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Militant Islam Monitor > Weblog > Amputations, beheadings, hangings, and executions continue in Muslim world - while Muhammed cartoons spark outrage

Amputations, beheadings, hangings, and executions continue in Muslim world - while Muhammed cartoons spark outrage

February 13, 2006

MIM: It should be publicly known that amputations and beheadings are supported by clerics based in the UK and Europe and are not just a phenomenon in the Middle East or Asia. Bilal Philips, a convert to Islam, (and unindicted co conspirator 34 in the 1993 WTC bombings) who heads Muslim 'educational' centers the UK and the UAE . In a response to a questioner on his website about which day of the week beheadings and amputations should take place Philips replied:


Question on Death ( Mawt )
Answered by Dr.htm Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Q. Is there any evidence in the Quran or Sunnah which supports the chopping of heads on Friday?

A. We were instructed to carry out the cutting of hands or heads, stoning people to death, lashing, etc. in public and the greatest gathering of Muslims, excluding the two Eids and Hajj, is on Fridays. It was the practice of the Prophet (pbuh) to gather as many people from the community to witness the implementation of the Islamic law. Executing the individual was not just punishment for that individual, but it was also awareness to the people what will happen if they committed the same crime.

One of the distinguishing factors between Islamic criminal law and Western criminal justice is public executions. In the past, the west used to execute people and then they stopped. Afterwards they made an analysis that concluded that the crime level didn't decrease due to executions, so there was no reason to bring it back. However in the Muslim society, public executions does keep crime levels down and this is a fact.

It can be estimated that the population of Saudi Arabia is similar to the population of New York City, but the number of murders which are committed in Saudi Arabia in a year are less than the number of murders which are committed in New York City in a week. One of the key factors for this is public executions.


MIM: Bilal Philips proclaimed that " the cutting of hands and heads,stoning of people to death, and lashings are only to be held on Fridays". Since public executions of Muslims are limited to once a week, the Islamic Circle of North America, (ICNA), has established the Muslim Alert Network, to fight against media reporting of Islamist atrocities in negative terms.

Indeed nowhere is the claim that "Islam is a mercy for all mankind" better reflected then in the shari'a justice system which only allots one day a week for decapitations, mutililations, stonings, and lashings.

Philips extolled the low crime rate in Saudi society, noting that it had a population equal to New York City but had less murders in a year then NYC has in a week. He stated that "one of the key factors" for this was the Islamist practice of "public executions".


MIM: Closer to home, the Saudi funded Islamic Circle of North America declaration of goals complements the agenda of the 'Muslim Alert Network' which is dedicated to combatting the "media portrayals of Muslims as violent fanatics".

The head of ICNA in Philadelphia Iqbal Baqai, who was orchestrating demonstrations against the Inquirer newspaper which had published one of the cartoons, (along with a disclaimer justifying their exercise of free speech), told a CSM journalist that:

"We are going to keep protesting till they say they are sorry," he says. "Muslims are very angry and the Inquirer offices could even be attacked." http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0209/p02s01-ussc.htm


Taliban publicly execute murderer, amputate two robbers

AFP, August 14, 1998

KABUL, Aug 14 (AFP) - The hardline Taliban Friday publicly executed a murderer and amputated limbs of two robbers amid shouts of "God is the Greatest" at the Kabul stadium, witnesses said.

Thousands of Taliban soldiers and citizens, including women, watched the proceedings.

The murderer squatted and after his face was covered with a pink mask he was shot dead by the father of the man allegedly killed by the accused earlier this year.

Later a team of surgeons wearing blue masks chopped off right hands and left feet of two men convicted of highway robbery.

The surgeons amputated the limbs after anaesthetizing the convicts and left the severed limbs on the ground for the spectators to rush and have a close look.

The three were convicted by a military tribunal created by the Taliban supreme leader Mulla Omar to deal with criminal cases under the Islamic Sharia law.

Taliban, who now control almost three-quarter of Afghanistan, have enforced punishments in public under the Islamic law which they say helped deter and curb criminal acts.

April 24, 1998

1998 Taliban amputation of right hand at stadium while thousands watch the spectacle

Picking up one of the hands by the little finger, a militiaman raised it in the air and told the crowd: "This is the cut hand of a thief, the Shariat [Muslim law] punishment for any of you caught stealing."

Ghazi Sports stadium where these inhuman actions took place.

Talat Khan, a young Afghan convicted for theft, whose right hand and left foot were amputated on the orders of the Islamic court established by the Taliban in Lashkargah (Helmand province).



Around 4,000 people --many women and children-- watched the qasas
All photos are caught from a video film by RAWA (Click here to download movie clips)

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - Thousands of spectators pleaded Friday to spare the life of a convicted killer but then watched the brother of one of his victims cut his throat in the first public execution in the Afghan capital since November.

Hundreds of women in all-enveloping burqas were among an estimated 4,000 people who filled the seats of the Kabul sports stadium, witnesses said.

Mohammed Daoud had been convicted of killing two men, identified only as Samiullah and his cousin Nasimullah, in an eastern neighborhood of Kabul. It wasn't clear when the killing had taken place.

The execution was carried out by Maulvi Mohasil, the brother of Samiullah. Mohasil refused pleas from the spectators, as well as from the ruling Taliban militia's military court chief justice, Haibatullah Akhund, to forgive Daoud.

Under the Taliban's strict interpretation of Islamic law, the victim's family can execute the convicted killer. But the law also allows the family to forgive.

"I will never forgive him," Mohasil said. "He broke the heart of one big family."

In the 90 percent of Afghanistan that the Taliban control, convicted murderers and adulterers are killed, the limbs of thieves are amputated and people found guilty of lesser crimes are beaten.

There were almost weekly executions or amputations of criminals in the Kabul stadium before November 1999, when a woman was killed for hacking to death her abusive husband. Akhund attributed the hiatus in public executions since then to a decline in crime in the capital.

It wasn't clear whether Friday's execution marked a resumption of regular public punishments.

The day's spectacle began when Taliban soldiers led Daoud, whose eyes were covered with a white scarf, into the stadium.

Daoud prayed for 10 minutes. When he finished, Taliban soldiers tied his hands behind his back with another scarf.

Mohasil, the brother, entered the stadium with Samiullah's wife and three children, along with Nasimullah's mother. Slowly Mohasil walked toward Daoud. He came up behind him and with a knife cut his throat.

"Now we have our revenge," Mohasil said. "I will sleep tonight. I have done a good thing."

Taliban give knife to a mother to chop off the head of an alleged murderer of her son in Helmand province. It is called Qasas [religiously sanctioned slitting of human throats]
Photos are caught from a video film.
Mohammed cartoon which caused outrage among Muslims
undefined Alleged thieves hanged in Afghanistan in 1995

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