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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > FDI: 911 Families Support Ground Zero Mega-Mosque Rally of Remembrance on 911

FDI: 911 Families Support Ground Zero Mega-Mosque Rally of Remembrance on 911

September 3, 2010

NEW YORK, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI) applauds the fact that a wide spectrum of 9/11 families have declared their unequivocal support for FDI's September 11 Rally of Remembrance honoring the victims of 9/11 -- and ensuring that their memories will not be desecrated by the construction of an Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero.

The rally will be held on September 11 at 3pm at Park Place and West Broadway.

FDI Executive Director Pamela Geller said in a statement: "We are aware that some 9/11 families, while declaring their opposition to the mega-mosque, have asked us to move the date from September 11 because they feel that our rally will be 'disrespectful.' As they must know, we did not choose the date of the rally to be "disrespectful" for those who were murdered on September 11, 2001. In fact, we did not choose it at all. The date was chosen for us when Daisy Khan announced that the Islamic supremacists plan to break ground for their mosque on September 11, 2011." (Khan denies this now, contradicting her own words.)

Geller added: "we are beginning the rally after the conclusion of the memorial services, and we are starting with a solemn memorial of our own, featuring a minister and rabbi offering prayers for the 9/11 families and for the nation. Only in that context are we going to speak about the Ground Zero mega-mosque at all."

"The patriots at Ground Zero, praying for the victims' families and for America, have been asked out of respect not to bring signs, but only American flags," Geller noted. "The rally is one of remembrance, dedicated to honoring the memory of those who were murdered, and making sure their memory is not desecrated by this mosque. How does such a spectacle in any way dishonor the victims of the 9/11 attacks?"

Geller revealed: "We have received scores of emails from 9/11 family members, urging us not to change the date, but to keep it where it was."

Speakers will include 9/11 family members, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton (via video statement); Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders (LIVE!); journalist Andrew Breitbart (live or via video); New York Senate candidate Gary Berntsen; war hero and North Carolina Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano; nationally syndicated conservative talk show host Mike Gallagher; Muslim Iranian activist Ray Kafi; Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nassralla; and other freedom fighters and proud Americans.

Free citizens are coming from all over the U.S. to attend the rally. Join the largest Caravan in America coming cross-country to the 9/11 Rally.

A group of 9/11 family members issued this statement:

Recently a 9/11 family group called for suppression of the September 11th rally near Ground Zero which opposes the construction of a mosque and cultural center near the sacred ground. Many 9/11 families do not agree with attempting to stop this demonstration - and the majority of our group supports the purpose and principles of this rally.

We have been informed that this demonstration will in no way interfere with the Anniversary Commemoration - instead it will be held at the site of the proposed mosque building at Park Place - after the conclusion of the 9/11 ceremony. Numerous family members, including many from out of state, have made arrangements to attend this important gathering.

While we respect the rights and opinions of others, we feel that no one should attempt to inhibit the expression of free speech for the large number of 9/11 family members who wish to participate in opposing the construction of this mosque and cultural center. This project represents a gross lack of sensitivity to the 9/11 families and disrespects the memory of all those who were murdered at the WTC both in 1993 and 2001.

We affirm that the 9/11 Anniversary is a very special and precious commemoration for all of us. However, we feel that by attending and participating in this rally, families can endeavor to ensure that the sacred ground will continue to be respected for posterity.

Many of our family members feel that they have a moral obligation to their loved ones to raise their voices as the world looks upon us and sees our plight.

For many family members, the looming, unresolved mosque controversy has made the upcoming September 11th Anniversary even more upsetting and troubling. There can be no peace and reflection for the 9/11 families who strongly feel that this proposed mosque is disrespectful and insensitive. On 9/11, as the world is focusing on Ground Zero, families want to be able to raise their voices and say to the world that this is wrong.

While it is possible for some to seek peace and reflection on 9/11 - for others it is better to actively seek justice and honor the legacy of their loved ones by publicly challenging this building whose location so affronts the sensitivity of large numbers of victims' families. While we may all wish for peace and tranquility - if there is no justice for the victims and their families - there will be no peace for any of us.

No one is being forced to attend this rally, but all family members should have the right to choose whatever they wish to do. On this most poignant day, relatives and friends of the victims have the right to join together with other 9/11 family members who want their voices to be heard in honor of their lost loved ones.

Chief Jim Riches, Chairperson, 9/11 Parents & Families of Firefighters & WTC Victims

Sally Regenhard, Vice Chair


Bill Doyle

Jim McCaffrey

Chief Al Santora

Maureen Santora

Rosemary Cain

Russell Mercer

Joyce Mercer

Rosaleen Tallon

Eileen Tallon

Albert Regenhard

Nelly Braginsky

Robert Da Ros

Timothy Dennehy

Joan O'Callaghan

Marcia Morris

Noreen O'Riordan

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Wen Shi

Margaret Wade

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Kathleen Bergin

Donal Flynn

Emma DiPierro

Rosa P. Leonetti

Dominick LaFalce

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