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Al Qaeda linked World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) Jihad through Da'wa group working with Novib/Oxfam on Somali 'educational' initiatives

October 16, 2006

Novib /Oxfam and UNHCR funding Somali iniatives in cooperation with the Al Qaeda linked World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)

October 16, 2006

MIM: The World Assembly for Muslim Youth (WAMY) is part of the Saudi Wahhabist 'Jihad through conversion' drive, so it is not surprising that they are busy providing money to Somalia, which is designated as a terrorist country by the United States, where WAMY offices have been raided in connection with terror funding . "Osama bin Laden's brother, Abdullah bin Laden, is WAMY's treasurer, and Jamal Barzinji, an officer of at least three of the organizations whose northern Virginia offices were raided by federal officials in March 2002 was listed as a WAMY representative in the 1980s." At that time WAMY also paid for youth to attend Jihad camps such as this Philipino Muslim:

" At the height of the jihad against the Soviets, his trip to Peshawar in 1987, like those of other believers, was sponsored by the Saudi-based World Assembly of Muslim Youth. There he was exposed to the Wahhabi ideology, which he saw as a powerful tool against oppression.He returned to Mindanao full of zeal, thinking of ways to create a separate Islamic state in the southern Philippines."http://www.csmonitor.com/2001/1018/p1s2-wogi.html

The linkage between WAMY and Al Qaeda, via the umbrella 'charity' Al Haramain has predictably not stopped UN support. WAMY's efforts in Somalia are also being aided and abetted by 'christian charities' Novib and Oxfam (now Novib/ Oxfam) based in the UK and Holland, whose leftwing anti Western agenda (aided by politician and governmental supporters), and has been extensively documented.

( In his book "The 4th World War -The Path from Marx to Allah", investigative journalist Peter Siebelt has linked Novib to Islamist initiatives and organising demonstrations against the politician Pim Fortuyn, (who warned of the Islamisation of Holland), Siebelt blamed Novib for helping to organisation a rally which he characterised as a call to murder and was a prelude to Fortuyn's assassination by 'animal rights' activist Volkert van der Graaf) . http://www.katholieknieuwsblad.nl/actueel20/kn2016c.htm

The US State Department and UN funded mass migration of Somalians to the United States, where there resettlement has lead to "mini Mogadishus" begs the question of if and how the State Department worked with WAMY to in effect bring a mass migration of a population of Somalians who have become sending tax payers money back to support their clans and warlords in Somalia.

MIM: According to Oxfam Novib WAMY is providing funding under the guise of education touted as a "trust building initiative" aimed at "focussing on mutual exchanges and enchanced understanding". Given that WAMY mission statement is to promote fundamentalist Islam, any educational aid coming from them will be approved by the Islamists who are running the country - and promote Jihad. The website of the University of Mogadishu noted a recent visit by an Al Jazeera television crew which "...interviewed MU Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Ali Hassan Mohamed. The focus of the interview was the "role of Mogadishu University in human development in Somalia" and its objective to realize the desired social development..."http://www.mogadishuuniversity.com/news_aljazeera_visit.htm

MIM: The United States government appears to have turned a blind eye to the Islamist orientation of Mogadishu University (whose limited departments include "Shar'ea (sic) and Law' and Arabic language Islam and http://www.mogadishuuniversity.com/faculties.html and is touted it as a step towards a 'civil society', even in 2004.

Fast forward to 2006 where the rhetorical question as to how a country now being run by people cited by the state as Al Qaeda leaders connected to Osama Bin Laden can lay any claim to being civil, since the University of a Taliban controlled entity where people are being killed for watching a football game and threatened with death if they don't pray five times a day is nothing more then an extension of the Islamist propagation efforts, antithetical to any form educational discourse.

Mogadishu University Receives Support fund from the American Government (2004)

On Tuesday November 9th 2004, Mr. Michael P. Zorick, the United States First Secretary for Somalia Affairs presently based at the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya handed over a check for the amount of $23,277 to Mr. Hussein Iman, the Director of Programs at Mogadishu University. These funds were awarded to Mogadishu University so it can purchase the much needed materials such as books and computers for its library. The handing over of these modest funds is part of a renewed commitment from the part of the United States Government to re-engage in the overall developmental programs in Somalia. http://www.mogadishuuniversity.com/news_usa_fund.htm

MIM: The exhortation made by the Imam/rector Dr.Ali Sheik Ahmed Abubaker telling them they are "the vanguards to a new enlightened generation" (see excerpt below) is a study in unintentional irony now that Somalia (and the University) are now being run by Islamists who and the country's new leader Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys heads a militia which makes the Taliban regime in Afghanistan look Western by comparision.

" A fundamentalist Muslim who is listed by the U.S. State Department as a suspected Al Qaeda collaborator was named ...as the new leader of an Islamic militia that has seized control of Somalia's capital.

The militia, which changed its name Saturday from the Islamic Courts Union to the Conservative Council of Islamic Courts, said in a statement it had appointed Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys as its new leader. The Bush administration has said Aweys was an associate of Usama bin Laden in the early 1990s.

The Islamic militia seized control of the capital Mogadishu and much of southern Somalia from an alliance of warlords earlier this month. Aweys' appointment makes it unlikely that the increasingly powerful militia will govern using the moderate brand of Islam practiced by most Somalis. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,200866,00.html

MIM: The head of Mogadishu University's speech to students was made before the concept of "enlightened" in Somalia meant being able to watch a football game without being murdered for being un Islamic.

5. A word to the MU students: Remember! You are the vanguards of the new enlightened generation and bearer of the new vision of the reconstruction of your devastated nation. Remember the great expectation of your people and their need for new brand of leadership. Please learn! Learn! And learn again and again and make your slogan a verse from the glorious Qur'an "Which of you does the best". This is the road for the success and this is your right way.

Dr Ali Sheikh Ahmed Abubakar



MIM: A recent seminar at the Univerisity of Mogadishu was entitled "Workshop on Humanitarian law " was organised with the help of the International Commitee . The use of the title humanitarian law belied that fact that neither exists either in Somalia or in Islam, and that everything is seen from an Islamist perspective, and narrowed to fit the contraints of shar'ia.

The blatant contradiction is illustrated by the WAMY booklet " Human Rights from an Islamic Perspective" which comes across as a perversely cruel joke in view of the obvious contradiction between radical Islam i.e."Submit to the will of Allah or die" with "human rights" i.e. individual self determination and the uniquely American concept of "life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness". http://www.wamy.co.uk/bd_publications.htm

MIM: "WAMY also disseminates hateful literature, including books "that encourage religious hatred and violence against Jews, Christians, Shi'a and Ashaari Muslims." (see complete text below).

MIM: In August 2005 WAMY in the UK organised a one day seminar aimed at discussing the situation of Muslim youth blaming the fact that British society was non Muslim for their problems, and conversely demanding the UK government to fund their activities. The poster on the WAMY website defines their mission, a 'cleancut Muslim' holding a Koran, and in the background, the symbol of the British parliamentary democracy, the tower of Big Ben, being overshadowed by a mosque dome with a minaret. http://www.wamy.co.uk/bd_latest.php

MIM: One of WAMY's affiliates is the European Council for Fatwa and Research (EDFR) which aims to spread fundamentalist Islam and implement shari'a worldwide. http://www.eu-islam.com/

Their leading cleric, Yusuf Qaradawi, is known for his fatwa sanctioning women suicide bombers.

