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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > The United States of Allah & Muqtedar Khan : American Islamists recruit Muslim voters with the message : "We are this Nation"

The United States of Allah & Muqtedar Khan : American Islamists recruit Muslim voters with the message : "We are this Nation"

Muslim 'leader' Hamza Yusuf tells ISNA convention :" Democracy must embrace Islam "( not the other way around)
September 9, 2004

MIM :The United States of Allah

For American Muslims, voting is a form of Islamic propagation and a religious obligation.

Below :The torch of Liberty becomes the ' torch of Shari'a' .

The cover of " American Muslims by the Muqtedar Khan (who is touted as a Muslim moderate) makes no secret of American Muslim's intentions to Islamise America...

MIM: The war against militant Islam is being fought abroad militarily and is being waged in the US politically.

At the same time, American Muslims feel they can acheive their goal of Islamisation of the world by political means.

Ironically American Muslims are striving to replace the Constitution with the Koran using the very freedoms which it guarantees to it's citizens as a means of pushing their Islamist agendas under the guise of civil rights and diversity.

Muslims in America are gloating over their new found political power and the ability to swing the elections by sheer force of numbers.

Getting out the vote has become the new "political Jihad".


bismill2.gif (1891 bytes)


What Should American Muslims Do?

M. A. Muqtedar Khan Ph.D

Final Thoughts

..."Participation in the American democratic process is a form of Ibadah (worship) as well as Dawah (dialogue) for American Muslims. By engaging in the affairs of our times they become part of the Shura (deliberations) that shapes our present and future. By taking positions that are informed by a desire to enjoin good and forbid evil and by advocating maslaha (public interest) they are also partaking in a constructive dialogue with mainstream America (Dawah). In pluralist societies, where people of many faiths have agreed to live together in harmony, the Islamic thing to do is to pursue universal values and universal public goods. In addition, it is important to remember that this game is not a single iteration model. There will be many more elections to come and American Muslims must not act as if this is the only shot they have at making a difference. American Muslims are here to stay; the impact of their presence must be slow, steady and continuous [xvi].

American Muslims must stop having an instrumental relationship with the American system. It is time the community went far beyond one or two defining issues and started integrating with the challenges that America faces at large. It must allow community members to find causes that they care for and let them vote their conscience. Voting blocks are antithetical to the spirit of democracy; they involve an undemocratic imposition of agenda defined by the elite on all members of the community. If American Muslims are to find an authentic expression to their citizenship, they must follow their conscience and vote for a better America based on self-interest and personal-judgment..."


MIM: Note : Muqtedar Khan deliberately deceives readers by translating Da'wa as " dialouge ". Da'wa is the word for Islamic propagation, which is a 'fard' obligation, upon all Muslims. Khan's attempt to give non Muslims the impression that Da'wa is a democratic give and take ia proof that his moderation is a facade to push his Islamist agenda which is revealed in his writing that :"Participation in the American Democratic process is a form of Ibadah (worship) as well as Dawah (dialouge) for American Muslims."

Khan is lying when he translates 'Dawa' as dialouge:

One of the largest Islamic propagation websites Dawa.net defines Da'wa as:

Definition of Dawa:

"Dawa means to invite non-Muslims to accept the truth of Islam. Performing Dawa involves both our words and actions."



Muslims make no secret of their intentions to Islamise the United States through voting.

Muslim Vote 2004



MIM: In 2000 Mugtedar Khan, who attempts to hide his Islamism under the guise of moderation wrote this article on i views. The very fact that Khan published on i views "blew his cover".

I views was a Muslim news service which was started by Ismail Randall Royer, a former CAIR spokesman, who was recently jailed for driving around Virginia with a loaded AK 47 rifle and with a plot to wage Jihad in the United States. Royer, a convert to Islam, had also fought with the Muhajideen in Bosnia. http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/000657.php

Khan's article on i-views reveals his Islamist vision of the United States, which he believes will be acheived demographically and a virulent anti semitism which 'goes with the territory'. http://www.iviews.com/news/


MIM: Royer's Islamism is evident in this pre jail 2002 article which he wrote as the 'communications director of the Muslim American Society' entitled: "America must reverse it's stance towards the Islamic world".

"... The Muslim world is turning to Islam. It's an outcome as inevitable as tomorrow's sunrise, and our government knows it..." http://www.masnet.org/articlesandpapers.asp?id=33

MIM: Ismail Royer's pre prison bio on Islamonline lists him as "Washington Bureau Chief of the online news site iviews.com where he wrote investigative pieces on anti Muslim organisations "

MIM: A revised version of Royer's bio should read - Royer was investigated and jailed for planning to wage Jihad and driving with a loaded weapon and ammunition through the suburbs of Virginia near the residences of many people he considered to be 'anti Muslim" Royer is now part of CAIR's media relations effort to spin his case as one of profiling and civil rights abuse".


