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Militant Islam Monitor > Weblog > Islamist target evicted by residents of building in Holland - terrorists use apartments and neighborhoods as HQ's unhindered

Islamist target evicted by residents of building in Holland - terrorists use apartments and neighborhoods as HQ's unhindered

May 4, 2006

Last week a Dutch court ruled that a parliamentarian who is under death threat by Islamists had four months to find another dwelling after residents demanded she be evicted from their complex citing security concerns.Ironically terrorists and Muslims who are using their residences as meeting places and explosive cache's are not being evicted by neighbors concerned for their safety.The residents of apartment complex housing Ayaan Hirsi Ali should consider themselves lucky in that it could be deemed one of the safest places in Holland. Almost all the terrorist attacks and planning in The Netherlands (and abroad) took place in residential apartment complexes. A review of terrorist attacks and apprehensions worldwide shows that apartments and residential neighborhoods were used to meet, plan, and carry out terrorist attacks and that the terrorists are willing to blow themselves up in their apartments when police come to apprehend them. In Holland a neighborhood in The Hague turned to a war zone, neighbors were evacuted while helicopters hovered overhead , when police tried to arrest two members of the Hofstadgroep. One of them threw a grenade, which injured three policeman. In Madrid terrorists involved in the train bombing blew themselves up with their apartment complex when police came to apprehend them.

Apparently the Dutch are less afraid to file a suit agains a potential terrorist- but are too afraid to demand the eviction of young Muslim men who have turned their living quarters into terrorist meeting places and arsenals? What will it take for people to realise that the quaint notion of ‘live and let live', is not viable in a post 9/11 world when the neighbors next door are Islamofacists with a "die and let die" weltaanshauung. Terrorists living in residential buildings and neighborhoods are the norm. Occassionally, neighbors do file complaints, (as in the case of one of the 9/11 hijackers) but the only form of eviction appears to be their demise in a suicide attack or arrest.

According to Peaktalk,a website which reports on Dutch news in english:

"...The court considers in its ruling that the neighbors have been put into a situation that has contributed to them feeling less safe in their own house. That feeling is extended to the communal living spaces of the apartment complex, but also to their own apartments. The court argues that this is a severe violation of one's private life (as per Article 8 of the European Treaty for Human Rights..."

"...Beyond a number of politicians there is a growing constituency of writers, artists and cartoonists who may rightfully claim government protection. And in most cases their neighbors are equally likely to take a less than charitable view of their right to exercise free speech. This is once more evidence of how Europeans fail to understand the bigger picture and are more than willing to let some short term comfort prevail over the long term survival of core values that built their societies in the first place..." http://www.peaktalk.com/archives/002165.php

MIM:As Peaktalk points out there are countless writers and artists who are living in fear of Islamist attack and who, like Theo van Gogh, receive no official protection. The publishers of Theo van Gogh's book "Allah Knows Best" have taken the sign off their office, and the film production company which controls the distribution of the film Submission, embargoed it after his murder, with the producer, Gijs Van der Westerlaken, citing 'security concerns'.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is currently the case of a European living under guard garnering the most attention because of her image and the media hype, although of all the people targetted, she is the safest, having been under armed guard after she provoked Muslim ire by calling Mohammed a 'pedofile' on television. It should be recalled that she made the film Submission in 2004 while under protection with Theo van Gogh, who, became the unprotected target of the Islamists wrath instead of her.

She does not have children or family to be concerned about, nor doe she have to worry with being thrown out into the streets . Her case serves as a metaphor which shows that people don't realise that they are as vulnerable to attack as she is, since all of Holland is under siege by radical Islamists who are literally terrorising people into fleeing their homes, and using their appartments for terrorist activities. Despite a constant stream of reports in the media, showing terrorist arrests and arsenals in residences belonging to young Muslims, there is no record of anyone starting eviction proceedings on the ground that these Islamists pose a threat to their security. On the contrary, in many cases of terrorists arrest, the family and residents continue to live with impunity inside the appartments,despite having had knowledge of their relative's terrorist intent.

Ali's neighbors attempts to have her evicted has also been gratuitously compared what happenened to Jews in the Holocaust,ignoring the fact that she has round the clock police protection and has numerous wealthy benefactors in America who are helping her in every way possible to insure that her situation causes her as least discomfort as possible. In addition Ali is feted as a heroine by groups like the American Jewish Committee who recently gave her an award, and seems to spend more time abroad then in parliament in Holland.