The European Council for Fatwa and Research was established in March 1997 in the UK, where it was chosen to be as its headquarters. Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi (Qatar) was then chosen to be its Chairman, together with Sheikh Faisal Mawlawi (Lebanon) as its Deputy Chairman and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Judai (UK) as its General Secretary. Council's Objectives 1- Striving towards bridging the gap amongst the scholars in the European arena and working towards unifying the different views concerning the fundamental issues of Fiqh. 2- Issuing collective answers of Fiqh that will fulfil the needs of Muslims in Europe and attempt to solve their problems for an effective interaction within their European societies. 3- Publishing the juristic research papers and studies that will tackle the emerging new issues on the European arena. 4-Directing and guiding the Muslims in Europe generally and the youth particularly, through spreading the authentic concepts of Islam and its noble principles.


ECFR, 19 Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14, IRELAND.
Tel: +353-2080008
email: [email protected]

MIM: The Wahhabist World Association of Muslim Youth falls under the aegis of the Saudi Al Haramain Foundation which was designated a terrorist supporting entity by the United States government and forced to close operations in several countries. Both WAMY and Al Haramain continue to operate in Somalia. The picture on the WAMY UK website shows that the organisation's intention is to turn the United Kingdom into the United Khalifate.

MIM:The speakers list read like a Who's Who of radical Islamists and their apologist sympathisers and included Home Secretary Hazel Blears, who had defended the reasons for suicide bombing, and virulently anti semitic London Mayor Ken Livingston who had called a Jewish journalist a 'kapo'.


03rd August 2006

- London -

This conference gathers youth workers, community leaders, policy makers academics, students and researchers to address the dramatic social changes affecting Muslim youth in the UK namely after the 7/7/05 attacks. It will discuss the problems faced by Muslim youth and the obstacle that stand against their positive engagement in the mainstream British society. It will also look at the extent to which misinterpretation of religious teachings, new terrorism laws and marginalisation of this minority in the British society is at the root of their alienation, frustration therefore extremism.

Other questions that this conference will address include:

What is wrong with being British and Muslim? Why some Muslim youth turn into radicals? What solutions are offered by the government and the mainstream civil society organisations? Will they work? Are Muslim organisations doing enough to tackle this dilemma?

Invited Speakers :

  • Sheikh Rashid Gannouchi
  • Dr. Tariq Ramadhan
  • Mrs Hazel Blears: Home Affairs Minister
  • Sir Iqbal Sakrani: MCB
  • Dr. Abdulwahab Noorwali (WAMY SA)
  • Mr Ken Livingston: Mayor of London

And many more speakers from all over the United Kingdom.....


MIM: The US office of WAMY in Virginia founded by Bin Laden's nephew was closed down.http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A7918-2004Jun1.html

Wednesday, June 2, 2004; Page B01

Federal agents have raided the U.S. branch of a large Saudi-based charity, founded in Northern Virginia by a nephew of Osama bin Laden, in connection with a terrorism-related investigation, law enforcement sources said yesterday.

The raid Friday on the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) in Alexandria was carried out by agents of the FBI, U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the sources said.

In a statement last night, WAMY said that all of the office's files and computer hard drives were seized and that a volunteer WAMY board member was arrested on immigration charges.

Sources said the raid was part of an investigation into whether the group's operations around the world have financial and other ties to terrorists, but the scope of the probe could not be learned because the case is under court seal.

But in its statement, the Riyadh-based, tax-exempt charity strongly denied any terrorist ties and said the government had told them the probe is focused only on "immigration issues." Although acknowledging that bin Laden's nephew, Abdullah bin Laden, was involved in forming WAMY's U.S. branch in Northern Virginia, the group said people should not assume that means it has any terrorist connections.

"While we fully agree with you that Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist and his acts have been condemned by the whole world including members of the Bin Laden family, we as a nation should be careful not to find 'guilt by association,' " said the statement, released through Asim Ghafoor, a spokesman for the group.

Prosecutors have alleged in previous court documents that WAMY espoused hatred of Jews and portrayed people who murdered Israelis as heroes. But the WAMY statement compared the group's activities to the YMCA, saying it focuses on "youth education, youth development and serving the Muslim community."...

MIM: This is the link to their U.S. website

Account Temporarily Disabled. Please contact [email protected]

Account Temporarily Disabled. Please contact [email protected].
www.wamyusa.org/ - 1k - Cached - Similar pages

Combating Terrorist Financing, Despite the Saudis

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

by Matthew Levitt

PolicyWatch #673
November 1, 2002

The annual conference of the Saudi World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) concludes today in Riyadh. Although it claims to be a charitable organization espousing moderate Islam, WAMY is actually one of many such organizations that, while closely linked to the Saudi government and royal family (e.g., WAMY's president is Sheikh Saleh al-Sheikh, the Saudi minister of Islamic affairs), also have documented links to international terrorism. Others include the al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, the Muslim World League, and the Benevolence International Foundation.

WAMY's Links to Terrorism

An honored guest at this week's conference was Hamas leader Khalid Mishal, who lauded suicide bombers and called for a religious ruling justifying suicide operations at another Islamic conference in January. Both Indian officials and the Philippine military have cited WAMY's funding of terrorist groups and militant Islamists (in Kashmir and the Philippines, respectively). Osama bin Laden's brother, Abdullah bin Laden, is WAMY's treasurer, and Jamal Barzinji, an officer of at least three of the organizations whose northern Virginia offices were raided by federal officials in March 2002 (see below), was listed as a WAMY representative in the 1980s. According to the Saudi Information Agency (a Saudi opposition group), WAMY also disseminates hateful literature, including books "that encourage religious hatred and violence against Jews, Christians, Shi'a and Ashaari Muslims." And earlier this year, the Romanian Intelligence Service identified WAMY as a Hamas front operating there, echoing American suspicions of WAMY's links to terrorism dating back to 1996.


Saudi minister and WAMY president Sheikh Saleh al-Sheikh is also "superintendent of all foundation activities" for the al-Haramain Islamic Foundation. Al-Haramain's website features "attestations" endorsing the charity, including one from Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, the former Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, who notes his own 10,000-riyal donation to the foundation.

In March 2002, a joint U.S.-Saudi order froze the accounts of al-Haramain's Bosnian and Somali offices, which were linked to the al-Qaeda-associated Egyptian al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya and Somali al-Itihad al-Islamiyah, respectively. But in August 2002, Saudi pressure led Bosnian authorities to release the assets of the Bosnian office and renew its operating license. By September, the Saudi press reported that al-Haramain's operations in Bosnia and Somalia were actually expanding. Nor are the foundation's questionable activities limited to these two offices. After his arrest in Indonesia in June 2002, Omar al-Farouq, al-Qaeda's point man in Southeast Asia, told interrogators that a branch of al-Haramain funded al-Qaeda operations in the region. According to al-Farouq, "money was laundered through the foundation by donors from the Middle East."

