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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Islamic Relief fundraiser for 'orphans' and terrorists billed as' Muslim Family Entertainment Night' at Nova Southeastern U &The Islamic Society of Central Florida

Islamic Relief fundraiser for 'orphans' and terrorists billed as' Muslim Family Entertainment Night' at Nova Southeastern U &The Islamic Society of Central Florida

Fundamentalism for the whole Family -Yusuf Islam collaborators coming from UK to fundraise for Islamic Relief & Al Qaeda in FL
November 23, 2004

MIM: Terror fundraising as family entertainment.

Click for more information!

In Concert

Native Deen

Qari Abdul Jaleel

Qari Asif


Dec. 4, 2004 - 6:00 PM

Nova Southeastern University

Tickets: $12 per person or $50 per family (5 persons)

Proceeds will benefit Islamic Relief

Contact: Basit Hasan or Omer Subhani

"Assalamu Alaykum and Eid Mubarak! from the Madinah Foundation. http://www.madinah.org/about.htm

We are pleased to announce the following upcoming program and invite all of you, your familles and friends to this exciting event. It will be an evening filled with Hamd (praise) and Dhikr (remembrance) of Allah Most High, His Last Messenger (peace be upon him), and His Deen (Islam). Among the most popular and loved artists from the UK and US will be here in South Florida for the first time ever on Saturday, December 4, 2004. http://www.madinah.org/index.html

There will be a second performance in Orlando on Sunday, December 5, 2004 (please contact the Islamic Society of Central Florida directly for information about the Orlando performance). Nasheeds/qasidas/naats will be performed in English, Arabic, and Urdu. Insha'Allah there will be something for the heart of every Muslim...young, old, and from any culture. http://www.iscf.org/

Please come and inform your communities, families, and friends

. Space is very limited and tickets should be purchased in advance. Madinah Foundation volunteers will be at local South Florida masajid selling tickets after Jummah prayers. You may also purchase tickets online at the following link: http://www.mollyguard.com/event/14406089

*Fundraising proceeds from this evening to benefit Islamic Relief Orphans*


MIM: According to Webster's dictionary an orphan is " a child whose parents are dead" . The Islamic Relief definition of an orphan is someone whose father has died "or has been killed" - which implies that killing one's self in the guise of a human bomb would fit the bill for Islamic Relief as would "Mujihadeen'.

"The criterion for selection of an orphan is determined by the situation of the child. Children are selected whose fathers have died or have been killed. Their mother, a relative or a recognized institution cares for most orphans. Your monthly contribution will not only benefit the orphan, but his/her family as well".http://www.irw.org/orphans/

MIM: A look at Islamic Relief's aptly termed "Orphan Sponsorship Scheme" reveals that all of the Bosnian children listed are in fact 'one parent orphans' . The website lists the dates when "the father was killed".In many cases this turns out to be within months of the listed birthdate of the child in question! http://www.alyateem.com/#


MIM: The old "orphans" for Al Qaeda and terrorism ploy.It seems like there are no Islamist fundraisers involving Yusuf Islam which don't use the codeword 'orphan' to stave off any scrutiny or accusations of terrorist fund raising. On December 4th and 5th a group of "entertainers" from the UK with close ties to Yusuf Islam plan to stage a "Muslim Family Entertainment Night" as Nova Southeastern University and Masjid Al Rahman in Orlando. Two weeks ago the Islamic Society of Central Florida which is sponsoring the fundraiser, hosted the program"Allah Made Me Funny".It appears that the local Islamists are deadset on putting 'the fun into fundamentalism' here in Sunni South Florida.

Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens, turned 'orphan fundraising' into a Wahabi funded cottage industry for terrorists. In addition to acting as the treasurer of the Muslim Council of Britain in 1999, whose board members now run his Al Qaeda supporting Muslim Aid organisation, Islam also started an Islamic School in Dagestan at the same time the Russians were fighting the Chechen terrorists there.

