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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > It's Time To Demand Reciprocity in 9/11 Mosque Debate

It's Time To Demand Reciprocity in 9/11 Mosque Debate

August 10, 2010

Issues Involved are Trans-National and Bear on Efforts to Islamize the West


August 10, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - As proponents for 911 denier imam Rauf's mosque shift into a defensive mode, apparently caught off-guard by the strong public rejection of his pet project, so too shifts their argument.

Until now what we have heard coming out of Rauf's camp consists of platitudes - disingenuously offered for sure - stressing how the 13 story mega-mosque will be an agent of healing, of bringing two worlds in opposition together.

With that argument having been firmly rejected by a two to one majority in numerous polls the conversation now shifts to that of freedom of religion.

In evaluating the arguments by various mosque supporters the question of the First Amendment comes front and center.

If we are to believe those putting forth this line, Muslims have the inalienable right to build a mosque anywhere they choose in the United States, including Ground Zero, the center of Times Square or next to the Holocaust Museum on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. To this crowd, any limitation upon the place where such a structure can be built is unconstitutional.

Yes this is an absurd assertion on its face, but it has gained traction among the chattering class and other useful idiots, including dhimmi New York politicians such as Mayor Bloomberg and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo.

There is a subtext to the assertion of constitutional pre-emption by the Islamists, what they want is to force a degree of religious freedom in New York and across this country [and by extension the West] nowhere obtainable anywhere in the Muslim world.

But you might say, what applicability does that have, this isn't Saudi Arabia where the mere act of possessing a Bible brings near-instant detention and deportation.

Despite such claims, that is exactly the issue under discussion here; we are talking about Saudi Arabia, and Syria, Egypt and every Muslim majority country because it isn't happenstance that these particular societies so severely restrict the religious rights of all non-Muslims. This happens because the dominant strain of Islam is supremely chauvinistic and bigoted regarding other faiths, this despite the fact that Muslim apologists are fond of giving only lip service to other "Abrahamic faiths" while ruthlessly suppressing them in every clime where they have the power to do so.

The fundamentalism of Islam demands total submission to it, everywhere that it has the political muscle to call the shots.

Yet in this country, the simple assertion that a Qur'an has been "desecrated," somewhere...anywhere, is dealt with as if it was a capital crime, an unbelievably injurious act of pure hate.

Spare me, please.

What is largely absent from the discussion regarding shady imam Rauf's grand plan is the inherent nature of the religion he is promoting and is practiced everywhere in the world. Please remember that in his understanding of Islam, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are apparently not terrorist entities.

This brand of Islam is completely intolerant, misogynistic, expansionist and unapologetic.

Yet we are being told by the imam, CAIR's various thugs and the entire North American Hamas-friendly Muslim directorate [many of them non-native born, yes it does make a difference] that they will build a mosque at Ground Zero - for the sake of peace - [wink wink, nod, nod] despite the pain, strife and religious bigotry that it will undoubtedly foster.

Of course in the Wahhabist/Salafist birthplace, non-Muslims are not even allowed to enter Mecca, let alone approach Islam's paean to Arabian paganism, the Kaaba.

There is a strategy being employed here. In countries and locales that aren't dominated by Islam they will insist on ridiculous legal constructions as a tool towards their real goal - the implementation of Shari'a, but when those societies fall under majority Muslim control, don't you dare expect reciprocity.

This is why Newt Gingrich's statement that there should be no consideration of a Ground Zero mosque until a Christian church or a synagogue is built next to the Kaaba is so instructive.

Islam is Islam and it's like no other religion, it will not broach a rival, ever. It is unreformed and remains stubbornly unenlightened as to the responsibilities of a major religion in the 21st century.

If imam Rauf is so concerned with religious freedom and acts of accommodation in this country, we suggest that he first concern himself with demonstrating his religion's claimed tolerance where Islam reigns supreme - Saudi Arabia - until then his alleged devotion to American constitutional principles rings as hollow as the hallways of the Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs as they are closed off, slamming the doors to modernity.

2010 PipeLineNews.org LLC. All rights reserved. Image courtesy of Gregorius Nekschot, reproduced with permission.


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