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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Dutch PM says politician facing death threats from Muslims ruins Holland's "good humor"

Dutch PM says politician facing death threats from Muslims ruins Holland's "good humor"

February 24, 2008

Prime Minister Says Wilders Ruins Good Atmosphere

THE HAGUE, 23/02/08 - Tensions in Dutch society are increasing. This is because Muslims and Antilleans are discussed in unbalanced and overly harsh terms, according to Premier Jan Peter Balkenende.

The premier says in an interview with De Volkskrant that the Social and Cultural Planning Bureau (SCP) concluded last year that the Netherlands had its good humour back again. "And now, in the recent period - and that is due to the tone of the debate - the matter appears to be sharpening up rather again" says Balkenende.

The Christian democratic (CDA) premier blames the change in the atmosphere that he sees on the debating technique of the Party for Freedom (PVV) and "the discussion around a certain film." By this he evidently means the 15-minute film about the Koran that PVV leader Geert Wilders wants to broadcast in March. "Concern exists abroad. In the Netherlands as well."

In the pre-publication of the interview released by De Volkskrant Friday - the interview appears Saturday - the premier also criticises PVV MP Hero Brinkman's suggestion of selling the Netherlands Antilles to the highest bidder. This remark is "disrespectful and unwise," he considers. "You can be sharp, but freedom of speech carries responsibility."

Balkenende warns of the risks when mistrust creeps into a community. "This type of society performs worse. In the Netherlands, we face the question: Do we remain a high-trust society?"

The premier looked back with satisfaction on the first year of his fourth cabinet. "With the exception of dismissal law, we have got through all the difficult dossiers. Perhaps not always con amore. But the result counts." His three previous cabinets fell prematurely.



Wilders: 'Balkenende beroepslafaard' Geert Wilders vindt premier Balkenende 'een beroepslafaard'. Hij zegt dat in reactie op een interview waarin Balkenende Wilders de schuld geeft van onrust in Nederland.

Het is de schuld van Geert Wilders dat de spanningen in de Nederlandse samenleving weer oplopen, zegt premier Balkenende tegen de Volkskrant.

Hij noemt de PVV en de 'discussie rond een zekere film' als oorzaak. Ook vindt hij de oproep van PVV-parlementariėr Hero Brinkman om de Antillen via internet te verkopen 'respectloos en onverstandig', zo zegt de premier tegen De Volkskrant.

Wilders meent in een reactie dat de minister president 'zijn land en cultuur omwille van de goede vrede nog aan de duivel verkoopt'. Balkenende neemt volgens hem 'een groeiend aantal Nederlanders niet serieus'.

De premier is in het interview zeer ingenomen met het eerste regeringsjaar van CDA, PvdA en ChristenUnie: 'het resultaat telt'. http://www.telegraaf.nl/binnenland/3374591/_Wilders__Balkenende_lafaard__.html?p=31,1

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