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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Wife of British suicide bomber linked to Omar Bakri and Al Muhajiroun 4/29/04

Wife of British suicide bomber linked to Omar Bakri and Al Muhajiroun 4/29/04

Bakri "Using of biological weapons is, in Islam, permissable - British Muslim Council leaders Sacranie and Bunglawala justify terrorism
by Andrew Nott
Can West- Channel Asia-Manchester online
April 7, 2004

Militant cleric says attacks on London "inevitable"

Omar Bakri and AM posters praising the 9/11 hijackers as "The Magnificent 19".



Omar Bakri Muhammad: "Using any biological weapons in self-defence is, in Islam, permissible, and I believe that we are currently operating under a defensive jihad... Obviously we regret what happens to people but there are always people who are war casualties."


The World according to Militant Islamists :

According to Muslims like Bakri, the living outside of an Islamically ruled country means dwelling in "A House of War".

Dar al-Harb (Arabic: house of war) is a term used in many Islamic countries to refer to those areas outside Muslim rule. In some conservative traditions of Islam the world is divided into two components: dar al-Islam, the house of submission or the house of God, and dar al-Harb, the house of war; the home of the infidels or unbelievers (Arabic: kufr). The terms are usually understood to refer, respectively, to those lands currently administered by Muslim governments and those administered by non-Muslim governments. The exact definitions of these territories can vary widely according to the viewer's concept of who is and is not a Muslim, and which governments are or are not Muslim in practice.

The Muslim worldview espoused by the terms dar al-Islam and dar al-Harb is further confused by the addition of a third 'house' during the Ottoman era. See dar al-Ahd.

The goal of some aggressive Islamist organizations, such as Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, is to expand the borders of dar al-Islam at the expense of dar al-Harb, and to create a universal Islamic community. According to their philosophy, this is the meaning of the term jihad. Another philosophy that espouses this terminology is the Saudi Wahhabist tradition. However, bin Laden and the Wahabbis differ on the important point of whether jihad may be pronounced and undertaken by individuals, or is a power reserved to the state. Bin Laden takes the former view, most likely emanating from his readings of Sayyed Qutb.


Bomber's wife 'is linked to radicals'
By Sean O'Neill
The Times of London April 29, 2004

THE wife of a British Muslim suicide bomber had links with the extremist cleric who leads the hardline Islamist group al-Muhajiroun, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.
Tahira Tabassum, whose husband Omar Sharif took part in a Hamas attack on a bar in Tel Aviv a year ago, had written the mobile phone number of Omar Bakri Mohammad at the end of notes that she made on a lecture about suicide bombings.

The talk had been entitled: "What the West refer to as suicide bombings, which we refer to as Martyrdom Operations".
Jonathan Laidlaw, for the prosecution, said that the document was of "the utmost importance" in its inference that Ms Tabassum, 28, knew that her husband was embarking on a suicide mission when he left their home in Derby last April.
Mr Laidlaw said that the association with al-Muhajiroun was also significant because its leaders had "publicly declared their support for the use of suicide bombings in Israel".
Ms Tabassum and her husband's brother, Zahid Sharif, 37, and sister, Parveen Sharif, 36, are charged with failing to disclose information that could have prevented an act of terrorism.
They received an e-mail from Sharif a week before the bombing which the Crown says was a "farewell message".
Ms Sharif, a supply teacher, is charged with inciting an act of terrorism by sending a message back to her brother urging him not to show weakness or emotion. "There is no goodbyes — just a lapse of time," she wrote. "Stay focused."
Less than a week after that e-mail was sent, Sharif, a father of three children, and Asif Hanif, 21, from Hounslow, West London, attacked the bar with bomb vests taped to their bodies. Hanif's device exploded but Sharif's failed to detonate and he ran off. His body was found in the sea.
The trial continues.
Terror suspects arrested in Britain

CanWest News Services

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Ten people were arrested in armed police raids Monday amid fears Islamic militants were plotting to bomb a soccer stadium or a shopping centre in Manchester.

