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Riyadh Al Haq Imam of Birmingham mosque barred from Canada and lecture to Islamic Foundation of Toronto youth conference

July 5, 2006

British imam denied entry into Canada


Staff Reporter

TORONTO - Immigration Minister Monte Solberg has apparently heeded the call of Canadian faith groups to ban a controversial British imam from entering Canada to speak at a Muslim youth conference in Toronto.

Sheik Riyadh ul-Haq, formerly the imam at a Birmingham, England, mosque, who has been accused of vilifying Jews, Hindus, and moderate Muslims, was set to speak at the Youth Tarbiyah conference on June 30, organized by the Islamic Foundation of Toronto.

Canadian Jewish Congress national president Ed Morgan said he heard last week through media reports that Solberg had informed immigration officials that ul-Haq should be barred from entering the country because his views could incite terror and hatred.

"If it is confirmed, I'll be pleased with the decision, because it means that the government did the right thing," Morgan said.

Earlier in the week, the Toronto Star reported that Air Canada's gate security and ticket agents received a memo from the Canadian High Commission in London that said ul-Haq would be unable to board an Air Canada flight until he contacted the Commission.

A spokesperson for the Canadian immigration office did not return calls for confirmation by The CJN's deadline.

After news broke that the controversial imam was set to lecture in Hamilton, Montreal and Toronto, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and gay-rights groups wrote an open letter in hopes of convincing Solberg to refuse ul-Haq entry to Canada under anti-hate laws.

"We wrote an open letter to the immigration minister with all the groups who were offended by ul-Haq. I think the force of the four groups – Muslims, Jews, Hindus and gay and lesbian groups – coming together… was quite powerful," Morgan said.

Following the news, the CJC released a statement commending Solberg's reported decision to bar the imam from coming to Canada and emphasized the importance of speaking out against those who incite hatred.

"We all felt it was vital to speak with a united voice in order to ensure Canadian society would not be polluted by this man's dangerous and inflammatory views," Morgan said.

Tuesday 4 July 2006
Neonazis support Riyadh ul-Haq; Islamic website removes excerpted lectures


(GIF) Fromm (standing) addressing an "American Friends of the British National Party" meeting in March 2000. Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke (seated) is at the head table. Credit Wikipedia

Extreme right-wing activist Paul Fromm argues in favour of "freedom of speech" for anti-Semitic preacher Riyadh ul-Haq on the Canadian section of the neo-nazi website Stormfront.

The Islamic website which carried the excerpted Ul-Haq lectures suddenly removed them "due to copyright issues

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conference '97)
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(ex-priest converted Muslim-what a sense of humour!-especially for non/newMuslims
-mashAllah he has converted a lot to Islam! must listen!)

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Islam on Focus
Prophet's(saw)Family-Stepping Stone to Revival (Faisal Abdur-Razak)
Modesty in Islam (Husam Sibai)
Hook, Line, & Sinker (Jawad Jafry)
Remembering the Human Family(Maliha Chisti)

The Prophet's(saw)Character-Living for others (Muhammad Khattab)
Family Counselling-Why & How? (Shahina Siddiqui)
Virtues of Ramadan-arabic then english (Shaykh Salek) Part1 Part2
Impediments to coming closer to Allah (
Yaser Haddara)
Abu Hanifa (Zahid Aboghodda-Al-Azam)
Caliphate Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Eid al Fitr Khutbah (Shaykh Salek)
Nikah Choice of Partner (Suleman Khatani)
Wedding Functions (Suleman Khatani)

War on Terror against the Arabs (Edward Said)
Lowering Ones Gaze Part1 Part2 (Kamaluddin Ahmed)

Shaytaan's Temptations and the Youth (Kamaluddin Ahmed)
Advice of Luqmaan (Ebrahim Desai)
Akhlaq (Ahmed Moait) Part1 Part2 Part4
Sufyan ath-Thawri (Mufti Ibrahim Memon)
Martydom of Uthman(RA) (Zahir Arshad Bacchus) Israeli Terror and The New Intifada - Can Jews and Arabs Live in Peace Part1 Part2 (Mohamad-John)
Shiva Vandana 01(Biological Eingineering Critic)
Shiva Vandana 02(Biological Eingineering Critic)

