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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Convicted UK terror plotters tied to 7/7 bombers - Al Muhajiroun and Al Qaeda charts and diagrams show terror plot

Convicted UK terror plotters tied to 7/7 bombers - Al Muhajiroun and Al Qaeda charts and diagrams show terror plot

April 30, 2007

Five men have been found guilty of plotting to kill hundreds in an al-Qaeda-linked bomb plot. The international conspiracy included links to the 7 July 2005 London bombings. Two other men on trial at the Old Bailey were found not guilty.


THE PAKISTAN CONNECTION Map of key locations in Pakistan and timeline of events
June-August 2001: Khyam meets friends from 2000 training camp and visits Taleban in Afghanistan. Continues to visit Pakistan. September-November 2001: Babar moves to Lahore, Waheed Mahmood to Gujar Khan and Amin to Kahuta in Pakistan. January-March 2002: Khawaja makes trip to Pakistan via UK. 1) Gujar Khan, Feb/March 2003 - Meeting at Waheed's home Babar says Waheed suggests attacks in UK, after explosives training in Pakistan. Meeting also attended by Garcia, Amin and others. 2) Kohat, May/June 2003 - Training camp Amin and Khyam learn to use explosives. Babar says Khyam tells him in June that he wants to attack UK "pubs, nightclubs, or trains". 3) Malakand, July/August 2003 - Training camp Attended by Khyam, Shujah Mahmood (found not guilty), Garcia, Akbar, Khawaja and others. Babar turns back as wife having baby. Weapons training received. Babar says two ammonium nitrate bombs tested. Waheed Mahmood leaves Pakistan in April 2003, Khawaja in July and Garcia, Shujah Mahmood and Akbar in August.

Pakistan - to which many defendants have family ties - played a key role in the UK fertiliser bomb plot.

Between September 2001 and February 2002, Babar, Amin and Waheed Mahmood all moved there. Khawaja and Khyam were both visitors - the latter also travelling to Afghanistan and meeting the Taleban.

In early 2003, a key meeting took place at Mahmood's Gujar Khan home. According to Babar, Mahmood suggested attacking the UK instead of trying to fight in Afghanistan.

At two training camps, some of the suspects learned to use weapons and explosives. This, says the prosecution, was the "principal purpose" for visiting Pakistan.

Key events also took place in the UK during this period. Babar met Garcia and Khyam who, he says, indicated that he was working for al-Qaeda's third in command.

Khyam was also introduced to Canadian suspect Khawaja at a house in Hayes.


Fertiliser bought Nov 2003, surveillance starts Feb 2004

Van from Crawley, fertiliser from Burgess Hill, storage in Hanwell Police surveillance in Slough, Crawley, Uxbridge and Hanwell Detonator image viewed in Slough and key meeting in Crawley Ministry of Sound and Bluewater possible targets

With many suspects back in the UK, the bomb plot started to take shape. Some 600kg of ammonium nitrate fertiliser was bought to use as an explosive and put in storage, in Hanwell, West London.

But by February 2004, police and security services were watching gang members and had removed the fertiliser.

When Khawaja visited from Canada to discuss detonators, he was collected by Khyam in a bugged car. A meeting he attended was also watched.

The plotters were also heard discussing possible targets and finalising their plans.



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Locations of arrests in UK, Canada, USA and Pakistan

July/August 2003 - Pakistan: Mohammad Sidique Khan met at Islamabad airport by Amin. They meet Khyam by chance. Khan agrees to go with Khyam to Malakand training camp. 2 February 2004: Khan and Shehzad Tanweer meet Khyam and Shujah Mahmood (found not guilty of bomb plot charges) in Crawley. MI5 follow Khan to his Dewsbury home. 21 February 2004 - Crawley: Khan meets Khyam and Shujah Mahmood. Khan and Khyam discuss future trip to Pakistan. 28 February 2004: Trip from Crawley to Wellingborough, via Slough, in Khan's car. Tanweer, Khyam and Shujah also present. They meet another man and discuss fraud. 23 March 2004 - Khyam's flat, Slough: Khan, Tanweer, Khyam and Shujah meet. Conversation about fraudulent money-raising.
MI5 knew of a link between some of the fertiliser bomb plotters and two men later involved in the 7 July London bombings, which killed 52 people and injured hundreds.

Omar Khyam met the 7 July ringleader and Edgware Road bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan at least five times - once in Pakistan and four times in the UK. Some of the UK meetings were recorded as Khyam's car was bugged.

Khyam also met Shehzad Tanweer, who carried out the attack near Liverpool Street, three times. Khyam and Khan were both associates of a Luton man active in militant networks who was not charged in connection with this plot.

Police say the meetings with Khan and Tanweer were about fraud rather than terrorism.

The link was not revealed to the jury of the fertiliser bomb plot case, as it was feared it would be too prejudicial.

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