Security services are believed to have mounted electronic surveillance which suggested a possible attack aimed at a "large gathering of people."

One security service source said the arrests were part of a continuing investigation.

More than 400 police, backed by Scotland Yard counterterrorist officers and MI5 agents, took part in the co-ordinated early-morning raids across Greater Manchester and three counties.

All those arrested were said to be North Africans or Iraqi Kurds. In Manchester, six men and a woman were seized under the Terrorism Act 2000. Three men were arrested in Staffordshire, South Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

The nine men and one woman were being questioned at a number of high-security police stations.



LONDON : Police in Britain say they may have foiled an attempted terrorist attack within one of England's largest cities with the arrests of several individuals of Iraqi and North African origin.

The raid in Machester is the latest in a series of anti-terrorism actions in Britain.

Police have continued to warn the public to brace themselves for an attack.

Of several raids, the largest was in an area in Manchester, where police arrested six men and one woman on suspicion of involvement in planning terrorism or carrying it out.

Three shops were sealed off as forensics teams searched inside.

Police commanders have told Britons to brace for attacks on the scale of those in Madrid or New York.

But some analysts say British intelligence - trained against Irish Republican paramilitaries - seems to have been successful against other threats too. The trouble is, analysts say, their luck cannot last forever.

"We've never faced the al-Qaeda type threats that we are now dealing with here," said Prof Gloria Laycock, Director, Institute of Crime Science, University of London.

"I think the police and emergency services have a very good intelligence and the trouble with al-Qaeda is they are different from the IRA, which were in some respects quite gentlemanly. They issued warnings about attacks. Now the al-Qaeda-style groups don't give warnings, they just do it, so intelligence and intelligence handling have to be much better here."

Raids in Britain to date include one in March that uncovered an apparent fertiliser bomb - police said they seized 600kg of agricultural chemicals. In an earlier raid in London, they found traces of the poison ricin.

There is no shortage of possible targets in Britain. London has an often crowded metro system, and some prominent landmarks including the well-known Houses of Parliament.

Meanwhile police are saying little about this latest raid, as they say speaking too widely can destroy any intelligence lead they might have gained.

But if that intelligence is relevant to nations in Asia, analysts say channels for sharing intelligence are probably active right now.

Tim Huxley of the International Institute of Strategic Studies says Singapore may often be the first to know.

He said: "As for Britain and Singapore, both sides have complementary parts to play in this counter-terrorism war and of course there are some sides of overlap in South Asia, particularly in Pakistan where a number of terrorists active both in Europe and in Southeast Asia have been trained and apparently still are being trained. Both sides have an acute interest."

In Manchester life seems to continue as normal around the building where the suspects were seized.

But the warnings continue: a prominent Muslim cleric in London says a group called al-Qaeda Europe, which he says draws support from young Muslims in Britain, is ready to launch what he called a big operation. - CNA

British police arrest 10 in anti-terror raids
Britain rejects 'Bin Laden' peace offer
Europe on alert as terror attack fears grow
Britain foils plot to detonate chemical bomb: reports
Mosques urged to help after police foil British bomb plot
Beware the enemy within, warns press after British anti-terror swoop
Bali, Madrid, Istanbul, could Canada be next in terror's crosshairs?


Sun April 18, 2004 03:04 PM ET Reuters


LISBON (Reuters) - Several Islamic militant groups are preparing attacks on London, making such a strike unavoidable, a radical Muslim cleric has said.
"It's inevitable. Because several (attacks) are being prepared by several groups," London-based Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad told Lisbon's Publica magazine in an interview published on Sunday.
One "very well organised" group in London calling itself al Qaeda Europe "has a great appeal for young Muslims", he said. "I know that they are ready to launch a big operation."
The firebrand cleric, who has outraged moderate Muslims and non-Muslims alike with his uncompromising views, gave no further details.
Sheikh Bakri Muhammad said he had mixed feelings. "In a certain way I regret that, because the first thing the government will do is deport me, myself and my family," he said.
The Syrian-born cleric heads the al Muhajiroun group, which has praised the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and the al Qaeda militant network blamed for them.
He told Publica there were several "freelance" militant groups in Europe, such as al Qaeda London, prepared to launch attacks similar to those carried out by the al Qaeda network.
Four British men and a teenager appeared in court last week charged with plotting a bombing after they were arrested in the country's biggest anti-terror raids since September 11, 2001.
The men, all of Pakistani origin, were arrested on March 30 in raids which uncovered 600 kg (1,300 lb) of ammonium nitrate, a fertiliser that can be used in bomb making.



