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Militant Islam Monitor > Weblog > Muslim Student Union and MSA call for jihad and disrupt Dr.Pipes's talk at UC of Irvine

Muslim Student Union and MSA call for jihad and disrupt Dr.Pipes's talk at UC of Irvine

February 8, 2007

The students at the University of California at Irvine disruption of Dr.Daniel Pipe's talk and subsequent calls for jihad revealed a level of radicalization which should cause administrators to take action immediately and cut the MSU's university funding .The organizer of the disruption was Zahra Billoo, a 23 year old student at the California State University Long Beach (CSULB ) where she is advisor to the Muslim Student Association. (the campus is 20 minutes from UCI) Billoo is a virulently antisemitic inciter with years of experience in radical Islamist activities. She recently returned from a three week Hajj trip to Saudi Arabia.

Zahra Billoo was almost driven to suicide on a BART train after seeing an Israeli PR poster. (Bay Area Regional Transport).

"Can you imagine, the dang Zionists got to BART!

I can't go to school without being assaulted by Zionist propaganda?...

Imagine if I were riding it to the airport of the East Bay? I think I would have shot myself..."

'cwzy muslimah' blogspot 1/18/07


MIM: CSULB "Multicultural Causus Speaker" and professional "anti Zionist" Zahra Billoo called for the denial of Dr. Pipes free speech rights with this message:

"Daniel Pipes is Coming to UC Irvine! Come Help the Muslim Student Union protest this racist Islamophobe!"

In this video a student can be seen saying sarcastically "I see you wore your best suit" to one of the hijabbed protesters:.http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5158780407631950723&hl=en

One student protestercan be seen apparently chatting amiably with a grey suited student advisor who is escorting the students out as she mounts the stairs next to him: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4939925831604188462&hl=en

MIM: Billoo's biography on the California State Student Association website describes her as speaker" for the "The Multicultural Caucus… an official ongoing force of the CSSA to advance and monitor the development of programs and policies regarding the maintence and enchancement of diversity within the CSU system and our communities". Billoo also straddles the Islamist - left alliance as the secretary for the CSULB a leftwing campus group .( CAIR California director Hussam Ayloush was a speaker at one of their recent events.)

Billoo is presently an advisor the the MSA at CSULB and according to her web biography uses her positions as a "means of continuing support of the Muslim community on campus , as well as bringing an awareness of Islam and Muslims and the campus community in general."


Zahra Billoo, Multi-Cultural Caucus Speaker

Zahra Billoo is a graduating senior completing a double baccalaureate degree in Human Resources Management and Public Law with a Peace Studies Certificate at California State University, Long Beach. She is currently serving as Secretary for System-wide Affairs for the Associated Students, Incorporated at CSULB and is also serving her second term as a campus representative to the California State Student Association Board of Directors. She serves on a number of campus-wide committees, advocating the students' perspective in the shared governance structure.

Zahra just completed her tenure as an executive officer of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) West, and will continue her service there as an advisor. On campus, she is involved with a number of student organizations including the Muslim Student Association and CSULB Campus Progressives Collective. In the CSULB Chapter of the MSA she was the first female to serve as President, and now serves as Treasurer, as a means of continuing her support of the Muslim community on campus, as well as bringing an awareness of Islam and Muslims to the campus community in general.


The Multicultural Caucus is an official on going force of the CSSA to advance and monitor the further development of programs and policies regarding the maintenance and enhancement of the diversity within the CSU system and our communities.

It is the mission of this caucus to undertake progressive efforts to promote multiculturalism through education, communication and action on an individual campus and statewide level.

MIM:It may be just a coincidence – but Billoo seems to have balked at the amount of "awareness" she generated as a result of organizing the disruption of Dr.Pipes talk.

Within a day after the video by by a Hillel student appeared on youtube , in which Billoo is readily identifiable in a black hijab- her picture vanished from the CSULB biography. (click link above)

On January 11th the self proclaimed "Cwrzy Muslimah" boasted on her blog about her being call for an "immediate withdrawal from Iraq" :

January 11th: the day after Bush announced his plan for a new surge of troops into Iraq.

Just another day, just another protest?

Except, I got quoted by an AP reporter AND it got picked up by 89 online news outlets.

(Stay tuned for more adventures!)

Posted by Zahra Billoo at 2:52 AM


Obi Asad said...
Asalaamu Alaykum,

Sister Zahra, you won't be satisfied until some FBI agent comes knocking at your door. Insha'Allah, that'll never happen. Keep fighting the power."

