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From the Central Bank to the West Bank

Gretta'a Radical Chic Predicament
by Beila Rabinowitz
March 4, 2004

From the Central Bank to the West Bank - Gretta's Radical Chic Predicament

By Beila Rabinowitz

"Gorgeous Gretta had to find a radical outlet. She just had to. She had no choice. It was a life and death matter. She did. Unshaven terrorist chairman turned out to be Gretta's guardian angel. Hanging the PLO flag on her balcony constituted the psychosexual release Gretta had been craving for since selling her soul to the Central Bank…the heck with my golden Jacuzzi...long live Arafat;" - My Fair Lady by Hamlet's Shadow. http://israelcool.com/sporting/hamlet/gretta.html

"I have to watch out that I don't become an anti-Semite" - Gretta Duisenberg

She needn't worry, too late for that.

The 60 year old wife of the ex-Central Bank President's wife, never met a terrorist she didn't like.

Duisenberg, a notorious Jew-baiter, offered herself to Yasser Arafat as a human shield. It was her leadership of the "Stop the Occupation" movement in Holland, and her husband's assertion that he stood "100% behind her actitivies" that prompted calls for him to resign as EU Central Bank President and that she be stripped of her diplomatic passport. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/8

Politicians and Jewish organizations have called for banning the couple's entry into the United States.

In 2003 A group of terror victims , represented by attorney Nitsana-Darshan Leitner, of the Shurat Ha Din -The Israel Law Center - has filed a lawsuit against the EU claiming that the EU recklessly continued to provide funding to the PA although it had been repeatedly warned that the money was being diverted to the terrorist organizations. Until now it appears that both international and Dutch law enforcement has turned a blind eye to the Duisenberg's financial dealings.

One suit was filed on behalf of Yehudit and Rabbi Uri Dasberg naming Arafat and the PLO, for the murder of of their daughter and her husband, on behalf of the couples orphaned children.

"Four years ago, we sued Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and each murderer individually, in a United States Federal Court. Three years ago, the court in fact ruled in our favor, awarding us a very high sum [$116 million], most of which was punitive. This was, of course, our main goal - not to become rich, but to make it harder for the terrorists to carry out attacks." http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=58796

The lawsuit claimed that Arafat and the other defendants were liable for the deaths of Yaron Ungar - an American citizen - because they provided Hamas with shelter, safe haven and a base of operations from which to carry out terrorist attacks.

In 2002 Duisenberg was accused of duping Maurizio Sella, the director of the European Central Bank, and several Dutch public figures, into endorsing and signing her "Stop the Occupation' petition, which she placed on her website. Some of the unwitting signatories threatened to sue her. http://www.visserh.hypermart.net.gretta.html

Duisenberg, who claimed that Israeli actions in PA areas "are worse then the Nazi occupation of Holland", is herself the daughter of a Dutch police inspector, who retained his post while Holland was under Nazi rule. http://www.cidi.nl/media/2003/visie.080203.html

Holland generated more Nazi collaborators than any European country during WWII. Their devotion to their cause is evidenced by the fact that the Jewish population of Holland was reduced from 100,000 to 15,000 after the war. The second generation of European anti-Semites, exemplified by people like Gretta and Wm Duisenberg, who together with European Union funding, are helping to finish what the Nazis started. war. http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/2WWholland.htm

Duisenberg's frequent visits to Ramallah involve more then offering her body to Arafat as a human shield.

The millions of dollars of EU money which went directly to fund Arafat and terror groups could only have been provided with tacit complicity of the directors who designated the funding.

Which begs the question as to why Gretta Duisenberg and her husband Wim as director of the European Central Bank are still not being called into account if only for the conflict of interests posed by her husband's position as EU bank president and her role as Arafat's friend and protector.

Gretta's 25 year career of promiscuity must have left her knowing a great deal about scores of prominent people in more than the biblical sense.

When she married her second husband Wim, in 1981, she was privy to inside information from politicians, terrorists and ex CIA operatives.

This married woman's much photographed limpet like attachment to Arafat, which goes against all the Muslim laws regarding public expressions of affection between men and women, proves that the parody which portrays her as Arafat's groupie is a case of art imitating life.

Since the 1970's Duisenberg has befriended and bedded the likes of George Habash of the PFLP, Indian terrorist Iqbal Ahmed, suspected of planning the kidnapping of Henry Kissinger, Edward Said, the then leader if the Palestinian National Committee , Ibrahim Al Baz, an explosives smuggler for Al Fatah, and ex-CIA agent Phillip Agee, who wrote a book about the inner workings of the intelligence agency . http://gipsy20010.tripod.com/saliencevoices/id52.html

Agee's book - Inside The Company: CIA Diary - intentionally outed at least 250 CIA agents and officers, many of whom were then murdered by the KGB. Agee is currently residing in Cuba, running a travel business with the blessings of Fidel Castro.

Duisenberg was sleeping with Agee, at the same time she was bedding the Dutch Minister of Defense, Hans van Mierlo . The Dutch secret service was concerned that information provided by Agee to Gretta and her cronies could seriously compromise state security. Of additional concern was that defense Minister Van Mierlo was also being similarly compromised. Gretta Duisenberg's 35 year history of liasons , with terrorists, politicians and intelligence officials could be one reason why she and her husband who married her in 1981, has remained unscathed by investigation.