Journalist Ebru Umar, who was beaten by Islamists last week pointed out that "Ali has no political platform' and has done nothing of any political significance'.Ebru Umar faces much more risk then Ali, as she worked closely with Theo van Gogh , and has taken his place as a columnist for the paper Metro. She not only has no police protection,when she was attacked last week her complaint was dismissed by law enforcement and ignored by the media. The police refused to act on her complaint saying they had 'no outside jurisdiction to do so. In reality the police are terrified of going into Muslim neighborhoods and arresting any young Muslim men, since this has caused uncontrollable riots in the past. The Mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, who is also a stated target of Islamists, has warned that the city is a power keg and blithely states that his main concern is "keeping things together" which translates into placating the Muslim community.http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1865

The case Dutch politican Geert Wilders, a former member of her party, is even more egregious, because he also has a wife and children who need round the clock protection, and can not live a normal life. During the time of the Danish cartoon controversy he received 40 death threats in day. Wilders attempts to set up a new political party called "The Freedom Party" has been severely hampered by security concerns making it all but impossible for people to approach him.

Last year, murdered film maker Theo van Gogh's son was beaten twice by Moroccan thugs on the street,and the police failed to respond.A few days following his the killing ,Lieuwe Van Gogh had been threatened by Moroccan youths at school who taunted him that they would do the 'same to him as they had his to his father'. There were also reports that youths had come up to the house and rung the bell looking for him.

These high profile cases and instances of 'street terrorism' have become daily occurrences in Holland, with law enforcemen refusing to act and residents being forced to move out of their homes as happened in the Diamantbuurt where a couple was forced to flee their home after being harassed and threatened by Moroccan Muslim youths.

In an article just before his murder Theo van Gogh wrote about how Dutch people were being terrorised out of their homes, and ominously commented "How long before no Dutch people will be welcome in Amsterdam?


Here is a list of incidents where Islamist murders used apartments as launching pad for their crimes:

The 23 Ilan Halimi a 23 year old Jewish manwho was kidnapped by a Muslim gang-and tortured for nearly a month in an apartment complex near Paris. The concierge provided the room in which Ilan was imprisoned.It is known that everyone in the building kept silent about what was going on, and that Ilan would be alive if one of the residents had called the police. Family and friends of the kidnappers 'stopped by' to join in the torture of Halimi showing that it was not just the residents who knew of his plight- and that an entire community was involved. There has been no mention of any moves being made to evict the people involved in this murder,and they will continue to live in the state subsidised accomodations unhindered.

French journalist Nidra Pollar wrote :

"...Ilan was held prisoner and abused in an apartment and later a utility room in the cellar in one of the project buildings. Both were lent to the gang by the concierge, who is also now in custody. Some in the gang were known delinquents. Mr. Fofana, who is 26, had served time for armed robbery. But another member was in on-the-job training in the IT service of a French TV station.

"...Ilan's uncle Rafi Halimi told reporters that the gang phoned the family on several occasions and made them listen to the recitation of verses from the Koran, while Ilan's tortured screams could be heard in the background. The family has publicly criticized the police for deliberately ignoring the explicit anti-Semitic motives, which were repeatedly expressed and should have dictated an entirely different approach to the case from the start. Police searches have now revealed the presence of Islamist literature in the home of at least one of the gang members..."



*A 23 year old French Jew Sebastian Sellam was brutally murdered by a Muslim neighbor. The family still lives in the apartment building today.

"Sebastian Selam and his killer had known each other since childhood and lived in the same building in Paris .The family was anti semitic and before the killing, a dead rooster had been put in front of the Selam family door (which is a Muslim symbol for impending death) and a mezuzah (a container with a parchment which Jewish families affix to their doorpost for spiritual protection) had been ripped off. One evening Selam's killer asked him to step into the parking garage, where an aquaintance of the killer was also present. Selam's killer slashed his throat twice, mutilated his face with a fork, and gouged out his both his eyes. Afterwards he mounted the stairs and showed his bloody hands to his mother saying :"I have killed my Jew"..."http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=11062

MIM: Selam's mother interviewed by Nidra Pollar how the Muslim family whose son killed hers still lives in the building and is even offered their choice of apartments. According to Mrs. Selam, it was the mother who brainwashed her children to the point where her son committed murder-which means that she and the rest of her family are all potential killers as well.http://vancouver.indymedia.org/news/2004/03/115578.php

S.: "...What happened is that evening he had a job, he was going out to go out to work that night, and before that he had gone to do an errand and when he came back here, a neighbor--a young man who knew him, grew up with him, knew our family, who used to come and have meals with us-- Sébastien gave him a helping hand many times, in many ways--he was waiting for him and said he wanted to go along with Sébastien to the garage. My son saw no ill will in this, nothing at all, he was not wary, and when they got into the garage the boy slit his throat, and he went at him, relentlessly, and then he left him lying there and went up to his apartment directly from the garage and said to his mother, "I killed Lam C, I killed a Jew," and his mother called the police. His mother called the police, the police came, they saw the terrible thing that happened in the garage, they tried to save him but it was too late. He was atrociously mutilated. That's it.

