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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Rushdie redux: Foreign governments warn Holland to stop Wilders film Iran threatens "extensive repercussions"

Rushdie redux: Foreign governments warn Holland to stop Wilders film Iran threatens "extensive repercussions"

January 22, 2008

Iranian Warnings over Wilders Film

THE HAGUE, 23/01/08 - A prominent Iranian parliamentarian has called on the Dutch government to prevent Dutch MP Geert Wilders from showing his Koran film.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, told Iranian press agency IRNA that if the film is screened in the Netherlands, it will "trigger extensive repercussions from Muslims throughout the globe."

"We expect the Dutch government to prevent screening of such a film. Otherwise, the Majlis deputies will call on the Iranian government to review its relations with the Netherlands," IRNA quoted him as saying.

Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Wilders announced in November he planned to release a 10-minute film on the Koran, which he considers is a fascist book. The film is expected to be broadcast shortly, possibly within a week, although Wilders said yesterday the film is not ready yet.

Wilders' anti-'Islamisation' party is in opposition and has nine of the parliament's 150 seats. INRA stated that "the Dutch government fears a repeat of the 2005 riots worldwide when Muslims protested cartoons printed in a Danish newspaper that blasphemed Prophet Mohammad". http://www.nisnews.nl/public/230108_1.htm


Translation MIM:

Van Geel: Turkey worried about film

Turkish premier Erdogan is worried about the plans of PVV leader Wilders for a Koran film.That was said by Erdogan in Islambul to the CDA fraction chairman Van Geel. According to Van Geel the Turkish PM greatly prefers that the Dutch government comes into action in one way or another.

But Erdogan understands and respects the line of the Cabinet, said Van Geel in Met het Oog of Morgen (With an Eye on Tomorrow).

Prime minister Balkenende finds that the Wilders film is allowed due to freedom of expression. But convictions and groups in the population must not be unnecessarily hurt.


22 Januari 2008

Van Geel: Turkije bezorgd over film

De Turkse premier Erdogan is bezorgd over de plannen van PVV-leider Wilders voor een Koranfilm. Dat zei Erdogan in Istanbul tegen CDA-fractievoorzitter Van Geel.

Volgens Van Geel ziet de Turkse premier het liefst dat de Nederlandse regering op een of andere manier in actie komt. Maar Erdogan heeft begrip en waardering voor de lijn van het kabinet, zei Van Geel in Met het Oog op Morgen.

Premier Balkenende vindt dat Wilders de film mag maken vanwege de vrijheid van meningsuiting. Maar levensovertuigingen en groepen uit de bevolking mogen dan niet onnodig worden gekwetst, zei hij.

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