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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > World Jewish Congress's Russian Mufti invited to Manhattan as paragon of moderation welcomes Hamas back home

World Jewish Congress's Russian Mufti invited to Manhattan as paragon of moderation welcomes Hamas back home

April 21, 2006

MIM: The World Jewish Congress's new leader Jack Rosen has never met a Muslim leader he didnt like to curry favor with, Last year the WJC's Rosen went to Pakistan and begged Musharraf not to reject Israeli earthquake aid just because it came from the Jewish State and rejoiced when he had cajoled Musharraf into deigning to to take Jewish and Israeli aid

.What was not mentioned was that Rosen agreed that it had to come via a third party and have neither the mention of Jewish or Israel on the packaging. Despite this Rosen urged Jews to contribute generously to the aid relief, in an effort to find favor with Musharraf. Also not mentioned is that a great deal of the Muslim relief supplies were not only falling into the hands of terrorists they were being distributed by terrorists in order to shore up support for their cause with the local populations.

One of the largest Muslim American groups involved in the earthquake efforts was Kind Hearts, a Toledo Ohio based 'charity' which was recently shut down by the US Treasury on charges of terrorism funding.

"...Pakistan has signaled its willingness to accept aid from both Israel and American Jewish groups,American Jewish groups, Chairman of the American Jewish Congress Jack Rosen said Wednesday, days after a massive earthquake in in the Indian subcontinent killed at least 30,000 people.

"I am pleased that Pakistan will receive help from the Jewish community and from Israel," Mr. Rosen said. I call on the Jewish community to show its solidarity with Pakistani victims of the earthquake by joining the relief effort..."


Rosen also promised to do everything in his power to make sure Israelis met all Arab demands, for relinquishing terroritory, after Musharraf hinted he would consider putting a Pakistani embassy in Israel on this condition.

"...Musharraf told U.S. Jewish leaders last month that granting the Palestinians statehood would help stop Islamic terrorism and lead to full diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Israel.

Speaking to the American Jewish Congress at a groundbreaking dinner that opened with the sharing of bread and Koranic prayers, Musharraf, the guest of honor, said his Muslim country had "no direct conflict or dispute with Israel" but that Pakistanis had deep sympathy for Palestinian aspirations for a separate state..."

Israel must come to terms with geopolitical realities and allow justice to prevail for the Palestinians," he said, describing a Palestinian settlement as the key to security for Israel and an end to Middle East terrorism.

"As the peace process progresses towards the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, we will take further steps towards normalization and cooperation, looking to full diplomatic relations," Musharraf said to lengthy applause.

Musharraf also said he welcomed the Gaza disengagement and that he hoped Israel would soon withdraw from the West Bank as well..."

The AJC was among several major American Jewish organisation who spent thousands of donated dollars taking out full page adds singing the praises of the efforts to make Gaza Judenrein.

Rosen's ecstasy was unbounded when he managed to convince Pakistani president Musharraf to be the keynote speaker at an AJC banquet, where he cynically praised 'the Jew' George Soros for all his generous funding to the Bosnian Muslims ,whose leader Ali Itzebekovic was a follower of the Nazi Mufti Al Hussaini, (head of the Scimitar Muslim Nazi brigade in WWII), and the founder of an Islamo facist party which aims to establish an Islamic state in the Balkans. Rosen's abject dhimmitude culminated in his defending Musharraf from critics who said in effect that the AJC had provided a forum for Musharraf to increase his clout with politicians in Washington:

,"Many in the audience thus saw Musharraf's decision to address a Jewish audience as a public-relations move rather than the reflection of a serious desire for detente. Like many in the Muslim world, Musharraf views the American Jewish community as key to securing political influence along the Beltway, some said. Musharraf didn't do much to dispel this impression

"Jack Rosen, chairman of the American Jewish Congress, whose Council for World Jewry sponsored the event, was not in agreement with the critics. He said, "It is not helpful for us to be critical of a Muslim leader who, given his political pressures, comes to speak to us and doesn't give us everything we want at that moment in time. We couldn't have expected that he would have announced last night that he would immediately begin normalising relations with Israel. It wasn't a real expectation.


Jack Rosen appears to be following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Henry Siegman, (whose most recent claim to fame is being cited in Dr. Daniel Pipes' "Idiots File") .

"...If there is someone more foolish coming out of the organized Jewish community than Henry Siegman, that person has yet to come to my attention. For a full analysis of his oeuvre, see the analysis by Daniel Mandel and Asaf Romirowsky, "The Council on Foreign Relations Does the Middle East." His most recent deep thinking in the New York Review of Books is summed up by its title: "Hamas: The Last Chance for Peace?" (April 27, 2006)http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/502

MIM: Rosen looks like he could also be a candidate for Idiot's file after being taken by the Mufti of Russia Gainutan, whose phony interfaith ploy earned him an invitation by Rosen to come to New York after the chief Rabbis in Russia touted him as ' as a sample of moderate and constructive Islam denying extremism and living in peace with representatives of other nations and religions'.

