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Imam Quaiser Abdullah: Made 'Director Of Muslim Engagement' By Philly Mayor Parker After Endorsements By CAIR & Emgage
Mayor Cherelle L. Parker Announces Appointments and Reappointments as the Parker Administration Continues to Grow [See full post]

Latest Articles

Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser: Congressional Candidate & Head Of Muslim Reform Movement Tied To Islamonazi Shireen Qudosi
May 27, 2024

Shireen Qudosi Muslim 'Reformer'& Islamonazi - Funded By Jews - Calls Muslim 'Reformers' Slaves To Their Zionist Lords & Masters'
May 10, 2024

DEAR WORLD: A Letter By Rabbi Meir Kahane -1988 -'You Would Stand By Tomorrow If Israel Were Facing Extinction'
May 9, 2024

Latest Satire

'Muslimah Messiah' & Head of CLARITy Coalition Ayaan Hirsi Ali Admits Islam Can't Be Reformed & 'Con'verts To Christianity
May 9, 2024

48 Hours After Muslim Threats: Senile POTUS Announces 'National Strategy' To Stop Criticism of Islam aka 'Islamophobia'
November 5, 2023

German Newspaper Issues 50 Point Manifesto For Muslim 'Migrants' - No Killing - No Polygamy - Love And Let Love!
November 1, 2023