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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Website to support Muslim slaveholding couple claims "Saudi students...abused in the US"..." 5000 getting visas to come"

Website to support Muslim slaveholding couple claims "Saudi students...abused in the US"..." 5000 getting visas to come"

Al Turki website says arrested Muslim slave holders are Saudi victims of America's "housemaid democracy"
July 4, 2005

Turki website says arrested Muslim slave holders are Saudi victims of America's "housemaid democracy"
July 3, 2005

MIM: The Saudi newspaper decries the rape, slave holding, and physical and sexual battery and false imprisonment charges against Homadin Bin Ali Al Turki and his wife as nothing compared to what it calls "the physical and mental torture which Saudi students undergo in America. An example of the 'torture' which Homaidin seems to have undergone here is seen in this picture of himself below: Note that the Saudi paper claims that the Al Turki family has launched a website in support of the couple. There is a very real possibility that Homaidin Al Turki could be related to the Prince Al Turki who is an influential member of the Saudi Royal Family. Al Turki has visited the United States to pledge funding for CAIR and as a representive of the Al Qaeda funding Muslim World League.

MIM: Homaidin Al Turki :Just your average all Arabian Wahhabi slave rapist kind of guy

MIM: The caption on the website reads in english and Arabic:

Winter Park

At a winter park tubing resort

بو تركي في الجبال


MIM: According to the website press release and article the arrest of the Al Turki's:

"... furnishes conclusive evidence that no improvement has ever been made in the status of the Saudi students studying in the US . On the contrary, their condition is getting worse as they are physically and mentally tortured..."

"...What is more damaging is the Saudi public opinion about what's happening to their citizens in the US specially after the recent visit of the crown prince P. Abdullah to the United States in an effort to bridge the gap between the two countries, also this led the US government to sponsor 5000 Saudi students to study in the US and will ease their entry according to the latest press release by the US Embassy is Saudi Arabia..."


MIM: The Al Turki website claims that Saudi students in the US are "physically and mentally tortured" yet on the same site they claim that the Al Turki case will damage the US program to sponser 5000 Saudi students visas and "ease their entry into the US". Instead of having the Saudi students come to America and hold slaves and suffer what they consider to be mental and physical torture - they should stay home and take a course about human rights in their own country. Abdullah posted this useful bit of advice on the Al Turki website guestbook:

3. Abdullah - 2005-06-19 12:38:04

"...My advice, to all brothers in USA, is to leave this country and seek education in Saudi Arabia. If necessary, students may go to UK or any other country for graduate degrees. I am not sure why people like to stay in USA for education or business especially this time.
May Allah help Abu Turki and his family Ameen..." http://www.a-free-guestbook.com/guestbook.php?username=saudi&s=8

MIM: The Al Turki supporters seem to have their facts confused regarding human rights violations taking place in the US. Last time MIM looked it was the Saudi Al Turki family who was holding a slave in their home who had been abused and imprisoned for years. According to Muslims it is the Al Turki's right to hold infidels in subjugation, and America who is violationg there freedom to keep a slave . The commentators on the site and are full of contempt for what one Al Turki supporter termed "America the housemaid democracy'.

59. Maha - 2005-06-24 13:44:43

Lot of human rights viloation occur in USA ,especially against Arab & Muslims.
May God free Mr.Humaidan soon inshallah.

56. Fahad - 2005-06-24 13:25:36
Where is the American justices???????



MIM: According to the website Sauduction :

60 MINUTES interviewed a Saud family US torture victim and found his mind to be unreliable for national TV. This citizen had suffered a nervous breakdown as a consequence of his torture by the Saud family. After the Saud family found out about this, they then centered their torture of US citizens to destabilizing their minds. This renders the US victims useless to US media. Above is an example of a torture used upon US citizens whereby the water in the ears, shock of the stick percussions and gasping for air combine to damage the brain.


The case of Saudi student Humidan Bin Ali Al-Turki, who was arrested by US law authorities in Colorado on charges of forced labor and kidnapping, has suffered a major setback.

US police officers in Denver are reportedly attempting to persuade Turki s wife, his wife Sarah Khonaizan, 35, to testify against her husband, 36, in return of dropping all the charges against her and allow her traveling to Saudi Arabia with her children. She turned down their offer, according to Al-Riyadh and Al-Watan, the Arabic language daily newspapers.

