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Militant Islam Monitor > Weblog > Failed Muslim "Deformer" Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser Teams Up With Media Whore Ayaan Hirsi Ali To Form 'CLARITy Coalition'

Failed Muslim "Deformer" Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser Teams Up With Media Whore Ayaan Hirsi Ali To Form 'CLARITy Coalition'

August 7, 2022

Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser founded the failed Muslim Reform Movement in 2015 with 14 members and non Muslim funding which has accomplished nothing to date. Now he has teamed up with the media whore Ayaan Hirsi Ali to form 'Champions For Liberty Against The Reality Of Islamist Tyranny' (CLARITy) whose 'Statement of Purpose' is nearly identical to the MRM's 'Who We Are' statement and includes many of the same people with the addition of non Muslims. CLARITy also boasts Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali born self aggrandizing opportunist who brazenly profitted from her "celebrity" after the killing of Dutch filmaker Theo Van Gogh. He had paid her 18,000 euros for the script of the film Submission which she knew would endanger his life. After his murder she callously stated in an interview that she would never have made the movie had she not had bodyguards and that she had "exploited his (Theo's ) lack of fear". Ali now runs the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation (AHA) which she founded in 2007 to address her personal issues which includes female genital mutilation (hardly a threat to the West) womens rights, honor violence and forced marriage. She also worked as an interpreter in an abortion clinic in Holland and got into politics, pompously telling a Dutch paper that:

"...I would like, for example, like to write philosophical pieces like Karl Popper. So this step is paradoxal enough, going into politics, damaging to my ideals. I would much prefer to be a philospher and work out my own theories. Have a place to write someone who cleans for me, not have to worry about making a living, and really debating instead of talking about nothing, That would make me happy..." http://www.trouw.nl/deverdieping/dossiers/article7566.ece/Ayaan+Hirsi+Ali

When asked by a German interviewer if Ali would be using her 'uncompromising approach' to make follow up to Submission l she grandiosely replied:

"...Yes, of course. We want to continue the debate over the Koran's claim to absoluteness, the infallibility of the Prophet and sexual morality. In the first part, we portrayed a woman who speaks to her god, complaining that despite the fact that she has abided by his rules and subjugated herself, she is still being abused by her uncle. The second part deals with the dilemma into which the Muslim faith plunges four different men. One hates Jews, the second one is gay, the third is a bon vivant who wants to be a good Muslim but repeatedly succumbs to life's temptations, and the fourth is a martyr. They all feel abandoned by their god and decide to stop worshipping him..." http://service.spiegel.de/cache/international/spiegel/0,1518,399263,00.html

The executive director/rainmaker of the AHA Foundation is George Zarubin, who was also the director of the Soros Foundation in Kazachstan and spent years practicing law in Russia.



MIM: The 2022 Statement of Purpose of the new CLARITy Coalition is a rehash of the Who We Are declaration of the Muslim Reform Movement in 2015. This recycling of mission statements proves that Jasser is attempting to rebrand his debacle of a Muslim Reform Movement and obtain more funding by merging with Ali's enterprise and adding non Muslims to the mix.


We are a global coalition founded by Muslims, ex-Muslims, academics, scholars, authors, and activists who stand for peace, democracy, liberty, and secular governance and who are deeply concerned by the continuing threat posed to these values by the actions and demands of Islamists in various places around the world.

We embrace democratic values founded in reason and critical debate and the fundamental freedoms set forth in the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

We support liberty and dignity for all persons, including women and girls, and whether or not one is Muslim.

We believe that, without fear of apostasy and blasphemy laws, every individual has the right to speak freely, engage in critical thinking, publicly express criticism of Islam, and has the right to freedom of religion or to have no religion.

Because we value peace and democracy, we reject the acceptance of and justifications for jihad, the use of dawa for political purposes, and advocacy for the institutionalization of sharia.

We invite all like-minded people to join in supporting these core principles.



MIM: The Muslim Reform Movement's 'Who We Are' statement on their website which has remained stagnant for years.

