances, training, or other resources from a person who advocates the use of unlawful violence to undermine or disrupt U.S. military operations or foreign policy." http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/oct/7/all-soldiers-anti-terror-informers/

The rules come as a result of the Fort Hood shootings by army psychiatrist and Major Hasan Nidal. Nidal shouted "Allahu Akhbar" (God is great) before opening fire on a group of soldiers killing 13 and wounding 31. Nidal had exhibited signs of extremism long before the shootings. Among these were a Powerpoint presentation he gave to fellow soldiers about Islam with a slide which said "We love death more then you love life" and a warning of "adverse events" if Muslim soldiers had to serve in Muslim countries. He also had the letters SOA (Soldier of Allah) printed on his official business card.

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