MIM: Pre mugshot snapshot of Ismail Randall Royer -note the American flag on the right side of the picture.

"CAIR's Legal Tribulations"

Dr. Daniel Pipes on Ismail Randall Royer :

..."I mention this unsavory person because today he was indicted and arrested for his association with terrorism, specifically his having joined the Pakistani group Lashkar-e-Taiba, traveled to Pakistan, done propaganda work for it, and "fired at Indian positions in Kashmir." In addition, the indictment also states that Royer "possessed in his automobile an AK-47-style rifle and 219 rounds of ammunition" in September 2001. The grand jury charges that Royer "did unlawfully and knowingly begin, provide for, prepare a means for, and take part in a military expedition and enterprise to be carried on from the United States against the territory and dominion of India, a foreign state with whom the United States was at peace." http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/32

MIM: Ismail Royer according to Islamonline:


Ismail Royer is Communications Specialist for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, where he has worked in research and civil rights since 1997. He served as Washington Bureau Chief for the on-line news site iviews.com, where he wrote investigative pieces on anti-Muslim organizations. One of Mr. Royer's stories was designated one of the "Most Censored Press Releases of 1999" by Timothy McSweeney's, a literary journal. He currently writes news releases, speaks with journalists, conducts research, and monitors the media as part of CAIR's media relations effort.


MIM: Muqtedar Khan is listed as " a regular contributor to iviews.com"

Note the links to 'Jihad' at the bottom of the page:

"...But Muslims of New York and the US in general need not despair. The lack of moral spine in American politicians will eventually work for them sooner than later. There are already six million Muslims in America and Islam is by far the fastest growing religion in the US. At the present rate of growth there will be over 25 million Muslims in the US by the year 2025"...


Muqtedar Khan urges The Council on American Islamic Relations to gain inroads into the American legal system and praises their exploitation of civil rights and discrimination lawsuits to hinder legal action against Muslims . Khan's endorsement of CAIR, which is a Saudi backed front group for Hamas, currently under investigation by a Senate commitee, has also had several of their staff have jailed on terror related charges (see above ).

Khan's praise of CAIR totally negates any claims he or his supporters make that he is a Muslim moderate.


Excerpt From : "CAIR marks 10 years of advocacy"

"It (CAIR) has reduced the ability to attack Muslims in America," said Muqtedar Khan, who is the chair of political science at Adrian College in Michigan and a non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Khan added, however, that further development of CAIR's activities will be needed, specifically increasing its legislative influence and gaining the ability to bring lawsuits in discrimination cases.

"They are still the best Muslim player in the game, but they do not fully understand the game" if CAIR remains outside the legislative arena, said Khan.

But, calling CAIR "the most successful Muslim organization in North America," Khan said that the group "has filled the gap and has captured the imagination of the American Muslim community."




Hillary Clinton Rejects Muslim Support
By Muqtedar Khan, iViews, 2 November 2000
Mrs. Clinton's aides are currently busy returning the checks they have received from the Muslims of New York. Mrs. Clinton's campaign has decided that it will return the fifty thousand dollars it has received because Mrs. Clinton does not approve of Dr. Agha Saeed's views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Dr. Saeed teaches political science at the University of California, Berkeley and is the president of the American Muslim Alliance, which has been supporting Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Senate. This turn around has come after some Jewish groups in New York pointed out to Mrs. Clinton that Dr. Saeed not only opposes Israeli occupation of Palestine but also does not condemn use of violence by Palestinians in their struggle for a homeland. The Republican candidate Ricky Lazio has accused Mrs. Clinton of taking "blood money" from Muslims.

This is a curious turnaround since Mrs. Clinton herself has said publicly that Palestinians deserve an independent state. Now she will not take money from those who hold the same view. She cannot be opposed to violence per se, for she has not said a single word about the use of excessive force by Israelis that has killed over 130 Palestinians, including 40 children, in the last five weeks alone. Such turnarounds are perplexing only when one labors under the false assumptions that Mrs. Clinton is a politician of integrity. Strip of her character and political integrity and imagine her as a political opportunist who does what it takes to win, and voila you begin to understand the Machiavellian impulse behind her rejection of Muslim support.

