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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Yasser Couldn't Get it Up - Jasser kreeg een slappe plasser

Yasser Couldn't Get it Up - Jasser kreeg een slappe plasser

Gretta Duisenberg - Arafat's human shield wannabe
by Theo Van Gogh translated by Beila Rabinowitz
Nieuw Rechts
March 1, 2004

Theo Van Gogh is a Dutch writer and filmmaker based in Amsterdam .He is also a great grand nephew of Vincent's brother by the same name. His most recent book is entitled "Allah Weet Beter" -"Allah Knows Best", and contains his observations on the Islamisation of Holland which he calls: "The beginning of a new Dark Ages of Mecca". http://www.theovangogh.nl/allah_weet_1.html

Van Gogh has a website called De Gezonde Roker -(The Healthy Smoker), http://www.theovangogh.nl/indexc.html and writes for Nieuw Rechts and Metro online.

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A short time ago my colleague Luuk Koelman, wrote that Gretta Duisenberg was lying in bed with Yasser Arafat who most likely could not get an erection. Though it was never proven, it sounds highly plausible. I would never have paid any attention to to this if Mrs. Duisenberg had not become outraged and gone to court, further publicizing the scandal and demanding restitution of her good name.

The court ruled and found Mr. Koelman guilty.

I am also proud of my good name and understand those who dedicate their lives to their fellow man, and the sake of other idealists, such as downtrodden Palestinians who dispatch human bombs into discoteques to kill children.

This being the case, I would like to say something positive about her in this paper. First of all, the older she gets the more she begins to resemble Cruella de Ville, the woman in the cartoon film of 101 Dalmatians who wants a fur coat made out of the skins of cute little puppies. I love that character.

Secondly, more respect should be accorded Mrs. Duisenberg regarding her unpublicized reputation.

The most colorful anecdote in this regard involves the then Minister of Defense, Hans van Mierlo, who landed in Gretta's bed as man of the world. During their tender lovemaking they were cruelly interrupted by an intruder, who caught them in flagranti delicto ,and handcuffed them naked to the radiator. Gretta's lawfully wedded husband, Mr. Bedier de Prairie, returned around noon. Gretta is no slouch. In the meantime panic had erupted in The Hague, because Mr. Van Mierlo unfortunately, had failed to appear at the NATO conference.

I have heard this intriquing story doing the rounds among parliamentary journalists ,who whispered it snickering into my ear. If this was because my informants made it up, then I offer my apologies to Mrs. Duisenberg in advance. If it turns out to be true, then I bow to her as a sign of respect. Even though Mrs. Duisenberg possesses an unfailing talent to hang out the wrong flag, as a result of having been on the wrong side during the war, and allows herself to be harnessed to the carriage of totalitarian regimes, one has to admit she has guts. At the same time she was bedding Hans van Mierlo, she was also sleeping with Phillip Agee, who betrayed many of his colleagues to the KGB and in doing so signed their death warrants. I think there is something romantic about a woman who falls in love with a traitor.

Thirdly, I don't believe that Mrs. Duisenberg is an 'anti semite', as those who hate her and her sympathies for Arafat and his followers claim. With some friends people don't need any more enemies, and Mrs. Duisenberg is undoubtedly one of Israels best allies.

A question of innate gullibility.

Fourthly, When Madames two drug addicted sons were caught dealing drugs in Thailand, both were smuggled out of the country thanks to the bribes paid by the president of the European Bank . Mrs. Duisenberg could not resist the temptation to talk to the leading newspaper, who promptly put the story on their front page. It doesn't take much to imagine how this story endangered other Dutch citizens who are sitting in jail on smuggling charges.

Mrs. Duisenberg does not comprehend that, and shows herself more then ever to be the amateur performer who is willing to climb over bodies to get to the top.

Will she go to the court as a result of this piece?

She has my sympathy.


Nov. 17, 2003

Update on Duisenberg vs. Koelman|lang_en


Following her return to the frontpages, Gretta Duisenberg got her day in court last week (link in Dutch only, but I will summarize it for you in English) when a judge ordered that a column about her is to be deleted from the writer's website (it had appeared earlier in a Dutch daily called Metro) and instead lists a statement from Mrs. Duisenberg and the court. The judge however did not award her the $30,000 Euros in damages that she was looking for. I am always intrigued by judicial arguments and I will quickly explain why this journalist's right of free expression was curtailed by the court.

The writer of the column in question had extrapolated Mrs. Duisenberg's statement that she wanted to be part of a ‘human shield' to defend Arafat following Israel's threat to dispose of him. The journalist in question, Luuk Koelman, had written a parody about how she would mount herself on top of the Palestinian leader after which the latter would exclaim that having Mrs. D. on top of him was an experience worse than any Israeli counter-attack. Whatever your taste is, this is the artistic license any writer has and yes, there is definitely some humor in it. Not according to Mrs. D. who interpreted the comments as "hurtful" (which under Dutch law gives the court a certain privilege to curb freedom of expression, it's often used to protect the royal family from ridicule) and the judge backed her up on this. But here's the argument they used: Duisenberg's support for the Palestinian cause could not be interpreted to imply a personal affection for Mr. Arafat. I don't know, but stating your intention to be someone's human shield comes very close to personal affection in my book, and it seems that Dutch law was interpreted a little bit too freely in order to placate Mrs. D.

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