Agriculture Summit Cancun(Shiva Vandana)
Business Of War(Arundhati Roy) 
Confronting Empire(Arundhati Roy)
Preaching Peace while Waging War
(Arundhati Roy)
That Woman(Arundhati Roy)
The World in other Terms
Bush in Babylon
vs Bush
Dua For Ummah(Muhammad Jibreel)
Sa'd ibn-Abi Waqaas - Knight Of Islam
(Zahir Arshad Bacchus)
Locating the Straight Path
(Abdur Rahman 0'ierne)
Death & the journey of the soul(Abu Sondes)
The New World Order
(David Musa Pidcodk and Prof Palmerton)
The History of Islam in Europe
(Dilwar Hussain)
When Two Worlds Collide(Imam Rami)
Quran And Science(Makaeel Maknoon)
Islam and a Post 9-11 World-Muslim Minorities
and The Way Forward(Riyad Nadwi)
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Religion In The Information Age
(Riyad Nadwi)
Baqarah - Taloot the King(Muhammad Fagih)
Thugz in the Masjid(Abdul Malik)
Part1 Part2
Kosovo Bosnia Lessons We Forgot!
Part1 Part2(Muhammad Jamil)
The Martyrdom of Hussain(Ra)-Karbala(Zahir)
The Fall Of Andalus(Former Spain)
Lessons from Surah Yusuf(Omar Yaser)
Part1 Part2
Story of Imam Ahmed(Sheikh Safi Khan)
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Islamic Solutions for British Problems
(Suzanne Marchant)
911 Round Table on Coast to Coast Am
with George Noory(5 parts)

Lailatul Qadr & The Mercy of Allah
(Mufti Kamaluddin Ahmed)
Preparation For Ramadan(Rafiq Sufi)
The Significance Of Ramadhan(Zahir)
Benefiting from Ramadan(Ismail Patel)
Translation of Conecurrent Arabic Lecture
Scientific Miracles in the Qur'an and Sunnah

(Abdullah Al-Muslih)
State of The Muslim Ummah!(Muhuddin al-Hindi)
Ummah In Crisis!(Muhuddin al-Hindi)
Concepts from The Quran(Zahir)
Current Situation of the Ummah(Zahir)
Inspiration Fabrication or Corruption-
Introducing Islam to Christians and Atheists(Omar
Dunlap) Part1 Part2
Defending The Messenger(saw) of Allah
(Ahmad Sehab)
Shahaadah(Ahmad Moait)
Tafseer of Surah al-Fatiha
Part1 (mp3) Part2 (mp3) Part3 (mp3)
The Life of Hazrat Abdullah ibn Zubair (ra)
(Zaheer Mahmood)

Heroes Of Islam :

Imam Abu Hanifah [702-772 CE]
Imam Malik bin Anas [709-801 CE]
Abdullah bin Al-Mubarak [740-803 CE]
Shaykh ul Islam ibn Taymiyyah [1263-1330 CE]
Salahuddin Ayyubi [1137-1193 CE]
Muzaffar Qutuz and the Battle
of Ain-Jaloot [1260 CE]

Muhammad Al-Fatih [1453 CE]
Syed Qutub [1906-1966 CE]
Shaykh Tamim Al-Adnani [1942-1989 CE]
Shaykh Abdullah Azzam [1941-1989 CE]

Muhammad Al-Jibaly :

Understanding Al-Barzaq
How To Attain Good

Actions of the Heart, Rely on Allah, Kindness to Parents (with Dawud Ali)
Asking Allah Through Your Good Deeds
The Superior Morals of the Holy Prophet (saw)

Documentaries :

Choosing Islam
Quran & Space Sciences
The Hidden wars of Desert Storm
Timeless Time
Dome Of The Rock Part1 Part2 (entire Muslim conquest history from the time of the Prophet Muhammed(saw)-caliphs-till the present day)
Preservation of the Holy Quran
Hajj And Umra Guide
Islam On Focus
A Remarkable Journey (Hakim Alajuan & Muhammad Ali-Muslim Basketball Player)
Not Going There-Don't Belong Here! (Palestine Refugees in Lebanon after the Israelis invaded Palestine in 1948)
Palestenian occupation 101 Trailer
Uncovered! Why Bush really attacked Iraq?
Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Culture & History
Islamic History Of Europe Part1 Part2
The New Rulers Of The World(John Pilger-Clips from The Documentary Movie)
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

News :

