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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Dutch Socialist Party leader compares Islamist terrorism to Nazi resistance prefers nuclear Iran to US intervention

Dutch Socialist Party leader compares Islamist terrorism to Nazi resistance prefers nuclear Iran to US intervention

July 25, 2006

MIM: The Dutch Socialist leader Jan Marijnssen shows his party's solidarity with Islamo facists.

THE HAGUE, 22/07/06 - Socialist Party (SP) leader Jan Marijnissen has suggested that Islam terrorism may be compared to resistance against the Nazis during World War II. "Terrorism occurs in all times and places and its objective is usually to make things as unpleasant as possible for the occupier", he says in an interview for Penthouse magazine.

"During World War II, Dutch people thwarted nazi Germany's destruction machine by blowing up town halls, because this was where the Jews were registered. Things are not all that different in the Middle East. Islamic fundamentalism, including the terrorist wing, is a reaction to Israel's occupation of Palestine, to America's presence in the Middle East and to the West's support of undemocratic regimes in the Middle East."

If Marijnissen had to choose he would rather see Iran build up a nuclear arsenal than US military intervention in that country. "If I had to make a choice between the two options then at this moment I would certainly say: do not attack, it is the most stupid choice possible". According to the SP leader, the Iran issue can be traced back to American hypocrisy. "Surely it is immoral to deny countries their right to nuclear energy when you own nuclear weapons yourself!?"

The SP is doubtful whether Turkey should become an EU member. "Look at the human rights there, the position of the army, the Cyprus issue, the way they deal with the Kurds. I think membership may be considered in ten or fifteen years at the very earliest. And not until then will the matter be raised of how to tackle the migration issue. We see what is happening now with Poland. The Socialist Party is opposed to opening the borders, because the Dutch are being displaced by cheap Polish labourers on the job market."

As to development aid, Marijnissen has launched the idea to adopt one country and invest all money and energy into that one country. "Within the SP, the plan received a sceptical response. But I have sounded out some people in the development branch and they do not regard it as a strange plan at all. Suppose we took on Surinam, for example, for a period of ten years. People from Surinam would come here to study and would then return: we use our know-how to develop infrastructure there."

SP is not taking a classically leftwing position on the issue of the integration of immigrants in the Netherlands. Marijnissen is in a positive mood. "Only a few things are necessary to live together with foreigners who wish to build up their future here. They need to learn Dutch, largely adjust to our culture and integrate. And if we put our efforts into mixed education and mixed housing, the rest should take care of itself".

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