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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Somali Muslims In Ohio Only Worried About How Jihad Attack Will Impact Them "This Is Gonna Affect The Lives Of Everbody"

Somali Muslims In Ohio Only Worried About How Jihad Attack Will Impact Them "This Is Gonna Affect The Lives Of Everbody"

"The Timing Is Not Good"
November 29, 2016

Hassan Omar, president of the Somali Community Association of Ohio, told NBC News that reports the attacker was Somali was upsetting.

"Every Somali person has been calling me, and everybody is crying," he said, adding, "This is a shock. As a Somali community here, we are in a state of shock. In Columbus, we live in a very peaceful community. This is gonna affect the life of everybody. We are American and we don't want somebody to create this problem."

Ohio Somali leader on attack: 'The timing is not good'

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Fifteen miles northeast of Ohio State University, where a Somali immigrant attempted a gruesome attack Monday, Omar Hassan grieved. And worried. "The timing is not good," Hassan, 54, said in reference to the country's increasingly intensified anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim fears. "We are black. We are Muslim. We are Somali. We are all the negative stigmas." Hassan sat in the lobby of the Somali Community Association offices upstairs and around the back of a 1970s-era strip mall on Cleveland Avenue. He said the office is the first stop for people arriving from the east-African nation who are seeking an apartment, a job lead or a decent school for the children. In the past few...


Local Somali Leader Says Ohio Attackers Actions Do Not Represent Community

"I was in a state of shock honestly because I couldn't believe it," she said. "It's so sad."

It's sad, she said, that the person who terrorized the entire Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, was a Somali refugee. She was told about some of the fearful comments on the KIRO7 Facebook page...

People are entitled to feel what they want to feel," she said. "But in fact, it is a sin to attribute any bad things to Muslim people. And I wholeheartedly believe this issue has something to do with mental illness, not necessarily with terrorism."


"We don't know who he is," said Horsed Noah, who runs the Masjid Abubakar Asiddiq Islamic Center, the largest such center in Columbus. When Artan's face appeared on television, Noah said, no one in his congregation - which totals more than 2,000 people - recognized him...

What's more of a concern, Noah said, is the everyday discomfort a tragic event like this could bring to the youth he mentors - such as people staring at Muslim girls wearing a hijab.

"These are the things that really bother me," he said.

Mother of OSU jihad attacker says her son was killed "for no reason"

On Thursday, the mother of Somali-born Ohio State University student Abdul Razak Ali Artan said before his funeral that her son was killed for "no reason."

The 18-year-old Artan drove his car into a crowd, exited the vehicle and proceeded to attack nearby students with a butcher knife before being fatally shot by campus police officer Alan Horujko, who was the first to arrive on the scene.

..."I asked his mom yesterday, ‘Did you see any change, any kind of change?' and she said, ‘No, everything was normal, everything was the same,' Ahmed told WCMH-TV in Columbus.

Ahmed said relatives and those close to Artan perceived him to be a "nice young man" and "a good student."

He said that Artan's aunt told him her nephew "had a dream to be someone to help his community and serve his community."…"


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