The Muslim World League

In March 2002, a Treasury Department task force raided the northern Virginia offices of the Muslim World League and the League's subsidiary, the International Islamic Relief Organization, among other organizations with strong Saudi ties. The task force was searching for evidence of fundraising (or fund-laundering) on behalf of al-Qaeda, Hamas, and/or Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

In September 2002, American and Saudi officials jointly froze the assets of a senior League official in Pakistan, Wael Hamza al-Jalaidan, acting on information that he was a close associate of al-Qaeda founders Osama bin Laden and Shaykh Abdullah Azzam. Jalaidan is also listed on the U.S. Treasury Department's financial blocking list. Interestingly, Saudi interior minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz originally denied that this joint U.S.-Saudi action had taken place, only to acknowledge later that the Saudi representative to the United Nations presented the Security Council with a letter requesting that "Jalaidan be added to the Committee's consolidated [terrorism] list." The assets of other League member organizations have also been frozen, including the Rabita Trust. Rabita, which has since changed its name to the Aid Organization of the Ulama, is based in Pakistan and began actively raising funds for the Taliban in 1999. Jalaidan is a Rabita Trust board member and onetime director general.

Benevolence International Foundation

Lajnat al-Birr al-Islamiah (LBI), renamed Benevolence International Foundation (BIF) in the early 1990s, was founded around 1987 by Saudi Shaykh Adil Abdul Galil Betargy, with branches in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. According to the U.S. government, "one of the purposes of LBI was to raise funds in Saudi Arabia to provide support to the mujahideen then fighting in Afghanistan" and to provide "cover for fighters to travel in and out of Pakistan and obtain immigration status."

In December 2001, U.S. authorities raided BIF's Chicago offices, where they found videos and literature glorifying martyrdom. Then, on March 19, 2002, Bosnian authorities searched BIF's Sarajevo offices and seized weapons, booby traps, false passports, and plans for making bombs. This search also yielded an al-Qaeda organizational chart; notes on the formation of al-Qaeda by bin Laden, Azzam, and others; and "a list of wealthy sponsors from Saudi Arabia," including references to bin Laden. BIF's bank accounts were blocked by the U.S. Treasury Department in January 2002, and in October the foundation's executive director, Enaam Arnaout, was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. Documents and cooperating witnesses indicate that Arnaout facilitated money and weapons transfers for bin Laden through BIF and had a personal relationship with both bin Laden "and many of [bin Laden's] key associates dating back more than a decade." The U.S. government affidavit asserts that Arnaout signed documents listing senior al-Qaeda member Mamdouh Salim as a BIF director when the latter traveled to Bosnia. Mohamed Bayazid, a bin Laden operative involved in efforts to obtain nuclear and chemical weapons for al-Qaeda, listed BIF's address as his residence on an application for a driver's license.

Skirting Saudi Noncooperation

More than a year into the war on terrorism, Saudi officials continue to actively support organizations that finance international terrorism. For example, several recent reports trace continued funding of al-Qaeda to Saudi Arabia. A Canadian intelligence report concluded that Saudi charities funnel $1 to 2 million per month to the organization, while a Council on Foreign Relations task force described Saudi individuals and charities as "the most important source of funds for al-Qaeda" and decried the fact that the Saudi government turned "a blind eye" to this activity. Meanwhile, the UN has reported that al-Qaeda finances are "fit and well" and – as recent events attest – that "the prime targets of the organization are likely to be persons and property of the United States of America and its allies."

In the wake of attacks like those in Bali and Moscow, and in light of Saudi noncooperation in curbing terrorist financing, the United States and its allies must develop joint measures to make the global economy less hospitable to terrorist financing. They should do so with or without Saudi cooperation. An example of what is needed is the ongoing U.S. effort to secure European cooperation in freezing the assets of several principal financial backers of al-Qaeda, most of them wealthy Saudis.

Matthew Levitt is a senior fellow in terrorism studies at The Washington Institute.



MIM: The Novib website disingenously announces their 'educational program together with Oxfam, WAMY and the UN as a 'trust building initiative' between Arab and Western donor countries, when it is an exercise in donor funded da'wa.

Trust building initiative between Arab and Western donor agencies on education:
Oxfam Novib has undertaken the initiative in January 2003 to organize a donor round table based on the findings of a research study on donor practices towards Somalia/land. One of the recommendations has been to look into the opportunities to start a basket fund for education. It had also been clear that discussions on education take place among western donors and Arab donors have not been taking part in the discussion.

It is against this background that Oxfam Novib, in collaboration with the SACB-Education Sectoral Committee (ECS) and WAMY (World Muslim Youth Association), proposes a study to assess the existing Arab donor policies and practices regarding education in Somalia/land, as a preparation for a ‘trust building initiative'. The trust building initiative is an initiative from WAMY focusing on mutual exchanges of information and enhanced understanding. The purpose of the study is to understand the different funding patterns and have complementary information to previous SACB-ESC information that is more focused on western donors. Also the SACB-ESC has planned a study on the education system from a gender perspective, which may provide useful complementary information. WAMY will undertake the research after consultations with Oxfam Novib and the SACB-ESC. It is expected that the report will be launched in May 2004.



Novib Oxfam was set up in 1956 as the Netherlands Organisation for International Development Co-operation. It's main objective is to promote a global society where the socio-economic inequalities between rich and poor are eradicated and where people and sectors of the population can learn about and respect each other's culture. Novib today has more than forty years of experience and thousands of development projects in the Third World.

Novib is a member of Oxfam International, a growing group that currently consists of eleven organisations for development co-operation. Oxfam International supports more than 3000 counterparts in approximately 100 countries to alleviate poverty and injustice. Oxfam International commits its moral, personal and financial resources to promote a worldwide movement towards economic and social justice in collaboration with citizens, businesses and governments.

MIM: Novib raises funding from the public via the National Postal Lottery.http://www.pratham.org/novib/npl.php

This year they announced their merger with Oxfam via a press release.



Oxfam Press Release – 18 March 2006

Novib changes name to Oxfam Novib

After fifty years Novib will, as of Saturday 18 March, have a new name that fits its international approach. Novib changed to Oxfam Novib at 11.15am. Simon Jelsma, the founder of Novib in 1956, David Bryer, the Chairman of Oxfam International, Jacqueline Govaert from the band Krezip, current ambassador of the Novib education campaigns, and Giel Beelen, 3FM DJ and sympathizer, jointly gave the go-ahead at presenter Caroline Tensen's signal.

On the same day the new campaign starts: "Oxfam Novib. Just world. Without Poverty." In this campaign, well-known cabaret artists explain little by little that, according to Oxfam, everyone is entitled to food, health and education, a safe environment, their own opinion and their own identity.

Oxfam Novib is and will remain an independent organization, rooted in the Netherlands. Twelve independent Oxfams are collaborating, dedicating their efforts to the five basic rights of people throughout the world: the right to an honest income, to drinking water, to healthcare and education, to safety and to one's own opinion, for women and minorities too. Cooperation takes place in development projects, emergency aid and campaigns that bring a just world without poverty closer.

