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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > J Street Raises Money For Radical Muslim - Endorses Keith Ellison Shortly After Ellison Visits "Hamas Front" in Gaza

J Street Raises Money For Radical Muslim - Endorses Keith Ellison Shortly After Ellison Visits "Hamas Front" in Gaza

October 6, 2010


October 6, 2010
For Immediate Release
Contact: Joe Kaufman ([email protected])



(Washington, DC) J Street, the anti-Israel mouthpiece bankrolled by left wing activist George Soros, has endorsed U.S. Representative Keith Ellison, a radical Muslim who is working towards his reelection in Minnesota's Fifth Congressional District.

The endorsement is found on J Street's official website, along with an area, under Ellison's photo, for people to donate directly to Ellison.

This, after Ellison recently traveled to the Gaza Strip to visit the offices of Islamic Relief (IR), a group that the Israeli government has labeled a "front" for Hamas, as there have been significant ties from IR to the terrorist organization.

A number of photos from Ellison's April 2010 Gaza trip are found on Islamic Relief's website, including pictures of Ellison with IR's Gaza head, Mohammed Elsousi.

Ellison has built a reputation of having associations with various radical Muslim groups, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Ellison has, as well, given speeches at different events for the Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS-Minnesota), while the group had statements on its website in support of Hamas and calling for violence against Jews. Ellison has never publicly condemned the statements.

Joe Kaufman, Chairman of Americans Against Hate (AAH), said, "It is beyond offense that a group calling itself ‘pro-Israel' would endorse and actively raise money for someone who associates with entities connected to and in support of an organization that threatens Israel's existence. No one should buy into J Street's phony self-labels. J Street is not ‘peaceful' and is not ‘pro-Israel.' J Street is dangerous and should be avoided by anyone who cares about the future of the Jewish state."

Joe Kaufman is available for interview. E-mail: [email protected].

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