Islam was deported in September from the United States when he came to fundraise for a new 'charity' after he placed his Muslim Aid organisation into the hands of the members of the Muslim Council of Britain.The webmaster for Muslim Aid was none other then Iqbal Asaria, the chairman of the MCB's finance and economic committee. Asaria himself is linked to Al Qaeda, Al Muhajiroun, the CDLR and MIRA. He also ran the websites Ummah.org and Jihad.org. According to Spanish police Muslim Aid was funding Al Qaeda / Muhajideen terrorists in Bosnia. Islam touchingly named his new fundraising front "Small Kindness". see: http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/293

Iqbal Sacranie, the Secretary General of The Muslim Council of Britain is listed as a trustee of Muslim Aid . Hanni Al Banna, the head of Islamic Relief, is also a trustee of Muslim Aid which indicates that both organisations are working together . http://web.archive.org/web/20010124133800/www.muslimaid.org/info-hist.html

Now Yusuf Islam's cohorts are coming from the UK to the Fort Lauderdale Florida to raise money for the Islamic Relief organisation. They are holding one of the fund raisers at a 'satellite' masjid under the aegis of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, whose Imam is Muhammed Musri,is a 'moderate friend of terror'.

Islamic Relief is known to have a militant Islamist agenda and held a fundraiser in 1999 where Abu Zant, a featured speaker, told the crowd that the Gulf war in Iraq was one "between Islam and infidels". Islamic Relief main branch is in Birmingham, England, which also happens to be a hub of Al Muhajiroun activity. Islamic Relief in the U.S.is based in Burbank., California .

Given the fact that the 'charity' is already operating in the U.S. one wonders why it is necessary to import any terror fundraisers from the UK as " Muslim family entertainment".


MIM: According to Michelle Malkin Islamic Relief in Burbank accepted $50,000 dollars from an alleged Bin Laden front group at it's UK office:

Here is a quote from the book called "INVASION" How America still
welcomes terrorists, criminals, and other foreign menances to our
shore." By Michelle Malkin.

page 18

"Buy a high tech ticket"

Data from the United States Department of Labor reveals that four
Muslim charities under federal investigation for ties to terrorism
applied for high tech, or H1-B visas, on behalf of at least sixteen
workers over the past years. Three of the charities-the Global Relief
Foundation of Bridgeview, Illinois, the Holy Land Foundation for
Relief and Development in Richardson, Texas, and the Benevolence
International Foundation of Palos Heights, Illionois-had their assets
frozen by the Treasury Department after September 11 attacks. The
fourth, Islamic Relief Worldwide in Burbank, California, accepted
$50,000 from an alleged bin Laden front group at its British office,
according to Treasury officials."



According to Steven Emerson:

On May 9, 1996, Mrs. Clinton met with an Arab delegation that included Muthanna Hanooti, public relations director of the Islamic Relief Association (the meeting had been arranged by Rep. David Bonior of Michigan). Although constituted as a nonprofit charity, the Islamic Relief Association clearly has a militant agenda.

On April 21, 1996--less than three weeks before the meeting with Mrs. Clinton--the association had held a fund-raiser in Brooklyn, N.Y., where the main speaker was Sheik Abdulmunem Abu Zant, a militant Jordanian cleric. From 1990 to 1998, Mr. Abu Zant was a deputy in the Jordanian parliament and the self-proclaimed leader of the most radical wing of the Islamic Action Front. He is an ardent supporter of Hamas and has repeatedly called for holy war against Israel and the U.S. During the 1991 Gulf War, Mr. Abu Zant stated that the conflict "is not a war between Iraq and the U.S., but rather one between Islam and the infidels." In August 1990 he gave a sermon, during which he thundered: "May God attack the Jews and those who stand with them. May God attack the Americans and those who stand with them."



Islamic Relief made the "Who's Who of "Islamic Organisations which support the Islamic Terrorists in Chechyna".

The Islamic charitable organization " the Voice of the Chechen Republic " (Islamic Relief/Chechnya appeal), the post address: p.o. box 6098. Burbank, California, 91510, ph. 1-888-479-4968. It is registered in the Department of state of the USA. At the end of 1999 rendered the various help to Muslim communities in territory of Northern Caucasus;

Islamic Relief, headquarters is located in Birmingham (Great Britain) and in the USA (the address: P.O.A. 3610, W6 TM, Suite 362. Los Angeles. CA, 90020. ph. (818) 509-1014, since August, 2000 - 1919 W.Magnolia BLVD Burbank, CA 91506). Not state organization, is created in 1984. Has branches in Azerbaijan, Albania, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Pakistan, Russia, the USA, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland, France, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland. The chapter of the organization - Gani the Al-bath which father participated in attempt at the president of Egypt Abdel Nasera and subsequently has been executed.