N. P.: You have lived in this building for many years?

J. S.: Yes, since 1985.

N. P.: You have always had neighbors of many different origins?

J. S.: Yes, Arabs, Blacks, people of all races.

N. P.: And you got along with everyone in the building?

J. S.: Absolutely. In the whole building I had nothing but good contacts. The only family, that family, is the only family that is racist. I had words in 2001 with the mother of the criminal; he called us dirty Jews, he tore the mezuza off the door, not just mine, other Jewish families too. He slit the throat of a chicken and put it in front of my door. At the time I didn't know what that meant. I filed complaints with the police; many other people in the building also filed complaints, they are on record. The police didn't do anything about it. They didn't do anything. After that there were swastikas in the elevator; all kinds of things. All of that was him and his family, the boy, the one who killed my son. He burned elevator buttons, broke my mailbox, really the whole family.

N. P.: This family still lives in the building?

J. S.: Since the crime, since my son was murdered, the family is still here. I find that absolutely disgraceful to leave people, to leave murderers in the same building as me. So I don't go out because I don't want to see them. Do you think that's right?

N. P.: That is exactly what I was about to ask you.

J. S.: Nothing has been done to get them away from here. The very same day it should have been done--the very day. It wasn't done. They are still here. They are offered different apartments, and they choose! They choose! ..."

P.: How is Adil's (the killer's) family acting now?

J. S.: They are fine, just fine. They go out, they do their shopping, hold their heads high, his brother is very arrogant, oh yes they are just fine. I'm the one who is doing badly. They are just fine.

N. P.: You want to stay here in your apartment, don't you? You want them to move out?

J. S.: That's normal isn't it? They are the ones who should leave..."


MIM: In the U.K . almost all of the failed London bombers were arrested at their homes - which resulted in entire neighborhoods being cordoned off.

LONDON (AP) — "Police swooped down on a posh London neighborhood and traced cell phone calls across Europe to a Rome hide-out Friday, netting the remaining suspects in the failed transit bombings without firing a shot..."

"...Black-clad police armed with stun grenades and gas masks pointed assault rifles at the doors of suspects on the outskirts of Notting Hill. Two young children stumbled into the standoff a floor below a suspects' apartment, and an armed officer tried to shoo them away from his dog. (Related video: Police make new arrests)

Above them, a police team shouting for "Mohammed" forced two suspects to strip to their underwear and emerge onto a narrow balcony, where television cameras recorded them with their hands above their heads..."

"...The raids near Notting Hill lasted for nearly four hours and began when neighbors heard a loud explosion and cracks that sounded like shots.

Police shouted at the suspects in one apartment, calling for "Mohammed" to emerge, said one witness, Nicolas Holliman.

"He was being asked to come out with his hands up, naked or in underclothes," Holliman said. "They were ... telling him he would be safe if he puts his hands up."

They also shouted warnings: "You're going to be dead unless you open up this door!"

Police pointed assault rifles at the door, a witness said. Other officers wearing black balaclavas and body armor surrounded the building and went door to door in the neighborhood, famous for its weekend street market, and told people to leave.

Some witnesses heard several explosions — possibly stun grenades or tear gas..."



MIM: When police tried to capture Hassan Omar 100 homes were evacuated in case there were explosives.It was only afterwards that neighbors claimed that 'several men had used the house in recent weeks', and had they alerted police to this at the time even if no action was taken, the house address might have been noted making it easier to find in the aftermath of the bombings.

Women held over London bombings


Police have detained Yasin Hassan Omar, a 24-year-old Briton of Somali origin, during a dawn raid in Birmingham.

Omar is implicated in the attempt to bomb a train in a tunnel between Oxford Street and Warren Street.

He was alone in the house and subdued with a stun gun, said Metropolitan Police's anti-terror chief, Peter Clarke.

The ABC reports that police removed a backpack he was wearing and threw it out the window.

They evacuated 100 nearby homes as a precaution.

Though forensic examinations were continuing, Mr Clarke said: "There is no intelligence to suggest that there were explosives."

Neighbours said several men had used the run-down house in recent weeks, but none were known to local residents.