Turki s family in Riyadh told Al-Riyadh that American authorities put Khonaizan under house arrest and prevented her from picking her children at school with the exception of her son. The family said the four remaining children, all daughters, have been deprived of resuming their education .

We don t know when the chapters of this comedy would end as well as the fabricated accusations leveled against Turki, said one family member. However, this furnishes conclusive evidence that no improvement has ever been made in the status of the Saudi students studying in the US . On the contrary, their condition is getting worse as they are physically and mentally tortured.

Meanwhile, defense lawyers had asked the court to adjourn the hearing session last Wednesday. The judge agreed and postponed the hearing session to Sept. 9 .

In addition to the forced labor and kidnapping charges, Turki and Khonaizan is charged with document servitude, harboring an illegal immigrant, false imprisonment and extortion, as well as 12 charges of sexual assault.

The couple is accused of keeping their Indonesian housemaid against her will and owing her $93,000 in back wages

Turki s family has launched a website in support of his case. The web address is www.homaidanalturki.com.

Turki was sent on a scholarship by Imam Muhammad Islamic University in Riyadh to Denver State University in Colorado to obtain Ph.D in Phonetics. He got a master s degree with honor grade from the same university and is about to complete his doctorate program.

Turki has five children. His eldest son Turki is 17; Lumma, 13; Noora, 11; Arwa, 9; and Ruba 7.


the kids

homaidan al turki and his four doughters (right to left) norah 11; Arwa 8; Ruba 6; lama 14

حميدان التركي مع بناته الأربع من اليمين.. نورة 11, اروى 8, ربى 6, لمى 14


Homidan and sarah were arrested back in November 2004 because of expired Visa the same thing happened to their Indonesian housemaid whom they brought with them from Saudi Arabia, because of the kids his wife was released however he was released after he paid 25,000 US bond, and that time he was a rested by 30 fully armed agents one of them have pointed a fully loaded gun to his wife's head and asked her to show where he hides his gun even they know he had none, which was described by some observers as unusual way of arrests for this type of situation and their comment was it is more of security-related matter than just an immigration .

Again, in June the 2nd, 2005 the couple were arrested because of new allegations this time from Arapaho County police of house maid kidnapping ,false imprisonment etc. more worse allegation that homidan sexually abused the maid which was not raised by her during the last arrest.

The heart breaking of the story is that they took the couple to jail leaving their kids alone in an inhuman way of jailing their mother specially and asking for very high bond of 150,000 US and the same time 400,000 US bond for the father, after a struggle their families back home is Saudi Arabia where able to pay the mother bond and she was released in the 14th of June after spending 12days in jail.

The couple is sure of the fabrication of these allegations and at the court they will prove their falseness.

What is more damaging is the Saudi public opinion about what's happening to their citizens in the US specially after the recent visit of the crown prince P. Abdullah to the United States in an effort to bridge the gap between the two countries, also this led the US government to sponsor 5000 Saudi students to study in the US and will ease their entry according to the latest press release by the US Embassy is Saudi Arabia.

The intimidations the couple were facing for long period of time and the latest arrest and the inhuman picture this reflected on the US authority in dealing with foreigners in particular of the Muslim faith make more doubts, specially after the publication of what happened to the couple in the local media and the Saudi families start to worry about sending their children to the US despite the assurances


MIM: A message of support on the Al Turki website decries America as the 'housemaid (sic) democraci"

16. khalid alqahtani - 2005-06-20 17:59:11

this is america brothers the housemaid democraci wish humaidan all the best and inshallah his wife is patint this is ebtilaa from god sister

thank you



Al-Turki & His Wife Were Arrested By

The U.S. A Authorities."

A Saudi P.H.D student, Mr. Homaidan Al-Turki (36) years old and his wife Mrs. Sarah Al-Khonaizan (35) years old were jailed in U.S.A last Nov. (2004) for over staying their visa and the arrest happened in a very zealous and harsh way as thirty armed Federal agents surrounded their house and pointed their guns on the wife's head asking her to show them where her husband hides his gun (Although they knew he has none). After their imprisonment, they were set free after paying ($25.000) to the U.S. authorities.

