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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Islamist c'est chic: Muslim clothing line endorsed by banned cleric and customers - "Silent Da'wa the best way to go"

Islamist c'est chic: Muslim clothing line endorsed by banned cleric and customers - "Silent Da'wa the best way to go"

" A believer should only wear Muslim Gear"
December 22, 2005

MIM: A a new generation of Western born Muslims is trying to Islamise Western culture and society by foisting the Islamic label on everything from government, politics, education, amusement park events, and office rest rooms.

The fundamentalists behind Muslim Gear have taken insidious Islamisation one step further by putting out their own clothing label - endorsed by Imams and used by wearers for Da'wa.

One Muslim Gear customer raved about how the presentation of new -shirts to her two nieces was an opportunity for "silent Da'wa the best way to go".

Among the Islamist endorsement of the efforts from terrorist linked Muslims like Siraj Wahhaj, Zaid Shakir, was one from Sheik Yahya Ibrahim - consulting translator to the Saudi Embassy, known for his translations of the writings of rabid cleric Al Sudais, and head of the Australian Islamic College aka the Islamic Invitation Center.

"With all the pressures placed upon us as Muslim youth, it is refreshing to find a uniquely tasteful clothing line like MuslimGear.."

Ibrahim was recently barred from entering the United States for national security reasons- so his approval of the clothing line will doubtless boost sales.. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1469


MIM:Muslim Gear Homepage


Find out what our Leaders, Artists and Customers are saying about MuslimGear!


Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick

Imam Zaid Shakir

Imam Khalid Griggs

Imam Suhaib D. Webb

Napolean and Aman

Allah Made me funny comedy tour


"Finally it's here, MuslimGear. The youth are our future and clothing is an expression of our faith, so support this noble cause." - Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick, South Africa

"Calvin Klein, Hilfiger, Gucchi, they are astray, it's clear. A believer should only wear MuslimGear." - Imam Zaid Shakir, California

"Why would anyone want to wear Nike or Tommy when they have MuslimGear? Something made by Muslims for Muslims!" - Imam Khalid Griggs, North Carolina

"Synthesizing the traditional with the current, MuslimGear serves as a catalyst for defining our culture and heritage as Western Muslims." - Imam Suhaib D. Webb

"I think all Muslims need to support this clothing line, because the youth will benefit from it and because it's halal clothing." - Napolean from the Outlawz, California

"I am truly impressed by what MuslimGear has accomplished thus far and I am very excited for what the future holds, in sha Allah, for the brothers and sisters working on this project. Ma sha Allah, well done! I wish MuslimGear all the best." - Sh. Muhammad Alshareef

"Profits from MuslimGear are donated back to Muslim Youth activities and the community. Support this cause and buy something for your son, daughter, husband, or wife!" - Imam Siraj Wahhaj, New York

"True will and distinguished ability lead to absolute success. I can see that MuslimGear has the will and distinguished ability, so surely they will succeed. They are among the molders of life." - Ustaz. Amr Khaled

"With all the pressures placed upon us as Muslim youth, it is refreshing to find a uniquely tasteful clothing line like MuslimGear. It isn't in your face, but it gets the message out. We are Muslim and proud of it." - Sh. Yahya Ibrahim, Australia

"When ever you view any logo on clothing, it makes a statement. What statement would you like to make?----- tommy , calvin or MUSLIM. I believe the choice is clear for the ones who have submitted-----MUSLIMGEAR" - Imam Zia Ullah Khan

"Alhamdulilah MuslimGear's providing clothes for the youth so we can represent who we are with style. inshaAllah we can all show support so they can keep it movin' for us" - Amaar from Aman hip hop group

"It is so great to see young Muslims expressing themselves so creatively through fashion and logo design. Such expression is truly a way for people of conscious to begin branding society with positive messages contrasting the ways huge corporate institutions brand society with their senseless logos, created with only the aim of commercialism and making the rich richer and the poor poorer." - Music Artist Dawud Wharnsby

Some of our customers


Thanks a lot. I got my shipment this friday. Your items are lovely. I just feel so strongly that this ideology needs to be spread throughout the world. - Farhan, Sydney, Australia

"...Salams, My 2 nieces loved them they already started wearing them and getting many questions on where they got it. Thank you very much its silent dawah and that is the best way to go..."

Assalaamu alaikum, I love the clothes. I am very proud of my religion and thank you for creating this line of clothes. I love the clothes and the fact that the sale also helps the ummah. ma salaam..."

- Sr. Asima, Quebec, Canada

"...Assalamualaikum, SubhanAllah! MuslimGear has style, modesty and a unique method of conveying the truth worldwide. Our times dictate a different story of Islam, but MuslimGear invites clarity and positive inquisition. JazakumAllah Khayr, MuslimGear, you're giving the youth a uniting factor (yes, even in the UK!) promoting peace and understanding! Loved the clothes, professionalism and wonderfully friendly service! May Allah shower Mercy and Compassion on you all! Ameen!

- Br. Faraz, London, United Kingdom


"...Assalamalaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, I have never felt so comfortable in dealing with any other company, Alhamdulilah. MuslimGear customer service never fails to respond promptly and always lets you know they support you. The product is made with great quality and the prices are very affordable. Also, more importantly, the clothes make great conversation: when people ask what your shirt or hat says, you have an open field to explain and share Islam with them, Alhamdulilah. May Allah continue to bless you with success and help people share the beliefs in Islam, Ameen..."

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