There are over three and half million American Jews in New York, nearly as many as in Israel. No one can hope to win in New York without their money and their votes. There are barely 250,000 Muslim voters in New York. The math suggests that any sympathy Mrs. Clinton may have for Palestine's children must be killed like they were, if she has to win this senate race. Like her opponent, she is trying his best to appease the Jewish vote. At this moment she cannot afford to take risks by taking principled stances. Muslims, needless to say, are deeply frustrated and saddened by this development. Just as the Palestinians trusted President Clinton for seven years, the Muslims of New York too supported and trusted Hillary Clinton in this campaign, only to be rebuffed, insulted and made to feel as if they do not belong.

But Muslims of New York and the US in general need not despair. The lack of moral spine in American politicians will eventually work for them sooner than later. There are already six million Muslims in America and Islam is by far the fastest growing religion in the US. At the present rate of growth there will be over 25 million Muslims in the US by the year 2025.

Muslims have already overcome their moral inhibitions about bribing politicians (called campaign finance in the US). Soon they will not only be able to out-vote, but also out- bid the Jewish and most other ethnic lobbies.

Once Walter Mondale had refused to take money from Arab Americans. Today George Bush welcomes them with open arms and open wallets. On 26th October, Bush had no qualms standing next to "hijab" wearing Muslim women in front of network cameras while addressing a rally in Toledo. In this campaign, Muslim dollars and Muslim votes are working for him. All Muslim political action groups have already endorsed George Bush, including the one headed by Dr. Agha Saeed. They might very well make the decisive difference in this close presidential race. American Muslim must now allow this singular episode to undermine their political fervor.

This episode, if anything, underscores the importance of Muslim participation in American politics. We have to increase our numbers and also make inroads into the establishment. More and more Muslims must join the major parties and younger Muslims must seek careers in the media. Things change much faster in the age of the Internet. Political realignments happen overnight. Six years from now, If Mrs. Clinton runs again for the senate, it is likely she will be campaigning on a platform that will include a promise to open new schools in Ramallah and Palestinian Jerusalem.

Dr. Muqtedar Khan is a professor at Adrian College in Michigan. He is a regular contributor to iviews.com.

[Jihad] [Mainpage] [What's New?]


MIM: Muqtedar Khan is among the militant Islamists who uses Ijtihad as an euphemism for Jihad.

Itjihad is 'all the rage' among Muslim academics who pretend to be a moderates so they can "play both sides of the fence" as practicing Muslims who can indulge their Islamism and spout disingenuous rhetoric that Islamic values are inherently American.

Some Muslims even go so far as to refer to themselves as "Native American Muslims" and some have even tried to prove that inscriptions on petroglyphs from in the American West revealed the name of Allah (!) . http://www.themodernreligion.com/ht/before-columbus.html

In 1993 a group of Muslims ,among them the editor of The American Muslim American (TAM) held "A Great Pow Wow- American Muslims Come of Age":

The goal of the first North American Muslim Pow-Wow, she (Sheila Musaji TAM editor) said, was to bring together Muslims who are rooted in the soil of North America. The term "Pow-Wow" was chosen because this originally Algonquin word referred to the gatherings of the tribes across the Great Plains to strengthen their spiritual power as a great federation of peoples and to make decisions by mutual consultation on shaping their own future. .."

"...The Director of Dar al Islam and host of the Pow-Wow, Hakim Archuletta, modestly has stated that the pow-wow was inevitable because events directed by Allah outstrip human agendas. The growth of Islam in America as a source of wisdom to help Americans revive the best of America's heritage was not deliberately planned. But ancient Hopi prophecies state that a great white people will come from the East and bring great tribulations, but that the wisdom of the People will save them from themselves. The Pow-Wow, according to Sidi Hakim, represents at least the "possibility of this happening..."


Khan's own writing assures Muslims that they will soon be able to take over America politically and he mulls over the best way for them to accomplish this as a religous duty .

The fact that he was a frequent contributor to the ' iviews' , and his crude anti semitism, which is the anti thesis of democracy, are more proof of his Islamism.

In the case of 'American Muslims', the cover of Khan's most recent book speaks volumes,,,

Dr. Muqtedar Khan is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Adrian College in Michigan. He is a Visiting Fellow at Brookings Institution and a Fellow of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.

He earned his Ph.D. in International Relations, Political Philosophy, and Islamic Political Thought, from Georgetown University in May 2000.

For a comprehensive resume click here: Resume



In 2004 Muqtedar Khan published an article which asked the question : Muslim Voters: To Block Vote or Not?" see above :

One of the contributors he thanks for help in the article was none other then Kamran Bokhari - spokesman for Al Muhajiroun in North America. Al Muhajiroun is currently organising 'celebrations' of the 9/11 attacks which they call " A Towering Day in History" and refer to the hijackers "As the Magnificent 19". Kamran Bokhari parlayed his career as militant Islamist into that of Stratfor geo political intelligence analyst. Bokhari is currently employed by George Friedman the CEO of Strafor Inc. which is billed as a "quasi private CIA".

bismill2.gif (1891 bytes)


What Should American Muslims Do?