Also, at the same time The U.S. authorities have arrested Al-Turki's Indonesian housemaid whom they brought with them legally from Saudi Arabia. The U.S. authority has detained her with them. Then on 2nd June, 2005 the couple were arrested again for a new allegations and this time is related to the authority's pretense of the bad treatment the housemaid were receiving from the family like slavery, holding her documents, not paying her salary and far worse sexual abuse by Mr. Homaidan Al-Turki, which is completely on the contrary to documented declaration she had made last Nov. (2004), when she was investigated about her relation with the family. She had said that it was excellent and that she was treated as a member of them and she had never been abused or sexually assaulted.

The housemaid is illiterate and she does not speak English.

So, she has been dependant on the family to process her documents and as part of the family all her documents have been kept with them. Like any normal family who does the same with their documents. Moreover, she has requested from the family to keep all her salaries with them till she is back to her home country, as the family has been providing her food, clothes & other expenses. It is the same custom followed in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the families will help

the housemaids to save their money as it makes a difference for those people who have low wages, (i.e. helping them) to save good money until they go back home.

According to the family this housemaid particularly has a cultural phobia towards foreign cultures. In this regard, one could wonder for what reason the housemaid has dramatically changed her mind ? The US authorities are the only responsible party to answer such a question.

With great pleasure, we have appreciated what American government has to do to improve the American image on the Muslim & Arab countries, but unfortunately The Federal Agents are working against all of this by intimidating The Arabs & Muslims and producing delegations that are completely untrue and what is happening to Al-Turki family is a vivid evidence on that. Moreover, the presence of the fabricated story on Saudi media and being one of the hot issues for the public will make the American government mission very difficult and many people came forward to Al-Turki family in Saudi Arabia to express their good feelings & sympathy with the hardship they are passing in addition to that, those people feel sorry that The American media treat these allegations as facts which in their eyes might widen the gap between The Arabs & Islamic world in one part and The Americans in other part. Especially, the way that was handled when it was linked Islam to slavery .

In order to complete the story, the court put a very high bound on the couple which is ($150.000) for the wife, Mrs. Sarah and ($400.000) for the husband Mr. Homaidan. The witnesses who were attended in the court have protested and said that this is prejudice and against Muslim customs, and it is a discrimination & humiliation when Mrs. Sarah was not allowed to use her (Hejab) when not only her face was uncovered but even the hair and neck, which made The Muslim community oppose the court's proceedings till the judge agreed to allow one Muslim woman to give Mrs. Sarah a scarf to cover her head. Also, during that the judge was so harsh and prejudging them and this could be clearly seen from the imposing of high bonds.

Mrs. Sarah was detained for (12) days in jail till her bound was paid by their family, then she was back home. The family's kids were left alone at home without anybody to look after them. During their parents detention, more worse bank accounts were frozen in even the help they have received from family's friends the authorities have instructed some of them not to contact Al- Turki family, this inhuman conduct from the part of the authorities have increased their hardship & suffering and it has ignited an outrage towards The Americans back in Saudi Arabia. In this line, this will make the plan of The US government to assess in sponsoring (5000) Saudi students as part of improving the mage useless as the example of Al-Turki family shows them that their safety & freedom will be in danger which in turn convince Saudi students and businessmen to re-evaluate their decisions to visit The USA !!

At the end of all this, Al-Turki family in Saudi Arabia want to point out that their son Mr. Homaidan who has (5) kids and who earns as income from a legal business besides his study, his business related to translation and even he is concentrated particularly on Islamic books that educate Muslims how to tolerate the others and to explain The Islamic principles and culture for the non-Muslims to enhance the cultural and civilized dialogue.

For more information, you can visit the web sites:

www.homaidanalturki.com or


Lastly, the family and their children still live in a hardship as the authority limited their mother in a house arrest as well as confiscating their passports which in some views is hijacked by the far right mentors. However, we do believe that justice and truth will ever win, shortly or lately, and we finally quote" "A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent" (William Blake).


MIM :Homaidan Al Turki chill'in with his posse at the Islamist club

MIM: What part of slavery was abolished in America didn't you understand ?