PDF] The proliferation of biological weapons to states in the Middle ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... The rising number of Brotherhood non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like Islamic
Relief, Mercy International, Muslim Association, Muslim Arab Youth Movement ...
www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/ cpc-pubs/know_thy_enemy/servold.pdf - Similar pages


MIM: It is worth noting that after Yusuf Islam served as the treasurer of the Muslim Council of Britain in 1999 at the same time he was running the Al Qaeda funding Muslim Aid 'charity' which he left in the capable and culpable hands of the Muslim Council of Britain so he could launch a new terrorist funding front called "Small Kindness'.

Hanni al Banna the present director of Islamic Relief in the UK, is listed as a member of the Board of Trustees of Muslim Aid. The presence of Al Banna and Sacranie on the MA board of trustees shows that there are 'zero degrees of separation' between Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid.

The present secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, Iqbal Sacranie, is listed as the chairman of Muslim Aid.Other MCB board members names can also be found on the Muslim Aid Board of trustees.


Muslim Aid Board of Trustees (18)
Office-Bearers (4)
Chairman	Iqbal Sacranie (MCB)
Vice Chairman 	Dr Suhaib Hasan
Treasurer 	Mehboob Kanthari
Secretary 	Farooq Murad
Executive Committee members (4) (besides office-bearers)
Dr Manazir Ahsan, Khadhem Al-Rawi, Dr Abdul Majid Katme,
Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui, M Hashir Faruqi, Chaudhry Mueenuddin.
Other Trustees (10)
Dr Hani al-Banna(IR) Dr Khalid Alavi, Mohammed Abdussalam,
Ahmed von Denffer, Zahid Perviz, Dr Tariq Yusuf Rajabee,
S M Tanzeem Wasti, Mohammed Zabadane, Ghulam Sarwar.
Ebrahimsa Mohammed


In 2000 the new Secretary General appointed to the Muslim Council of Britain was none other then Fadi Eattani who also 'happened' to be the treasurer of Muslim Relief ! One cannot help but surmise that both Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief were privy to funding from the MCB for the'orphans'.


The newly elected office bearers of the Muslim Council of Britain, who will serve for the next two years are: Yousuf Bhailok, Secreatary General, Lawyer Mahmood Al-Rashid, Deputy Secreatary General, Cllr. Mohammad Afzal Khan, Assistant Secretary General and Fadi Ettani, of Islamic Relief, Treasurer.


MIM: In 2002 the British government notorious for their lax laws and toleration of terrorism launched a drive against 'world poverty' which included both Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief, showing that their are 'zero degrees of separation between both 'charities' and the Muslim Council of Britain.


16 January 2002
"The Rt. Hon. Clare Short MP, Minister for International Development, is set to join the launch of 'Target 2015: Halving World Poverty' on Wednesday January 16th. The Muslim Council of Britain in conjunction with the Department for International Development (DFID), Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid today launches the publication 'Target 2015: Halving World Poverty'.

Target 2015 is a new collaboration between the British Government and British Muslim charities to realise the common good. It is an attempt to turn a shared vision of reducing global poverty into reality. Clare Short said "It is morally indefensible that one in five of the people who share our small planet are living in abject poverty".


MIM: In 2002 A report by the Spanish police linked Muslim Aid to Al Qaeda.

MIM:In 2002 Muslim Aid was linked by Spanish police to Al Qaeda activities . They accused the group of using their funds for recruiting Mujahideen (Al Qaeda) fighters for Bosnia In 2002.

" MADRID, Spain (CNN) -- 12/8/02

"Spanish police have accused 10 Islamic charities -- some of them based in Saudi Arabia -- of providing funding and other support for al Qaeda terrorist activities, Spain's largest newspaper reported on Sunday...

...The 10 charities, according to the Spanish police report, are: (MIM: Muslim Aid is 3rd on the list)

Muslim Aid, created in London by singer Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf Islam), which used funds to send mujahadeen fighters to Bosnia. "



MIM: Islamic Relief in the UK works closely with the Birmingham Central Mosque.