MIM: On her webprofile Billoo describes herself as a "starving student" yet she took a three week trip to the Hajj where starting costs for shorter sojourns are close to $4,000.


  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Female
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Zodiac Year: Boar
  • Industry: Education
  • Occupation: Starving Student
  • Location: San Francisco : California : United States

This raises the question as to who might have financed the trip, or if it might have been written off as a travel expense for the CSSA or one of her other organisations ?

In a meeting report Billoo pointedly informed her CSSA colleagues that she would be making "various sacrifices" to go Hajj.

"I apologise for being relatively out of reach for these past few weeks. I was privileged to have the opportunity to make the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca Saudi Arabia. Among the various sacrifices which came with such was the requirement of being away from both email and cell phone interaction for the duration of my time abroad (January 1 to 24 2006). I hope you all will understand."

MIM: See page 23 of the html:

Conference Agenda, December 9-11, 2005

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
to address the Multicultural Caucus on any issues affecting CSSA ... James Irvine Foundation Grant‐ CSSA submitted an application for ...
www.csustudents.org/plenary/agendas/agenda_0806/agenda_0806.pdf - Similar pages

Needless to say Billoo's commitment to multiculturalism only extends to those who share her views, and her outrage over inquality is absent when it comes to the "Muslim Only" roads to Mecca.

The self proclaimed "cwzy Muslimah" also writes that she was almost driven to suicide while on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) when she saw a poster with the caption:"Freedom of the Press in the Middle East" Only in Israel?

Under the heading"Reminder for Palestinian Activists "Think you're doing enough for Palestine" Billoo exhibited her skills as a "Peace Studies " graduate and Muslim Student Union advisor and expressed her contempt for a poster showing the extent Israeli Arab coexistence and the extent to which Arabs are accomodated in Israel.

"I though I had escaped the Blue Star PR folks when I left the CSULB.But this afternoon while in BART, I was reminded that we are definitely not doing enough for Palestine"Can you imagine, the dang Zionists got to BART! I can't go to school without being assaulted by Zionist propaganda?

My jaw literally dropped when I saw it. Alhamdullah that I was the only one on the train until the next stop. Imagine if I were riding it to the airport of the East Bay? I think I would have shot myself…."

I live… I breathe…I work… but most importantly I pary for the day when I will never come across one of those posters again. I look forward to when maybe I will come across one of these on the BART".

(Note: Below is a picture of poster with the slogan "We did not create oppression it was thrust upon us" with an abstract of a "Palestinian flag and a figure making a gesture of victory. At the very bottom of the page there is a "Hello Kitty figure waving a ‘Palestinian flag" with these words below:)

May Allah (swt) grant the Palestinians and all other oppressed peoples victory over their oppressors!"


MIM: If an Israeli PR poster in a train could drive Billoo to contemplate suicide –the obvious question is what would she have been done if the train had been packed with live ‘Zionists'?

Apparently Billoo gets excited at the thought of The Temple Mount and jihad. She posted this headline on her website about Arab threats over excavations that are proving Jewish historical claims to the site and headlined her entry:

Al-Aqsa Conflict Climaxing?


She also likes the lecture of Sheik Ahmed Bin Al Al Ajmy which are found on the Islamway website.

Islamway webmaster Sami Al Husayn was an MSA leader in Ohio who was arrested and deported for running jihad websites encouraging people to fly airplanes into buildings. One of Islamway's/IANA's contributors is Rhafil Dhafir a NY based oncologist and professor who is now jailed on terrorism related charges.



Billoo protested the right of free speech of those who participated in a panel about the Danish cartoons at Irvine. The aspiring law student dismisses the website which does not conform with her views as"biased and retarded."



Look @ What Huda Found!

Picture of me and my green armband @ the UCI Cartoon Protest.

Scroll down, it's at the bottom.

The link again: http://vitalperspective.typepad.com/vital_perspective_clarity/2006/03/uc_irvine_danis.html

It's one of those fabulously "retarded and biased" websites.

Posted by Zahra Billoo at 12:21 AM

notice how your claim to fame came at irvine? {almost all of that sentence rhymed btw}

4:47 PM
Angie said...

woah.. how the heck does huda find all these things?! ma sha' Allah !!

