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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Creeping Shar'ia Turned Back-Tyson Reinstates Labor Day

Creeping Shar'ia Turned Back-Tyson Reinstates Labor Day

August 8, 2008

Creeping Shari'a Turned Back - Tyson Reinstates Labor Day


August 8, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Tyson Foods, Inc., today announced that it has reinstated Labor Day as a paid holiday as part of a renegotiated contract with the Retail, Wholesale and Dept. Store Union, applicable at the Shelbyville, Tennessee plant only.

Initial local reaction is overwhelmingly positive with high ranking local government officials greeting the decision with approval.

The previous agreement, in effect since last November, substituted the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Fitr for Labor Day, in recognition of the substantial number of Somali Muslims working at the plant. That holiday will remain however, bringing the total number of paid holidays to nine - for 2008 only - for the Shelbyville workforce.

Starting in 2009, the number of holidays will revert back to eight, one of which will be a personal holiday, possibly the employee's birthday, Eid, or another day, as the company press release states, "requested and approved by their supervisor."

The move was clearly an effort to quell the firestorm which erupted upon the revelation of the terms of the original contract, recognizing the Muslim holiday.

The implications of the original contract, essentially a concession to creeping Shari'a, was noted by these authors, who wrote in Shari'a Comes To Shelbyville Tennessee concluding:

"…If the United States is not to become a Balkanized agglomeration of little Mogadishus, Islamabads or Rawalpindis, American citizens must become aware of the grander struggle which is occurring, often under the radar, which threatens our existence in a manner which we have never had to face before and that is why seemingly harmless concessions to Shari'a - such as occurred in the Tyson labor agreement - are potentially so devastating."

Tyson is to be commended for its quick and appropriate action in this matter; perhaps this case will set an example to other employers and unions before they too find themselves in such an untenable situation. http://www.pipelinenews.org/index.cfm?page=shelbyvilleid=8.8.08%2Ehtm

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