MIM: Lies and Fabrications of Bakri exposed:

Claims he had nothing to do with Bin Laden or Al Qaeda . http://www.computerworld.com/securitytopics/security/cybercrime/story/0,10801,76007,00.html

"Bakri refers to Al-Muhajirun as "the mouth, eyes and ears" of bin Laden.

In 1998, Bakri was one of several individuals to receive a letter faxed from Afghanistan from bin Laden that outlined four objectives for a jihad against the U.S., including the hijacking of airliners. Also included in the fax was a statement urging Muslims to "force the closure of their companies and banks."


In 1996 AM organised a "Rally for Revival" listing Osama Bin Laden , "a wealthy Saudi national" as a speaker.


Bakri's own Al Muhajiroun is considered a "freelance Al Qaeda group."

In 1996 Bakri broke away from the group ' Hizb Ut Tahrir' , (The Party of the Faithful) to form AM


London seen as capital for worldwide Islamic movements

British Islamists organising the September 8 London Arena Extravaganza ‘Rally for Revival' were forced to cancel the event in the face of mounting security costs. Instead, 800 people attended a ‘press conference' at Hyde Park.

Mass action

Al-Muhajiroun, a group which has broken away (complete with leader Omar Bakri) from Hizb ut-Tahrir, staged the event. The original publicised plan was to include video/audio/written messages from a wide range of Islamic militants, several of whom are currently serving prison sentences. Instead Omar Bakri Muhammad and Dr Muhammad Al-Mas'ari (a prominent Saudi dissident) promoted the idea of Khilafah, a centralised world-wide Muslim government.

Although supportive of known militant groups like Hamas and Hizbollah, the speakers advocated ‘mass action' through ‘intellectual struggle' rather than terrorism.

Radical Islam

‘Islam must dominate the world' was the closing declaration statement. Next year's event, the fourth annual London meeting of its kind, is titled ‘Rally for Conquest'.

Although extreme groups like Al-Muhajiroun cannot operate legally in many Muslim countries, Muslims can come to the UK to train in radical Islam. The group calls London ‘the capital of world-wide Islamic movements'.


Hizb ut-Tahrir has been banned on University campuses here by the National Union of Students; but Omar Bakri is adamant that the same thing should not happen to the new organisation. He informed the Guardian newspaper (August 24, 1996) that it plans to use a variety of non-religious names in order to avoid exclusion.

Al-Muhajiroun is targetting Oxford, Cambridge and Durham universities and a number of London campuses, including the School of Oriental and African Studies, University College and the London School of Economics.


Al Muhajiroun issues press release after Bakri becomes irate with Reuters interview.

Urges Muslims to "be vigilant against "news outlet (sic) working for their Crusader masters"

Lies and Fabrications of Reuters exposed

Press Release: Al-Muhajiroun
Apr 19, 2004
Al-Muhajiroun, Dated 19th April 2004


There have been several media reports over the last 24 hours which purport to attribute various statements to Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, the Ameer and founder of Al-Muhajiroun, entitled ‘Militant cleric says that attack on London inevitable'. These news items appear to have emanated from Reuters (Lisbon) and have been circulated by The Times of India, News 24 and Al-Jazeerah, amongst others. The evident lies contained in the article have just been copied, pasted and circulated without any checks on their authenticity or veracity. Indeed the challenge is there for anyone from Reuters to produce a taped interview, video or audio recording with Sheikh Omar to justify the contents of the news story having been spread. Parading itself as a respectable News outlet, this is the best example yet of how Reuters is just another mouth-piece for those interested in spreading propaganda against Islam and Muslims, and whose agenda it is to fuel the war against Islam and Muslims by spreading hateful propaganda.