3:46 AM

MIM: Billoo epitomises the Islamist -leftist Alliance and works with a group at CSULB called the Campus Progressives. At a recent rally they mocked the police for taking security cautions joking that they were waiting for clearence that their guest speakers "were not terrorists". But Council on American Islamic Relations California director Hussam Ayloush comes close -as a speaker for CAIR - a Saudi funded front group for Hamas which is also a defendent in a 9/11 terrorism lawsuit and has several of their members jailed on terrorism charges.


March 18th: Teach-out on War in Iraq. We're waiting on University Police to give clearance that our guest speakers are not terrorists. Let's give ‘em a big "thank you" for keeping us safe. Speakers will begin at 12 noon and be able to speak for 15-20 minutes, 5 additional for discussion. We're looking into alternatives to the Event Planning-supplied PA system to keep costs down. Zahra's investigating chair set-up. Neil or Yehuda can operate the equipment (saving us tons of money). Jaime, Neil, and anyone else interested are designing flyers. Here's the basic information that we need on the advertising: CAMPUS PROGRESSIVES COLLECTIVE present
Iraq: One Year Later
Thursday, March 18th at 11:30am
Speaker's Platform/Friendship Walk
Husam Ayloush, Council on American-Islamic Relations
Muna Coobtee, ANSWER
Eisha Mason, Center for the Advancement of Non-Violence


MINUTES::: Return to Minutes Campus Progressive Meeting - Notes 25 February 2004, Elisa Attendance: Adam, Amanda, Duy, Elisa, Jaime, Mike, Neil, Yehuda, Zahra, and three friendly faces from the LaRouche campaign – Mike, Steve, and Nick (?)

Tonight's theme:
THE WORLD IS GONNA END, WHATCHU GONNA DO ABOUT IT? Agenda items (in chronological order of their scheduled times): March 4th: Protests and marches to Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine and Kentucky. Mike is going to send out an e-mail with more information and details for interested parties from the Long Beach area.

March 15th: Social Students: Lacking on the details, but there is some sort of organization expo on Monday, March 15 from 3-8pm. Zahra will get more information. In the meantime, we have the following volunteers: Amanda at 6:30, Adam at 5:00, Jaime at 6:00, Aida at 5:30, Elisa at 4:00, Yehuda – TBA. We'll be handing out flyers and brochures. March 18th: Teach-out on War in Iraq. We're waiting on University Police to give clearance that our guest speakers are not terrorists. Let's give ‘em a big "thank you" for keeping us safe.

Speakers will begin at 12 noon and be able to speak for 15-20 minutes, 5 additional for discussion. We're looking into alternatives to the Event Planning-supplied PA system to keep costs down. Zahra's investigating chair set-up. Neil or Yehuda can operate the equipment (saving us tons of money). Jaime, Neil, and anyone else interested are designing flyers.

Here's the basic information that we need on the advertising: CAMPUS PROGRESSIVES COLLECTIVE present
Iraq: One Year Later
Thursday, March 18th at 11:30am
Speaker's Platform/Friendship Walk
Husam Ayloush, Council on American-Islamic Relations

Muna Coobtee, ANSWER
Eisha Mason, Center for the Advancement of Non-Violence March 20th: Handing out leaflets (rather than tabling) for the March 20th ANSWER-organized protest against Bush and the War and all the other evils in this cruel, cruel world… We'll focus on that as the date draws nearer.

March 29th: Video screening of Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War. More cost-effective options for obtaining the video equipment are being explored, but everything else is set: Monday, March 29th at 6pm in the Beach Auditorium. Film runs approx. one hour. FREE admission. Flyer designs welcome.

Weekly: UFCW: Grocery workers strike support. Amanda and Jaime are our two dedicated representatives, and anyone is welcome to join at the Albertsons on Redondo from 11-2, Sundays. On-going: FUNDING: Though we're trying to cut costs wherever we can, some are unavoidable. We've received generous donations from Peter Carr Peace Center, Sherna Gluck, and fellow members. If you have not yet contributed, consider helping out, even if it's a dollar or two. Donations will be deposited into our organization account at the ASI Business Office. Return to Minutes :


The Campus Progressives' E-Group Site (login needed to view)


