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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Correction of Brooklyn Daily Eagle editor Ranaan Geberer's distortion of Dr.Daniel Pipes's views

Correction of Brooklyn Daily Eagle editor Ranaan Geberer's distortion of Dr.Daniel Pipes's views

May 24, 2007

MIM: Below is a response to the article written by Ranaan Gerberer, the editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle who distorted Dr.Pipes views. Dr. Pipes referred to this piece in his most recent article-"The Travails of Brooklyn's Islamic Academy"http://www.danielpipes.org/article/4581

Geberer's editorial can be viewed here:http://www.brooklyneagle.com/categories/category.php?category_id=10&id=12879

To the Editor,

In "Critics of Khalil Gibran School target unfairly target Islam and Arabic Culture" ( 5/17 /07) Raanan Geberer distorts Daniel Pipes's positions and fabricates arguments.

Geberer writes that Pipes's comment that "Learning Arabic in and of itself promotes an Islamic outlook" is "prejudiced, just on the face of it." But Dr. Pipes never said that learning Arabic is bad. To he contrary, he studied the language for years while living in Egypt and had this to say about the Khalil Gibran International Academy: "In principle it is a great idea."

Geberer exposes his own ignorance of the facts when he writes that "Mr. Pipes may be surprised to know that not all Arabs are Muslims!" This may be news to Geberer but not to Dr. Pipes.For example, he wrote an article recently on the Copts of Egypt. Geberer also writes that "it may surprise Mr. Pipes that there are a variety of opinions in the Arab world." Had Mr. Geberer bothered reading what Dr. Pipes has written, he would quickly note the extensive writings on the topic of Islamists vs. moderates

Geberer rhetorically asks, "What would someone say if a group protested a Catholic school in their area, claiming that because the young Catholics are taught to accept the overall authority of the Pope, they can't be true Americans?" He asserts that Pipes "argues that an Arabic-centered curriculum will by necessity teach hatred of the United States and of Israel." Geberer has made up both these statements. I challenge him to show a single instance when Dr. Pipes has said or written either of the above.

Dr. Pipes opposes the establishment of the Khalil Gibran International Academy because of his concerns that it will promote a radical Islamic and pan-Arabist agenda.

Geberer has not shown otherwise.

Beila Rabinowitz

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