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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Fertiliser bomb plotters brothers dissappear after breaching UK anti terrorism control orders

Fertiliser bomb plotters brothers dissappear after breaching UK anti terrorism control orders

May 27, 2007

Fertiliser bomb plotter's brothers missing

By Martin Beckford
Last Updated: 2:19am BST 24/05/2007 The Daily Telegraph (London) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/05/24/nbros24.xml

Two brothers of a member of the fertiliser bomb gang and another man are on the run after breaching anti-terrorism control orders, it emerged last night.

Missing: brothers Lamine and Ibrahim Adam, and Cerie Bullivant
Missing: brothers Lamine and Ibrahim Adam, and Cerie Bullivant

Their disappearances mean that more than a third of those under the controversial orders imposed by the Home Office are now missing.

Lamine Adam, 26, and Ibrahim Adam, 20, are brothers of Anthony Garcia, 24, who was jailed for life last month for his role in the al-Qa'eda-linked plot to launch a deadly series of attacks on nightclubs and shopping centres.

Garcia, an aspiring male model from Essex who listened to rap music and admitted he was an "Ali G character", went to a terror training camp in Pakistan with 7/7 mastermind Mohammed Sidique Khan. He bought the 1,300lb of fertiliser intended for the explosive device and was a key fundraiser.

His Algerian-born older brother Lamine, who was a Tube driver, and younger brother Ibrahim failed to contact a monitoring company on Monday as part of the terms of their control orders, which are forms of house arrest imposed on those suspected of involvement in terrorism.

During the fertiliser bomb trial, jurors at the Old Bailey heard that Lamine had allegedly been involved in the bomb plot. The former al-Qa'eda agent turned supergrass Mohammed Junaid Babar told the court that a Briton known as Uniboy was asking around for a formula for making a bomb while he was in Pakistan.

Babar said: "He said he wanted to do something with someone else, as far as making a bomb and hitting a nightclub." Asked who with, he replied: "Garcia's older brother Lamine."

Another man under a control order who is linked to the brothers, 24-year-old British-born Cerie Bullivant, failed to report to a local police station on Tuesday morning. Police are trying to trace the men and last night took the unusual step of naming them and releasing their photos.

Three other men under control orders, two British citizens and an Iraqi, have been missing since the start of the year and with only 17 people under the restrictions, more than a third are now missing.

The Home Office has previously prevented the media from printing the names or photos of the three other missing men, one of whom had links to Garcia and the fertiliser bomb gang.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said: "People are placed on control orders on the basis they are terror suspects who pose a serious risk to the public. Therefore, it is shocking that yet another three have absconded.

"John Reid's primary responsibility is the protection of the public. This consistent yet gravely dangerous failure to carry out that duty continues to threaten the safety of the public."

Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, said: "This is yet another hammer blow for the increasingly discredited system of control orders."

Peter Clarke, the head of the MPS Counter Terrorism Command, said he hoped the public could help trace the missing men. He said: "It is possible that the public can help us to trace them. They have breached the conditions of their control orders, which is a serious crime.

"We know that Lamine Adam, Ibrahim Adam and Cerie Bullivant are associates and may well be together. I am asking members of the public who actually see these men not to approach them, but to call 999 immediately."

A Home Office spokesman confirmed: "The Home Secretary, on police operational advice, today approached the High Court requesting that anonymity be lifted in order to assist with their investigation. The Home Secretary will make a written statement to parliament tomorrow."

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