Flash Points: http://www.flashpoints.net
This is a daily radio show that focuses on U.S. backed coups, imperialism, and events happening around the world. Excellent coverage on Haiti and Iraq.
Democracy Now: http://www.democracynow.org
The largest community media collaboration in history. The exception to the rulers. On every morning on KPFK (90.7)
FAIR: http://www.fair.org/index.php
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. Speaking the truth about the corporate media.
Los Angeles Independent Media Center: http://la.indymedia.org
The alternative to the corporate news monopoly.
Haiti Action: http://www.haitiaction.com
Go here for the latest news on Haiti and the struggle for democracy.
Narco News: http://www.narconews.com
Reporting on the Drug War and Democracy from Latin America. Gary Web, R.I.P.
KPFK 90.7 FM - Pacifica Radio: http://www.kpfk.org
The progressive radio channel for Southern California. Established back in 1959!
The Black Commentator: http://www.blackcommentator.com
Progressive commentary, analysis and investigations on issues affecting African Americans.
Venezuelan Information Office: http://www.rethinkvenezuela.com
A member of ours is interning here. A good website for information on Venezuela and the Bolivarian Movement.


CSULB African Student Union: http://www.csulb.edu/org/bsu
Fighting for social justice on campus!
Eco-Link: http://eco-link.net
A connection point for environmental orgs in and around the Greater Long Beach area.
Long Beach Area Peace Network: http://lbapn.net/index.asp
They hold weekly peace vigils against War. A center for Peace issues in Long Beach. CSULB Professor Gene Ruyle and long time organizer Sharon Cortrell are organizers for this org.
Long Beach Green Party Chapter: http://cagreens.org/longbeach
A local group of activists working to make Long Beach a better place.
Long Beach Organics: http://longbeachorganic.org">http://longbeachorganic.org
Community organic gardens in Long Beach.
Southern California Food Not Bombs Network: http://www.geocities.com/socalfnb
New local so-cal chapters are always appearing. Go here to check em out. Free vegetarian food served to the community.


Uduak-Joe Ntuk: http://www.csulb.edu/~untuk
One of the early members of the organization and the first ever Campus Progressive to be elected to student government: AS Senator (College of Engineering) for 2004-2005.
Elisa Herrera: http://www.csulb.edu/~eherrer2
Current AS Senator (College of Education) who continually makes everyone in the student government pissed off with her challenges against the status quo.
Jeb Sprague: http://www.freehaiti.net/
Graduate student uncovering the truth about assaults against human rights and democracy in Haiti through primary research.


Happy Cow: http://www.happycow.net
Anywhere your traveling aroundthe world- go here to find a vegetarian restaurant.
California State University of Long Beach: http://www.csulb.edu
We call this home.
Daily 49er Newspaper: http://www.csulb.edu/~d49er
Some good op-eds from time to time - normally, when our members are published :)
Life after the Oil Crash: http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net
The world is reaching the point where oil production is peaking. The invasion of Iraq was obviously to secure its vast untapped oil reserves. Go here to find out more.



On-going: FUNDING: Though we're trying to cut costs wherever we can, some are unavoidable. We've received generous donations from Peter Carr Peace Center, Sherna Gluck, and fellow members. If you have not yet contributed, consider helping out, even if it's a dollar or two. Donations will be deposited into our organization account at the ASI Business Office.


MIM:CAIR director Hussam Ayloush took part in a protest called by Billoo.

Apr 21 2005 4:10P

MSA West

--calls upon all people of consciousness--




--Saturday, April 30th, 2005--

| 12:00 | Noon |

The INS Federal Building

34 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, CA 92701


[ Hussam Ayloush ]

[ Amir Abdul Malik Ali ]

[ Ban Al-Wardi ]

and featuring...

[ Manifest ]


Answer Coalition - Los Angeles | Masjid Ibaadillah | Long Beach Islamic Center | Islamic Center of Irvine | ILM Foundation | Long Beach Area Peace Network| St. Luke's Peace and Justice Ministry, Long Beach | Alliance for a Just & Lasting Peace in the Phillipines | Pesante-USA | Burning Bush | Islamic Youth Shura of Southern CA | MYG*ISOC | KMB - Pro People Youth | Peter Carr Peace Center | Long Beach Civil Liberties Defense Coalition | MSU - UCI | MSU - UCR | MSA - UCLA | MSA - CSULB | MSA - CSUF | MSA - IVC | MSA - CSUP | MSA - MSAC |

For more information contact:

Zahra Billoo ~ [email protected]

Mohammad Harake ~ [email protected]


MIM: Billoo spoke at the 2007 MSA conference on January 12th on the topics of the importance of a university education for Muslims and on the need for Muslims to be polically active, together with Bassem Shema, the editor of Alkalima magazine.

