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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > The War on America -Holyland Foundation case revealed extent of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration

The War on America -Holyland Foundation case revealed extent of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration

December 19, 2007

The war on America

Tuesday, 18th December 2007 http://www.spectator.co.uk/melaniephillips/408636/the-war-on-america.thtml

Although the recent terrorism prosecution of the US Holy Land Foundation which was accused of funding Hamas went belly-up when a mistrial was declared, the case nevertheless has already exposed vital and fresh information about the extent of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of America. On the Counterterrorism blog, which has much of great importance about this trial and what it revealed about Islamist infiltration in the US, there is a summary http://counterterrorismblog.org/2007/12/special_panel_summarized_holy.php, of a special panel it held to discuss the ties between Holy Land, the Brotherhood and Hamas which interestingly was pivotal in establishing the Brotherhood in the US.

During the course of the trial, federal prosecutors presented an array of internal Muslim Brotherhood documents from the 1980s and early 1990s that give a first-ever public view of the history and ideology behind the operations of the Muslim Brothers (known as the Ikhwan, the Group, or the Brotherhood) in the U.S. over the past four decades. These documents, accepted as valid by the defendants and admitted at trial without protest, discuss recruitment; organization; ideology; and the development of the Group in different phases in the United States. For researchers, the documents have the added weight of being written by the Ikhwan leaders themselves, rather than interpretations of secondary sources. The exhibits make four things clear:

1) Many of the existing organizations that have set themselves up as the interlocutors between the Islamic community in the United States and the outside world (including government, law enforcement, and other faiths) were founded and controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood from their inception. Many of them changed their names over time to achieve broader national acceptance.

2) The Brotherhood established a highly-structured organization with many different faces inside the United States while deliberately and continually seeking to hide the Brotherhood's links to its front groups.

3) The agenda to be carried out by these groups in the United States in reality had little to do with the organizations' publicly-proclaimed goals, such as protecting the civil rights of Muslims. Rather, the true goal is to destroy the United States from the inside and work to establish a global Islamist society.

4) The primary function of the Brotherhood structures, from the early 1990s forward, was to support, materially and politically, the Hamas movement in the Palestinian territories, as instructed by the office of the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo.

Anyone who believes that the US is somehow immune from the Islamist infiltration that has occurred in Europe will be rapidly disillusioned and alarmed by what the Holy Land proceedings have already revealed.


MIM: Note that one of the speakers in Rafiq Jaber the president of the Islamic Association of Palestine (the American wing of Hamas). He is also listed as cofounder of the ADC and CAIR and is a member of the American Muslim Alliance and the American Arab Institute which is run by the Zogby brothers who are Maronite Christians.

  • Affirm The Palestinian Refugees' Right to Return to their homes and lands
  • Resist Plans to Normalize Occupation and Legalize Ethnic Cleansing
  • Resist Israeli Apartheid and Racism
  • Attend the International Convention Organized by the Palestine Right To Return Coalition

The UofT Arab Student Association and the Palestine Right to Return Coalition ( http://Al-Awda.org) calls on its members and supporters to participate in the organization's first annual convention scheduled for 20-22 June 2003 in Toronto, Canada.
This year's gathering, hosted by the Arab Students Association, is of utmost importance in light of the intensified attacks on the right to return, the re-occupation of Palestinian cities, and the invasion and occupation of Iraq.
Now that Israel's apologists have managed to get their Iraq war, they are turning their attention to settle the Palestine/Israel question at the expense of Palestinian refugees. We reject as illegal and immoral requests for the Palestinian authority to renounce Palestinian human rights including the individual and collective rights of Palestinian refugees to return and restitution. We reject as illegal and immoral the demand that Palestinians accept a "right" for Israel to exist "AS A JEWISH STATE" or a "right" for it "to retain a Jewish majority" at the expense of Palestinian fundamental and historic native rights. We call on all individuals and groups working on behalf of Palestinian rights to partake in this important event.
Regularly updated information on this conference is available at our daily UPDATED web site http://al-awda.org

Events: back

Among the events planned for the conference:

  • Developing a political program for Al-Awda/PRRC
  • Sessions on strategies for Palestinian activism
  • Workshops on issues of activist concerns (media, political action, humanitarian support, organization, outreach, coalition building, etc)
  • Keynote speakers from Palestine and the Arab world
  • International speakers representing the spectrums of the Palestine solidarity movement
  • Cultural events

Speakers in alphabetical order back

Salman Abu Sitta - Dr. Salman Abu-Sitta is a researcher and author of over 50 papers on Palestininian refugees. He has been Director of international development projects and is a former member of the Palestine National Council and founder of Palestine Land .