Islam Conversions Continue Despite Harrasment!
Patriots for Peace & Global Justice
Comments of Muslim Scholars on the WTC event
Ex-Un Inspector Scott Ritter's Interview (his comments to the American President)
Afghani Embassador explains destroying of Buddhist statues -npr-03-21-2001
Paul Findley (ex-US Congressman) explains the Power of the Jewish Lobby in the USA
Part1 Part2
400,000 Demonstrators Protest in the UK
America's war on America's Enemies (Robert Fisk)
Axis of Evil (Tariq Ali)
Earth to Bush - No Iraq War!
Iraq Agrees,USA Disagrees!
Israel Lobby's True Face in Politics & War
More than 20,000 Demonstrate in New York City
More than 200,000 Protest War in Washington
Palestine To Iraq To Afghanistan (Robert Fisk)
Muslims detained in Southern California 12-20-02 (Pacifica Radio)
Unjustified U.S Bombings In Iraq (Ramsey Clark-former U.S Attorney General)
Islam in America (CBS News 1-25-98)
One American's Pilgrimage to Mecca (ABC News Nightline)
Pilgrimage to Mecca (CNN News)
A willing Pakistan (10-8-2003)
Bush's Support For Sharon! (10-29-2003)
Duplicity at Home and Abroad (10-29-2003)
How Did We Become So Hateful? (9-6-2003)
Islamic Leadership Change in America! (9-16-2003)
Israel-A Failing Experiment! (10-3-2003)
Never ending Tragedy of 9-11!(9-14 2003)
Pakistan 'Recognizes' Israel? (9-6 2003)
The Emperor has no Clothes! (10-27-2003)
The Veil and Secularism (10-16-2003)
Whom did Mr. Bush speak for? (9-28-2003)
Tony Blair putting (or could not put!)the
case for War on Iraq (Newsnight)
Bush's visit to London-protests,Turkey &
Iraq killings (11-21-03) IBN News

Husain Abdul Sattar :

Consistency In Actions
Keeping Good Company
The Station of Witnessing
Understanding The Effects Of Sin
Pearls of Purity (Hanafy School of Thought)
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
The Miracle of Revelation

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Benefiting from the Shaykh's Company

Effect of Sins On Our Progress

Importance of the Path
Making the most of Ramadan
Path to Ramadan-Fasting
Path to Ramadan-Prayer
Path to Ramadan-Purific 01 02
Taking advantage of Ramadan
The limited days of Ramadan

Jafar idris :

Is Islam an International Religion?
Quran in the Lifetime of the Prophet(saw)
Lessons from the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah
Unity Among Western Muslim Communities
Part1 Part2
The Muslim Citizen as a Member of Society
The Nature of Good and Evil
Can there be More than One Islam?
Guarding the Heritage of the Prophets(pbut)
Islamization of the Sciences
Belief & Believers

Islam, the religion of human nature

Meaning of Islam
The Creator cannot have not a child!

The Muslim Citizen as a Member of the Society

Muhammad Al-Shareef :

NOTE: since many lectures are copyrighted,they will be removed!(some are in the non-muslim section!)

World's Bravest People
Hold The Tongue
Does Allah Love us?
Have you ever Tasted Jannah?
Time A Precious Gift!
The Hereafter
Ramadhan Recitation-Tenth Juz
In The Middle Of The Night!
Aqeedah Tahawiyyah Part1 Part2

Malik Shabaaz (Malcolm X) :

By Any Means Necessary!
You can't hate the Roots of a Tree & not hate the Tree!
Why Malcolm X became a Muslim?
I'm A Field Negro!
There's No Such Thing as a Non-Violent Revolution
Speech at the Ford Auditorium Part1 Part2
1965 AfroAmerican History Part1 Part2
1965 Prospects for Freedom Part1 Part2 Part3
1965 The Last Message
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Dawud Wharnsby Ali :

Building Bridges Between Faith based Communities
Building Bridges amongst the Workplace
Duty To Parents
How I Became a Muslim Part1 Part2
Amusing Ourselves To Death!
Tolerance of the Prophet (saw)
Forging our Islamic Identities
Caught in the Media Web

Abu Umar Gyasi McKenzie :

Are your Sleeves Rolled up!
Be a Winner!
Sorry you are Out of Time!
The Quran and You!

Ahmed Sakr :

Dealing with the Workplace
The Husband Wife Relationship
An overview of Islamic Social Services
Social Services(continued)
Depression-prevention and healing
Part1 Part2
Family Values
Recommendations To Husbands-What's Our Problem
Part1 Part2

Maher Hathout :

Degrees of Faith
Four Circles

Abu-Usama Ath-Thahabi :

Explanation of Albaqarah: (13 parts)

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13

How to be a Better Wife!

