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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Radical Conference Highlights Alliance Between Islamists And Left

Radical Conference Highlights Alliance Between Islamists And Left

July 28, 2008

Radical Conference Highlights Alliance Between Islamists And Left


July 28, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The Jamaat Al Muslimeen [JAM, The Islamic Peoples Movement] has announced their plans for an "International conference promoting peace and awareness," on August 16th 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland.

JAM makes no secret it supports the implementation of shari'a in the United States.

According to their website:

"Jamaat Al Muslimeen stands for the oppressed and stand against the oppressors. We believe in freeing the slaves and helping the political cause. Our goal is to make peace and show awareness to all. We believe occupation is a crime and occupying forces should not occupy foreign land where they have no business being in the first place. Islam is the religion of the past, present and the future. It is believing and practicing the five pillars of Islam and abiding by the teaching of the Quran,Hadith, and the Sunnah of the holy prophet of Islam (PBUH) in it's entirety." [http://jam4peace.org/aboutus.aspx]

The "endorsers" of the conference highlight the Islamist/Red/Green alliance and include such controversial figures as Jamal Al Amin aka H. Rap Brown, Saddam defense attorney Ramsey Clark and Lynne Stewart who in 2005 was convicted on charges of conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists.

The "hosts" of the conference are radical clerics Imam Badi Ali [president of the group Muslims For A Better North Carolina] and Kaukab Siddique [a jihadist, assistant professor at Lincoln University who edits the online New Trend magazine. Siddique also serves as "the Ameer of the Jamaat Al-Muslimeen masjid in Baltimore"] In an article titled, "Tide turning against Zionist Jews," Siddique wrote:

"Pakistani women used to scare their children of cats. Today Pakistani women are sending their children to jihad in Kashmir. Same with Palestinian women...Our Palestinian sisters have put males to shame with their tremendous sacrifices against the Jews." [source, http://www.hvk.org/articles/0702/7.html]

During the Danish cartoon controversy Imam Badi Ali called for an advertising boycott of the local paper which published two of the images describing it a, "flagrant and senseless attack on all Muslims and their leader the Prophet Muhammad." [source, http://wwww.newtrendmag.org/ntma1016.htm]

Other "endorsers" of the conference include Al Abdur Rashid, the national coordinator of the little known Islamic Political Party of America [IPPA]. Though in existence 5 months before 9/11 the party is now launching a website with the provocative image of an Islamic flag next to the U.S. Capitol building.

The IPPA homepage statement reads in part:

"We, the Islamic Political Party of America (IPPA) acknowledge ALLAH as the Sovereign Creator of the universe, who has entrusted to humanity the right and responsibility to rule over the affairs of the world. We solemnly declare that the foundation of our political positions and moving principles of our political activity is our full submission to the will of ALLAH and acknowledgement that Muhammad Ibn Abdullah is the Last Messenger of ALLAH (pbuh) and we find in him the best of conduct for the affairs of mankind. We hereby appeal to ALLAH for mercy, aid, comfort, guidance and his protection as we work to restore and preserve this Nation as a government of the People, by the People, and for the People..." [source, http://www.ippausa.org]

On the website's "About" page we read, "Let it Be Known...Allah is our Lord! Muhammad (Sall Allahu 'alaihi wa salaam) is His Messenger and our Rasool! Islam is our way of life! The United States of America is our country! Freedom is our right!" [source, http://www.ippausa.org/about.html]

Thus far IPPA appears to be a minor phenomenon. In a 2004 article in the Lebanese Daily Star titled "An Islamic Party in America" observed, "Party officials are excited about the party's potential to play a seminal role both in the Muslim American community and national, state and local politics. But they plan to move slowly to build a base to ensure the party as a viable political entity. At their National Platform Conference some party officials talked about running a candidate in the 2008 elections." [source, http://www.thedailystar.net/2004/10/13/d41013020428.htm]

Jibril Hough, a Methodist convert to Islam and president of the IPPA of North Carolina and spokesman for the Islamic Center of Charlotte, recently criticized Representative Sue Myrick's [R-NC] 10 point counter terrorism plan, "Wake Up America" stating that, "It is nothing more than new McCarthyism or Myrickism. As Muslims we have become expendable by politicians seeking political gain." [source, http://jihadwatch.org/archives/020830.php]

While it is tempting to dismiss the IPPA as a fringe entity the fact that they have now started a website and are soliciting members online indicates they are gaining some momentum. The August Islamic conference in Maryland will also see IPPA affiliates in attendance. The existence of an Islamic Political Party which aims to establish a United States of Allah is another worrying indication of creeping shari'a in the United States and its progress bears watching. http://www.pipelinenews.org/index.cfm?page=ipaid=7.28.08%2Ehtm


MIM: The poster for the Jamaat Al Muslimeen conference and further information can be seen here: http://jam4peace.org/default.aspx

Below is a list of the conference "endorsers"

International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness: Baltimore, Maryland. August 16, 2008, inshallah.

We have four categories of endorsers:

Islamic leaders overseas

Br. Syed Munawar Hasan [Pakistan]
Dr. Haji Khazaly Jabee [Africa]
Maulana Ehsanullah Khan [Pakistan]
Sis. Amina Masood [Pakistan]

Christian leaders within the U.S.

Mark Glenn [Idaho]
Charles Carlson [Arizona]

Islamic Women Leaders

Sis. Hadayai Majeed [Georgia]
Sis. Karen English [California]
Sis. Ashira [Maryland]

Islamic leaders within the U.S.

Imam Jamil al-Amin [Colorado Pen.]
Br. Bilal Sunni Ali [Georgia]
Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman [North Carolina]
Br. Hodari Abdul Ali [Washington DC]
Dr. Hisham Tillawi [Louisiana]
1. Islamic Political Party of America, IPPA, gives its full support to your effort, and we are informing all of our affiliates to give them also an opportunity to endorse and attend. May Allah ta' Ala bless your efforts.

Ali Abdur-Rashid [National Coordinator of IPPA] [North Carolina.]
2. The Islamic Political Party of Virginia endorses this effort.
3. Islamic Political Party of America (Washington, DC Chapter) endorses this effort.
4. Islamic Polictical Party of America (MI Chapter) endorses this effort

Anti-war non-Muslim leaders within the U.S.

Ramsey Clark [New York]
Lynne Stewart [New York]
Mark Weber [California]

Your hosts:
Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Islamic Shoora
Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina] Convener of the Conference
Dr. Kaukab Siddique [Maryland] Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

More endorsements and support plus speakers to be announced, inshallah.

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