In the past year a BCM Imam and congregants were involved with 2 murders of BCM members and the mosque was blanketted with leaflets calling on Muslims to become terrorists and "pray for the death and decay of the west." The BCM leader Muhammed Naseem, professed 'embarressment' when posters with Osama Bin Laden 'celebrating' the 9/11 attacks recently found on mosque premises in September and plastered all over the city of Birmingham. The BCM' made the news again recently when a ' memorial display' for the beheaded hostage Ken Bigley, was vandalised and the condolence book stolen.

Birmingham Central Mosque
... Dr Hani el Banna - Islamic Relief Chair, Eid al-Fitr at the Birmingham Central Mosque
took place on Saturday 13th November 2004 and was a huge success. ...
www.centralmosque.org.uk/ - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

For more information on the Birmingham Central Mosque and articles pertaining to the stories above see:




Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda group

From Jane's Information Group Limited : 2001

"At the height of the foreign Arab and Muslim influx into Pakistan-Afghanistan from 1984-1986, Bin Laden spent time traveling widely and raising funds in the Arab world. He recruited several thousand Arab and Muslim youths to fight the Soviet Union, and MaK channeled several billion dollars' worth of Western governmental financial and material resources for the Afghan jihad. MaK worked closely with Pakistan, especially the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), the Saudi government and Egyptian governments, and the vast Muslim Brotherhood network. Both the fighting and relief efforts were assisted by two banks - Dar al Mal al Islami, founded by Turki's brother Prince Mohammad Faisal in 1981 and Dalla al Baraka founded by King Fahd's brother-in-law in 1982.

The banks channeled funds to 20 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the most famous of which was the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO). Both IIRO and the Islamic Relief Agency functioned under the umbrella of the World Islamic League led by Mufti Abdul Aziz bin Baz.

In addition to benefitting from the vast resources and expertise of governments channeled through domestic and foreign sources, MaK developed an independent global reach through several mosques and charities throughout the world."


MIM: Excerpt from : The Osama Bin Laden Terrorism Network


The U.S. has been able to freeze parts of bin Laden's assets. But al-Qaeda is believed to be financially supported by profitable front businesses, heroin smuggling, and donations from affluent Muslims and and from some states.

Since the mid-1990s, business executives in Saudi Arabia have transferred tens of millions of dollars to bank accounts linked to Osama bin Laden. The money was deposited into the accounts of Islamic charities, including Islamic Relief and Blessed Relief, that serve as fronts for bin Laden, according to senior U.S. government officials.

"The money comes from a lot of countries, often under pretext of helping freedom fighters in Palestine and Kashmir...and some of it goes to bin Laden," said Stephen Phillip Cohen, a South Asia expert and former State Department official. "He's sort of the Ford Foundation of terrorists," providing support for projects he considers worthy, he said.


MIM: Mohammed al Zawahari the brother of Bin Laden deputy Ayman Al Zawahiri was put on trial in Egypt . His lawyer said "he was not a warrior" but working with the Saudi based International Committee for Islamic Relief' . The connection between the IIRO and the IR have been a source of confusion because of the similarity of names. In fact they are both connected to the Saudis and Al Qaeda. The Islamic Relief Group has a presence in the US and UK and appears to be the 'anglo' wing of the organisation.


El-Zayat acted as Mohammed al-Zawahri's attorney for the 1999 trial, but did not expect to represent him in the upcoming trial.

Al-Zawahri is an engineer by profession. El-Zayat said he was not a warrior, but was in Afghanistan working with a Saudi-based Islamic relief agency, The International Committee for Islamic Relief.


Excerpt from "Profile of Yusuf Islam" showing that he extended the reach of ' Muslim Aid ' with his Small Kindness 'charity' aimed at Bosnia.


RELIEF WORK Muslim Aid, an international aid agency, was established by Brother Yusuf Islam in 1985 in co-operation with other Muslim organisations, he being the founding Chairman.

Its aim was to alleviate poverty and provide relief for the victims of wars and natural disasters. In 1994 / 1995 the organisation helped some 400,000 people in need around the world, distributing around £2 million in aid.

Last year Brother Yusuf resigned his role as Chairman and left Muslim Aid, but is still very actively involved in Relief with his new charity Small Kindness which concentrate on orphans and families. He currently supports 2,500 orphans and children in Kosova and is supporting ‘100 – Homes' building project in Turkey.


