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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Spokesman for Jewish Community of Hebron : "Piece talks" caused terrorist murders

Spokesman for Jewish Community of Hebron : "Piece talks" caused terrorist murders

September 1, 2010

Hebron Eyewitness: "Pure, Unadulterated Barbarity"

Elul 22, 5770, 01 September 10 02:59by David Wilder

(Israelnationalnews.com) David Wilder is the English spokesperson for the Jewish Community of Hebron.

It's been a while since I photographed dead bodies. The last time I remember clearly was the murder of Yossi Shok from Beit Haggai who was shot and killed similarly on a Friday afternoon a few years ago. That attack entailed a few miracles. I recall that there were others in the car, teenage girls, who miraculously weren't hurt.

But tonight, no miracles.

This morning, speaking with a friend, talking about the renewed ‘piece talks', I told him that more than likely today or tomorrow terrorists would strike. It was just a question of where – around here, the Shomron, or Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Tonight we received our answer.

Leaving Ma'arat HaMachpela [the Cave of the Patriachs, ed.] after evening prayers, the beeper beeped. A car had been shot at. A quick phone call, confirming that Jews had been hit, four critically, and I sped off. I had been at the scene of the shooting only a few hours ago, examining how Arabs were stealing water from Jews in the area.

By the time I arrived, the description had changed. No longer four critically wounded. Four dead. Four killed, shot by terrorists, on their way home. The terrorists' lives have been made much easier in the past year or so, with various roadblocks being removed in Judea and Samaria. Now it's fairly simple to access roads used by Jewish civilians, shoot, and then escape.

The scene was reminiscent of others I've witnessed in the past. Ambulances, jeeps, police, medics, soldiers, officers, red lights flashing….and bodies.

It's been a long time since I've seen four bodies on the street, murdered by Arabs only because they are Jews, living in Israel.

I sit here, half numb, almost not believing, but knowing that, yes, it's real. And what to do?

The first thing that must be done: Netanyahu has to return immediately, canceling tomorrow's ‘festive ceremony' renewing the so-called negotiations with Obama and Abu Mazen. Israel must make it as clear as possible: we refuse to accept, under any circumstances, and at any price, murder of innocent people on our roads, in our homes, anywhere. No excuses, no looking the other way, no ‘ifs ands or buts.' More than the Arabs, Obama must understand in no uncertain terms that our people are not cattle-feed.

Two: Netanyahu must unfreeze the freeze now. Not on September 26, not leaving everyone wondering ‘what's he going to do?' Tomorrow, as these four pure souls are being buried, building must again begin throughout Judea and Samaria. Here again, the Arabs and the Americans must understand that we will not turn the other cheek; there is a price for murdering Jews in Israel.

Three: Here in Israel we must comprehend that our own people are continuing to incite; making Jewish blood cheap. Two examples: The continued ‘cherem' – boycott of Israeli actors and performing artists, refusing to perform in Ariel in the Shomron, is incitement. Our Arab neighbors, seeing and hearing Israelis spout revulsion against their supposed brethren is, in the Arab's eyes, a green light, opening the door to murderous attacks as we witnessed tonight.

So too with such organizations as Breaking the Silence and others, who continue to spew hate against Jews living in Hebron and the Hebron area, while identifying effusively with our Arab neighbors. This is also incitement; there is no other word for it. Actually there is: treason. A person or individual abetting the enemy is treason. These people walk the streets of Hebron freely, regurgitating lies about Hebron's Jewish citizen's, while showering praises on the ‘poor palestinians' whose suffer at the hands of the evil Jews. These ‘poor people' are planning on taking our land, destroying our country, and continuing to kill Jews. Such ‘tours' must be stopped.

Four: Israel has been ‘returning' security control to armed, uniformed Arabs in cities throughout Judea and Samaria. This too, must be ended. It won't be any surprise if we eventually discover that the terrorists who murdered four Jews tonight are actually ‘palestinian police,' trained and armed by General Keith Dayton of the US army, and set free to roam the streets with the permission of the state of Israel.

According to the latest reports, a number of terrorists participated in the attack. After the car was shot at and stopped, its passengers were shot dozens of times, ensuring their deaths. It's been reported that one of the women was pregnant. The couple killed leaves some six children and a grandchild orphans. You know what it's like to tell six kids that their parents aren't coming home, that they were killed by terrorists a few miles away. And she was pregnant. That's another Jew that won't come into this world.

This is pure, unadulterated barbarity, brutality characteristic of our ‘piece partners.' This may very well only be the beginning.


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