Below are excerpts about some of the topics which were discussed at the conference. (complete doc is below). U

Ultimately Billoo's membship in the CSULB student association CSSA and her activities in other students groups is a calculated attempt to wage 'jihad through da'wa' by infusing every issue with a Muslim/Islamic theme. One of the topics discussed by Billoo and Shama was about how "politics and Islam are two inseparable subjects".

Note that Basim Elkarra of CAIR was also a speaker at the conference. On the biographical information it says that he is the former head of the MSA Berkeley.

Last month Senator Barbara Boxer rescinded an award to Elkarra after she learned of CAIR's terrorism ties. BIlloo wrote about it and urged Muslims to write and demand that Boxer give Elkarra, CAIR and the entire Muslim community an apology!


The true agenda of the Muslim student Association : Excerpts from the program of their January 12th 2007 conference :

MIM: MSA program introduction by the president Amir Metaban.

Assalamu 'alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuh,

Inshallah you are reading this message in the highest state of Imam and the utmost state of excitement for MSA West this year.

Welcome to the 9th annual MSA West Conference. 'Ibad Ur-Rahman: Servants of the Most Gracious. For the past four months students from all over the West Coast have been working diligently on this conference to make it sucessful.

The theme for the conference this year will focus on the spiritual and social nature of 'Ibad UR-Rahman, which Allah (swt) describes in surat ul- Furqan. Throughout the conference you will see how being "Servants of the Most Gracious" is manifested not on on a spiritual level but also on a political and social level in today's society.

I challenge you to leave the conference this year with an action plan.I want you to set out your goals and objectives,layout your strategy and acheive the impossible. Use the fire, the energy, the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood and all of the Jewels you gain from MSA West to develop a better relationship with Allah (swt) and to further your activism within the Muslim community.

Dear brothers and sisters,many fitnahs have befallen the Ummah in this day and age and there needs to be a change! I you are interested in becoming part of this change, then keep tht flame up after the MSA West Coast Conference and make sure you get involved in the upcoming MSA West Projects!

On behalf of MSA West, we hope you benefit from the conference, and we look forward to seeing you at future MSA West events!

Jazakum Allah Khayran,

Amir Mertaban

Below are descriptions of some of topics excerpted from the MSA program

"True Jihad" ( page 9 html)

Osman Umarji

Allah (swt) commands us to practice jihad. "And strive in God's cause with all that striving that is due to him". What is the meaning of jihad and what are the different types of jihad? How was it implemented in the early days of Islam, and when is it appropriate? Our enemies have twisted the meaning of this beautiful concept to mean 'holy war' or 'terrorism' and is incumbent on us now more then ever to arm ourselves with the knowledge and stand up for truth. This workshop is designed to help us understand how we can destroy the corruped image of jihad and our role in the struggle.

Getting Active: The 101 Bassem Shama & Zahra Billoo (pg 8 html)

Politics and Islam are two inseparable subjects. As Muslims we are not permitted to remain silent when witnessing injustice We need to be aware and understand the diversity fof political issues arising in our communities. Furthermore, we must fulfill our religious obligation to stand up against injustice and seek the empowerment of all. This workshop will be a guide to developing political activism on campus to ensure you have the necessary tools to continue your activism post - graduation. Specifics addressed during this workshop will include past sucesses, identifying issues and targets, building coalitions as well as various methods of action.

Main Session # 3 (pg 4 html)

"Inheritors of the Torch:Reviving the Glory of Islam

Speakers: Imam Mohammed Abdel -Azeez.Br.Ahmed Shama,Sr. Muslema Purmul

Moderator: Mohammad Mertaban

"He is is who made you viceregents in the earth..." (35:39) Muslims have been charged with the responsibility of being deputies of Allah (swt). How does this apply to us as students? What characteristics do we need to fulfill this trust domestically and internationally? This sessons addresses the questiong and gives us tips on how to utilise our studies and help grant Islam it's victory."

Campus Under Siege Zahra Billoo (pg. 10 html)

Education represents one of the fundamental rights and responsibilities of a Muslim. This is what underscores the idea of Islam as a revolutionary ideology,ironically pthe era prior to the advent of Islam is referred to as the Jahilah or Ignorance. The opening word of the noble Qu'ran was none other then Iqra (read). This learning and knowledge becomes and obligation upon each and every one of us. In light of this understanding we must realize that the key institution of learning in the United States is unquestionably under fire: That is the university. This workshop will explore the problems and obtacles facing universities from issues regarding funding, enrollment,.and institutional problems such as the military industrial complex.

