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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Radical Imam tells Muslims in Holland not to pay taxes to harm Dutch state -Wilders calls for deportation

Radical Imam tells Muslims in Holland not to pay taxes to harm Dutch state -Wilders calls for deportation

April 2, 2007

Dutch Imam Salam Urges Followers To "Harm State" Counseling "Don't Pay Taxes"

By Beila Rabinowitz and William A. Mayer

April 2, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Ahmed Salam, the radical Imam from Tilburg, Holland who outraged a significant part of the country's population in November of 2004 when he refused to shake the hand of then Dutch Minister of Immigration Rita Verdonk, on the religious grounds that he would not touch the hand of a woman, has not moderated his radical Islamist agitation.

This despite having taken a integration course paid for by the Dutch government.

In fact he is stepping up his campaign.

Salam, who only speaks Arabic though having been in the country for over 15 years, was reported by the Netherlands based Brabants Dagblad as having called upon his followers, "Do harm to the Dutch state, don't pay taxes."

Stung by the almost universal criticism by Holland's non-Muslim population [Muslims comprise approximately 10% of the country's residents] Imam Salam now claims he never urged tax-refusal, trying to stave off calls for his deportation.

Capitalizing on this controversy Tilburg's Muslims have offered an olive branch of singular brazenness, telling the city's town council that they will stop going to the Imam's radical mosque if the council builds them another one, at public expense in the center of town.

Marking the extraordinary degree of Dutch dhimmitude, Tilburg lawmaker Jan Hamming has already agreed to that proposal and is urging city residents to help him find a suitable location.

What Tilburg's officials fail to understand is that any Muslims who have been attending Salam's mosque are of the radical Islamist persuasion in the first place and therefore opening another mosque with Salam's "ex-congregants" would only result in two strongholds from which to operate.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders leader of the Freedom Party is heading the call to have a preaching ban enforced on Imam Salam, possibly stripping him of his Dutch citizenship and having him deported.

Tilburg mayor Vreeman has also reacted to Salam's insolence, stating that the Imam "does not belong here" a suggestion which has brought both criticism and support in this increasingly polarized society.


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