Some essays and articles writen by Dr Salaman Abu Sitta

Article 1 Compensation as Part of a Comprehensive Solution to the Palestinian Refugee Problem

Article 2 Traces of poison By Salman Abu-Sitta

Article 3 Open letter from Dr. Salman Abu Sitta to Yasser Arafat Regarding Dr. Sari Nusseibeh

Article 4 Debate Between Salman Abu Sitta and Michael Lerner of Tikkun on The Right of Return

Dr. Susan Akram - Dr. Susan M.Akram is Associate Professor at Boston University School of Law, where she teaches Immigration Law and Comparative Refugee Law. She is a founding director of both the Immigration Project at the public interest law firm of Public Counsel in Los Angeles and the Political Asylum/Immigration Representation Project in Boston.

Mughir Al-Hindi - Mughir al-Hindi is an organizer with AL-Awda Toronto.

Reem Alnuweiri - Reem Alnuweiri is an organizer with Al-Awda Vancouver and the Palestine Solidarity Group, and is coordinator of the International Solidarity Movement - Vancouver.

Zainab Amadahy - is a writer, singer/songwriter and activist. Her musical credits include being nominated for an Indie award in the world music category for co-producing, co-writing and performing on Spirit Wind's debut CD "Breathing the Wind". Among Zainab's writing credits is "Moons of Palmares", a science fiction novel published by Sister Vision Press. She has also contributed to the just-released anthology "Strong Women's Stories: Native Vision and Community Survival" published by Sumach Press. Zainab is a regular contributor to Tansi, (DON-say) a local newspaper serving the Aboriginal community in Canada. She is also a Director of Anduhyaun , a community organization serving Aboriginal people in Toronto. Finally, in her spare time, Zainab is the Researcher to the Cultural Mapping Project of Community Arts Ontario.

Rima Anabtawi - Rima Anabtawi is a Palestinian-American writer and a founding member of Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition. She serves as Co-Coordinator of Al-Awda and Chair of the International Events committee, and co-coordinator of internal affairs as well as Executive Editor of Palestine Media Watch, the CNN division.

Masad Arbid - is an Arab-Palestinian physician and writer residing in Los Angels, USA. He was born in Ramallah, Occupied West Bank in 1948. He received his medical education and MD degree in Yugoslavia and post-graduate medical specialty in Pediatrics in Los Angeles. He is a member of the editorial board of Kana'an , a cultural periodical published in Occupied Palestine, and Kana'an Online Bulletin (www.kanaanonline.org), both dedicated to the causes of Arabic unity, development, and socialism. Kana'an's mission is to demonstrate the positive relationship between Arab nationalism (embodied in the popular masses in the Arab homeland) and Marxism (that takes into consideration the specific Arab reality, circumstances, and needs). He is the author of several essays and articles, both in Arabic and English, on the question of Palestine, Arab unity and socialism.

Richard Becker - Richard Becker is West Coast Regional Co-coordinator of the International Action Center and International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition steering committee member. Becker has traveled to Palestine and Iraq on numerous occasions. He has written and spoken extensively on Middle Eastern issues.

Ahmed Bouzid - Ahmed Bouzid is president of Palestine Media Watch.

Olivia Chow (Toronto city councillor) - Voted best city councillor by Now Magazine readers five years running, Olivia Chow's pace shows no sign of waning. Her accessibility, sincerity, and well-earned reputation for getting things done fosters dynamic grassroots support within the boundaries of her Toronto downtown ward, as well as with individuals and community groups across the city.

For the last 17 years, Olivia has represented the Toronto downtown communities in public office. In 1985, in her first position in public office, Olivia was elected a Public School Trustee. Following that, she was elected Metro Councillor for the downtown ward in 1991, and has since been the City Councillor for Trinity-Spadina East. Since its creation by City Council in 1997, Olivia has been Toronto's Children and Youth Advocate. Olivia is dedicated to issues of public safety, social services, children and youth, equity and accountability. Olivia is fluent in both Cantonese and English, enjoys reading and all activities outdoors. She is married to fellow outdoor-nut and federal NDP leader Jack Layton.

John Clarke - John Clarke came to Canada in 1976 from London, England where he had been active in trade union struggles. He settled in London, Ontario and worked for a number of years in the Westinghouse Plant there, active in the United Electrical Workers. In 1982, Clarke was laid off and helped to form the London Union of Unemployed Workers. In 1990, he moved to Toronto to take up the job of organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty - OCAP.

Ed Corrigan - Ed Corrigan holds a BA. in History and a Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. His academic area of expertise is International politics. Ed also graduated in Law from the University of Windsor and was called to the Bar of the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1992. In the last eleven years he has distinguished himself as a lawyer and has been s recognized as one of the top Immigration lawyers in Canada. Ed has published numerous articles on Middle East politics and Immigration law.

Elias Darraj - Elias Darraj is a US based Palestinian human rights activest .