Da'wah Conversation Techniques & Speaking Pointers (pg 8 html)

Are you sometimes confused about where to start with your da'wah or how you should do it? Are you afraid of people's response because you don't have a comeback? Well perfect! This workshop will focus on cerain da'wah conversation techniques that will help you organise your thoughts when giving da'wah and also shed light on some speaking pointers that will drastically improve your verbal and non -verbal attitude and communication. We will also be featuring the Why Islam "BDM" The back Door Method "Come check it out!

Mock Dialouge: Answering Tough Questions Shahid Ali & Amir Mertaban

"Why are all Muslims terrorists?" "Why can Muslims marry four wives?" "Why do men oppress their women?" Having a hard time finding convincing answers for these questions? Your're not the only one! This interactive workshop will be a mock dialouge Session where one person plays the role of the Muslim and the other plays the role of the questioner. In this workshop oup you will get hands on training on how to answer these tough questions, and much more: It's fun, interactive and very practical! Are you up for the challenge?

MIM:Basim Elkarra head of CAIR Sacramento was among the speakerson the topic:

"Paradise in the Heart: Reconnecting to the ar-Rahman "

The Messenger of Allah said: "If someone wants to know what position he enjoys in the eyes of God he has only to look at what place he gives to God [in his heart and life]." This session focuses on our relationship to Allah (swt) and the mutual love between the Most Gracious and his creation.The speaker address how we can translate the love of Allah and concious understanding of our din into practical action as students.

MSA 102:F Fulfilling the Purpose Omair Kamil and Nadia Aziz

In this workshop we will expand on the discussion of trhe purposes of an MSA. Seven major aspects of student life that allow an MSA to fulfill it's purpose will be prsented. These include the religious and spiritual dimension of the MSA, the social aspect, eduation of Muslims da'wah to non Muslims,standing up for political justice, community service, and the academic aspect of the MSA. Each of these will be discussed in detail with strategies & ideas for events that allow the aspects to be implemented. This workshop is designed for all the MSA's and will provide a forum for members to exhange ides that have worked on their own campuses.



File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Zahra Billoo. Education represents one of the fundamental rights and responsibilities of a Muslim. This is what under- ...
msa-west.net/downloads/Conference07.pdf - Similar pages


MIM:The contact person for the disruption of Dr..Pipes talk was Omar Zarka a UCI engineering graducation who is on the board of the The Muslim Student Union magazine Alkalima. (Note that Mohammad Harake mentioned above is also on the magazine's board.)The editor is Bassem Shama.

Alkalima Magazine
c/o Office of the Dean of Students
Irvine, CA 92697-5125

Besides promoting Jihad Alkalima also finds inspiration in cop killers.

This is an excerpt from Brown/ Al Amin's biography on the Alkalima website which lauds him as an inspiration. . "Rap" Brown became Muslim in 1971, and changed his name to Jamil Al-Amin—"the trustworthy." On the night of March 16, 2000, a shootout occurred on the West End of Atlanta; two Fulton County sheriff's deputies exchanged gunfire with an assailant, and one deputy (Ricky Kinchen) died the next day while the other was hospitalized with serious injuries. Between surgeries, the surviving deputy identified Imam Jamil Al-Amin (by photograph) as the lone assailant, and claimed to have shot the assailant in the stomach area. Media reports nationwide reported a wounded "former Black Panther" on the run; when Imam Jamil was apprehended four days later, he had no injuries.

From 1992 to 1997, the FBI and Atlanta police investigated the former H. Rap Brown in connection with everything from domestic terrorism to gunrunning to fourteen homicides in Atlanta's West End, without charging him of any crime. In his only public comment on his arrest, Al-Amin called it a "government conspiracy." Otis Jackson, 26, confessed to killing the police officer, but later recanted under pressure. Imam Jamil's defense team was not informed and he pleaded innocent in court, but was convicted by the jury. He is in solitary confinement to this day, under 23-hour lock-down. Imam Jamil, as part of the struggle, as a leader, and as a Muslim, is an inspiration to everyone today. http://www.academia.org/campus_reports/2004/arc_msa.html

MIM: This article exposes the terrorist ties of the MSA and shows why this group has no place on a college campus let alone receive university funding.