MIM:The Islamic Society of Central Florida and the Madinah Foundation and Islamic Relief. Yusuf Islam dispatches his minions to Florida to raise money for Al Qaeda linked charity .


Madinah Foundation, Islamic Society of Central Florida, and Islamic Relief present...

Muslim Family Entertainment Night In Concert:

USA Native Deen Urban Contemporary Nasheed www.nativedeen.com Native Deen's eclectic sound that takes root in their American Muslim upbringing has made this trio a hit with people of all ages. Native Deen has toured internationally including the UK and Africa. Native Deen performs courtesy of Yusuf Islam's Mountain of Light Productions

UK Traditional Naat and Nasheed Qari Abdul Jaleel Qari Abdul Jaleel has toured with Yusuf Islam in the UK, Qari Asif performing in English, Arabic, and Urdu www.lightofhira.co.uk

UK Traditional and Contemporary Nasheed SHAAM Shaam are one of the leading exponents of nasheed signing www.meemmusic.com in English, Arabic, and Urdu. Based in Birmingham, they are the UK's leading nasheed group. Shaam performs courtesy of Meem Music.

Saturday, December 4, 2004 @ 6:00 PM

Tickets: NOVA Southeastern University $12/person
Minaici Performing Arts Center $50/family (5 persons) 3100 Ray Ferrero Jr. Blvd.

Online @ Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314 http://www.mollyguard.com/event/14406089

Sunday, December 5, 2004 @ 6:00 PM

Contact: Masjid Al-Rahman Basit Hasan 1089 N. Goldenrod Rd

. 786-245-6014 Orlando, FL 32807 [email protected] www.iscf.org 407-273-7750

Fauzia Mohamed or Omer Subhani 305-803-6939 954-445-5598

*Fundraising proceeds to benefit Islamic Relief Orphans*
For more information about the Madinah Foundation please visit www.madinah.org.




MIM: According to his website Qari Abdul Jaleel who toured with Yusuf Islam in the UK is also a Quranic recitation teacher from the Deobandi School in India. He then went to the UK where he "requested work with many organisations".

Professional Career: In August 1983 Qari Jaleel was appointed a lecturer of Tajweed and Qira'ah by the management of the university Darul Uloom Deoband. He then went to the United Kingdom in 1986 where he was requested to work with many organizations. Qari Jaleel agreed to work with the Islamic Educational Society in Blackburn, UK and continued to work with them till 1992. He decided to leave in order to pay full attention to Majlis Saut Ul Qur'an which he established in 1989.

Majlis Saut Ul Qur'an: The main objectives of his organisation was to teach children and adults from all walks of life to improve their Qur'an recitation. To this day he has produced hundreds of students in UK and around the world. He is still continuing his work at Majlis Saut ul Qur'an UK with the same zeal that he possessed from the outset.


MIM: Jaleel's website boasts links to several Islamic schools in the UK. This is taken from the "About Us" page of the Shariah Institute which, like Islamic Relief, is based in Birmingham.



"...The Islamic Shariah Institute is a charitable organisation established to cater for the religious and educational needs of the Ummah of the Holy Prophet Mohammad saw.gif (955 bytes). It aims to initiate revival and establish the comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Quran and Sunnah as understood by the Sahabah, Tabieen, Tab' Tabieen, the Mujtahid Imams and the pre-eminent Ulama of this Ummah.

The 20th century has seen a great geographical change to the Islamic world that our religious ancestors lived in. We no longer have the neat dividing line of East and West. Many Muslims find themselves living as minorities in predominantly non-Islamic countries. Hence, as Muslims, it is necessary for us to have a deeper and clearer understanding of our deen and its origin. It is vital for us to provide a good, well-balanced, well-resourced Islamic education for young Muslims if they are to be successful in this life – and the next, Insha –Allah ..."


MIM: Jaleel's Deoband Dar Ul Uloom alma mater has run into financial trouble it seems . While their alumnus plans a fundraising trip to America for Islamic Relief . The madrassah seems to be suffering from a shortage of "food materials to feed the students" ,"skins of slaughtered animals", and "electric stuff".