Among the outrageous lies which have been promoted are that Sheikh Omar has admitted knowing that there are several Islamic militant groups preparing attacks on London. In addition, the news item, apparently from an interview given by Sheikh Omar to Lisbon's Publica, states that the Sheikh knows of at least one very well organised group in London calling itself al Qaeda Europe which has a great appeal for young Muslims and which he knows are ready to launch a big operation" and that he told Publica there were several "freelance" militant groups in Europe, such as al Qaeda London, prepared to launch attacks similar to those carried out by the al Qaeda network.

When asked about the interview in question, Sheikh Omar stated that he has spoken to many media outlets over the last few days but that he never said these words (quoted above). In fact Sheikh Omar is on record as having categorically denied ever having contact with anyone from Al-Qaeeda or of having had any military or administrative link with them. Moreover, the news stories conveniently omit to mention tto mention the fact that Sheikh Omar has again and again stated that the overwhelming majority of Muslims living in Britain are under a covenant of Security (whether explicit or implicit) and that in return for their own lives and wealth having been given sanctity by the British government, they are not allowed to target the lives or take the wealth of anyone in this country or co-operate with others in doing so (both having reciprocal sanctity). Ironically, the news item goes on to state that the Sheikh gave no further details - probably in the hope that they might thereafter be extracted by the Police and special branch in the UK, putting one more Islamic scholar behind bars, following the web of lies deceptively weaved by Reuters.

We therefore put all Muslims on notice that they must be vigilant in listening to any news received via the tongues of those Leaders at war with Islam and Muslims, whether that be Reuters or any other news outlet working as agents for their Crusader masters, led by Bush and Blair, in their war against Islam and Muslims called ‘fighting Terrorism'.

The Voice, The Eyes & The Ears of Muslims
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.muhajiroun.com

Tuesday, 6th April 2004 ManchesterOnLine (UK)

MIM : Jihadis in the UK.

"I Want to be a Martyr says Activist"

Andrew Not t http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/news/stories/Detail_LinkStory=86545.html

BUTT: He says he envies the Madrid bombers

Above: Al Muhaji"goons" Omar Bakri Mohammed and Abu Hamza Al Mazri

A MANCHESTER Muslim who publicly declared his support for the Madrid terrorists and claims he wants to be a "martyr" is being investigated by police today.

Hassan Butt, 24, featured in a TV programme last night which alleged that British Muslims are preparing to take up arms despite the efforts of police and security forces.

Butt, who has been arrested twice under the Terrorism Act, said he "envies" the Madrid bombers and that he too would like to become a martyr.

He said: "It is my hope that by the age of 40 I am a martyr - and if I hadn't I would probably be a bit dejected in not being among the martyrs of Islam." Asked if he was prepared to follow other British Muslims to a terror training camp, he said he would be "honoured" and that he would have his mother's support.

Today Chief Supt Tony Kane said: "Greater Manchester Police will be viewing last night's programme to determine what, if any, offences have been committed. The experience of GMP in dealing with our Muslim communities is that the vast majority of British Muslims are appalled by terrorist atrocities.

"Furthermore, they believe that Islam categorically forbids any such violence which causes death and mayhem."


The programme, Real Story with Fiona Bruce, claimed many young men, like Butt, are influenced by London-based Omar Bakri, leader of the controversial al Muhajiroun group.

The programme claimed Bakri has recently defended the Madrid bombers and told young British Muslims, some as young as ten, that they must "kill and be killed" for Islam, that "suicide bombers would be guaranteed a place in paradise", and even that they should consider "flying a plane into 10 Downing Street".