Bombers blow themselves up as police raid their Madrid hideout
By Isambard Wilkinson in Madrid and Anton La Guardia, Diplomatic Editor
(Filed: 05/04/2004)

The Spanish government claimed last night to have smashed the terrorist cell responsible for the Madrid train bombings after the suspected mastermind blew himself up with four accomplices as a crack anti-terrorist unit tried to raid their hideout.

Spanish rescue workers sift through the debris at the scene of the explosion in Madrid

Forensic experts examining the devastated block of flats in the Madrid suburb of Leganes believe that the gang leader, 35-year-old Serhane ben Abdelmajid Farkhet, known as "The Tunisian", was among those who killed themselves.

Angel Acebes, the interior minister, claimed that the deaths on Saturday night, along with a spate of arrests following the murder of 191 people on Madrid commuter trains, meant the terrorist cell had been virtually destroyed.

Serhane ben Abdelmajid Farkhet

"The core group of those who carried out the terrorist act have been detained or died in the collective suicide," Mr Acebes said.

"We have to highlight the magnificent work done by the security forces."

Mr Acebes said he believed that further attacks planned by the cell had been averted by the death of Farkhet. Police said at least 22lb of dynamite and 200 detonators of the type used in the railway attacks had been found in the flat.

The badly mutilated body of one militant was found at the bottom of the flats' communal swimming pool still wearing an explosive belt of the type used by Palestinian suicide bombers.

"They were going to keep on attacking because some of the explosives were prepared, packed and connected to detonators," Mr Acebes said. The gang was also responsible for planting an unexploded bomb on the tracks of the Madrid-Seville high-speed train on Friday, he said.

Despite his confidence, Mr Acebes was leaving himself a hostage to fortune as he admitted that two or three of the gang may have escaped the siege in Leganes before the area could be sealed. Spanish officials issued three new names of men they wish to trace.

Last month, Mr Acebes helped to stoke public anger against the centre-Right government of Jose Maria Aznar by insisting for days that the Madrid attacks were the work of the Basque separatist group Eta.

The Socialists, led by the prime minister-elect Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, were swept to power partly by the wave of anger that swept through Spain after the Madrid bombings - which many blamed on Spain's involvement in Iraq.

Mr Zapatero says he will withdraw Spanish peacekeepers from Iraq after a new government is installed in Baghdad, but he is under strong pressure from the United States and Britain not to undermine the political transition.

Spanish investigators, tracing the SIM card of a mobile telephone that had been rigged as a timer on an unexploded bomb in the March 11 Madrid commuter attacks, have so far charged 15 people.

Of those charged before Saturday night's raid, six have been charged with mass murder and nine others with collaborating with or belonging to a terrorist organisation. Eleven are Moroccan.

Police believe that the cell is linked to the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group, which appears to be connected to, or at least inspired, by al-Qa'eda.

On Saturday evening, security forces traced the whereabouts of the cell's mastermind to the southern multi-ethnic suburb of Leganes. But as security forces attempted to move residents discreetly out of the area, they were spotted by the gunmen, who opened fire.

As they exchanged shots, they shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great). After a two-hour siege, a unit of the the Grupo Especial Operaciones (GEO), Spain's special anti-terrorist unit, tried to blast its way into the first-floor flat.

But as the first officer entered, the gang members set off a bomb and blew themselves up, also killing one policemen and wounding 11 others.

The special forces policeman killed was named as 41-year-old Javier Torrontera. He was married and had two children.

Working under floodlights, with a hydraulic beam holding up the devastated four-storey building, forensic officers picked their way through the rubble in search of evidence.

Farkhet was among six people whose arrest was ordered last week by the Spanish investigating judge Juan del Olmo.

The warrant describes him as the "leader and co-ordinator" of the suspects. It said he had been an active campaigner for jihad since as early as mid-2003.

Another man on the warrant list, Abdennabi Kounjaa, a Moroccan, was identified as being among the dead.

A third body, that of Asri Rifaat Anouar, did not appear on the list. Police were trying to establish whether another body was that of a wanted man, Jamal Ahmidan, a 34-year-old Moroccan known as "The Chinaman".

Yesterday afternoon, police searching for explosives were examining a car parked near the building where the five suspects blew themselves up. The vehicle belonged to one of the dead bombers, an interior ministry official said.

Mr Acebes would not say how the suspects were tracked down, but El Pais newspaper said police traced them through a mobile phone call from the apartment.

Officers will now concentrate on examining any links the bombers had with other terrorist groups, Mr Acebes said.

Spain remains on a state of alert since the Madrid bombings, with the army, police and national railway company Renfe operating a permanent surveillance system.

4 April 2004: Policeman and three terror suspects die as bomb explosion rocks Madrid
3 April 2004: Plot to blow up Madrid express foiled

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