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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > One killed in Nahariya as rockets hit northern Israel bringing death toll to 13 in 'reengagement war'

One killed in Nahariya as rockets hit northern Israel bringing death toll to 13 in 'reengagement war'

July 18, 2006

One Killed In Nahariya Attack as Barrage Sweeps the North
18:55 Jul 18, '06 / 22 Tammuz 5766
by Hana Levi Julian

One man died in a Katyusha attack in Nahariyah late Tuesday afternoon. He had just brought his family into the bomb shelter and left it for a brief moment when the rocket hit and killed him.

The victim was killed in a small playground located between two buildings, only ten meters from the shelter when the barrage hit. He is the 13th Israeli who has died in this war so far.

Katyushas fell on three different areas of the city. A private home was hit as well as "four or five buildings," said an IDF spokesman, including a two-story structure. An apartment in one of the buildings was set ablaze.

Six people were lightly injured, including several who were treated for anxiety and shock, according to local hospital officials.

Residents in communities across the north were warned to immediately enter shelters and "safe rooms." Hospitals and other crucial facilities were told to remain open to assist residents as necessary. All other businesses and agencies were ordered to close immediately and send customers and workers home to secure facilities.

In addition, residents were warned not to touch any unexploded rocket or any other part of a rocket lying in a building or on the ground, but to report the object to security forces.

Explosions were heard across the northern border as terrorists continued to launch a fresh barrage of Katyusha rockets in the late afternoon at the Haifa area, the Krayot suburbs, Tzfat, Hatzor, Carmiel, Moshe Sde Eliezer and Tiberius.

One person in the Tzfat area was reported lightly injured in the attack and another was wounded in Gush Chalav, located in the Mount Meron area.

Six rockets hit the port city of Haifa earlier in the day landing near the train depot repair facility for the second time since Friday when an attack on the depot killed eight and injured at least 17. No one was reported injured in the Tuesday afternoon attack on the city.

On Monday night nine people, including two doctors, were wounded when a Katyusha hit the Rebecca Sieff Hospital in Tzfat. Most of the injuries were shrapnel wounds.

Magen David Adom said that paramedics have treated more than 400 victims so far in this Re-engagement War.

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