Less then one year after 'the Mufti took Manhattan' he was back in Russia meeting with Hamas, whose leader Khalid Meshaal, seemed to parrot the Jewish leader's praise of Mufti Gainutan's interfaith efforts when he stated that:" He was pleased by Russia's readiness to having good relations with the Islamic world".


US Jews Impressed By Russian Experience Of Inter-Religious Cooperation

Thursday, March 3 2005


US Jews impressed by Russian experience of interfaith

RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, Russia - The delegation of the American Jewish Congress-Council for World Jewry, currently in Russia, and its leader Jack Rosen met with chairman of the spiritual department of European Russia's Moslems, Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin. Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and President of the Federation of CIS Jewish Communities Lev Leviev also attended the meeting.

Yesterday the American Jewish Congress-Council for World Jewry and the Federation of CIS Jewish Communities signed a memorandum on cooperation. Moreover, the members of the US delegation met with Russian Culture and Mass Communications Minister Alexander Sokolov.

During the talks with Mufti Gainutdin the US delegation was especially interested in the experience of cooperation between Moslems and Jews accumulated in multi-confessional Russia. According to Jack Rosen, this experience is unique in modern history. Representatives of different religions have lived together for centuries and people's wisdom helped them work our various forms of cooperation, Mr. Rosen said. During the Soviet times when religion was being attacked all believers had to defend their interests which contributed to the creation of the atmosphere of mutual trust, Mr. Rosen noted. Representatives of the Federation confirmed his words.

Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and Lev Leviev proposed that Jack Rosen invite Mufti Gainutdin to the United States to present a sample of moderate and constructive Islam denying extremism and living in peace with representatives of other nations and religions.

The sides also discussed the situation in the Middle East. According to Mufti Gainutdin, Russian Moslems support Israel's right to peaceful and safe existence and condemn terrorism.

The meeting was also attended by the US delegation Mr. Phil Baum Executive Director of the American Jewish congress, Mr. David Twersky Director of the Council for world Jewry and FJC executive Director Avraham Berkowitz.



Hamas hails 'breakthrough' visit
Khaled Meshaal (right) and Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin are greeted by worshippers at a Moscow mosque Mr Meshaal (left) of Hamas met Russian religious leaders
Members of the Palestinian militant group Hamas have called their visit to Moscow an "important breakthrough" amid US attempts to isolate the group.

One delegate, Mohammed Nazzal, said the US was trying to put Hamas under "political siege" following its victory in the Palestinian election last month.

He said the group looked forward to "good relations" with Russia.

The delegation has met religious and political leaders on the second day of its trip.

"We consider this visit to be a very important breakthrough," Mr Nazzal told the AFP news agency.

"The US administration is trying to isolate Hamas, they are trying to place Hamas under political siege.

On Saturday, the delegation, headed by political leader Khaled Meshaal, met Russian Muslim leaders, led by Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin.

The two groups shared tea together and joined each other in prayers at Moscow's main mosque, the Itar-Tass news agency reports.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Meshaal said constructive views had been exchanged and he was pleased by the "Russians' readiness to have open relations with the Islamic world".

The team also met the chairman of the foreign relations committee of the Russian upper house, Mikhail Marguelov.

Mr Marguelov later said Hamas "will be pragmatic in its dealings with Israel", as it had been "in building a peaceful operation in Palestinian territories".


Russia is the only one of the four Middle East peace mediators to talk to Hamas since its election victory.

Russian guard outside Palestinian mission in Moscow Russia has broken with other mediators in talking to Hamas

The rest of the Quartet - the US, UN and EU - consider Hamas a terrorist organisation and have refused to deal with the group.

Arab League foreign ministers have meanwhile agreed a draft resolution urging foreign governments against imposing what they term as "unjust" conditions on the incoming Hamas administration.

The draft, which will be debated at a summit in Sudan this month, said the world should respect the will of the Palestinians, who voted Hamas into office.

On Saturday, former Russian premier Yevgeny Primakov called Hamas' January poll victory a "complete fiasco" for US diplomacy in the Middle East.

Mr Primakov said the US was wrong to treat Hamas as a terrorist group in the wake of their political victory and should not cut off funds to the Palestinians.

During his talks with the delegation on Friday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged Hamas to transform into a political group.

"I don't think Hamas would have any serious future if Hamas doesn't change," Mr Lavrov said.

Mr Meshaal said the talks were constructive and open.

But he insisted that Israel must withdraw from territory occupied in 1967 if it wants peace.

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