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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Suicide bomber benefactor Prince Alwaleed receives 'Global Acheivement Award' from The Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee

Suicide bomber benefactor Prince Alwaleed receives 'Global Acheivement Award' from The Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee

Saudi Prince pledged to fund Jihad by Da'wa :Gives ADC, CAIR , AAI and 'other groups' money to "acheive common goal"
July 5, 2005

Takiyaa replaced tequila at the ADC dinner in Washington where billionaire Prince Alwaleed announced the formation of his Kingdom Holding Company and told former ADC president James Abourzek that he would give him 3 million for a new building while pledging another 3 million to help the ADC pursue their 'common goal'. Considering that the prince donated 27 million to the family of suicide bombers in 2002 his funding for the ADC of a mere 6 million indicates that he anticipates that the burden of financing Da'wa will be shared by US officials in Washington. Indeed, just one month after this dinner, where the ADC presented an award to Alwaheed and to the DOJ lawyer Alexander Acosta, the ADC issued a press release saying that had gotten a DOJ "outreach grant to help Muslims who were "potential victims of discrimination".

Below His Royal 'Heinous' Prince Alwaleed "shares a joke" with former ADC president James Abourzek.

Hug a Wahhabi : Prince Alwaleed got up close and personal with Franklin Roosevelt's grandson and had a pat on the back for John Conyers.

MIM: The Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee has shown their appreciation to their Saudi handler Prince Alwaleed and his 'Holding Company' for giving them 6 million dollars in funding at their dinner in March where he was a keynote speaker by giving him their "Global Acheivement Award". It should also be noted that the ADC award their "Friend in Government Award" to Alexander Acosta, who is now the Interim State Attorney for Florida and who work at the Department of Justice resulted in the granting of funds for the ADC outreach program which was announced last week.

At the March 25th dinner Prince Alwaleed personally promised ex ADC president James Abourzek 3 million for a new ADC building. In his 8 page speech the prince also stated that his largesse would also extend to the AAI, CAIR, and other groups to help them "acheive their common goal". ( a reference to the Islamisation of America throught Jihad by Da'wa).

Prince Alwaleed is also a staunch supporter of physical Jihad .In 2002 he donated 27 million dollars and 100 vehicles to the "relatives of Palestinian martyrs" aka suicide bombers.

MIM: Excerpt from the St. Petersburg Times

Saudi telethon raises $92-million

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- A Saudi telethon raised more than $92-million for the Palestinians by late Friday.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, a billionaire investor, donated $27-million to the government-organized fundraiser. In October, he presented $10-million to a fund for Sept. 11 victims, but New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani refused the money after Alwaleed urged the United States to re-examine its Mideast policies.

In a statement Friday, Alwaleed said half his telethon pledge would help rebuild Palestinian infrastructure destroyed by Israeli forces, while the rest would be donated in the form of goods, including 100 vehicles and clothing.

The telethon, broadcast live by local and Saudi-owned satellite channels and expected to continue today, was ordered by King Fahd to help relatives of Palestinian "martyrs" -- a term that has been used by the Palestinians to include suicide bombers.

The Saudi government insisted the term referred not to suicide bombers but to "Palestinians who are victimized by Israeli terror and violence."

MIM: According to Insight Magazine

"...The documents released by Israel tell quite a different story from the Saudi claims of benign humanitarian assistance. Tables listing four "payment cycles" made by the Saudi Committee for Support of Intifada al-Quds (also known as the Committee for Support of the al-Aqsa Intifada) contained the names of more than 300 Palestinian victims of the 2000-2001 uprising, many of whom were involved directly in attacks against Israeli civilians.

An Israeli military-intelligence analysis of the most recent payment schedule ($545,000 paid out via the local branch office of the Arab Bank to the families of 102 Palestinians who died in 2001), spelled out in chilling detail the biographies of 36 of the Palestinian "victims." Eight of them were identified by name in the Saudi documents as suicide bombers. The other 28 were Hamas, Fatah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad military commanders and activists directly involved in planning or executing terrorist attacks.

The documents establish clearly that the Saudi money flowed from several sources, all of them closely tied to (and in some cases directly controlled by) senior members of the Saudi royal family. The main source of funding was the Saudi Committee for Support of the Intifada, a governmental agency run by Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz. The Saudi Embassy in Washington boasted that the committee had raised more than $109.56 million for "Palestinian martyrs" during a three-day telethon in April. The biggest single donor was Alwaleed bin Talal, who pledged $27 million, including 100 deluxe four-wheel-drive vehicles gifts that certainly would come in handy to impoverished families out shopping in refugee camps.

This is the same billionaire prince whose offer of $10 million to the city of New York was rejected by mayor Rudy Giuliani after the prince urged the United States to drop its support for Israel. Saudi King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah each pledged more than $1 million to the committee during the telethon, and King Fahd's wife, Princess Johara bint Ibrahim al-Ibrahim, pledged an additional $800,000.


For further information, contact:

Kingdom Holding Company


HRH Prince Alwaleed Receives Global Achievement Award From The American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee In Washington D.C

The Prince gives speech, advocating more tolerance and understanding between east and west

HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, Chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, received the "Global Achievement Award" at the American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee's (ADC) 25th year Silver Anniversary Convention. The event took place on Saturday, May 28th, 2005 in Washington D.C. During the occasion Prince Alwaleed presented a keynote address to a audience of 1,500 people and received a standing ovation. One of the main areas of the Prince's speech dealt with the need to bridge the gap between east and west to encourage more understanding and tolerance between them.

"Our relationship with the American people, indeed our image in America, cannot be allowed to fluctuate in tandem with the rise and fall in the price of a barrel of oil," said Prince Alwaleed. "We had to help enlighten Americans and Europeans about our history, culture, religion and values, and at the same time to inform in a systematic way our own people, especially the young, about the west."

The Prince referred to the admiration of Arabs in general for American institutions and principles of governance. "We applaud American creativity, entrepreneurship, its unbridled optimism and sense of fair play," he said, adding that America's hospitality to new ideas, and its receptivity to change, are unmatched anywhere in the world.

The dignitaries who attended who attended the ADC's 25th year Silver Anniversary event included, Congresswoman Mary Rose Oakar, MD Senator James Abourezk Senator George McGovern Congressman John Conyers, Jr., Delano Roosevelt - (Grandson of President Roosevelt) Hon. John Sununu, H.E. Clovis Maksoud, H.E. Hussein Hassouna, League of Arab States H.E. Arab world ambassadors also attended the Convention, ambassadors from Saudi, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya and Yemen.

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