As early as 1994 Novib became an independent member of the Oxfam family, a group that currently numbers twelve independent organizations that cooperate within Oxfam International from a shared vision and shared objectives. Oxfam Novib reaches around 35 million people annually with projects thanks to its network of 850 local partner organizations and alliances. Together with all Oxfams, some 70 million people are reached through 3,000 large and small partnerships, with campaigns and projects relating to trade, micro financing, education, healthcare, participation and development.

Novib is extremely well known in the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands, the internationally-recognized Oxfam name opens new doors. Thanks to this collaboration Oxfam Novib's response to emergency situations can take place with increased speed and with better effect, and it is more able to fight poverty in certain countries. Additionally, as a member of Oxfam International, the organization has significantly more influence with campaigns on global issues that reach people as far as the smallest villages, such as AIDS medicines, child labor and availability of education, unfair trade regulations and poor working conditions.

Oxfam Novib's approach has been, from the outset, based on the principle that fighting poverty can succeed if governments, companies and individuals are involved in that fight through strong campaigns. An important point of departure is that local organizations have the best understanding of the local requirements and skills.

That is why, for example, Oxfam Novib does not give people fish but provides them with a fishing rod, and at the same time presses, with all Oxfams, for international regulations so that the seas are not fished out by enormous trawlers – and that something is left to catch for those fishermen who operate on a small scale.

The new name, however, does herald small changes to the approach. In 2003 Novib started increasing the capacity of its partners, so that they carry out humanitarian aid and rehabilitation programs according to international quality standards. In order to be able to assist the local and regional partners better, to follow developments better and to be able to react more quickly and efficiently to crisis situations, Oxfam Novib will aim for more temporary residence of its people in the field for the time being.

The combination of specialisms, regions and areas for special attention within Oxfam International is also starting to bear fruit. Oxfam Great Britain, which specializes in crisis aid such as clean drinking water and tents, worked with permanent partner relations of Oxfam Novib in 2005. Oxfam Novib helped with the coordination and expects to become involved in emergency aid more often in the future.

The festival during which the name change took place was established thanks to the generous cooperation of the artists, the suppliers, ABN AMRO and the National Postcode Lottery. Terschellings Oerol, MundialProductions, Redhouse Music and ID&T took care of programming with thirty live acts.


For more information, graphic material and interviews, please contact:
Loes Visser, Oxfam Novib press officer on +31 70-342 1720 or +31 6 17 40 46 46


MIM:In his book "The 4th World War -the Path from Marx to Allah" Peter Siebelt exposed the leftist and Islamist political agenda which has gotten millions of dollars in financing from an unsuspecting public. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/680686/posts . Siebelt's book "Eco Nostra" dealt with the 'eco facist mafia' and the violent and totalitarian agenda which hid beneath the facade of animal rights, enviornmental protection and third world development. In 2003 Siebelt challenged NOVIB to explain where millions of dollars in unaccounted for donations had gone. http://www.fris2000.nl/data/items/EpVlEFFkFlqdPpYuXZ.php

Translation by MIM:

NOVIB, Commentary by Peter Siebelt

When anyone studies the history of NOVIB and her leaders without any political bias, only one conclusion can be drawn form the present proclamations. Rhetoric! Unrealistic hot air for a development help mafia which had only one goal in sight: Their own interests, their own continuity. What has come out of four decades of political manipulations in the Third World? Where did the hundreds of millions of euros (guilders) go? Why the secrecy about the financial year reports which appeared in different versions? Why no transparency about each cent which was spent. The money from our society! Try and look at their book keeping! Really try to find out what the real relationship is between the NOVIB and the PvdA. (Partij van de Arbeid) (Labor Party),the Post Code lottery, the Foundation "To Do" and from all of the "Non Governmental Organisations the so called NGO's.

The big barrier is the NOVIB itself and the politicians who determine her policy. Not to mention the the whining from the the UN boss-Kofi Annan, about how more help and money is needed. Giving money doesn't work and pumping "more" money also doesn't work!

The NOVIB report is a collection of nonsense with which one couldnt manage to keep a french fries stand going. They forgot that it isnt just about trade restrictions for the developing countries but also about but also about quality and health standards which they must fulfill. The NOVIB messes with numbers while 100 million guilders dissapears yearly from developing countries due to trade restrictions. Holland provides large subsidies for agricultural products which makes competition from poor countries impossible.

When these matters will be made public it will be over with the scamming of the people and the babbling over more developmental aid, the three year long campaign "Make Trade Fair" and the report "Measuring with two rulers". I challengee the NOVIB and her cronies to have a public discussion this with me on the aforementioned matters.

Peter Siebelt


MIM: Oxfam in the UK makes no secret of their leftwing anti Western political agenda, and connection to the 'Fair Trade' campaign which Siebelt mentions above designed to line the pockets of Novib/ Oxfam officials: According to the Oxfam UK website: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/about_us/history/history4.htm

"In December, images of demonstrators clashing with heavy-handed police amid clouds of tear-gas at the World Trade Organisation Summit in Seattle were relayed across the globe. Inside the Summit, talks collapsed as Third World delegates refused to give in to the bully-boy tactics of powerful nations. The Seattle riots forced the public to wake up to the blatant injustices of international trade, increasing support for Oxfam's trade lobbying, and the subsequent campaign to Make Trade Fair..."http://www.oxfam.org.uk/about_us/history/history8.htm

"...In the 1970s it became clear that many of the problems associated with poverty required government and international action. Oxfam started - within the bounds set by charity law - to campaign on behalf of the people it worked with overseas and to talk to decision-makers who shaped policy on relevant issues.

"...Oxfam Trading rapidly expanded its Bridge programme and sales of fairly traded products during the 1970s and 1980s.

A mail-order catalogue was also started, which boosted annual sales above £1 million by the early 1980s. The programme took the name Fair Trade in 1996 trading under the name Oxfam Fair Trade Company), to bring it in line with the wider Fair Trade movement, which included campaigning for improvements in the terms of trade and conditions of workers...."

MIM: Oxfam's use of funding in order to facilitate Muslim immigration into the UK after 9/11 is more evidence of how theirs is a political agenda -aimed at undermining Western countries using their funds and resources.


In October 2001, after 18 months of persistent campaigning by Oxfam and others, the UK asylum voucher scheme was finally scrapped. (In June 2002, Oxfam's Asylum Voucher Campaign won a prestigious One World Media Award for Best Campaign).


Peter Siebelt

Wanneer men de geschiedenis van de NOVIB en haar leiders zonder politieke voorkeur bestudeert, kan men maar een ding concluderen uit hun huidige geschriften: Retoriek! Onrealistisch geblaaskaak door een soort ontwikkelingshulp maffiose die maar één ding voor ogen hebben: Hun eigen belang, hun eigen continuïteit.