The guest book contained words of support for the Al Turkis :

The supporters find that Al Turki is the victim and is being prosecuted for being a good Muslim and keeping an infidel as slave.


hi brother
who are you !!! you the one allah cerate the hole unverse for you yes the belever human who is beleving in allah and servent him as instructed so do not warry at all the day of your freedom and back home is coming soon in shaa allah
my only advice to you keep on "ISTEQFAR" AND YOU GONE SEE THE IMEDATE RESULT OF IT

be patient ..allah with you May Allah(the Almighty) help this innocent family from the merciless people.

dana - 2005-06-25 14:18:30
i pray everyday that you can be free .......

to the family;remember that allah will be always by your side even when no one is....

to the u.s.a;whatever you do with our people we'r going to win after all...someday...somehow

we are waiting for you here in saudi arabia don't be late...don't be late


45. I.M. Alkhunizan - 2005-06-24 04:17:20
Brothers I was shocked when i heared that , but I don't find this very strange. Why because the US administration treat Saudies as if they were criminals or Terrorists!! yes. The thing I find it very strange is nowadays the United states Embassy in Riyadh coudn't help announcing that the US goverment welcome all saudies to Study in the United states of America!!!!!! this situation is Un acceptable. I'm a relative of Homaidan's family and I only say to them may allah help you and we're with you .

MIM:Note that no where is mentioned what the Al Turki family did to the Indonesian women whom they abused and enslaved for four years in the presence of their five children who thought it was completely normal. In fact all of the postings portray the US as maligning the Al Turki's who are seen as good Muslims exercising their rights to hold slaves according to Islamic law.

18. Hayfa al-khanizan - 2005-06-21 01:34:02
la 7awla w la quata ella b allah...

this`s America..the land of freedom n pace!!which freedom they hv after what they hv done to Saudi family!!!!!

we made dua for u all of u...n hopin u come back as soon as possible..to ur homeland saudia arabia.InshaAllah. http://www.a-free-guestbook.com/guestbook.php?username=saudi&s=18

it`s really sooo saaaaaaaaaad


MIM: It is worth noting that no one has questioned why the five Al Turki children (one of whom is a teenage son) did not question the imprisonment and abuse of their maid . On the contrary - they consider the United States government to be the villian who is victimising their family !

i am the daughter of homaidan al-turki and i make dua for the best dada in the world.
her is what i realy feel about this;
my life with out a dad......
i feel bad whaen my dad is not around. i miss him so much.WHY just tell me WHY are they blaming my dad.
it is realy bad with out a dad. my life is bad first they took my dad then freed him the n took my mom and my dad then freed my mom on tuesday. theres nothing fun with out parents they took my familys passports they took evrey thing that we had and left us some money,food,and drinks thats allwhat rood people are they very meanmy life is round by them. i hate them. WHY my familyjust tell me WHY. who ever wants to come her dont they will do the same to your family and make up some problems about your family. WHY WHY WHY WHY MY FAMILY.......



49. Mohammed Hmazany - 2005-06-24 09:48:45

American justices .. we understand that you hate us .. so please stop trying to justify your nonsense story to get some money out from this family ..
There is a fine line between what is appropriate and what is lawful..

may allah help this man to pass this tough time ...


53. mohhamed - 2005-06-24 12:24:24

I think this case isn"t need to aressted the man and harm him .and I think the juistic was absent frome u.s.A and the important thing is tack the mony from his family.

I am ask the Gid tohelp you .


51. Abdulhamid - 2005-06-24 12:17:05

Man, I know this is american style, we got used to it.

I always said " don't go to US and UK, go to Asia"

Allah bless this guy and his family


99. Raed - 2005-06-25 17:57:51
What's happening now for Mr. and Mrs. alturki is understandable and a quite shame and I think the US authority should explain why did this happen and is this matter worth all this misery ?I hope this matter finish soon and a clear statement from the Saudi embassy there as well

72. Abo Nuha - 2005-06-24 20:21:11

We are so sad for abo Turki and his family. in this palce I want To say to all muslim please don't forget your brother in his hard time. Make Do3a for him and his family however make what you can to do. Call any one can help him or his family. Send a letter by mail, email or in this place to support them. Send a letter to american people who can help him. you can contact newspaper, Magazine, or justice. Make this case hot case in Saudi Arabia.
People who in USA call Saudi embassy every time call Saudi Consuls. Do what you can to do if love your brother muslim.

Salaam Alaikum,

On behalf of the Northeast Denver Islamic Center; Our brother Abu-Turki has exhibited only excellent character in our presence and has tirelessly donated his time and energies for educating the community with the language of the Quran--The Arabia. He has also contributed much to the development of the Muslim community especially through his efforts to support the only Muslim school in the area. He is highly respected. Our duas are with him and his family.