The Muslim Student Association: Coming In Peace? By Malcolm A. Kline February 6, 2004 - If you have seen signs for the Muslim Student Association on college campuses and wondered who they are, where they came from and whether they exist on student fees alone, you are not alone. Federal investigators are curious too. The Senate Finance Committee is investigating non-profit groups to determine whether those organizations might be a source of funding for terrorist activities. Among the groups that the Committee wants Internal Revenue Service records on: the Muslim Student Association (MSA), active on campuses throughout the United States. "Many of these groups not only enjoy tax-exempt status, but their reputations as charities and foundations often allow them to escape scrutiny, making it easier to hide and move their funds to other groups and individuals who threaten our national security," Senators Chuck Grassley and Max Baucus pointed out in their letter to the IRS. "Often these groups are nothing more than shell companies for the same small group of people, moving funds from one charity to the next charity to hide the trail," the senators write. "These groups also receive donations from foreign sources, including countries the government has identified as having a significant problem with terrorism."

On some campuses, notably the University of Virginia until about eight years ago, the MSA is virtually the only religious group that school officials will recognize. On other campuses, even without exclusive recognition, the MSA makes its presence felt. In late January, according to our UCLA correspondent, the MSA held its annual Islamic Awareness Week on that campus. In all, the MSA claims chapters on 138 campuses nationwide. Nor is this the first time the MSA has come up in a federal investigation. Last February, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents arrested Sami Omar al-Hussayen, a computer science major from the University of Idaho at Moscow. The U.S. Justice Department indictment charged Hussayen with visa fraud and the transfer of large amounts of cash from Iraq to the Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA). Hussayen was head of his university's MSA, according to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The U.S. indictment also connects Hussayen with a tacit endorsement of suicide bombers posted on a web site that he registered. Hussayen, the indictment charges, registered the site exactly one year before the September 11 attacks. The posting, which appeared in June 2001, about three months before the fateful hijackings, was entitled "Provision of Suicide Operations." Written by a radical Saudi sheikh, the posting read, "the Mujahid must kill himself if he knows that this will lead to killing a great number of the enemies, and that he will not be able to kill them without killing himself first, or demolishing a center vital to the enemy or its military force, and so on."

"This is not possible except by involving the human element in the operation. In this new era, this can be accomplished with the modern means of bombing or bringing down an airplane on an important location that will cause the enemy great losses." The national MSA protested the Bush Administration's decision, shortly after the September 11 attacks on the United States, to freeze the assets of groups that federal investigators linked to the Palestinian Hamas faction that took a benign view of the hijackings. "American Muslims support President Bush's effort to cut off funding for terrorism and we call for a peaceful resolution to the Middle East conflict," the groups, including the MSA, insisted in their petition to the Bush Administration. T

he MSA claims credit, in turn, for the founding of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Terrorism expert Steven Emerson reports that, "In September 2002, a full year after the 9/11 attacks, speakers at ISNA's annual conference still refused to acknowledge Bin Laden's role in the terrorist attacks."

Emerson, a former congressional staffer and television reporter, became immersed in the study of terrorism soon after the Oklahoma City bombings in the mid-1990s which he covered for CNN. The MSA in turn links up to other organizations that are tacitly radical. For example, MSA events frequently feature speakers from the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). Emerson told a congressional committee that "WAMY's U.S. office was incorporated in Falls Church, Virginia in 1992 by Osama bin Laden's brother, Abdullah bin Laden." Another terrorism expert, Stephen Schwartz, told Congress that the form of Islam that governs such groups is Wahabism, the official sect in Saudi Arabia. "Shia and other non-Wahabi Muslim community leaders estimate that 80 percent of American mosques are under Wahabi control," Schwarz testified. Schwartz, then-director of the Islam and Democracy Program for the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, explained exactly what this meant. "Wahabi control over mosques means control of property, buildings, appointment of imams, content of preaching-including faxing of Friday sermons from Riyadh, Saudi, Arabia-and of literature distributed in mosques and mosque bookstores, notices on bulletin boards, and organizational solicitation," Schwartz said. "Similar influence extends to prison and military chaplaincies, Islamic elementary and secondary schools (academies), college campus activity, endowment of academic chairs and programs in Middle East (Studies), and most notoriously, charities ostensibly helping Muslims abroad, many of which have been linked to or designated as sponsors of terrorism." Malcolm A. Kline is the executive director of Accuracy in Academia. If you would like to comment on this article, please e-mail [email protected]

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