Samer Elatrash - Samer Elatrash is a student organizer at Concordia University in Montreal and an activist with Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) facing persecution for his organizing at Concordia.

Hanan El-Masu - Hanan Elmasu is a Palestinian human rights worker who has lived and worked in the West Bank city of Ramallah since 1994. She is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland where she advocates for Palestinian human rights within the United Nations. She is amember of the Board of Trustees of Addameer , an organization that observes Israeli human rights practices, advocates on behalf of Palestinian political prisoners and generally promotes human rights. She has worked for various Palestinian human rights organizations, and at Beirzeit University on a Human Rights Action Project. She has been actively involved in coordinating information from on the ground in Palestine, including the establishment of the Addameer September 2000 Clashes Information Center at the beginning of the current Intifada. Hanan studied History and International Relations at the University of British Colombia, Canada.

Rafeeq Jaber - Rafeeq Jaber is president of the Islamic Association for Palestine ( IAP ), co-founder of the Chicago chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC); a co-founder with Omar Ahmad of San Jose, CA and Nihad Awad of Washington, DC of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR); and a member of the American Muslim Alliance (AMA) and the Arab American Institute (AAI)

Prof. Jess Ghannam - is a psychologist, a professor at the University of California-San Francisco, he is an organizer with AL-Awda San Francisco and a member of the board of directors of several organizations.

Nina Gopaul - Nina Gopaul is the books coordinator for the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund. She is a founding member of the Palestine Solidarity Committee of the Mauritius Islands.

Riad Hamad - Riad Hamad is director and co-founder of the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund, a charitable organization established by individuals whose goals are to improve the living standards of children in Palestine

Sari Hanafi - Sari Hanafi is the director of Shaml, the Palestinian Diaspora and Refugee Centre. He is a sociologist and the author of a number of works on Palestine and Palestinian refugees.

Stanley Heller - has been chairperson of the Middle East Crisis Committee, thestruggle.org (New Haven) since 1982. He is a moderator of al-Awda-Unity, a division of the Right to Return movement intent on encouraging Jewish activism.

Ribhi Huzien - Ribhi Huzien is a teacher and founder of the Al-Awda Refugee Support Committee.

Na'eem Jeenah - Na'eem Jeenah is the spokesperson for the Palestine Solidarity Committee of South Africa and President of the Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa. He was a longtime anti-apartheid activist with the MYM and the Mass Democratic Movement, and is an author, journalist,community leader and lecturer in the Department of Political Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Charlotte Kates - Charlotte Kates is a law student at Rutgers Universityand an organizer with New Jersey Solidarity - Activists for the Liberation of Palestine.

Rama Kased - Rama Kased is a student and co-chair of the Al-Awda-NY-NJ Committee.

Hanna Kawas - Hanna Kawas is chair of the Canada Palestine Association, CPA, and host of the weekly radio show, Voices of Palestine, on Vancouver Cooperative Radio, 102.7. He is a Palestinian born and raised in Bethlehem, Palestine and has been active in Palestine solidarity work for many years.

Eyad Kishawi - Eyad Kishawi is an organizer with the American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee in San Francisco, California, and works with the Divestment Resource Center and the Free Palestine Alliance. He is a long-time organizer for indigenous rights.

Fadwa Lababidi - Dr. Fadwa Lababidi is a long time feminist grassroots activist in Jerusalem. She has been visiting at York University since Fall at the refugee studies center.

Abla Mahmoud - Abla Mahmoud is active with the Right of Return Defense Committee of Jordan and has been involved for over two decades in activism on behalf of refugees.

Prof. Ibrahim Makkawi - Dr. Ibrahim Makkawi, Professor of Educational and School Psychology, is a member of Abnaa' el-Balad Movement in 1948-Occupied Palestine.

Joachim Martillo - Joachim Martillo attended undergraduate school at Harvard University and received his graduate degree from Yale University. As a scholar, Joachim taught at both Harvard and MIT. Joachim is a commentator for many web related sites on Zionist myth, ideology and history.

Justine McCabe - Justine McCabe is co-chair of the Connecticut Green Party and a member of the Green Party's International Committee. She has assisted Palestinian and international relief workers in Bethlehem and Ramallah.

Leila Mouammar - Leila is a graduate student at Concordia University active with the Karameh campaign and is a member of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR-Montreal). She has been just one of many people targeted by Administrative persecution at Concordia for forming part of a loose collective of diverse individuals and groups, united by a belief in social justice, who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their resistance to the injustices bred by the Israeli occupation, Zionist apartheid and Anglo-American-Israeli imperialism.

Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh - Mazin Qumsiyeh is a co-founder of Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, and chair of its Media Committee.

Derrick O'Keefe - Derrick O'Keefe is a community organizer from Vancouver active with the Palestine Solidarity Group.