Wat is er terechtgekomen van hun vier decennia lange politieke manipulaties in de Derde Wereld? Waar zijn de honderden miljoenen euro's (guldens) naar toe gegaan? Waarom die geheimzinnigheid over hun financiële jaarstukken die in verschillende versies verschijnen? Waarom geen openheid over elke cent die ze uitgeven. Het geld van onze gemeenschap! Probeer eens in hun boekhouding te kijken! Probeer er eens achter te komen hoe de daadwerkelijke relatie ligt tussen de NOVIB, PvdA, GroenLinks, de Postcodeloterij, De Stichting Doen en allerhande Niet Gouvernementele Organisaties: de zogenaamde NGO's.

De grote barrière is de NOVIB zelf en de politici die haar beleid bepalen. Om over het gezeur van de UN-baas, Kofi Annan over méér geld aan hulp maar niet te praten. Geld geven werkt niet, en dan er nog "meer" geld in pompen werkt ook niet!

Het NOVIB rapport is een aaneenschakelingen van socialistische nonsens waarmee je nog geen patatkraam draaiende kunnen houden. Zij vergeten dat het niet alleen gaat om handelsbeperkingen voor de ontwikkelingslanden maar ook om kwaliteits- en gezondheids-eisen waaraan ze moeten voldoen. De NOVIB raaskalt met cijfers als jaarlijks $ 100 miljard verlies voor ontwikkelingslanden door handelsbeperkingen. Tariefbarrières zijn voor ontwikkelingslanden en dan wel arme landen dwingen hun markten open te stellen. Nederland geeft grote exportsubsidies voor agrarische producten, waardoor de concurrentie door de arme landen onmogelijk wordt.

Wanneer deze zaken in hun geheel openbaar worden is het afgelopen met hun volksverlakkerij en het gebazel over meer ontwikkelingshulp, de drie jaar durende campagne "Make Trade Fair" en het rapport: "Meten met twee maten".

Ik daag de NOVIB en haar vazallen uit om met mij in het openbaar over het voornoemde in discussie te gaan.

Peter Siebelt

Datum: Zondag 13 Juli 2003


MIM: In the same year that WAMY planned to launch a joint report with Oxfam and Novib on the 'educational situation' in Somalia their offices in Virginia were raided by the Joint Terrorism Task Force.


MIM: WAMY according to Discover the Network:

P.O. Box 10845
Riyadh 11443
Saudi Arabia

Phone :966 14641669
URL: Website

  • Saudi-based Islamic organization with chapters in 55 countries
  • Founded by Osama bin Laden's nephew
  • Holds conferences and distributes literature promoting jihad and anti-Semitism
  • Raises funds for Palestinian terrorist groups, including Hamas
  • Has been linked to both the 9/11 attacks and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing

The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) defines itself as "an independent organization and Islamic forum that supports the work of Muslim organizations and needy communities the world over." Its world headquarters are located in Saudi Arabia, and there are chapters in 55 countries, along with affiliations with 500 other Muslim "youth organizations." The WAMY is a member of the UN and NGO associations, which list it as a humanitarian and relief-works organization.

The WAMY is also one of the vehicles through which the Saudi Wahhabi government funds international terrorism. The organization holds conferences and distributes literature promoting not only Islam, but also jihad and anti-Semitism. It raises funds for terrorist groups like Hamas and the Kashmir insurgents against India.

Founded by Osama bin Laden's nephew, Abdullah bin Laden, beneath its veneer of charity the WAMY distributes literature with instructions "to teach our children to love taking revenge on the Jews and the oppressors, and teach them that our youngsters will liberate Palestine and Jerusalem when they go back to Islam and make jihad for the sake of Allah." Another WAMY book lists "martyrs" who have murdered Israelis in terrorist attacks.

The WAMY came under FBI scrutiny after 9/11, when it was determined that a radiologist, Dr. Al Badr al-Hamzi, whose credit card was found among the possessions of the hijackers, was receiving funding from the organization. The Senate Finance Committee has requested that the IRS examine the organization's U.S. branch for links to terrorism. Senator Charles Grassley has described groups like the WAMY as "shell companies for the same group of people; money funds one charity for the rest to hide the trail."

In the past, the WAMY has delivered a recorded message from Osama bin Laden, and has been involved in jihadi training in Kashmir. Its U.S. website voices support for Kashmir insurgents who conduct terrorism against India, carefully characterizing those insurgents as a "liberation" movement. The WAMY promotes Islamic expansionism from the Middle East to Kashmir, the Philippines, the United States, and Europe.

0in 0in 0pt" tclass="MsoBodyText">Investigations of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center uncovered, in an apartment of one of the terrorists, an envelope marked "WAMY" along with a training manual on how to set up terrorist cells in other countries and stage attacks.

WAMY publications have also included interviews with Saudi clerics such as Ayed al-Qarni, an adviser to Saudi Prince Fahd. In one such interview, al-Qarni stated that he prays for America's destruction daily. He stated further that he encourages students to go to Iraq to fight against U.S. forces, and that those who cannot go should at least contribute money to the cause.

The WAMY invited Khalid Mish'al, the political head of Hamas, to speak at a Muslim youth and globalization conference. The WAMY was also named in a trillion-dollar lawsuit by the families of the victims of 9/11.

In May 2004, the FBI, immigration agents, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force raided the WAMY's Alexandria, Virginia office, seizing all of its computers and hard drives, and arresting a volunteer board member on immigration charges.

For more on WAMY's terrorism ties see:

Paul Findley Speaks at WAMY
Militant Islam Monitor
June 27, 2006

Combating Terrorist Financing, Despite the Saudis
By Mattew Levitt
November 1, 2002


PO Box 28832 Nairobi

Tel: 254- 2- 3754145-8

Fax: 254- 2- 3754149

E-mail: [email protected]

    Somalia Aid Coordination Body

Education Sectoral Committee

    Endorsed Minutes Education Sectoral Committee Meeting

Tuesday, January 21, 2004 at 2:30 pm, SACB Large Conference Room, Parklands


    L Pakkala (Chair) UNICEF A Haider NOVIB
    D Maina ADRA Somalia R Poudyal SC-UK
    J Wildish CfBT A Abdi Techno Formation
    V Saggiono CISP L Wood Terra Nuova
    Z Daniels Concern G Kolath UNESCO
    F Tarsia COOPI M Devadoss UNESCO
    M Servadei COSV P Mattison UNESCO
    A Mal DG MoE Hargeisa S Olsen UNESCO
    Z Nur Diakonie-Sweden E Mururu UNICEF
    R Tole EC-SU J Sutherland UNICEF
    E Kimani ESC Consultant N Ihebuzor UNICEF
    M Waldo Goteborg Initiative J Barrow WAMY
    S Cho HISAN E Koech World Vision
    E Kamau IAS W Carson SACB Secretariat

Apologies : E Daloum, SCUK, M Winnefeld ECSU


  1. Opening Remarks (including review of the minutes of the last meeting)
  2. Update from Field Education Meetings
  3. EC Strategy Paper: Additional Comments to Revised Draft
  4. Draft Policy Papers for Somaliland and Puntland
  5. Update on Upper Primary Textbook Development - UNESCO
  6. Review of ToR for Gender Study and Update on ESC Consultancies
  7. AOB
    • Joint MoE/ESC Meetings: topics and timing
    • Update on NOVIB's Somalia Initiative
    • ESC Entry in the SACB Handbook 2004
    • HIV/AIDS Focal Point for the ESC
  1. Minutes of last meeting
  2. Agenda
  3. Education Coordination Minutes Hargeisa
  4. Minutes from the ESC Working Group Reviewing EC Strategy Paper
  5. Draft ToR for the ESC Gender Study
  6. Standardisation of School Designs in Somaliland
  7. NOVIB ToR and Concept Paper
  8. ESC Entry for SACB Handbook 2003
  1. Opening Remarks

  • The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed all participants to the first ESC meeting of 2004.
  • The Minutes from the November meeting were reviewed and endorsed
  • A round of introduction were made with special introduction to:
    • Noel Ihebuzor, UNICEF Somalia Education Officer
    • Sissel Tove Olsen, UNESCO PEER
  • A special welcome was given for the DG of Education at the MoE in Hargeisa, Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Mal.
  • It was explained that due to administrative constraints the DG of Education for Puntland was unable to attend.

