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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Sohail Ahmed 'Queer Jihadi': Came Out As Gay - Decided Not To Bomb London - Is "Ex Terrorist" Celebrity

Sohail Ahmed 'Queer Jihadi': Came Out As Gay - Decided Not To Bomb London - Is "Ex Terrorist" Celebrity

A Media Desperate For Non Violent Muslims Turns Gay Bomber Wannabe Into Poster Boy For 'Counter Extremism' Groups
March 1, 2017

MIM: Apparently a Muslim only has to say they thought a about carrying out a jihad attack to wear the mantle of "ex terrorist". In this case Sohail Ahmed is cashing in on his bomber wannabe status and making the rounds of media appearences, interviews and photo ops. His realization that he was gay made him reject jihad and opt for sodomy instead.He is one of the newest poster boys of the "ex Islamist" counter jihad circuit. Ahmed is being touted by the stealth jihadist "ex terrorist" Quilliam Foundation as a "deradicalisation" sucess story. For more on the Quilliam Foundation see: "UK Stealth jihadists profit from forming Quilliam Foundation" http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/3825

MIM: Sohail Ahmed is eager to jump onto the lucrative "ex terrorist Muslim reformer" bandwagon with a new organisation which will doubtless be heavily funded by non Muslims. He responded to a Facebook posting by the 18 year old self proclaimed "ex Islamist" Ammar Anwer who wrote that he wanted to start a new organization because he "was tired of most of the reformists on display" in what looks like the beginning of a "beautiful friendship".

For more on Ammar Anwer see: "Ammar Anwer: Another "Ex Radical Muslim Reformer" Dissembles - Calls Islamist Javed Ahmed Ghamidi "A Reformist Scholar"

Anwer Is The New Media Darling And Beneficiary Of The Lucrative "Ex Extremist Muslim" Rubber Chicken Circuit

Ammar Anwer
8 hrs

I am tired of most of the reformists on display. I want to start my own forum that addresses Islam and Islamism honestly. Please guys lets do it. Time is running out. Cultural Muslims would be needed the most.

Sohail Ahmed
Just now

If I set up an organisation aimed at Islamic reform with Ammar Anwer and others, who would want to get involved?

Former Islamic extremist was on the verge of bombing Britain, then he came out as gay

A FORMER extremist who was on the verge of bombing Britain used Islam to "cure his homosexuality", a compelling new report reveals.


Islamic ex-terrorist explains: "Why I Nearly Bombed London"

Sohail Ahmed of London reveals why he came close to perpetrating terrorist attack in his birthplace.

Hillel Fendel, א' באדר תשע"ז, 2/27/2017

The Clarion Project wanted to find out what drives Muslims born and raised in the West to carry out terrorist attacks against their countries of birth.

To this end, they asked Sohail Ahmed, a former terrorist who grew up in an Islamist home in London, to explain what drove him to nearly do exactly that.

In a video that can be viewed on Clarion's website, Ahmed explained concisely and to the point that he had been brought up to view every non-Muslim around him as the enemy:

"It's because of the way I was brought up believing that the West is at war with Islam, and that because of this, the West is therefore a legitimate target for attacks. Growing up in London, I was taught that I was living in enemy territory, that everyone around me was the enemy and that they were out to get me just because I was a Muslim.

"It was in this kind of mentality that when 9/11 happened and all the conspiracy theories started flying around, about the Americans making it all up so that they could have an excuse to invade Muslim countries I believed them, because it fit in with what I believed in, with what I had been taught.

"And then when the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan happened, I understood [that] the Americans simply wanted to attack Muslim countries and to kill Muslim people. I honestly believed that, growing up as a 16-year-old. So that when these wars happened, I got really angry and I thought, 'see, they're doing it just to kill Muslims, and therefore I want to actually take revenge and carry out an attack in London.'"


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