Tamer Nasr :

Miracles Of The Prophets (peace be upon them)
Miracles Of The Quran And Arabic Part1 Part2
More Than One Wife In Islam Part1 Part2
You May Like It, But.. Part1 Part2

AbdAllah Idris :

Modesty and Chastity
Toward building an Islamic Personality

Abdul-Qaadir Abdul-Khaaliq :

Problem of Extremism in Islam
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5

Rafil Dhafir :

Dealing with Non-Muslims

Explaination Of The Holy Quran:

01- El-Fatiha
02- El-Falaq
03- El-Nas

Moral Problems of Society - Islam's Guidance for the Welfare of All

Zaid Shakir : (ex-US Airforce convert)

Baraka of Ramadan: (9 Parts)

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9

Iraq Crisis!
Empire of the Crescent (BBC Interview)
Finding Peace in Troubled Times!
Unity Through Diversity
The Great Bounties of Ashura
Active Love for The Prophet(saw)
Passion of Christ(regarding the movie)
Part1 Part2

Purification of The Soul :(12 parts)

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12

Stand Up for the Truth!
The Spiritual Struggle

Ramadan Preparation (MeccaOne Radio)
Vision for Islam in America
The Hajj

Islamic Civilization-Myth or Reality?
Part1 Part2

Remember who we are? Challenges of a Muslim!

Detention of Immigrants

Japanese Day Of Remembrance
What Should We be Teaching Our Children
What Islam Is All About?

Nadeem :

Financial transactions past and present
Importance making an Islamic will
Importance of Tafaqquoh in the Deen - Studying and understanding Islam
Investing your money according to shariaah
Israa of Rasulullah (saw)
Obeying Allah and Obeying the Messenger(saw) and following the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw)
The rewards for doing Salat on the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
Virtues of fasting the month of Ramadan

Abdul Rahim :

How To Establish The Muslim Household
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Stories of The Sahabah:

Hamza Bin Abdul Mutalib
Abdullah Ibn Masud
Abu Darda and Bilal
Farwan The Persian
Hudhaifah and Amr
Jafar Ibn Abi Talib
Khalid Bin Waleed
Musab Ibn Umayr
Saad Ibn Abi Waqaf

The Hadith of Jabreel:

The Hadith of Jabreel
Day of Judgement
Meaning behind Ihsan Part1 Part2
Meaning behind Imaan and Belief in Angels
Meaning behind the Shahadah

The Ideal Muslim:

Dealing with others
How He Treats His Parents
How He Treats His Wife
Joking with others
Manners of Eating and Other Habits
Muslim Brother to another Muslim

Abu Abdullah :

Causes of Muslim Weakness
Death-The Destroyer of Pleasures
Enjoying what is Right and Forbidding what is Wrong
Hajj-Prepare your Hearts
Importance of Prayer

Importance of Seeking Knowledge:

Honour Our Mothers
Making Fun of Others
Student Manners in Knowledge

In search of Sincerity
Lessons in Islam
Manhood in Islam
Message to the Sisters
Muhammad (saw) The Last Apostle
Obey Prophet Ibrahim's (pbuh) Call
Potrait of a Traveller
Protecting Ourselves & Family
Reliance on Allah
Sin and Repentance
The Role of Angels in Islam
The Stuggle To Seek Allah
Why should we seek Knowledge of Islam
Why we Dislike The Jews

Abu Yacoub Abdul Majid :

Brotherhood in Islam
Faith & how it affects the Heart
Handling Disagreements amongsts the Muslims
Importance of seeking Knowledge of Religion


Khutba 01 Khutba 02 Khutba 03 Khutba 04
Khutba 05 Khutba 06

Manners of the Muslims & the Non-Muslims
Q & A concerning the Eclipse Prayer
The Importance of Controlling one's Anger
The Importance of Jummah(Friday)
The Importance of Zakat Part1 Part2
The meaning of Purification
The Quran and it's virtues

Ali Shehata :

Be Kind to Others
Islam 101
Islam embelishes Tolerance
Tafseer & discussion of Surat An Nisa
Part1 Part2 Part3

The 40 Hadiths of Imam Nawawi:

Intro Bio Of Imam
Qadaa and Al Qadar explained
Hadith 01-Intentions
Hadith 02-Imaan
Hadith 02-Last Hour
Hadith 02-Pillars of Imaan
Hadith 02-The Belief in Angels,Prophets,Books
Hadith 02-The Belief in Day of Judgement
Part1 Part2
Hadith 02-The Categories of Tawheed
Hadith 02-What is Ihsan
Hadith 02-What is Islam
Hadith 04-The Creation in the womb
Hadith 05-Blind Following

The Dangers of Extremism
The life of of Imam Nawawi
When does Hijra become incumbent?


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