And, referring to the continued presence of British, Spanish and US forces in Iraq, it said Bakri told an East London audience: "What happened in Madrid is all revenge. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life. Anybody (that) commits a crime should be punished - that's exactly what happened in relation to Spain.

"Objective number one - break the psychology of the occupier by hitting back in their homeland. To be worried about their own wives and loved ones. Prepare as much as you can from strength and from force to terrorise - because terrorism it is part of Islam." At another British meeting Bakri was said to be recorded saying: "Martyrdom is what you want. Do the effort. Clear your intention. Go forward. Never look backwards. Make sure you have nothing left behind you to think about or cry for and fight in the name of Allah.

"So what is self sacrifice operation? It's got to be the following scenario. Somebody he fly aeroplane and he decide to land the aeroplane over 10 Downing Street, for example, or over the White House. This is a form of self-sacrifice operation."

A few months after the September 11 atrocities Butt claimed to have recruited a large number of British Muslims to fight in Afghanistan for the Taliban. He also said the mujahideen should "strike within Britain"..

Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council for Britain, said: "Both these men are known for their lunatic opinions and are utterly repudiated by the Muslim community. If Hassan Butt wants to be a martyr you wonder why he is living in Manchester and not in a war zone."


Inayat Bunlawala neglected to mention that fact that Hassan Butt returned to the UK from Pakistan where he was training in 2001. In a Guardian article entitled "Hoon warns recruits that they face prosecution upon return to Britain" the British defence secretary apparently meant those who fought with the Taliban against the British, and not those who trained with them.

Hassan Butt, an al-Muhajiroun spokesman in Lahore, said: "All of them had gone to Afghanistan in early October to wage jihad against the unjust policies of America. We have learned from our contacts that they were martyred by the American bombing on Wednesday."

An al-Muhajiroun spokesman in Britain said that Mr Butt, 21, from Prestwich, north Manchester, moved to Pakistan in June. He had joined al-Muhajiroun as a student in Manchester before enrolling in an Islamic studies course at a Pakistani university as soon as he arrived. "He does not fight and has not trained to fight."

Among British Muslims there has been a debate about whether there is a duty on them to fight alongside Muslims in Afghanistan. http://www.guardian.co.uk/waronterror/story/0,1361,583308,00.html


MIM note :Inayat Bunglawala is the "front man" for the Muslim Council for Britain which is itself a militant Islamist group presenting themselves as moderate and representative of the majority of Muslims in Britain. Inayat's Bunglawala purposely misleads the public into believing that Al Muhajiroun and Hizb ut Tahrir are insignificant and ""lunatic fringe groups" which have no support in the Muslim community by issuing statements like the one above saying that Al Muhajiroun is "utterly repudiated by the Muslim community".. his question as to why Hasan Butt is "not living in a war zone"is disingenous. He knows that Al Muhajiroun considers Britain to be part of a "war zone" in global jihad and that suicide bombings could be planned in Britain as well.

The Muslim Council of Great Britain supports and their members have documented ties , to Hamas , Al Muhajiroun, and Hizb ut Tahrir and Al Qaeda. Al Muhajiroun's membership has grown, contrary to the claims made by Inayat Bunglawala and the North American spokesman, Kamran Bokhari, who attempts to give the impression that the group is "insignificant" and " virtually nonexistent". A look at the AM website and their press release calling the recent terror arrests in Britain "a witchhunt" speaks for itself. http://www.muhajiroun.com/

The latest news articles out of the UK prove that Al Muhajiroun is not only connected to ongoing terror plots but that it's members are openly declaring themseleves ready and willing to be martyrs and engage in suicide attacks against targets world wide .

In 2003 MCB spokesman Inayat Bungawalla defended "honor killings"on behalf of the Muslim Council of Britain: http://www.barnabasfund.org/Apostasy/Updates/Issue_4.htm

At the end of September Abdullah Yones, a Kurdish Muslim living in Britain, was jailed for killing his own daughter. He killed Heshu, 16, in October last year because he disapproved of her Christian boyfriend. Her death is an indirect or direct result of the apostasy law in shari'a...