Theo Van Gogh, a Dutch film maker and writer whose recent book-"Allah Knows Best" warns against the Islamization of Holland, described the end of Duisenberg's first marriage in a column entitled; "Arafat Couldn't Get it Up"; http://www.theovangogh.nl/allah_weet_1.html

"The most colorful anecdote regarding Gretta Van Duisenberg's infidelities, involved the then Dutch defense minister, Hans van Mierlo. who landed "as man about town" in Gretta's bed. In the middle of tender embraces the pair was cruelly disturbed by a thief who found them "in flagrante delicto" and handcuffed them naked to the central heating fixture. The next day, Gretta's lawfully wedded husband, Mr. Bedier de Prairie returned…In the meantime panic had broken out in The Hague, because the "unofficially occupied" Mr. Van Mierlo had failed to appear at the NATO conference."

Van Gogh, story wrote the piece in response to Duisenberg's lawyer's insistance that fellow columnist Luuk Koelman, remove his parody "Human Shield in Ramallah, in whch Duisenberg sexually assaults an unwilling Arafat. The column was based on Duisenberg's public offer to be Arafat's human shield when she visited him at his compound in Ramallah. h http://www.retecool.com/koelmangretta.htm

Duisenberg's lawyer threatened to sue Koelman for the "degrading and sexist portrayal of her as a naïve groupie" of PA terrorist Yasser Arafat, stating that, " the erotic context was unjustified and baseless."

Given Arafat's documented proclivity for European male bodyguards, Van Duisenberg's lawyer may just have a point.

The 1970's dossier of a former Romanian intelligence officer - Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa – dealt with Arafat, who went by the name of Rahman Al Qudwa. Pacepa described the story of the forging of Arafat's personality as - "an incredible account of fanaticism, and of homosexual relationships, starting with his teacher when he was a boy to his Swiss bodyguards." http://www.jerusalem.indymedia.org/news/2002/05/26364.php?l=ar

On November 15, 2003, a judge gave van Koelman 3 days to remove his column, and all it's reactions, from his Metro website. The court ruled that Koelman's right of "free speech" was superseded by "Gretta van Duisenberg's right to protect her personal privacy and her good name."

The court found that "the admiration that Duisenberg had for Yasser Arafat and her announcement that she was prepared to be a human shield for the Palestinian leader, was clearly meant in the context of the Palestinian situation and had nothing to do with Arafat's person".

There was no basis for placing Duisenberg in the erotic context, and that placing her there was meant to do grievous harm. The comparison of (her actions) being worse then an Israeli retaliatory strike is disproportionate and intentionally insulting".

Luuk Koelman claimed that his portrayal of Van Duisenberg and Arafat was a "cartoon in words", and added, "too bad that Mrs. Duisenberg doesn't have a sense of humor like the Royal family". http://www.qsi.cc/blog/archives/cat_gretta_duisenberg.html

Duisenberg organised and spoke at pro Palestinian rally at which donations were collected for the Al Aqsa funds which supports the families of suicide bombers. She marched arm in arm with women from Jenin, while a Jewish passerby was brutally beaten by Arab demonstraters who shouted, "Hamas,Hamas, Jews to the gas". When two Jews helped the victim find refuge in a nearby hotel, the mob attacked the building.

After the rally,Duisenberg draped a PLO flag from the balcony of her home in Amsterdam.

When her Jewish neighbors requested she take it down, the were told; "It's the rich American Jews who make it possible for Israel to do what they are doing to the Palestinians".

In 2003 a lawsuit was brought against Duisenberg after a radio journalist asked how many signatures she hoped to gather for her "Stop the Occupation" petition, being circulated by her group of the same name. She hesitated and then answered, "Six million" , and laughed. The quote can be heard at the link provided here. http://www.take-a-pen.org/nederlands/Articles/Gretta.html http://www.mafhoum.com/press4/duisen128.htm

Dr. Herman Loonstein, head of the Dutch Jewish Federation, and lawyer Abraham Moszkowicz, filed charges against Duisenberg for her joking about the Holocaust "and discriminatory remarks." The charges were filed in the names of several members of the Jewish community, as well as their 44 blood relatives who had been murdered in Nazi extermination camps. The state prosecutor dismissed the case.

Regarding the complaint filed against Duisenberg, Paul Velleman,the head of the police anti discrimination department wrote:

"Gretta Duisenberg has made statements expressly intended to insult and distress Jews (and many others). She has "contributed to the poisoning of the atmosphere and the decline of norms and morals which should be found in the sphere of public debate". Velleman went on to explain that from legal standpoint, "Duisenberg had not libeled Jews nor spoken in a way to incite racial hatred".

The judge in Duisenberg's case ruled that, Duisenberg's remarks were "nasty but not inflammatory" and that they had not "slandered Jews…nor fueled discrimination and hatred". Despite of the malicious nature of her words, they are not punishable by law.

Gretta Duisenberg was neither legally sanctioned nor forced to apologize. Prof. Loonstein received death threats, but no police protection.

Gretta also filed a suit against Willebord Frequin, a Jewish entertainer, after he placed a large Israeli flag on her house.

At this juncture one must make the observation that Dutch and European law in general treat Jewish and anti-Semite defenders very differently. Dutch justice has no interest in pursuing the Duisenberg's financial and political machinations.

Hope, even militant Islamist murdering hope, springs eternal – Gretta's idol, Yassir, might still pine for his little aging groupie while enduring near house arrest. At least they will always have Ramallah…yes…and tender, shared thoughts of murdered Jews.

In the mean time, her diplomatic passport keeps her laughing…all the way from the Central Bank, to the West Bank.

© 2004 Beila Rabinowitz, all rights reserved

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