Those wishing to render help in cash can pay it to the Safeers, appointed by Darul Uloom to collect donations for various regions, and get receipt. Or, they can directly send it via money order, DD or Cheque to the following addresses. Having received the money you shall, in sha Allah, be delivered the receipt:

For cheques and Drafts write: "Darul Uloom Deoband"
Bank Name: State Bank of India, branch Deoband A/C 62176
Account number for out of India: 1492 Central Bank of India branch Deoband

Donation in kind:

You can be of help by offering:

Syllabus and study books for the Library of Darul Uloom.

Construction materials such as brick, cement, rod etc.

Fans and other electric stuff for classes

Food materials such as wheat etc for students

Skins of slaughtered animals at the time of Eid-ul Azha

Medicines for the Azmat Hospital of Darul Uloom

Computers, parts of computer, original softwares etc. for the Computer Department

Clothes for poor students

All the donations offered to Darul Uloom are exempted from taxation under the Law of Income Tax G-80.

Postal Address:

(Maulana) Margoobur Rahman
Muhtamim Darul Uloom Deobnad
247554, Saharanpur, UP, India


Off. 0091-1336-222429
Res. 0091-1336-222332

Fax: 0091-1136-222768


MIM: Poster for the terrorism funding Islamic Relief Organisation cynically exploiting the 9/11 attacks to solicit donations under the pretext of 'helping' the victims they helped to create.


Islamic Relief Action Alert

As Muslims, we don't distinguish between religion, race, or nationality in assisting those in need. The horrific tragedy which has occurred in the U.S. cities of Washington, DC and New York has left thousands dead and severely injured. During possibly the biggest tragedy in the history of this country, we, as American Muslims, must help assist those in need.

The number of confirmed dead and those reported missing from the September 11 attacks is more than 5,500. Thousands of people have been left unemployed, and have lost their families and friends.


· Send in your donations to Islamic Relief:

"Emergency Aid for Victims of Washington D.C. and New York City Tragedies"

· Donate blood. Islamic Relief, and the Los Angeles Muslim community will be holding a blood drive on Saturday, September 29th at the UMMA Free Clinic, from 10AM to 4PM. It is really important that the Muslim community comes out and supports this very important cause.

UMMA Free Clinic
711 W. Florence Ave.
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 789-5610

· Talk to your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Tell them that the Muslim community shares in the sorrow of what happened, and that we are actively working to help the victims.

· Please stay safe, and keep your loved ones safe.

Please contact Islamic Relief at (888) 479-4968, or e-mail us at [email protected] for more information, or if you wish to offer assistance.


MIM: The crypto facist group known as La Voz de Aztlan which wants to set up a hispanic/Mexican republic in the United States published this message on "How to assist the beseiged Palestinians". It gave the address for donations as Islamic Relief in Burbank and the website address of IR in the UK. The writer of the letter , Tom Saffold, also boasts of his involvement with activities of the International Solidarity Movement in Beit Jala and appeals for donations for the ISM through the auspices of the Ann Arbor based ' Center for Creative Democracy"


'America's Palestinians'

On its website, a group called "La Voz de Aztlan," the Voice of Aztlan, identifies Mexicans in the U.S. as "America's Palestinians." Many Mexicans see themselves as part of a transnational ethnic group known as "La Raza," the race. A May editorial on the website, with a dateline of Los Angeles, Alta California, declares that "both La Raza and the Palestinians have been displaced by invaders that have utilized military means to conquer and occupy our territories."

But the threat of secession is not merely from groups that might be considered on the fringe, Spencer insists, noting the declarations of Mexican leaders, up to the highest office. Former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo said in a 1997 speech in Chicago to the "National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy group, that he "proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important – a very important – part of this."



How to assist the besieged Palestinians
... 1-888-479-4968 www.irw.org [It is advised to send unsigned money orders
or cash to:] Islamic Relief PO Box 6098 Burbank, CA 91510 ...
soc.culture.palestine - Apr 4, 2002 by Zionist - View Thread (7 articles)