MCB spokesman Inayat Bungawala said that many Muslims would understand Yones being upset by his daughter's apparent rejection of his faith (though not condoning the killing).

MIM Note: Yones,who had been living in Britain for more then 16 years stabbed his daughtert repeatedly and left her to bleed to death in the bathroom of their apartment.

Iqbal Sacranie of the MCB and Azzam Tamimi of the IIPT and the "Liberty for the Muslim World " have both been were featured speakers at numerous radical events in Britain and abroad . At a 9/27/03 Rally in London celebrating the third anniversary of the so called "Al Aqsa Intifada ", Iqbal Sacaranie stated that : ...The architects of the war must therefore pay for the reconstruction of Iraq .They must not be allowed to put the costs on the people of Iraq...!

In 1996 Iqbal Sacranie threatened the Board of Jewish Deputies of British Jews in Britain who were protested a planned Al Muhajiroun "Rally for Revival" featuring Osama Bin Laden and other known terrorists from Hamas and Hizbollah. Sacranie, who was then spokesman for the "UK Action Committee on Islamic Affairs" referred to Bin Laden and the other terrorists as "scholars" and issued a thinly veiled threat to the Jewish leaders , "The Board of Deputies of British Jews should seriously consider what action they take on this matter because of the detrimental effect on community relations which could result" .Taking a hostile view towards scholars who wish to come to this country to present their points of view at a conference will not serve good community relations..." http://artsweb.bham.ac.uk/bmms/1996/08August96.html#Rally%20for%20Revival

In 2003 Sacranie's associate Azzam Tamimi protested the fact that "Hamas had been proscribed as a terrorist organisation".Tamimi runs the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in the UK, whose co director Basheer Nafi, was arrested in 2003 for his ties to Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Sami Al Arian. Steve Emerson, the author of American Jihad, described another group which Tamimi claims leadership of "Liberty in the Muslim World as; "A London based group which vigorously promotes Hamas,the Muslim Brotherhood, and other terror groups and republishes much of their propaganda" . http://www.inminds.co.uk/end-the-occupation-3-27sep03.html#tamimi http://www.muslimnews.co.uk/news/news.php?article=4428

Azzam Tamimi has also been closely linked to Mustafa Abu Sway. In 2002 ,Sway and Tamimi attended a meeting at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago run by Islamist Scott Alexander, head of the Muslim Christians relations program. The CTU revealed plans to set up a student exchange program with Al Quds University and the Bernadin Center at the CTU with part of a 2.2 million dollar grant from the Lilly Foundation. Tamimi and Sway were named as coordinators of this program. http://www.pipelinenews.org/index.cfm?page=rabinowitz.htm+

Below more proof of the Muslim Council of Britain and spokesman Inayat Bungawala's tacit support for terrorism:As you can see below MCB spokesman Bungawala refused 3 times in a BBC interview to call for the "closing down" of Al Muhajiroun.

"The Moslem council of Britain has been roused into action. Yes folks, three years after 9/11 and a few dozen Islamic terrorist attacks later, a message has been issued asking Mosques to ‘be vigilant and help fight terrorism'. That's telling ‘em...

However, when asked on BBC London radio if Al Mahajaroon should be closed down, MCOB leader Inayat Bunglawala became curiously non-committal.

Al Mahajaroon promotes a peculiarly depraved, bloodthirsty version of Islamo-fascism to young Moslem men, celebrates Al Quaeda bombings, and seeks Islamic dominance of Britain through violent means.

Though asked three times, Mr Bungawala refused to call for its disbanding, recommending Police action ‘only if laws have been broken'.

Presumably, promoting mass slaughter of infidels in the name of Islam is Kosher, as long as one keeps within the law.

With this kind of leadership in the Moslem community, I foresee a long, hard road ahead."


