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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Court :Serbs not guilty of ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims -Sbrebrenica killings not act of systematic genocide

Court :Serbs not guilty of ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims -Sbrebrenica killings not act of systematic genocide

February 26, 2007

Serbia Found Not Guilty Of Ethnic Cleansing

Clinton/NATO Intervention In Balkans Revealed As Half-Witted Dhimmitude

February 26, 2007- San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Twelve years after the alleged Srebrenica massacre, the International Court of Justice [ICJ] has found the charges of a systematic policy of ethnic cleansing by the Bosnian Serb government against Bosnian Muslims to be baseless, yet the court adamantly maintains a belief in the myth of Srebrenica, much in the way that Islamists hold on to the Jenin hoax because both serve to stoke anti-Western sentiment.

From the outset of the Clinton administration's decision to aid radical Muslims by intervening in the Yugoslavian civil war was disastrous in that it created a foothold on the continent for interests inimical to the long term interests of both Europe and the United States.

During the process America's staunch ally, the virulently anti-Nazi Serbs have suffered grievously.

Held together purely by the force of political will and intimidation, Yugoslavia [always a weak confederation of semi-autonomous regions, but held together under Tito's authoritarian rule] finally broke apart at the end of the Cold War.

Western powers led by Clinton then departed down the path of dhimmitude in the region with the intent of assuaging radical Muslim sentimentalities. As a result the West reaped the worst of both worlds, not only countenancing a wholesale land grab underwritten by Iranian Shia extremists, but despite the administration's obvious tilt, not even receiving credit for their efforts.

The world's perception on this matter was largely stage managed by the public relation's powerhouses, Ruder Finn and Hill & Knowlton along the services of Senators Joe Biden, Robert Dole, and George Mitchell.

The entire operation was funded by Bosnian Muslim interests.

Using as a pretext a questionable article from the Long Island, New Jersey newspaper Newsday alleging the Bosnia Serbs were running Nazi style concentration camps and exterminating Bosnian Muslims, the Muslim PR machine spun into action.

In an interview done for French television by Jacques Merlino, James Harff, who directed the operation for Ruder Finn stated how the issue was manipulated, cast as a holocaust redux which enabled them to enlist main stream Jewish organizations to condemn the Serbian bogeyman.

"Harff: It is very simple. A card-index, computer and fax machine. Voila! The basic work related tools of ours. It is not frequency that counts but the capacity to intervene at the right moment and to reach the right persons. It is the first assertion that really counts. All denials are entirely ineffective.

Harff: To have managed to put Jewish opinion on our side. This was a sensitive matter, as the dossier was dangerous looked from this angle. President Tidjman was very careless in his book "Wastelands of Historical Reality". Reading this writtings, one could accuse him of of anti- semitism. In Bosnia, the situation was no better: President Izetbegovic strongly supported the creation of a fundamentalist Islamic state in his book "The Islamic Declaration". Besides, the Croatian and Bosnian past was marked by a real and cruel anti-semitism. Tens of thousands of Jews perished in Croatian camps. So there was every reason for intellectuals and Jewish organizations to be hostile towards the Croats and Bosnians. Our chal[l]enge was to reverse this attitude. And we succeded masterfully."

So masterfully that the word Serb has come to represent in the minds of many the incarnation of evil.

This primarily took place upon a still unsubstantiated claim that Bosnian Serbs engaged in a policy of genocide against the Bosniac Muslims after the fall of the Muslim stronghold of Srebrenica which resulted in murder of approximately 7-8,000 accomplished through mass executions.

What comes through in a reading of the relevant documents is the utter incompetence of the UN in dealing with the crisis caused by the disintigrating Yugoslavia.

Though it had blue helmeted forces on the ground, the UN had neither the means nor the inclination to stop the conflict from widening. It also proved itself incapable of investigating charges of genocide carried out against Muslims by the Serbs.

To this date no complexes of mass graves have been found and the perception that ethnic cleansing took place rests on the shoulders of a very few, which begs the question that if this was a tragedy on the order of the Nazi crimes against humanity, where are the witnesses and the evidentiary proof?

In examining the documents put forth by the International Court of Justice [ICJ] at the Hague on the matter, the ICJ relies heavily upon the United Nation's findings regarding the seige of Srebrenica and its aftermath.

