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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > U.S. Representative Joe Sestak to speak at CAIR fundraiser banquet

U.S. Representative Joe Sestak to speak at CAIR fundraiser banquet

February 28, 2007

U.S. Rep Joe Sestak To Speak At CAIR Fundraiser Banquet

By Beila Rabinowitz

February 28, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - US Representative Joe Sestak [D-Pennsylvania] is scheduled to be the featured speaker at the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] fundraiser banquet on April 7 along with ex-Ambassador Edward Peck, CAIR spokesman Parvez Ahmad and Rafael Narbaez, head of the American Ansar Foundation.

CAIR is a Saudi funded front group for Hamas and a defendant in the 9/11 terrorism lawsuit filed by the family of FBI agent John O' Neill who was killed in the WTC attacks:

86. Council on American Islamic Relations and CAIR Canada (collectively, CAIR), have aided, abetted, and materially sponsored and al Qaeda and international terrorism. CAIR is an outgrowth of the Hamas front group the Islamic Association of Palestine. The FBI's former associate director in charge of Investigative and Counter-Intelligence Operations described the Islamic Association of Palestine as an organization that has directly supported Hamas military goals and is a front organization for Hamas that engages in propaganda for Islamic militants.

88. The role of CAIR and CAIR-Canada is to wage PSYOPS (psychological warfare) and disinformation activities on behalf of Whabbi-based [Wahhabi-based, DP] Islamic terrorists throughout North America. They are the intellectual "shock troops" of Islamic terrorism. In the years and months leading up to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 these organizations were very effective in helping to ensure that North American law enforcement and intelligence officials were sufficiently deaf, dumb, and blind to help pave the way for the attacks on the United States. The role played by these entities is an absolutely essential part of the mix of forces arrayed against the United States as they help soften-up targeted countries so as to facilitate and enhance the likelihood for a successful attack. [source http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/394]

Rafael Narbaez, another speaker at the event heads the American Ansar Foundation. He is a convert to Islam and is waging 'jihad through da'wa' by urging others to follow his example.

In a video aimed at spreading Islam and recruiting converts distributed by an Islamist media group [Sound Vision] Narbaez stated "how Muslims in America are performing Jihad everyday."

Edward Peck a lefty ex-ambassador, the other featured speaker at the event went on a "Political Pilgrimage" to the Middle East last year which was organized by the Council for the National Interest which is headed by Paul Findley an admirer of bin-Laden.

Among the terrorists that Peck met with was Hamas chief Khalid Ma'aschal [who is in exile in Syria] and Bassem Kunter the brother of Samir Kuntar who is serving a life sentence in an Israeli jail. In 1979 Kuntar entered an Israeli apartment building and took Enat Haran and her father Danny hostage. He murdered Danny Haran in front of his daughter's eyes and smashed the four year old girl's skull on a rock. The Haran's 3 year old daughter Yael died as a result of suffocation while hiding with her mother Smadar in a crawl space.

Nasrallah has made the release of Samir Kuntar a prerequisite for freeing the two Israeli soldiers who were kidnapped last year.

Fortunately, CAIR is finally being forced to confront it radicalism; last month Senator Barbara Boxer rescinded an award presented to the director of a CAIR office after she was alerted to the organization's terrorism ties.

A press account of the Senator's action stated that, "Boxer said her staff came up with a "whole laundry list of things" including …CAIR's unwillingness to condemn Osama Bin Laden by name or condemn the Palestinian organization Hamas. Boxer's communications director Natalie Ravitz cited news stories detailing the convictions…of Ghassan Elashi and Ismail Royer. Elashi a founding board member of the Texas Chapter of CAIR was sentenced to 80 months in prison for engaging in financial transactions with Hamas leader Musa abu Marzook. Royer, a CAIR communications specialist …was …charged with conspiracy to support jihad overseas and sentenced to 20 years." http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2653

In light of CAIR's terror friendliness we demand that Representative Sestak cancel his scheduled speech at the organization's April 7 fundraising banquet and join with Senator Boxer in repudiating the group's activities.

Contact Joe Sestak's office:


Phone:(610) 892-8623
Fax:(610) 892-8628


Phone (202) 225 –2011
Fax: (202) 226 -028


MIM: The original poster above showed all of the 3 names below and was changed after a journalist called Sestak's Philadelphia office on March 1st. The announcement below appeared on a Muslim event website on March 5th (31 days before the event as stated on the posting). This proves that CAIR is deliberately hiding the participants and has eliminated Sestak's name from this notice.

What: Fundraiser Event, "First CAIR Philly Banquet"
When: Saturday, April 07, 2007 (in 31 days) at 5:30:00 PM
Metroplex: Philadelphia, PA
Where: CAIR-Pensylvania 1218 Chestnut Street; Suite 510 Philadelphia 19107 Directions
Who: Edward Peck, Br. Rafael Narbaez, Dr. Pervez Ahmed
Sponsored by CAIR-PA www.cairphilly.org

CAIR PA Banquet April 7, 2007

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