99. Raed - 2005-06-25 17:57:51
What's happening now for Mr. and Mrs. alturki is understandable and a quite shame and I think the US authority should explain why did this happen and is this matter worth all this misery ?I hope this matter finish soon and a clear statement from the Saudi embassy there as well
97. alshehri - 2005-06-25 17:31:41
be patient .. indeed God with you ..
the believer confront many afflictions ..
this is test for you ..

but , don't worry .. indeed God with us

mohammed ash-shehri


95. Dana - 2005-06-25 15:56:48
God will be always beside strong and determent people and remember that our god prefers the strong people than the weak people, and we are all praying for Abu Turki to be free and to come back and pray on the floor of Makkah and he will inshallah.

our hearts and prayers and dowaa all with you --------------
92. Mohammed J - 2005-06-25 12:34:00

First of all i just ask my god to discapture him and his family . AMIEN

Then i just wana know why they treat us like that because we are a muslims....?i really heat some one acting he seeking for freedom liberty and he don't do that....

Please Let's be more hopeful to disassemble him and his family as soon as posible INSHAA ALLAH ....



110. - 2005-06-26 19:59:08
the tow people willing to go agenst abou turki are one of his closist freinds they were very close to him. when the news came to abu turki that they are against him he didnt belive it and told the informant that he should make sure before saying stuff like that. but his lawyer got proof of that

la 7awla wala koata ela billah you wouldnt know who to trust?????? infront of you they are ( ) and behind your back they are ( ) la 7awla wala koata ela billah


113. Tarek Daniel - 2005-06-27 04:22:42

Abu Turki is a good man and has been a highly respected member of the community for a long time. The charges against him are just that...allegations of wrongdoing that will surely be proven false in the end. I am an American born revert to Islam from Christianity - having spent my life in America, I have learned to place trust in the justice system and be patient as events unfold (justice usually prevails in the end with a public case as this one). Formal charges are often proved inaccurate in a court of law and we must trust in Allah swt that this will happen now with Abu Turki. Abu Turki is my friend and once gave a khutbah (sermon) that brought tears to my eyes. He loves God and his family and having spent time with him, could never believe for an instant that he is guilty of the alleged infractions as presented. The facts will eventually be revealed...we must be patient, pray, and ensure that we are vigilant in watching the case closely and be aware of the legal proceedings. We are with you Abu Turki and family.


112. A brother, UK - 2005-06-27 02:43:15
To this who posted the contribution entitled "this is normal in saudi arabia".

It's easy to find contradictions out there in the world about whatever topic should it be... But surely you don't know Abu Turki in person; or if you do, I bet you are one of those who would like to take an advantage of this whole fuss. Bear in mind it is all allegations and Abu Turki is not and will never be proven guilty of these false allegations as it appears to be fabricated by some greedy and senseless people.
123. Dr. Abdullah Al-Beraidi - 2005-06-28 03:11:43

The case of Mr. Homaidan Al-Turki has been a hot issue in SA these days. No, it has become an international public issue since it has been covered by the media here and there. I have been reading a lot about it . I believe that many difficult questions need to be clearly answered by the American authorities.
We all support Mr. Homaidan and call strongly for JUSTICE and TRUTH which beat all the lies!
Hope this case will come to its end soon.


. 2005-06-28 02:11:19
assalamu alaikum...
I strongly urge the Saudi authorities to put pressure on the American regime to free our brother and sister. If one of their american citizens is locked up in Saudi or elsewhere, you will find the entire US government collaborating to free them. A Muslim soul is purer than their filthy kafir souls. All those false allegations are not targeting Abu Turki and Um Turki...they are targeting Islam and the Muslims. Oppression results in disgrace for the oppressopr...no matter how long after...
We saw how the shaikhs Ali Tamimi and Rafil Dhafir have been convicted through the false allegations... same are they willing to do with the great daiyah of Islam, Shaikh Homaidan. May Allah turn their plots against them.
Lets hope they are not trialed in the first place...let alone hoping for an acqusition.
O Allah, show us the miracles of your strength in those oppressors and free our Muslim brethrens from the hands of the tyrants...ameen
Dear Al Turki family...Know that Allah has inflicted you to test your faith and yaqeen... Let Allah know through your words and actions that you have completely settled your faith in Him. The ordeal will pass and will inshaAllah be over...but what remains is the results of this ordeal and the tremendous reward from Allah the most high. Stay firm and let your faith in Allah lead you.



pray to Allah to help him and his family.

