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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Transfer is the only answer :Arabs in Israel attack and murder Jews in Israel to aid Hezbollah and international terrorism

Transfer is the only answer :Arabs in Israel attack and murder Jews in Israel to aid Hezbollah and international terrorism

July 28, 2006

Terrorists Open Up 3rd Front, Murder Yesha Resident

Friday, July 28, 2006 / 3 Av 5766


A third front in the war was opened within Israel on Thursday with the kidnap/murder of a Samaria resident and shooting of two Border Guard policemen at a checkpoint at an entrance to Jerusalem.

Hamas and Hizbullah terrorists in Gaza and Lebanon have urged Arabs in Judea and Samaria to open up the third front. Some Arab citizens in Israel also have called for an all-out war on all fronts against Israel.

The burnt corpse of the resident of the Samarian community of Yakir was discovered in the trunk of his burnt car Thursday evening, several hours after his family reported him missing. He was finally identified early this morning as Dr. Daniel Yaakobi, father of four and grandfather of seven.

The nearly-unrecognizable vehicle was found by reserve soldiers near the village of Abus, east of Kfar Saba and the Arab city of Kalkilyeh, and near the Jewish communities of Karnei Shomron and Emanuel. Yakir, Dr. Yaakobi's hometown, is located just a few kilometers further south. The funeral, which thousands of people are expected to attend, will be held in Petach Tikvah's Segulah cemetery at 12 noon.

Police have concluded he was kidnapped and then murdered. Another resident of Samaria, Eliyahu Asheri of Itamar, was similarly kidnapped and murdered last month. Nearby areas were placed on high alert Thursday night after the body was discovered.

Earlier Thursday evening, an Arab terrorist approached a checkpoint near the Armon HaNatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem and shot two Border Guard policemen, wounding one moderately-to-seriously and the other lightly. The terrorist had surveyed the checkpoint for several days before attacking. One of the wounded officers managed to fire back and killed the attacker.

The number of warnings of planned terrorist attack has risen sharply since the start of the Hizbullah terrorist war more than two weeks ago. Security officers recently caught suicide bombers on their way to attacks in downtown Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv area.

Police have announced they are prohibiting entrance of Arabs under the age of 45 to the Temple Mount site today (Friday) because of the warnings. Because of the restrictions, 70 Arab weddings planned for the Temple Mount today have been
relocated to other venues.

In yet another in a series of little-reported incidents over the past several weeks, Arabs threw rocks at an Israeli car on the Kiryat Arba-Jerusalem highway; no one was hurt, but the car was damaged.

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