According to the official UN report on the fall of Srebrenica, much of the initial tension between the Bosnia [Christian] Serbs and the Muslim Bosniacs in the area was due to the fact that the incompetent United Nation's Protective Force [UNPROFOR] lost a map in 1993 which outlined the borders of various enclaves agreed to between the two parties. This resulted in continual low-grade

"There was, however, constant friction between the Bosniacs and the Bosnian Serbs as to the exact borders of the enclave, which had been exacerbated by the fact that UNPROFOR had apparently misplaced a map that had been agreed between the parties on 8 May 1993." [source U.N Report, Fall of Srebrenica http://daccessdds.un.org/doc/UNDOC/GEN/N99/348/76/IMG/N9934876.pdf?OpenElement]

In response to UNPROFOR deciding not to respond to increasing violence, the area in an around Srebrenica was recognized as no longer being a demilitarised zone

"Dutchbat agreed to certain measures which seemed to acknowledge that the demilitarization agreements of 1993 were no longer functioning. They agree that the Bosniacs could carry weapons openly.."

Srebrenica was used by the Bosnian Muslims as a base of operations to attack Serb villages in the immediate vicinity.

"In response to the order, a raiding party of Bosniacs under the leadership of Zulfo Tursunovic, attacked the Serb village of Visnjica."

UNPROFOR had failed to disarm the Bosnian Muslim forces in Srebrenica, and the Dutch military forces in theatre acted in a manner to protect them.

All that can be reasonably distilled from the facts is that the Bosnian Serbs launched an offensive against the city which at that point had become a legitimate military target and in the ensuing fighting many were killed on both sides.

Still no concrete evidence of a Serb policy of genocide has been offered up, there is no documentary evidence, no pictures of vast pile of bodies and to date the small mass graves found contain both Serb and Bosnian Muslim war dead; killed in battle.

What the UN puts forth as proof of a Srebrenica "massacre" are on the order of hearsay and suspect press clippings.

What however is beyond dispute is that the Bosnian Muslims committed the only documented genocide in the war. It took place in the Serbian city of Krajina in mid-summer 1995, The attack against Krajina resulted in the death of 14,000 according to the UN and the creation of nearly a quarter of a million refugees.

Additionally the Clinton inspired NATO bombing program on behalf of the Bosnian Muslims resulted in many needless deaths. Alice Mahon a former Labour Party MP told the London Times, "When you consider that 1,500 civilians or more were killed during the NATO bombing, you have to ask whether the intervention was justified."

For further evidence of documented Muslim atrocities committed during the Balkan war take the following link.

Warning these are brutally graphic images, you have been warned


Unfortunately the outrages continue in the former Yugoslavia with the U.N., the U.S. and Europe attempting to force Serbia to give up the largely Muslim province of Kosovo by granting it semi-autonomy.

Zoran Loncar Serbia's Minister of Public Administration and Self-Government also blasted the key architect of the plan, chief U.N. envoy Martti Ahtisaari, as "biased and working in the interest of the (Kosovo) ethnic Albanians."

Of course in the multicultural parlance of today's news coverage the euphemism "ethnic Albanians" really means Muslims, one of the reasons why deciphering what is going on in Bosnia and Serbia is impossible to understand if you simply read the main stream press because they will never identify the Muslim players as such.

Ahtisaari, former President of Finland was long an ally of the out-of-the-closet nazi Kurt Waldheim and seems to be pursuing a policy in the Balkans not at all dissimilar from that of the post 1940s Germans, whose involvement there is notorious.

In large part the allegiance of the players in the Balkans has not changed much since World War II, the Muslims continue to identify with the exploits of those who conducted the murderous genocide against non-Muslims, especially Jews to the extent that today in Bosnia Jews are still prevented from running for elective office.

The Serbs of course remember the Nazi orchestrated Bosnian Muslim SS Hanjar Division - its delivery of buckets of bloody Serbian eyeballs - a mere downpayment towards a million Jews and Serbs being eventually murdered in a genuine holocaust, a subject the leftist press wants you remain unaware of:

"Almost immediately, the Croats allied themselves with the Muslims [sometimes referred to as Bosniaks] in a Nazi encouraged, genocidal campaign against various minorities - primarily Serbs, Jews and Gypsies. The campaign was so brutal [Croatian leader Ante Pavelic is said to have once been gifted by his soldiers with a 40-pound basket of Serb eyeballs] that the Nazis and the Italian Fascists actually were forced to caution a modicum of "restraint," not that it had much effect.: [source 10 Years And Counting - Still No Exit Plan From Clinton Created, European Al-Qaeda Base http://www.pipelinenews.org/index.cfm?page=bosniaislam%2Ehtm


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