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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Bombay terror train blasts by Al Qaeda linked groups kill and wound hundreds during rush hour

Bombay terror train blasts by Al Qaeda linked groups kill and wound hundreds during rush hour

July 11, 2006


'Mumbai Bombings Work Of Al Qaeda' - Expert

Tuesday, 11th July 2006, 19:41
A leading terror expert said that chilling similarities between Madrid, 7/7 and today's blasts in Mumbai meant it was almost certain Islamic extremists were behind the latest outrage.

More than 160 people were killed and hundreds more injured when seven bombs exploded during the evening rush hour on the train network in the Indian financial capital.

Security consultant Will Geddes said that all three attacks were targeted to "paralyse" key communication networks, and singled out two extreme Muslim groups based in Kashmir as likely culprits.

Mr Geddes said: "I think there is the highest likelihood it is the terrorist cell Lashkar-e-Toiba, who appear to be the strongest, most active terrorist group acting in Kashmir and are believed to be responsible for the attacks on Mumbai in 2003.

"Their actions are very much against the current situation in the city, particularly because it is the centre of the financial activities with the Bombay Stock Exchange operating from there and other major financial service institutions.

"There is also a vast majority of western and American corporations investment into the region, such as call centres.

"Another issue for this group is that they are vehemently anti the Hindu and Jewish communities and very much regard them as the main enemy of Islam. Because there is quite a strong Pakistan connection to this group they are very anti-India too.

"Another group who are very active in Kashmir is Jaish-e-Mohammed. They are one of the top foreign terrorist groups listed by the US and the UK."

Highlighting the chilling similarities with other major terrorist blasts that hit the heart of Madrid and London's transport system, Mr Geddes added: "The timed detonation of the blasts is the same tactic used in Madrid and London. Today's attacks have very similar hallmarks, they also took place at a peak time.

"Their main aim is to paralyse cities and their communication by hitting their main transport systems, shutting down the system.

"That's what they achieved today. Mumbai is not only the heart of the financial district, but also the entertainment industry of India. Everything spider legs out of Mumbai."

However he warned that combating the "insulated" and "fragmented" terror cells is a tough challenge.

Mr Geddes added: "India's intelligence services are working hard to intercept these cells and fragment them, but they are very difficult to break.

"We will just have to see what develops and which of the two groups takes responsibility."

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