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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Saudi's announce that "Deadline for Royal pardon of deviants" has passed - demand Bin Laden be handed to them if captured

Saudi's announce that "Deadline for Royal pardon of deviants" has passed - demand Bin Laden be handed to them if captured

July 6, 2005




13/06/2005 Deadline for Royal pardon of deviants passes


Riyadh, 13 Jun 2005

Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz, the Minister of Interior said yesterday that the trial of those who are accused of attempting to assassinate Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz will be 'a regular one.'

In a press statement after patronizing a graduation ceremony at King Fahd Security College in Riyadh, Prince Naif said "the deadline for the royal pardon of deviants, has already passed but whoever admits his mistake and surrenders on his own will be appreciated."

He also referred to his talks with an Iranian official, stressing that these talks were very good and that they reached a good understanding on security cooperation.

In response to a question about the issuing of a new list of wanted persons by the Interior Ministry, Prince Naif replied there is nothing [to announce] about this so far.

In his capacity as the Honorary Chairman of The Council of Arab Interior Ministers, he was asked a question about Syria's announcement of "Al-Sham' terrorist cell and whether there was any news about the involvement of terrorists in Al-Hariri's assassination. He said "we did not receive anything so far."

With regard to the existence of any Kuwaiti mediation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Prince Naif said, "I think that there was an earlier decision which called on Kuwait to settle disputes between the GCC countries if any are found. Moreover, Kuwait is now accomplishing it (this mission) as a routine task but there is no mediation, in reality, in this context."

He affirmed that the issue of "Al Murrah" is an internal affair of Qatar.

Asked to comment whether the Kingdom would demand that Bin Laden and Al-Faqeeh would be handed over to it, Prince Naif said such a demand [is dependent on them being arrested]..

Asked to comment on King Fahd's health status, Prince Naif said "it is improving and we hope that he will not stay for a long time in the hospital."

Commenting on a report by an Iranian newspaper about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Prince Naif reaffirmed that this is very silly and baseless and that the Foreign Minister and his assistant have already spoken about this. "In addition, a statement was also issued by the Foreign Ministry in this context."

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