MIM: We wrote in 2015 that the launch of the MRM was an exercise in smoke and mirrors:

"14 Westernized Muslims out of a population of 1.5 billion worldwide have trumpeted the launch of a Muslim Reform Movement along with a much hyped declaration and press conference. This pathetic attempt at trying to convince non Muslims that Islam is really a religion of peace is negated by the 14 individuals who are signatories of the "Declaration" many of whom blatantly distort Islamic teachings to suit their agenda and others who have documented ties to Islamists."



Who We Are

We are Muslims who live in the 21st century. We stand for a respectful, merciful and inclusive interpretation of Islam.

We are in a battle for the soul of Islam, and an Islamic renewal must defeat the ideology of Islamism, or politicized Islam, which seeks to create Islamic states, as well as an Islamic caliphate.

We seek to reclaim the progressive spirit with which Islam was born in the 7th century to fast forward it into the 21st century. We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by United Nations member states in 1948.

We reject interpretations of Islam that call for any violence, social injustice and politicized Islam. Facing the threat of terrorism, intolerance, and social injustice in the name of Islam, we have reflected on how we can transform our communities based on three principles: peace, human rights and secular governance.

We have courageous reformers from around the world who have written our Declaration for Muslim Reform, a living document that we will continue to enhance as our journey continues.

We invite our fellow Muslims and neighbors to join us.



MIM: That halal snake oil salesman Jasser who tells non Muslims that Islam is a peaceful religion (which MIM has dubbed "Reform Zuhdiism") and other pabulum they like to hear, teamed up with the wealthy Ali, proprieter of the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation (AHA) is no surprise as both 'Muslim Messiahs' have profitted handsomely by deceiving gullible kuffar that only they as "moderate Muslims": can spearhead Muslim reform with the aid of their infidel "jizya". As Islam expert Stephen M. Kirby ,who refers to Muslim reform as "Fantasy Islam" put it:

"Reformers" create their own new versions of Islam, relying on their own personal opinions and interpretations,and arbitrarily dismissing aspects of Islamic history and centuries of established Muslim scholarship."


MIM: Hirsi Ali admits in the NRC Handelsblad opinion piece written by her that she used Theo van Gogh to make the movie Submission for which he paid her 18,000 euros. She writes that she is angry about his death because, according to her it could have been prevented. To add insult to injury, the 2006 recipient of the American Jewish Committtee's 'Moral Courage Award' implies that she would not have made the movie had she not had security and that she knew that criticising the Koran could result in being killed. Ali's pathological self absorption is epitomised in the NRC article she wrote where she uses the term "I am furious:"

"...I know that I am alive because I had bodyguards and he didn't."

"I feel guilty that I exploited his lack of fear because I knew that whoever touched the holy texts, would be in more danger than someone who just wrote columns..." "Even if those columns were quite provoking".

MIM:More proof that Ali was not worried for her safety before or after the filming of Submission can be seen in her comments during an interview by the BBC where she said she would be killed in an Islamic country or in Somali but:

"...I'm not intimidated by the threats and the attempts to make me shut my mouth, because living in a rich western European country like this one, I have protection that I otherwise would not have in Somalia or in Africa or in any other Islamic country..." http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/3322399.stm

MIM: Ali's admission that if she hadnt had bodyguards she wouldnt be criticising Islam, highligt the comments she made in an interview she gave to a German journalist. A posthumous betrayal of van Gogh implying that his critics had a legitimate grievance against him, and bizarrely adding that her critics 'have never specified how far I can go...".Even more telling is how she responds to interview who says "some find the film too radical and too offensive" in a way which indicates that he must take responsibility for the film himself.:

Hirsi Ali: The criticism of van Gogh was legitimate. But when someone has to die for his world view, what he may have done wrong is no longer the issue. That's when we have to stand up for our basic rights. Otherwise we are just reinforcing the killer and conceding that there was a good reason to kill this person.