Action Points Follow Up

    1. Per Diems - EC position to be shared it with the ESC members through the SACB Secretariat. No inputs were received by the EC on this point. Under the auspices of the Steering Committee a Training Per Diem Task Force has been formed with the aim of providing recommendations on standardizing training per diems across sectors and geographical regions. Requests will be made to members of the ESC to provide the Task Force with information on agency current practice.
    2. The school construction standardization guidelines approved by the MOE in Hargeisa to be distributed to the members of the ESC by the SACB Secretariat. Hard copies are available in the meeting with electronic copies to follow.
    3. ESC members to request offices in Hargeisa to submit their progress reports from 2003 and their project plans for 2004 to the MOE: The DG confirmed that while some agencies have submitted their Project Plans of Action for 2004, the majority still have not. Agencies are strongly encouraged to share these PPAs with the DG through the Hargeisa Coordination forum. The DG is requested to provide the Chair through the SACB Secretariat sub office in Hargeisa with a list of agencies that have not provided their plans to date.
    4. The MOE to be officially invited to the January 2004 ESC meeting - UNICEF to facilitate the visit: Achieved for Somaliland.
    5. Separate meeting on the EC Strategy Paper to be held on 1 December. An agenda to be drafted by the EC for the meeting; SACB Secretariat to circulate. Meeting took place on December 1st. See agenda point 3 for details.
    6. Nominations for the HIV/AIDS/FGM Focal Point to be sent to the co-chairs and the SACB Secretariat by 15 December. No nominations were received.
    7. UNICEF to send Electronic copies of the school survey to be sent to the SACB Secretariat. This was received by the Secretariat. The Secretariat will upload this document to www.sacb.info. Partners are advised that heavy documents are often difficult to download online and copies on CD-ROM can be developed at the Secretariat, upon request.
  1. Update from Field Education Meeting

The DG from the MoE in Somaliland, Abdirahman Mohamed Mal provided members with introductory remarks and thanks for facilitating his participation in this meeting. He briefed members on the major challenges faced by the Education Sector in Somaliland:

  • School enrollment rates
  • Girl enrollment rates
  • Technical vocational training
  • Reconstruction of specialized schools
  • Tertiary education
  • Specialists in curriculum, management and capacity building
  • In country production of textbooks and associated material

The DG highlighted that a number of agencies operating in the education sector in Somaliland coordinate with the MoE on an ad hoc basis. Often even when agencies do participate in the education forum in Somaliland, decision makers are absent. Some specific examples of the damage lack of coordination can cause were discussed.

While agencies acknowledged many of the challenges highlighted by the DG, some current accomplishments were also highlighted:

  • Syllabus, teacher guides, assessment criteria and some books for technical vocational training have been produced/shared
  • A stakeholders meeting for Teacher Education is planned for February
  • Two technical training schools: the Hargeisa Technical School and another in Burao supported by Candlelight are operating. It is recognized that further support is required.

The group agreed on the importance of closer collaboration and coordination with the Ministry at the local level, and members were encouraged to more actively participate in monthly coordination meetings.

  1. EC Somalia Strategy Paper: Additional Comments to Revised Draft

Further discussion on this point is deferred to the next meeting as the EC TA for Education was unable to attend the meeting.

It was noted that the concerns of several ESC members to the document remain un-addressed. The Chair encouraged those partners who have additional comments to convey them directly to the EC. She, however, noted that this is an internal EC strategy document and it will be the responsibility of the EC to accept or reject partner inputs based on its strategic priorities.

  1. Draft Policy Papers for Somaliland and Puntland

The process of developing policy papers for Somaliland and Puntland began in 2001 with support from UNICEF and external consultants. It involved the zonal authorities and key partners in the zones in Education. After a lengthy revision process including the infusion of emerging gender concerns and tweeking of the Early Childhood Education section, a draft is expected to be shared with zonal authorities by the first week of March.

UNICEF is requested to give a briefing on the papers to the ESC when completed.

  1. Update on Upper Primary Textbook Development – UNESCO

Grade 5 Textbooks:

  • Printing complete for Somalia editions of 6 titles: Islamic Studies, Arabic, Math, Science and Social Studies
  • Math, Science, Somali, and Social Studies are being distributed in Puntland and Central and South Somalia
  • Shipping of Arabic and Islamic Studies to Puntland and central/south Somalia is scheduled for January 21, 2004. Distribution of these titles will take place along with Grade 6 books.
  • Printing complete for Somaliland editions of 3 titles: Islamic studies, Science, and Somali
  • Printing for Somaliland Math and Arabic will be completed by the end of the week.
  • Distribution of the Somaliland textbooks to be completed by mid February 04.
  • Social Studies for Somaliland is being finalized

Grade 6 Textbooks:

  • Textbooks and teachers guides have been written
  • Pre press work is in progress
  • Printing expected to begin in Feb 2004
  • Distribution anticipated for April/May 2004

Teachers Guides for Grades 5 and 6

Drafts in both Somali and English are ready. They will be finalized during the ToT and ready for printing along with the Grade 6 textbooks.

ToT and Inservicing

Workshops have been delayed due to security. Earliest rescheduling is now February.

Grade 7 and 8

  • SACB SC's special appeal to donors for Upper Primary books has had a positive response from DfID (£400,000). While awaiting contributions from other donors to fully cover the appealed for amount (USD 1.67 million) UNESCO will proceed with the finalization, pre-press, printing, shipping and in-country distribution of the Grade 7 and 8 textbooks. Estimated delivery time is January 05. It was reiterated that the ratio of textbooks to students remains 1:2.
  • Funding still awaited for other vital components of the appeal, e.g., the teacher's guides, ToT, textbook induction workshops for teachers etc.
  1. Review of Gender Study ToR and Update on ESC Consultancies

ESC Consultancies: Education Financing and Management

Recent contact with the agency chosen to conduct the Education Financing study clearly indicates that they are not willing to move forward with the consultancy due to security reasons. The group agreed to approach the number two candidate for the Education Financing Study and the number one candidate for the Education Management Study simultaneously.

