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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Paid Assassins 'Security Chief' Abu Shabak:"Arms of resistance should not be used against a woman going out with her fiance"

Paid Assassins 'Security Chief' Abu Shabak:"Arms of resistance should not be used against a woman going out with her fiance"

Surrender of Israeli towns halted because terrorists refuse to disarm
May 4, 2005

Palestinians mark 1948 dispossession at Nakba rally

MIM: Paid Assassins 'security chief'Abu Shabak is trying to practice 'damage control' after the bad press incurred as a result of Hamas 'morality enforcers' who shot a woman who was walking with her sister and fiance on the beach . The killers then dragged her body out of the car and beat it with metal rods. How reassuring to know tht next time that according to the new Paid Assassins rules Hamas will only be permitted beat women to death who are going out with their fiances. Which begs the question as to if the 'no kill' order only extends to male terrorists.


Handover of Towns Frozen Due to PA Violation of Commitments Wednesday, May 4, 2005 / 25

The security cabinet approved the recommendation of Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz to freeze the handover of Arab towns to the Palestinian Authority due to the latter's refusal to disarm terrorists.

Defense Minister Mofaz told members of the mini-security cabinet that the PA was not standing by its promise to collect weapons from wanted terrorists, and that the handovers must therefore be brought to a halt.

The PA announced again today that it has no intention to disarm members of the various terror organizations operating throughout territory Israel already handed over. PA security chief Rashid Abu Shabak said the PA refuses to disarm the "Palestinian resistance" until Israel hands over the rest of the towns to the PA.

"Arms of resistance should not be displayed in streets. Arms of resistance should not be used in family feuds. Arms of resistance should not kill a woman who goes out with her fiance," Abu Shabak said, referring to the recent "honor-killing" by two Hamas terrorists of an Arab woman they saw walking with her fiance on the beach. The security chief did not rule out using "arms of resistance" against Israeli civilians.

Despite the freeze on handing over towns to the PA, preparations are being made to release an addition 400 Arab security prisoners from Israeli prisons. Israel already released 500 in February.

The Knesset Defense Committee decided today to require a Knesset vote in order to change the conditions of the peace accord with Egypt. Such changes would be necessary to enable Egyptian forces to approach Israel's border something proposed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the context of his disengagement plan.

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