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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > ICNA -Islamist Conspirators of North America's "Great Muslims Only Adventure Day!"

ICNA -Islamist Conspirators of North America's "Great Muslims Only Adventure Day!"

The Islamic Circle Circle of North America : From Six Flags to Six Fatwas -Entire Park for Muslims Only !
July 14, 2004

MIM: This is the original poster for the "Muslims Only" day which appeared on the ICNA site in July 2004.



"Infidels Verboten "

Six Flags "For Muslims Only "

The writing on the wall poster :

A one day preview of the ' United States of Allah ' under the guise of putting the' fun into fundamentalism'.


MIM: Antics for the sake of Allah :

"THE QUESTION has always been where can Muslims go for social growth, and entertainment by us, for us, and about us? The answer? "Allah Made Me Funny : The Official Muslim Comedy Tour." The concept of this tour is to make a comprehensive effort to provide effective, significant, and appropriate comedy with an Islamic perspective, which is both mainstream and cross-cultural."


The tour receives support from national Muslim organizations including the Nation of Islam, CAIR (Counsel of American Islamic Relations) and the Islamic Foundation of America".




MIM: These excerpts from Ashar Usman's routines illustrates how Muslims aim to 'knock 'em dead'.

"With his bushy black beard and skullcap, Azhar Usman strides on to the stage with a raucous "Assalam Aleikum."

*"For those who don't know what that means, I'll explain it to you," he declares. "It means: 'I'm gonna kill you.'" The audience bursts into laughter.

*"I get a lot of dirty looks these days. I want to stop people on the street and say, `Yes, I am a Muslim! But I'm an American Muslim. I'm very patriotic! In fact, I would die for this country by blowing myself up!'"

*Azhar Usman also comments on Muslims flying on planes here these days. People are really scared. "Imagine me walking on a plane. It's not a pretty sight. People give me some dirty looks, man…. as if I was responsible for 9/11. Can you believe that, me responsible for nine-eleven? Seven-eleven (7/11) maybe.

*Sporting a bushy beard and black skullcap, Azhar Usman bounded onto the stage. "I'm Osama bin Laden's cousin," he declared. "They call me 'Bin Laughin.' "

His audience chuckled, clearly ready for more..."





The speakers list of militant Islamists includes ' the usual suspects'

Special Discounted Ticket Price: $20
(includes all rides and wild safari park)

Chief Guests/Speakers

  • Imam Zaid Shakir

  • Dr. Ingrid Mattson

  • W. D. Mohammad

  • Azhar Osman & Preacher Moss

  • ---------------------------------------------

ICNA reveals it's Islamo facist agenda : Muslim Youth =Hitler Jugend

Note the use of gothic script favored by the Nazis to announce Muslim Youth Day 2004

MIM: For the first time ever : Entire Park all Day "FOR MUSLIMS ONLY"

Which begs the question of a class action lawsuit from infidels claiming discrimination .

Six Flags aka Six Fatwas ' Infidel Rein' !


Buy Tickets Online

MIM:Separated at birth or just waiting to grow up ?

The Islamic Circle of North America's Muslim Youth "mission" statement :



"The goal of Young Muslims shall be to seek the pleasure of ALLAH (SWT) by educating, training and developing the Muslim youth to be Islamic workers for Iqamat-ad-Deen (establishment of Islam) in North America.

One Direction...

The purpose of Young Muslims is to present to its members as completely as possible the beautiful way of life that is Islam. Islam is the only institution that can safeguard humanity against the evil that has seeped into society and the world in general. Only those properly prepared can become the vanguard for Islam. Young Muslims strives to be a step in that direction.

One Goal...

Our final destination is with Allah (SWT), our Sustainer, Protector, and Lord. Young Muslims exists so that our generation does not forget this."




MIM: Dr. Daniel Pipes commented on the ' Great Muslim Only Adventure Day' and asked the question : "Need one recite the shahada to enter the fairgrounds ? (The shahada is the Muslim declaration of faith which is recited by converts to Islam) and asks" how the organisers know who is Muslim or not".

Sept. 17, 2004 update: The New Jersey branch of the Islamic Circle of North America ("The organization of Islamic Workers!") announces that today is "The Great Muslim Adventure Day" at the local Six Flags Great Adventure park. Not only is "This event is designed to provide entertainment for the entire family!" not only will Imam Zaid Shakir lead the Friday prayers at 2 p.m., and not only will the comedy routine "Allah Made Me Funny" show twice, but "Alhamdulillah, the entire park is reserved for Muslims only!" One wonders how the organizers know who is a Muslim or not. Need one recite the shahada to enter the fairgrounds? It is scandalous that Six Flags – a publicly held corporation whose stock trades on the NYSE – allows such a restriction for access to its property, but it is also not entirely surprising. Permalink

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