Elias Rashmawi -Elias A. Rashmawi is vice president of the International Campaign Against US War on Iraq that was established in Cairo in December 2002 and Member of the national steering committee of International A.N.S.W.E.R. He is with the Free Palestine Alliance - USA.

Terry Rempel - Terry Rempel is coordinator, research and information at BADIL, resource center for Palestinian residency and refugee rights. His expertise is in the field of refugees, in particular durable solutions for Palestinian refugees. He is a research fellow, School of Political, Sociological and Historical Studies, Exeter University, UK.

Adel Samara: is an Arab- Palestinian writer and researcher who was born in 1944 in Beit Uor, Ramallah area, Occupied West Bank where he continues to live today. He holds a Ph.D. degree in political economy and development from Exeter University - United Kingdom. Dr. Samara has written extensively about issues facing Arab and Palestinian struggle. He has written a plethora of books, both in Arabic and English, co-authored, and edited numerous articles and essays. He is the editor-in-chief of Kana'an, a cultural periodical published in Occupied Palestine, and Kana'an Online Bulletin, www.kanaanonline.org, both dedicated to the causes of Arabic unity, development, and socialism. Kana'an's mission is to demonstrate the positive relationship between Arab nationalism (embodied in the popular masses in the Arab homeland) and Marxism (that takes into consideration the specific Arab reality, circumstances, and needs).Due to his political views and activism, Dr. Samara had to face imprisonment for several years by Jordanian, Israeli, and Palestinian (PA) authorities.

Jaggi Singh - Jaggi is a writer and activist based in Montreal. Jaggi was involved with the September 9th mobilization in Montreal to oppose the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu to Concordia university and has since been banned from Concordia for five years. Jaggi is also very active with the No One Is Illegal Campaign, an immigrant and refugee rights organization and has traveled to Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement.
Jaggi has been active in mobilizing against capitalist globalization, including the APEC Summit in Vancouver (1997) and the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City (2001), as well as the anti-G8 mobilizations last year.

Snehal Shingavi - Snehal Shingavi is an activist and academic at the University of California at Berkeley, where he studies in the English department and is an organizer with Students for Justice in Palestine.

Jaber Suleiman - Jaber Suleiman works as an independent researcher in Lebanon. He is a cofounder of A'idun (Those who Will Return), and has written extensively in the field of refugee studies.

Dr. Ghada Telhami - Dr. Ghada Talhami is a Professor of Politics at Lake Forest College, Lake forest, Illinois. Her latest book is Palestinian Refugees: Pawns to Political Actors. Other publications include Syria and the Palestinians: The Clash of Nationalisms, and The Mobilization of Muslim Women in Egypt.

Khaled Turaani - Khaled Turaani is executive director of the US-based advovacy group, American Muslims for Jerusalem.

Alison Weir - Journalist Alison Weir is the founder of "If Americans Knew," an organization dedicated to providing Americans with information on topics of importance that are misreported or under-reported in the
American media. Her essays, written while traveling through the Palestinian territories, have appeared on a variety of websites and in print publications; among these are Gaza: A Report From the Front, published in The New Intifada, and pieces published in The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and CounterPunch. Weir received the Truth and Justice Award in May 2002 from American Muslims for Jerusalem.

Noel Winkler - Noel Winkler is an organizer with New Jersey Solidarity-Activists for the Liberation of Palestine, Al-Awda-NY and the International Solidarity Movement.

Peter Wirth - Peter Wirth is owner of GW Associates, a public relations company that provides services to grassroots organizations.

Rafeef Ziadah - Rafeef Ziadah is a third generation Palestinian refugee to Lebanon. She earned her Masters degree from Seton Hall University (New Jersey) in International Relations, with a focus on Palestinian women?s role in the liberation struggle. She is a member of SUSTAIN (Stop US-Tax Funded Aid to Israel Now!). In September she will be pursuing her PhD. in Political Science at York University.

Registration Information back

To register, send Canadian $50, Students $ 30 Canadian to:

Al-Awda (Palestine Right to Return Coalition)
P.O. Box 1102 STN F, 50 Charles St. E.,
Toronto, ON, M4Y 2T8

In the US send a check for US $35 to

PRRC (Palestine Right to Return Coalition),
P.O. Box 1172, Orange, CT

Include your contact information, address, email, and telephone number.

You may also use our secure payment method (paypal) online at our webpage (http://Al-Awda.org under International Convention Page).

Tabling available for US$100 (non-profit groups) and US$150 (other groups). Email us at [email protected]

Finally, we ask that you contact your elected representatives, as well as the media through the handy links provided on http://al-awda.org and insist (as Amnesty International stated) that no peace can be lasting without respect for basic human rights.

Inquiries maybe addressed by email to

[email protected]
[email protected] or by fax at 1-802-609-9284


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