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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Fatah to be sheep's clothing of Hamas as both form joint terrorist 'government' in bid for EU handouts

Fatah to be sheep's clothing of Hamas as both form joint terrorist 'government' in bid for EU handouts

September 11, 2006

Hamas and Fatah Forming Joint Government

Monday, September 11, 2006 / 18 Elul 5766


Fatah's Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas - the PA Chairman and Prime Minister, respectively - have agreed to form a unity government, hoping the int'l political boycott of Hamas will be removed.

The two Arab leaders announced in Gaza this afternoon (Monday) that they had agreed on guidelines for the new Palestinian Authority government.

Abbas' Fatah party was trounced by Hamas in elections earlier this year. He said that the new government's diplomatic plan is based on the Prisoners' Document - a paper drawn up this past May by several leading terrorists imprisoned in Israel.
Among those who formulated the document were Fatah's Marwan Barghouti, who is serving five life sentences for murdering Israelis, Abdel Halik Al-Natsheh of Hamas, and Islamic Jihad's Bassam Al- Saadi.

The original goal of the document was to restore coordination between the PLO (Fatah) and Hamas, without granting recognition to Israel. The document calls for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, without withdrawing claims to the area known as pre-1967 Israel, within the Green Line.

The so-called "right of return" for millions of Arabs to Israel is emphasized five times in the paper, and the PLO's stage-by-stage policy is also reaffirmed.

Significantly, the Prisoners' Document encourages further terrorism - in violation of the Road Map plan's fundamental demands - by calling for the "widening the circles of resistance" and for the "release of all [terrorist] prisoners" held by Israel "by all means." Support of "those who bore the burden of resistance, in particular the martyrs' families" - i.e., suicide bombers and their relatives - is encouraged.

No Recognition of Israel by Hamas
Hamas has refused to recognize Israel or negotiate with it, while Fatah has not. Even in the new government, Hamas will not recognize Israel outright; it rather hopes that its acceptance of vague Arab peace initiatives, such as the Saudi plan of 2002, will enable other countries to remove their diplomatic boycotts from the PA.

Abbas, known as Abu Mazen, said today he hopes the new government will be formed in the coming days. Hamas insists that Ismail Haniye, the current prime minister, must continue to serve in this post.

Clash Claims Two Lives
Fatah and Hamas gunmen have clashed many times over the past months, leading to deaths and injuries. Just today, two Arabs were killed in a Fatah-Hamas exchange of fire south of Gaza City.

Just yesterday, Abbas said he would be willing to "meet immediately" with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in order to "renew the peace process." However, he said, "the end of the conflict in the Middle East will be enabled only when the Palestinian rights are achieved, when we establish our sovereign state with its capital as Jerusalem, and when the problem of the refugees is solved."

Anti-Israel Violence Continues
Palestinian terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at an IDF force from southern Gaza today, causing no damage. West of Shechem (Nablus) this afternoon, soldiers checked a suspicious-looking Arab and found two pipebombs on his person. Border Guard sappers safely detonated the bombs.

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