It was also noted that the no cost extension requested by the SACB Secretariat for these studies extends only until June 2004 making it imperative to progress on the consultancies.

ESC Gender Study

The UNICEF sponsored consultant review the ToR for the Gender Study with the membership. The aim is to have a draft of the study circulated in advance of the May ESC meeting (see detailed workplan below) to form part of the May agenda.

Proposed Activity Dates
Literature review and collection of secondary data Week 1 of February
Development of questionnaires and interview protocols Weeks 2 and 3 of February
Pre-testing of instruments Week 4 of February and Week 1 of March
Field data collection South Week 2 and 3 of March
Field data collection Bari Region Week 4 March and Week 1 of April
Field data collection Galbeed Region Weeks 2 and 3 of April
Collate and Analyse Data Week 4 April and Week 1 of May
Draft Report Week 2 of May

It was emphasized that education of the Girl Child in Somalia is a complex issue. This study should strive to move beyond simply the recommendation of strategies to improve the participation of the girl child in education activities. Both the methodology and the recommendations need to be innovative and ground breaking allowing for the iteration of ideas from the stakeholders.

It is also important to look at the relationship between Arabic schools and Somali schools in terms of girls' participation. This was highlighted during CISP's evaluation of its education projects in various parts of Somalia. Interested agencies may contact CISP for a copy of the evaluation report.

These points highlighted that fact that this consultancy is on behalf of the ESC and requires the appointment of ESC focal points to guide the process and act as a liaison with the wider group. The members of the focal point team will be NOVIB, WVI, Diakonia, and UNICEF. The Consultant should engage with these agencies in the further development of the study. Final versions will be circulated to the larger ESC group for endorsement. The group was also reminded that agencies inside Somalia had agreed to provide support to the Consultant while she is in their area in terms of accommodation, feeding and transport.

  1. AOB

Joint MoE/ESC Meetings: Topics and Timings

Joint meetings should focus on strategic issues given the ESC is made up of a broad group of agencies. Also important will be to share ideas and best practices. An attempt will be made to discuss pertinent agenda points with the authorities beforehand (maximum two issues per meeting). The next joint meeting with the authorities from Puntland and Somaliland will be scheduled for May 2004.

NOVIB Somalia's Education Initiative

One initiative being launched by NOVIB is research through WAMY (World Assembly of Muslim Youth). The aim of the study is to identify the policies and procedures associated with Arab Overseas Development Aid targeted at the Somalia education sector. This will hopefully lead to a trust building initiative between Arab and Western donors and the creation of a basket fund for education.

NOVIB would like to engage members of the SACB ESC in the review of the ToR for the study. They will send an invitation to the SACB Secretariat for circulation to ESC members inviting them to participate in a discussion on the ToR.

Briefing of UNCT Retreat

On behalf of the UN Country Team, UNESCO will continue in the role as focal point for Education.

ESC Entry in the SACB Handbook 2004

A number of changes have been suggested:

  • UNESCO will draft a paragraph on Secondary Education.
  • UNICEF will expand the section on Primary Education to include alternative channels
  • The two entries will come to the Secretariat by the end of this week and circulated to the membership for any further input giving a short turn around.
  • Under Membership it should read …professionals and local authorities from Somaliland, Puntland and Central/South on a regular basis.
  • With those inputs the entry is endorsed.

School Mentoring

A 12 day workshop for school mentors was conducted. School mentors have now been working for 2 months. Guidance reports indicate a positive result. Agencies are requested to monitor the performance and acceptance of mentors in the schools they support to see during the review in June if they have made a difference in the classroom.

HIV/AIDS Focal Point for the ESC

UNESCO has agreed to take on this role.


    1. An electronic copy of the school construction standardization guidelines approved by the MOE in Hargeisa to be distributed to the members of the ESC by the SACB Secretariat and uploaded on www.sacb.info.
    2. The DG is requested to provide the Chair through the SACB Secretariat sub office in Hargeisa with a list of agencies that have not provided plans to date.
    3. The Secretariat will upload the UNICEF School Survey to www.sacb.info.
    4. UNICEF is requested to give a briefing on the zonal policy papers to the ESC in March meeting (if completed).
    5. SACB Secretariat to move forward on ESC Consultancies for Financing and Management as discussed in agenda point 6.
    6. Chair rotation should be put on the agenda for March
    7. NOVIB documents (ToR and Concept Paper) to be circulated to membership

The next meeting is scheduled for March 16, 2004 at 2:30 p.m. – SACB Large Conference Room.


PO Box 28832 Nairobi

Tel: 254- 2- 3754145-8

Fax: 254- 2- 3754149

E-mail: [email protected]

    Somalia Aid Coordination Body


    Endorsed MINUTES

    Education Sectoral Committee Meeting

    16th November 2004; 10.00 a.m. SACB Large Conference Room


    V Saggiomo CISP (CHAIR) A Haider NOVIB
    L Wetugi ADRA W K Bii Mogadishu University
    M Mugambi ADRA A Shire SSHDA
    D Maina ADRA W Ahmed SWRDA
    Z Daniels CONCERN E Mururu UNICEF
    E Nzioke Caritas N Ihebuzor UNICEF
    V Albertin Caritas/Swiss Group M Betts UNICEF
    E Mwende COOPI E Kimani UNICEF
    L Omondi CARE B Mohamed USAID
    R Tole EC M Devados UNESCO PEER
    M Winnefeld EC E Sommevilla WFL
    M Waldo GI W Jacquiline World Vision
    F Barasa HISAN P Alston SACB Secretariat
    M Stone MMM Learning Development M Kettman (Minutes) SACB Secretariat


        Opening Remarks (Review of previous minutes and matters arising)

        Appointment of ESC Co Chair

        1. ESC Consultancies-Financing and Management

          Research study on Arab donors in the Education Sector of Somalia-NOVIB

          1. Presentation on new type of school buildings and furniture-WFL

            UNICEF Gender Survey

            1. AOB


              Minutes of 21


              September 2004 meeting

              1. Opening Remarks (Review of previous minutes and matters arising)

              The minutes of the meeting were reviewed.

              • It was noted that the minutes under agenda 3 are not clear. This section of the minutes will be sent to UNESCO for clarification. The minutes will then be circulated and endorsed by email.

                Action points:

                  1. Appointment of ESC co-chair will be covered in Agenda point 2.

                  The SACB Secretariat will send out the invitation for the clarification meeting for the EC call for proposal scheduled on 28


                  September at 3:00 pm.

                  The ESC will meet to discuss the UNESCO Document on 12


                  October 2004.

                  The bi- monthly ESC meeting is not the venue for special focus meetings due to time constraints. So the ESC will continue to organize special meetings like the

                  one scheduled for 12


                  October, 2004 by UNESCO. The document was not specifically a UNESCO document but a partnership document.

                  Suggestions for other possible topics are gender issues, teacher training and a long-term approach to the education sector.


                    . The UNICEF Gender study will be presented under agenda item 6.

                    The Chair will brief the ESC on the achievements of the ESC Task force.

                    1. The SACB Secretariat circulated the web page address for the Mogadishu University because the presentation was too large for the website.