M. A. Muqtedar Khan Ph.D.

I am grateful to Fareed Senzai of Oxford University, Mir Ali Raza of William Paterson University, and Dilnawaz Siddiqui of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists, Kamran Bokhari of Stratfor.com and Zahid Bukhari of ICNA and Saeed Khan of ISPU for their insights in preparing this Policy Brief. While the document has definitely benefited from their suggestions, for its weaknesses and for its politics, I take full responsibility. I also want to use this opportunity to congratulate ISPU for helping expand the American discourse and for giving platform for multiple voices


MIM :Muqtedar Khan with Kamran Bokhari in October 2004. Bokhari is the North American spokesman for the group Al Muhajiroun, which had a picture of the Capitol building in flames on their now defunct website. (left) Anas Malik, (middle) Kamran Bokhari (right) Muqtedar Khan

Muqtedar Khan Outside the Grand Mosque in Mecca


Recent articles on the upcoming US elections which show that Muslims believe "We are this nation"...-

American Muslims open biggest meeting of year


ROSEMONT, Ill. - American Muslims opened their largest annual gathering Friday, emphasizing the importance of voting as the Muslim community struggles for political recognition.

More than 30,000 people were expected to attend the three-day meeting organized by the Islamic Society of North America, an umbrella association representing Muslim groups and mosques nationwide.

Voter registration booths will be set up, and American Muslims who have been elected to public office will discuss their campaigns. Two sessions have been dedicated to getting out the vote.

"We are this nation," said Kareem Irfan, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago.

The conference is the third for the Islamic Society since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

See: www.isna.net


Politics is hot topic at meeting of U.S. Muslims
by Dan Rozek
Source: Sun Times


A key theme is to encourage Muslims to step up their involvement in American society, including politics.

Muslim-Americans were well-represented at both national political conventions this summer, including having Muslims offer blessings at each convention.

A few years ago, some Muslims were uncomfortable taking stances or becoming active in politics -- partly because they may have come from countries with little tradition of political involvement.

"There was a time when Muslims had reservations, they didn't want to get involved," Syeed said. "Now Muslims at every level of society have worked to build connections."

Changes include having more Muslim-Americans run for and win election to political office, and having more Muslims register to vote. Registration booths will be open at the conference.

"We are this nation," said Kareem Irfan, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. "It's been gratifying to note Muslim Americans are in positions to bring about political change."

That doesn't mean leaders of the group will be making endorsements. "The community is mature enough to decide for themselves what change is necessary," Irfan said.

Hadia Mubarak, a Georgetown University student who heads the national Muslim Student Association, thinks younger Muslims are becoming much more politically active. The rise in Muslim voting could play a critical role in several key states, including Florida, in the coming presidential election.

"I have no doubt we can swing the election in close states," she said.

Violent images

The conference opened amid international news that a siege at a Russian school -- apparently by Chechen rebels -- killed hundreds. The hostage-takers had been demanding independence for Chechnya, where Muslim fighters have been battling Russian forces since the early 1990s.

Conference leaders, though, said they think most Americans understand that Islam is a peaceful religion that eschews violence.

"My religious beliefs don't condone any use of force to achieve political ends," Mubarak said.



Excerpt from :" American Muslim Taskforce on the Verge of Endorsing a Presidential Candidate"

By Hannah Abdullah

ROSEMONT (Masnet) - As the Islamic Society of North America wrapped up its annual convention in Rosemont, Illinois today, Muslim leaders who gathered here from around the U.S. say they are still deliberating who they will endorse for President this election.

The American Muslim Taskforce, an umbrella organization representing eight Muslim American groups, met over the Labor Day weekend in an attempt to decide whether to endorse one of the three candidates.

While a decision will not be made for at least another month, the Muslim leadership heavily promoted voter participation. Political activists say the stakes have never been higher for America's estimated 7 million Muslims and 3.5 million Arabs.

"We have to demand justice," said Mahdi Bray, head of the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, as the convention wound down Sunday night. "We have to stand up to this government and say, `What you're doing is wrong.'"



Political correctness run amok.

The American House of Representatives 2 months after 9/11.

A foretaste of the United States of Allah.

Imam Yahya Hindi gives the opening prayer in the House of Representatives, November 15, 2001, the last day the House was in session before Ramadan. House Speaker Dennis Hastert listens with bowed head. (Associated Press)


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