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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Jihad fashion is all the rage: From tricolor hijabs to terrorist T-shirts

Jihad fashion is all the rage: From tricolor hijabs to terrorist T-shirts

Islamisation through consumption
March 7, 2005

Women wear head scarves in the French flag's colors at a protest of a ban on religious attire in schools. (Laurent Rebours for AP)


Muslimah's Jihad T Shirts

Wear it with pride!! The Muslimah's Jihad T shirt has Long sleeves and comes down to the knees. Great for working out, or running errands.

MIM: This Muslimah's Jihad T -shirt says it all ...



Excerpt from :The Muslimah's Jihad 'mission statement'

Contrary to most misconceptions of the Muslim woman being abused and oppressed. Hijab brings liberation and FREEDOM! In this land called America we must throw off all of these misconceptions and continue to hold true to our deen and wear hijab. This is the MUSLIMAH'S JIHAD!!!!!!!



MIM: Muslimah's Jihad also runs a "New Shahada Fund" to provide 'khimars, prayers mats, and Qurans to converts and requests donations to "Help us in this (sic) strive of Islamizing America."

"....With so many New Shahadah entering the fold of Islam daily, It has become necessary for us as Muslims to take the responsibility of welcoming and teaching the New Shahadas. There are hundreds of Women in America taking their shahada everyday. All praise due to Allah! We at Muslimah's Jihad find that there is a great need for the New Muslimah to have support, Correct information, and proper clothing, easily available to her. In realization of this we at Muslimah's Jihad has developed a "New Shahada Fund" This fund is designed to provide Free Khimar, Quran, Prayer rug, and Booklets to the new muslimahs. Help us in this strive of Islamizing America. Please find it in your heart to help us in this struggle..."



MIM: The Muslimah's Jihad company openly declares that they are; " a small family owned business striving to Islamize America" http://mumineen.tripod.com/id6.html

Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our company.

Family owned and operated

Muslimah's Jihad Clothing is a small family owned business striving to Islamize America. We are a husband (Jihad) and wife (Nadeerah) team striving to work in the way of giving dawah through our clothing and accessories, inshallah.

Here we are!

Here is a picture of Nadeerah and Jihad Abdul Jabbar.


MIM This UK company offers T Shirts with the images of Chechen and Afghani terrorists and proclaims "we do our utmost to produce garments with love, that are a value for money."

MIM: According to her bio Ilm designer 'Nanashi -X' doesn't know what ILM means in Arabic.

".... . Ilm is also Arabic for knowledge..."


Nanahsi is an insomniac, putting her heart and soul into every design, hoping that you'll connect with her messages – both the seen and the unseen. She was kicked out of formal education because she virtually gave up writing, in favour of drawing for all her assignments – all because someone told her once that a picture was worth a thousand words. For that reason, she's not too good on email.

KTB : Forest Green 14.95 (UK =$30 US)

Mullah : Black


MIM: The inherent contradiction of selling $30 dollar Jihad T shirts "made with love" and " a value for money," while trashing capitalism has eluded the 'bright lights' at Ilm. Below the ultimate Jihadi fashion statement - a 'martyrs' T-shirt in khaki green.

Martyr - "Live a praiseworthy life And
die a Martyr's death" : Olive Green

"...We do our utmost to produce garments with love, that are value for money..." http://www.ilmwear.com/

"...A t-shirt ain't gonna change the world, but it might make you feel better, help you make new friends and be your piece of kryptonite against Capitalist scumbags.

The humble t-shirt used to be the uniform of the poor, the disenfranchised, the dude on the street, when you'd clocked out and weren't a slave to ‘The Man'. Now it's been hijacked for designer exploitation and corporate enslavement..."

"...We are more that happy for you to join our clan. If you wanna stock our goods, then what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let's cut a deal!.."

MIM: ILM takes all major credit cards.


MIM: The Ilm mission statement also advises the wearers of their Jihadi T- shirts to "Peace out ".

"ilmwear was set up at the end of 2004. The intention is to carry on that long tradition of using the T-shirt as your own personal billboard. ilm stands for the information liberation movement. Ilm is also Arabic for knowledge..."

"...If some of you are worried about wearing Arabic certain places, then don't be – be safe in the knowledge that top scholars have said ‘have no fear'..."

Peace out!

MIM: For Ilmwear customers who do not take comfort in the above messages perhaps this button from Toledo Muslims ( who used to sell a T Shirt with the same message) will do the trick in assuaging some 'peaced off' infidel.


$2.50 from Toledo Muslims

The "I Am Not a Terrorist' button ( and T shirt )are no longer shown on the Toledo Muslims website, and have been replaced by the more humorous message of 'peace respect love is Islam' .

Note that they are available only in packages of 100 for distribution to infidels(!)

Peace Islam 2.25" Buttons (100 pack)



The 'Jihad/Khalifah' button in Arabic sends one message to Muslims and can be worn together with the 'Peace respect love is Islam' button to attract potential converts: : $3.25

MIM:'Jihad'/Khalifah T shirts, hoodies,bags, and infant 'creepers' are also available.

* Bomb belts and explosives not included.

 Infant Creeper



MIM: The Jihad/Khalifah button is the perfect acessory to wear with the' I know the truth ...Islam' T- shirt'.

True Islam Jersey

$27.99 From, Toledo Muslims

-Kalmah "Allah is Great" Jr. Hoodie

Allah is Great hoodie $34.99


MIM: Two satirical versions of Islamically correct Barbies


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