                      2. Appointment of ESC Co Chair

                      One only member (Noel Ihebuzor) was nominated for the position of co- chair. This nomination was accepted by ESC members present. Noel Ihebuzor from UNICEF will be the co-chair of the ESC.

                      3. ESC Consultancies - Financing and Management

                      A consultant for the financing study was found: Peter Lewa. The working group met with Peter who is finalizing a concept paper following suggested amendments by the group.

                      • The field study is planned to start mid-December. A note was circulated to all ESC members requesting for agencies to give logistical support in Somalia for the consultant. Concern, WFL, IAS and UNA offered to provide support.

                        The SACB Secretariat is waiting for confirmation of a no-cost extension

                        to current funding to support the management consultancy because selected consultants are available from January.

                        ADRA has a new project planned for the south in education and could possibly provide logistical support for the consultant.

                        4. Research study on Arab donors in the Education Sector of Somalia


                        The study has been conducted by Novib (Oxfam Netherland) and WAMY (World Association of Muslim Youth) with the financial support of EC Somalia Unit.

                        • The final objective of this study was to build trust and coordination between Arab or Islamic organizations and western donors and NGOs.

                          It is a fact that Islamic NGOs are operating in Somalia in the education sector and there is need to coordinate with them. This is the approach that the docume

                          nt suggests.

                          Novib requested ESC to endorse the document.


                          After the presentation the following concerns were raised:

                          • The pattern and the effect of funding for gender and textbooks are not clearly seen in the data. The consultant will be asked to review more raw data and incorporate these issues.
                            • There is a need for one common curriculum; it could be English, Arab or Somali.
                              • There is talk of Arab policies and western policies but Somali polices should not be forgotten. Somaliland and Puntland governments have a policy and public and private organizations that work in the education sector also have their own policies.
                                • SACB is in transition because the country is in transition. The final decision needs to be made by the government authorities.
                                  • What is the political agenda of the Islamic charities? This aspect is not addressed in the study. It is fundamental to know more about this before building trust and thinking of collaboration with Islamic NGOs and Arab donors.

                                    Step forward

                                    • The chair welcomed the study by Novib on Arab donors and Islamic NGOs in the education sector. She informed the meeting that it is very important to build knowledge on it for a better understanding of the Somali context. However, the chair and some members of the ESC felt that a deeper knowledge of Islamic NGOs and their political agenda is needed before endorsing a document that promotes mutual collaboration and cooperation.
                                      • The next step will be to encourage further studies on this and promote mutual knowledge between western donors/NGOs and Arab donors/Islamic NGOs.
                                        • In this regard, the participation of Mogadishu University to the ESC is very important and it would be useful to encourage also presentations and participation of other groups like FPENS (a network of schools that follow Arab curriculum and receive financial support by Arab donors) as well as SAFE (a network of schools that follow old Somali curriculum and use English as medium of instruction).
                                          • Novib expressed their commitment to facilitate the presence of FPENS representatives for a presentation on FPENS in the next ESC meeting.
                                            • The study of Novib and WAMY will be circulated again to all the ESC members and comments on it have to be sent to Novib (Abdullahi Haider at [email protected])

                                              5. Presentation on new type of school buildings and furniture - WFL

                                              Lower Shabelle

                                              • This model is preferable from an environmental point of view.
                                                • The design prevents buildings from collapsing because of expansive soil-clay.
                                                  • The construction is cheaper and quicker, requires fewer skills and makes community participation much easier.
                                                    • The building is in harmony with the huts of rural villages and it is environmental friendly.
                                                      • The classrooms are considered more comfortable as far as temperature, ventilation and light are concerned. The space is effective and better controlled.
                                                        • Any comments and criticisms are appreciated.


                                                          • This presentation should be followed up with a discussion on policy for school construction standards.
                                                            • It is a good design but there are a few questions to answer:
                                                                • What is the cost to required for the 4 classrooms?
                                                                • What is the expertise necessary to deliver the roof structure?
                                                                • What type of technical expertise is necessary to cast the beams?
                                                                • How long will it take to cure the floor design?
                                                                • In a beam structure, how do you hold the floor together?
                                                            • Security is an important issue. There is storage areas in the classrooms and iron bars could be put through the sticks to reinforce the building.
                                                              • The reeds on the roof will need to be replaced. The replacement of the thatch is a good community project because the communities will be involved in the construction.
                                                                • The cost and time spent is 4 to 5 times less than current standard school construction.
                                                                  • A technical standard design book does not exist on this new method of school construction.
                                                                    • The organizations working on school construction will meet on 3rd December 2004 at 9:30 am to discuss changes that could be made to the guidelines.
                                                                      • A policy document was discussed in Somaliland with DRC taking the lead.
                                                                        • DRC will be invited to attend the school construction meeting.
                                                                          • It is important to review the UNICEF guidelines for several different construction methods.

                                                                            Step forward

                                                                            • On Friday, 3rd December 2004 at 9:30 am there will be an ESC focus discussion meeting on the issue of school building guidelines. UNICEF Guidelines will be confronted with WFL Guidelines.
                                                                              • All the organizations involved in school construction activities are encouraged to attend and give their comments and suggestions.

                                                                                6. UNICEF Gender Study

                                                                                Analysis of Primary Education in Somalia: A Gender Perspective

                                                                                • The ESC made the request for this study.


                                                                                  • A copy of this presentation will be circulated to all the ESC members.
                                                                                    • Please send your comments by Tuesday, 30th November to Elishiba Kimani at [email protected]
                                                                                      • Forty years before the civil war Somalia had co-education and segregation did not exist. Segregation is now an issue where it has become non-muslim to practice sports for girls. This is a misinterpretation of religious barriers.

                                                                                        Step forward

                                                                                        On Tuesday, 3rd December, 2004 an ESC focus discussion meeting will take place.

                                                                                        All ESC members are invited to attend and give their contribution to the discussion.

                                                                                        7. AOB

                                                                                        QS: Is the ESC considering ways of supporting the new government?

                                                                                        The new Prime Minister would like input and this sector is looking for a viable national partner. This point will be raised in the Steering Committee meeting, as it involves the other sectoral committees as well as the ESC.

                                                                                        Action Points

                                                                                        1. The Secretariat will resend the Arab donor report. Members are urged to read the report and make comments to Abdullahi Haider at [email protected] by Tuesday, 30th November.
                                                                                          1. The SACB Secretariat will circulate the UNICEF Gender Study to all the ESC members. Please send your comments by 30th November 2004 to Elishiba Kimani at [email protected]
                                                                                            1. An ESC focus discussion meeting will take place on Tuesday, 30th November 2004 on Gender issue.
                                                                                              1. The organizations working on school construction will meet on 3rd December 2004 at 9:30 am to discuss changes that could be made the guidelines.
                                                                                                1. A representative from the SAFE network will be encouraged to attend the next ESC meeting in January.
                                                                                                  1. FPENS will be invited to make a presentation during the next ESC meeting in January.
                                                                                                    1. Briefing from UN on Jeddah meeting by M Devadoss from UNESCO.

                                                                                                      The next meeting will be held on 18th January 2005.

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