132. - 2005-06-29 12:44:18

me too?? whats wrong??


134. norah - 2005-06-29 15:58:16
aslamu alekum
i am wondering why are theyblaming us.
then why did they keep my dad
so did do some thing ? yes or no
no is the answer
i want go back home
dont write some thing about my dad okey


. Defaming Islam - 2005-06-30 04:39:24

I talk to muslims throughout the muslim world who see the continuing harassment of peaceful muslim families in America as an unfair tactic being used to fool ordinary Americans into believing that Islam is evil. Ironically, Islam itself , up to now, seems to be the only thing that contains people in the muslim world from taking revenge againest Americans living in their countries.


143. Khalid Alghannam - 2005-06-30 01:35:30
I came to know Humaidan in Boulder during the early ninties in Boulder. One of the many good things I remmeber about him is his wellingness to help the needy. One of them was an American Vietnam war veteran (Americans hnow what does it mean to be a Vietnam veteran) who was causing some problems to the muslim community. At that time I was the president of Boulder Islamic Ceneter. We discussed the situation and the majority was in favor of calling the authotiyies to deal with him. Humaidan insisted we have to help that guy. Humaidan paid money ( from his own pocket) to that (american) guy and offered him help to support him.
Noway Humaidan will not give anybody (I mean anybody) his rights, whatever rights be financial or any thing.

My expeirence in the states was excellent. However, after 9/11 things have changed against muslims. This is bad for both US and Muslim world.

Abu Turki, Um Turki, Turki, Lama, Norah, Roba,and Arwa I am absoulutely sure that you will pass it. With your faith and trust in Allah and your and your brothers prayer and support.

Your brother
Khalid Alghannam



197. Mohamed Toure - 2005-07-02 01:04:50
Assalam Aleikum brothers and sisters.May Allah save our umma,give us strenght .May Allah save our brother ABU TURKI and his family from all the bad things who are happening.If one Muslim Brother or sister is in pain that mean all Muslims are in pain.Ya Rahaman Ya rahim Ya zaldjalali wal ikram. Save all muslims in the US
207. Abu Haifa - 2005-07-02 17:29:07

I hope your days in jail are almost over, then you come home and forget about USA and it's proplems... nothing there is fair nowadays! it's right it used to be, however now, it is the least fair place on the whole planet!
May Allah be with you in your bad days and in your good days which i pray from the bottom of my heart that they will be happening so soon.
why do you want to get a PHD from someone/somewhere who doesn't give any respect to those who carry it?

come back home you and your kids, and live amongst your loved ones and forget about this place and it's newly put system(s)!


I hope that Turki and his brothers and sister are well
i am sure that Turki knows who this is ;)



226. Eman - 2005-07-04 02:48:31

Dear Lama,
I want to tell you that the case of your dad is not the first because I witnessed( months ago) the case of Sami AL-Hosain. What happened to his family is the same as what happened to yours. I'm asking you to be strong and you are really stronger than them because Allah is with you.You are now tested by Allah and as you know, Lama, that He tests the most beloved servavts with the hardest test ever. So, try to cheer up because your family needs you and promise that once you arrive at the kingdom, you won't ever think of going back to that place.I dont know whether you have schools now or not because we ( in K.S.A) don't.Anyway if you have schools, then, try to cheer up and concenterate on your study. I do realize that your dad is nothing but an innocent man and Allah would help him.I know how hard it is to be accused of nothing. I'm really sorry if i wrote too much(I can't help it).Send regards to your mom and sisters, I promise that I won't stop praying for your dad and remember that tomorrow is always another day.


223. saleh albraiki - 2005-07-04 00:57:36
hi brother
who are you !!! you the one allah cerate the hole unverse for you yes the belever human who is beleving in allah and servent him as instructed so do not warry at all the day of your freedom and back home is coming soon in shaa allah
my only advice to you keep on "ISTEQFAR" AND YOU GONE SEE THE IMEDATE RESULT OF IT
be patient ..allah with you

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