La Voz de Aztlan
Los Angeles, Alta Californi
April 3, 2002
Dear Subscriber
RE: How to assist the besieged Palestinian
We have received inquiries from our readers and
subscribers concerning how to assist th
besieged and suffering Palestinian people who
are presently in a state of urgent emergency.
Palestinian families are rapidly running out of
food, water and essential medicines as a cau
of the brutal Zionist military occupation.
Every national group, thank God, has peopl
of conscience. There are many good peopl
among La Raza, Americans, Blacks and y
even among the Jews. They have always com
forward in defense of the human rights of peopl
in danger of extermination. Here in the U.S. ther
were courageous Americans who ran th
"Underground Railroad" to protect Afro-American
slaves seeking freedom in the north and Mexico
was the beneficiary of the heroic actions of
Irish soldiers who gave their lives to fight th
U.S. Imperialists during the Mexican-American
War of conquest.
Below are three ways by which you can help if
it is within your means. We received the information
through a friend on the net. Please, always verify
for yourselves any information you receive from
anyone on the World Wide Web. The first is a way
as to how you can directly serve as a human shield
for the Palestinians against the racist Zionists. Th
 International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is led by
 the Reverend Thom Saffold. There are pictur
 of their actions at
 The second way is to make a direct donation to
 There is a website below with information.
 The third way is to join the increasing number of
 demonstrations underway in the U.S. and th
 world against the Zionist aggression. There i
 a website link below with information on some of th
Dear People of Conscience,
Israel's Prime Minister Sharon seems intent on dealing
with suicide bombers by putting all Palestinians under
a massive military thumb and utterly repressing them,
not matter how many Palestinians die. As you know, h
justifies this as "defense" of Israeli citizens, yet
such utter repression will only motivate more and mor
people to devote their lives to revenge.
Part of Sharon's plan is to force foreigners and
journalists to leave the major cities. High on hi
list of foreigners to eject, undoubtedly, are member
of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Th
brave citizens of Europe, America, Canada, Australia,
and other nations have committed the ultimate sin in
the minds of people like Sharon-they have protected
Palestinians from his wrath and focused medi
attention on the true nature of the Occupation.
I helped organize the first ISM campaign in August.
Since then, the ISM has challenged the military
occupation and American media silence by using th
militant, nonviolent direct action methods of Martin
Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, and other strategists of
human rights campaigns. We have worked with
Palestinians and Israelis who share our commitment to
achieving peace with peaceful means, and justice by
speaking truth to power with our lives.
On Monday, Israeli soldiers fired live ammunition at
peaceful demonstration led by ISM volunteers in Beit
Jala. There was no provocation, and seven people,
including two journalists, were wounded.
Since then, I have spent hours responding to over 50
Americans and several other people who ar
traveling to Palestine NOW or in the near future.
Jews and Gentiles, nurses and students and doctors and
accountants, young and not-so-young, people are saying
"I saw the ISM at work on news broadcasts and am
inspired by their dedication to the best of human
ideals. I've never done anything like this before,
but I am determined to join them."
I am writing this to you to appeal for two thing
1. Perhaps you or someone you know would be willing
to become an ISM volunteer. It is dangerous work, and
according to Adam Shapiro, the Israelis are trying to
block people from entering the West Bank. However,
the ISM has strategies to deal with this. If you ar
interested, please reply to this e-mail, or call me at

2. We are in DESPERATE need of money. We can send
more people if we have money to subsidize them, and,
as in the days of the Civil Rights Movement, we need
money for legal fees for our members who are arrested.
PLEASE send a generous donation to
The Center for Creative Democracy
2084 Pauline Blvd. #2-B
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

This campaign began in the spirit of the great Selm
Campaign of 1965, and of Dr. King who urged
Northerners to stand in solidarity with thousands of
people standing up to injustice. The Palestinian
people are no less worthy of attaining their right
than were African Americans. The circumstances of
their oppression are different than under Southern Jim
Crow society, but the tools for achieving justice ar
the same: Standing up to violence with nonviolence,
challenging lies with truth, meeting murderous hatred
and racism with love and a willingness to die that all
people might be free.
Please respond.
Thom Saffold
Ann Arbor, MI

Islamic Relief has offices in Gaza and has provided
medical aid and food for 177,000 people. Please RUSH
your donation to the innocent civilians suffering in
Palestine TODAY.
1-888-479-4968 www.irw.org
[It is advised to send unsigned money orders or cash
Islamic Relief
PO Box 6098
Burbank, CA 91510
See http://www.iacenter.org/ for protest info SATURDAY,
AGAINST WAR & RACISM! Also in San Francisco on April
Forwarded by
La Voz de Aztlan

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