MIM: As we wrote in Dec 2015 -"14 Westernized Muslims out of a population of 1.5 billion worldwide have trumpeted the launch of a Muslim Reform Movement along with a much hyped declaration and press conference. This pathetic attempt at trying to convince non Muslims that Islam is really a religion of peace is negated by the 14 individuals who are signatories of the "Declaration" many of whom blatantly distort Islamic teachings to suit their agenda and others who have documented ties to Islamists. This information can be viewed below the declaration". http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/7240

MIM:A year on and millions of infidel 'jizya" later the Muslim Reform Movement has nothing to show but more heavily funded Muslim ("Reformers") income creating organizations which the incestuous pairing of the 14 members has spawned. Jasser has his "American Islamic Forum For Democracy", Raza has her" Muslims Facing Tomorrow" group and Asra Nomani has "Sukun: A Project For Islamic Reform.\



MIM: Now comes CLARITy Coalition which Jasser stated in an "interview"with the AHA Foundation will be launched with great fanfare.

AHA Foundation: What is CLARITy's plan in the immediate future?

Zuhdi Jasser: Standby. The founding members have all been working hard and meeting frequently as we prepare for our official launch. The first step will obviously be to let the world know about our existence and the diversity of the combined platforms that we bring to this space. We will then move to define our combined space and immediately put the Islamists and their Red-Green Axis on notice that the CLARITy Coalition will be working tirelessly to not only protect the West in advancing freedom and liberty but to defeat Islamism. We will be warning our enemies that we are going on the offense.

Obviously, the coalition will evolve. But we do hope and pray that the West sees this coalition as a valuable resource and that others who understand the threat of political Islam and the need to protect Western values, whether they come from the media, politics, think tanks, universities, faith-based organizations, or anywhere else, will join us in our mission.



MIM: Ayaan Hirsi Ali's anti semitism is clearly documented. Despite this she has many Jewish donors and supporters who perversely overlook it,

Unlike Mel Gibson,self proclaimed ex antisemite Hirsi Ali didn't need alcohol to reveal she despises Jews.In a Jerusalem Post interview, the future American Enterprise Institute think tank fellow stated; "The ultra-Orthodox will cause a demographic problem because these fanatics have more children than the secular and the regular Orthodox." Ali's anti semitism was also manifest at an American Jewish Committee event, where she launched into a bizarre 'confession' of anti semitic carnards for the benefit of ' the Jews in the audience' which had all the charm of a a ministral show by whites in black face at an NAACP conference.

"... I hated you because I thought you were responsible for the war that took my father from me for so long. When the Soviet Union allied with our home-grown dictator in Somalia, I was told the Jews were behind that. In Saudi Arabia I saw poor people from a place called Palestine. Men women and children huddled together in despair. I was told you drove them out of their homes. I hated you for that. When we had no water I thought you closed the tap. I don't know how you did it, but you did it. If my mother was unkind to me I knew you were definitely behind it. Even when I failed an exam I knew it was your fault. I don't know how you did all these things. But then I didn't need proof. You are by nature evil. And you had evil powers and you used them to evil ends.

Learning to hate you was easy."

After one visit to Israel, the anti semitism expert Ali felt qualified enough to pontificate aboutJudaism and theology to an interviewer but her inability to distinquish between orthodox Judaism and radical Islam is still a little rusty. Ali stated that; "Khomeini's fatwa was the same as Spinoza's excommunication".

",...Spinoza was cursed and the wording of the curse is exactly the same as in islam. It is almost the same words Khomeiny used to curse Salman Rushdie..."

Perhaps Ali's inability to see difference is also because Ali sided with Khomeini at the age of twenty and recounted that;

"All I knew is that he had insulted the prophet, and anyone who insulted the prophet deserves to die..."http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1154525796099&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

Excerpt from JPost interview:

Not all of Hirsi Ali's reactions to what she saw in Israel were positive, however.

"From my superficial impression, the country also has a problem with fundamentalists," she says. "The ultra-Orthodox will cause a demographic problem because these fanatics have more children than the secular and the regular Orthodox."

