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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Wilders Supported by Islam Experts at Trial

Wilders Supported by Islam Experts at Trial

October 6, 2010

October 6-Militant Islam Monitor-Three Islam experts who were asked to testify at the trial of Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders support his statements. Wilders is on trial after being accused of inciting hatred, giving offense to Muslims and discrimination. Wilders told the court that he stood by his opinions.He has proclaimed that his trial was political and that the outcome would be crucial regarding the right to free speech in Holland.He invoked his right to remain silent and not answer any questions during the trial.

The experts testified were Islam experts Hans Jansen ,Simon Admiraal and the ex -Muslim psychiatrist Wafa Sultan.

According to Elsevier:

Arabists Janssen and Admiraal declared that for many Muslims non Islamic countries such as Holland are seen as missionary areas, because the whole world is from Allah.

Jansen also emphasized that moderate Islam does not exist. ‘ There is but one Islam. There are moderate Muslims'. Wilders comments that moderate Islam does not exist form part of the case against him because he thereby according to the defendants places all Muslims as extremist.

According to Arabist Admiraal Wilders comment that Islam is violent is correct, because some verses if taken literally do call for violence. "It is the intention that other religions are subordinate to Islam," said Admiraal.

The Syrian – American psychiatrist Wafa Sultan supported all the comments of Wilders among them his claim that the Koran is worse then Mein Kampf. ‘Mein Kampf is a political book, the Koran is a mixture of politics and religion'.


The trial of Wilders will continue.Wilders lawyer Bram Moszkowicz, accused the judges of bias and asked for a new set of judges. His request was denied.

If convicted Wilders faces a maximum of 1 year in jail or a fine of $10,000.

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