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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Arafat graveside party planned - Arab killed by Egyptian troops as they try to storm border

Arafat graveside party planned - Arab killed by Egyptian troops as they try to storm border

September 12, 2005

Abu Mazen and Arafat are so alike that no one has noticed that one is dead. Festivities are planned at Arafat's gravesite so he can take part in the celebrations of the Jihadist death cults known as Hamas and Fatah.


Gaza City - A celebration to mark the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip will be held next Saturday at the Palestinian Authority's West Bank headquarters next to the tomb of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

A statement published after an executive committee meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organisation in Gaza urged West Bank Palestinians "to participate in a festival of liberty and independence" at the Muqataa leadership compound.

Arafat died in November after failing to realise his dream of delivering an independent Palestinian state for his people.

A major celebration would also be held in Mawassi, a Palestinian enclave in the heart of the evacuated southern Gaza settlements, set to take place in the coming days, the statement added.


MIM: Even after the Israelis are gone the Arabs in Gaza behave so aggressively that others have to shoot at them. The only this time no one in the world will expend any ink for newsprint or a word of condemnation for the killings (!).


Middle East News
Palestinian killed at Gaza-Egypt border
Sep 12, 2005, 19:00 GMT

GAZA, Gaza (UPI) -- A Palestinian was killed Monday, apparently by Egyptian forces monitoring the border during celebrations of Israel`s withdrawal from Gaza.

Palestinian security sources said Egyptian troops fired shots to disperse Palestinians and Egyptians who flooded the border line at Rafah in celebration after Israeli forces withdrew from the area.

Witnesses said some 2,500 Palestinian refugees and Egyptians crossed through barbed wire and cement blocks to join Palestinians on the other side of the border to celebrate the end of Israeli occupation.

Egyptian officials said police could not contain the Palestinian refugees who have been living in border camps inside Egyptian territory since 1967.

It was not known how the Palestinian was killed exactly but it appears he has been hit in the head by a stray bullet.

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