MIM:Hirsi Ali's remarks prove that once an anti semite always an anti semite. Her speech to the American Jewish Committee trying to show them that she is no longer an anti semite (by telling them for several minutes how much she 'used' to hate Jews and why she blamed them for everything (presumably before she was the beneficiary of their money) showed the opposite. Her vile comments about the ultra othodox causing a demographic problem because they have more children then the 'regular' orthodox is both anti semitic and reveals her abject ignorance and contempt towards anything to do with Jews and Judaism.



The 'con'curring' heroine upon her return to Holland after she caved to Islamist intimidation, (despite having full time bodyguards since 2002) and went into hiding, and fled the country for sunny California to stay with Jewish friends in the wake the ritual murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh, by homegrown terrorist Mohamed Bouyeri.

(Prior to leaving she publicly divulged that she and Geert Wilders, who chose to remain in Holland, had been in hiding on an army base. Wilders lives under 24/7 protection. She has never once made mention of Van Gogh nor expressed condolences to his family and returned to Holland from California with great fanfare and an image makeover.)

Van Gogh paid Ali 18,000 euros for her Submission script and was gunned down and nearly decapitated after making it into a movie. In a recent book Ali ignored the fact that scores of intellectuals and politicians in Europe such as her former colleague Geert Wilders, are living under death threats (with their families) and asserted that:

"...I have taken an enormous risk by answering the call for self-reflection and by joining in the public debate that has been taking place in the West since 9/11..."

Ali's failure to stand up to Islamists after the death of Van Gogh appropriately earned her the American Jewish Committee's moral courage award. The AJC's track record of 'moral courage' entailed being silent about the Holocaust and not showing support for Israel until it was fashionable after the '67 war, in order to avoid any accusations of dual loyalty.

David Harris of the AJC introduced Ali in referential tones stating that "Ali was the most fitting recipient of an award meant to celebrate 100 years of fighting for human freedom, human dignity and human rights for all".

Apparently human dignity was expendable when it came to Theo van Gogh, whom AJC director David Harris described as having been a "bulletin board" for the threats made against the ex Muslima. Not one to share the spotlight - even posthumously, Ali did not mention Van Gogh at all.

The display of dhimmitude the AJC was only matched by Ali's hubris. She addressed her speech to "the Jews in the audience" and appeared to wax nostalgic about why she used to hate them, adding that "the good news is that I...no longer blame you for my misfortunes..." http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1904



MIM: Hirsi Ali exploited the murder of Theo Van Gogh to promote herself and has done the same with the attempt on writer Salman Rushdie's life. Her screed, which was supposed to be about the knife attack on Salman Rushdie, was subtitled "Why I Chose Freedom" and contained 32 "I"s in her paean to herself. Being a narcissist and pathological liar Ali often loses track of her lies forgetting her 2003 claim that she feels safe with her 24/7 security detail in the West while whining about how frightened for her safety she was after the assault on Rushdie.

Excerpt from her 2022 screed:

"When I heard the news about Salman last week, I couldn't speak. I was horrified, but I was also scared. If they could get him on American soil, would I be next? Although I choose to live with security and Salman didn't, the attack showed how patient and ruthless the enemy is. I am writing this four days after the attack, and have slept for as many hours. Will I ever be free? Will I ever feel safe? Will my children ever feel safe?

And yet last Friday, I was scared. I felt terrorised. I was urged to go into hiding and stay silent for my own safety. For a few hours, I let fear rule my life. But still I knew deep down that freedom is a choice — and that I would keep choosing to be free, to speak and write as I please. In this way, in writing this very piece, I defy the Islamists and all others who would silence me.

Like Salman, I will continue to speak. Like Salman, I choose freedom."


MIIM: In a 2003 interview with the BBC while living in Holland Ali proclaimed:

"I'm not intimidated by the threats and the attempts to make me shut my mouth, because living in a rich western European country like this one, I have protection that I otherwise would not have in Somalia or in Africa or in any other Islamic country."


MIM: Also see:Hirsi Ali admits: " I am alive because I had bodyguards and he (Theo van Gogh) didn't" "I exploited his lack of fear"


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