"Rallies Will Highlight' Magnificent 19' of September 11"- News Telegraph UK 10/9/03

MIM: Again not one word of condemnation-only self serving concern that Muslims may be victimized

Here is Muslim Council of Britain spokesman Inayat Bunglawala expressing his concern that Al Muhajiroun will cause an "anti Muslim violence ". (!) Not one word condemning the rallies or the groups agendas.

Acording the Bunglawala, Al Muhajiroun used to be viewed as "harmless clowns"(. especially when their vitriol was directed against Jews) , but now that people in Britain may not remain passive at being victims of Islamist terror and fight back the MCB and Bunglawala find that "Al Muhajiroun has suddenly become "far more sinister". http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=%2Fnews%2F2003%2F09%2F10%2Fnrally10.xml

The Muslim Council of Britain said it viewed this week's events with "immense dismay" and said they could spark anti-Muslim violence.

"Al-Muhajiroun used to be viewed as harmless clowns but since September 11 they have become much more sinister," said Inayat Bunglawala, an MCB spokesman.

"There have been attacks on our communities, on mosques, on cemeteries. It seems it is almost part of al-Muhajiroun's agenda to promote division and turn people against each other.

"There are 1.6 million Muslims in the UK and more than 1,000 mosques. Al-Muhajiroun is minuscule and has no standing whatsoever in our community."


Suicide Survey Silence:


British Muslim Community shows strong support ffor suicide bombings. Muslim representatives Iqbal Sacranie MCB and denies results mean what they say - Anjem Choudary, head of Al Muhajiroun, claims the support is nearly 100% but that people are afraid to say it".

Leading British Muslims have refused to condemn the results of a poll that showed nearly half of their one-and-a-half-million-strong community would consider becoming a suicide bomber if they were Palestinian.

A shocking 47 per cent of those quizzed in the Guardian ICM poll published on Tuesday agreed with Liberal Democrat MP Jenny Tonge that she might consider becoming a bomber under the same conditions as a Palestinian – compared to just 15 per cent of the wider population.
Secretary general of the Muslim council of Britain, Iqbal Sacranie, insisted the poll did not mean British Muslims felt suicide bombings in Israel were justified.

He said: "What really comes out is there is a very strong feeling in sympathy with the suffering of the Palestinians. But it should not be misconstrued that these people support suicide bombings or would carry out a suicide bombing."

But Anjem Choudary, the UK head of extremist group al Muhajiroun, claimed support for suicide bombings and terror attacks against Israel and the west was even higher than the poll findings suggested but many Muslims were simply scared to express their true feelings.

He said: "I think it's more like 98 or 99 per cent who support martyrdom operations. And the other one or two have sold out. The vast majority of Muslims around the world support Al Qaeda and most agree with jihad against the power state of Israel."..


Here is what the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, had to say about Islam recently .From a FPM article by Val McQueen 2/6/04

Lord Carey, ... had said in a speech in Rome that Islam is "authoritarian, inflexible and under-achieving". .. he drew attention to the "glaring absence" of democracy in most Muslim countries and suggested that they had "contributed little of major significance to world culture for centuries.... the former Archbishop denounced moderate Muslims for failing to unequivocally condemn the evil of suicide bombers. "Sadly, apart from a few courageous examples, very few Muslim leaders condemn clearly and unconditionally the evil of suicide bombers who kill innocent people".

""In the case of Islam, Mohammed, acknowledged by all in spite of his religious greatness to be an illiterate man, is said to have received God's word direct, word by word from angels, and scribes recorded them later. Thus believers are told, because they have come direct from Allah, they are not to be questioned or revised."


Here is Iqbal Sacranie'e response:

Dr. Iqbal Sacranie, the secretary-general of something called the Muslim Council of Britain, prefaced his comments with, "Frankly, one is dismayed by Lord Carey's comments." He then hurried on to issue a dark warning to Lord Carey for mentioning the Prophet, Allah and the Koran in the same breath. He didn't quite say what the consequences of this offense would be, but it didn't sound good for Lord Carey.

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