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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > No need to travel to Jihad camps abroad when CAIR- MPAC-and ACLU offer non profit summer internships in the US

No need to travel to Jihad camps abroad when CAIR- MPAC-and ACLU offer non profit summer internships in the US

Why travel to Afg
August 25, 2005

2005 Summer Internships for MSA Students Contents: Muslim Non-Profit Internships Other Non-Profit Internships For-Profit Internships Volunteer opportunities Muslim Non-Profit Internships: CAIR SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM CAIR is seeking applicants for its summer internship program. The program is open to Muslim 18 years and older and has legal status in US to receive monthly stipend. This Internship program is specially designed for College and University students. CAIR's internship program provides first hand experience and training in Community Outreach and Chapter Development, Governmental Relations, Lobbying, Public and Media Relations, Legal and Civil Rights, Research and Leadership Training. Activities included research, organizing grassroots activities, writing information guides and pamphlets and learning the art of effective media and public relations. CAIR Interns work with skilled and dedicated mentors to gain first-hand experience on the "front lines" of CAIR's work. The application deadline is April 30, 2005. Interested and qualified applicants should go to our website at www.cair-net.org/internship to download the application and information package or call 202 488 8787 or email [email protected]. CAIR-LA Internship Program The Council on American-Islamic Relations-Southern California (CAIR-LA) is seeking applicants for its internship program. The program is open to Muslim college or university students age 18 and older who have legal status in the U.S. to receive a monthly stipend. CAIR's internship program provides first hand experience and training in Community Outreach, Education, Governmental Relations, Lobbying, Public and Media Relations, Legal and Civil Rights, Research and Leadership Training. The intern will work on a designated project in a department. This internship allows for first hand experience with an 18 hour a week flexible schedule. CAIR's internship calendar is as follows: Winter Jan 3- March 18 Spring March 28 - June 10 Summer June 21 - Aug 12 Fall Sept 5 - Nov 18

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CAIR- VA/MD Internship Program Internship Positions Available at CAIR's MD and VA Offices The Council on American-Islamic Relations MD-VA chapter is seeking interns for its offices in Bethesda, MD and Herndon, VA. The interns will assist in client intake, civil rights case management and follow-up, media monitoring, governmental outreach and lobbying on upcoming legislation, community outreach and organizing, coalition work, the annual banquet, and the general running of the office. Interns will be trained in civil rights work and get valuable exposure to contemporary civil rights discourse (Muslim & NonMuslim) in the US, community building and networking. This is an excellent opportunity to witness and become a part of the "front lines" of civil rights work in the United States. It is an invaluable position for individuals interested in journalism, law, political science, and/or community development. Ideal applicants will be community-oriented, self-starters, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and be highly organized. Applicants must be fluent in English, and familiar with word processing. Fluency in one Middle Eastern/African language is preferred though not required. Interns are expected to behave in a mature Islamic manner and to adhere to CAIR's internal policies and procedures. A commuting stipend will be provided. The Bethesda office is conveniently located near the Red Line Bethesda metro stop. To apply, please submit: 1. Resume listing educational background, work experience and any community ties. 2. Names and contact information of two references. These should be individuals who are familiar with your academic and extracurricular achievements and potential. Community leaders, Imams, supervisors, professors are ideal candidates. 3. Please describe some political/journalism projects or activist/community organizing projects (including any MSA, MYNA, CAIR, Mosque) that you have worked on or are working on that will give us additional background information on your particular fields of experience and expertise. Maximum length: 250 words. ALTERNATIVELY: Describe a project that you would want to undertake at CAIR MD-VA, and include how your experience and skills make you well-suited to launch it. Maximum length: 500 words. This information may be submitted either electronically to [email protected] or faxed to us at 301-986-8772. For more information, call 301-986-1900. Interested and qualified applicants should contact Alia Aboul-Nasr at [email protected]
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or call 714-776-1847 for an application MPAC Summer Internship Program The Muslim Public Affairs Council is launching its 2005 Summer Internship Program in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA! Since 1988, MPAC has worked diligently to promote an American Muslim identity rooted in Islamic values of freedom and justice, and make American Muslims a vibrant and contributing element within the American discourse and pluralism. MPAC works actively to include American Muslims in policymaking and opinion formation. MPAC has established itself as a leading American Muslim organization on Capitol Hill, in news and entertainment media, and within the community. An important part of our mission is the training and development of a next generation of American Muslims leaders and activists. It is now offering an opportunity for students, as well as recent graduates, to work towards the advancement of Muslims in the American fabric. Description Are you interested in working for the American Muslim community or gaining experience in the non-profit sector? MPAC interns gain hands-on education, experience and skills in media, community, and government relations. You won't just be filing, you'll get to use your creativity and initiative to enhance or even create effective projects that help fulfill our mission. We are looking for team players who are self-motivated and enjoy working hard. It is in our interests as the American Muslim community that we have the right people involved in shaping our future. Summer internships are a great way to become familiar with the inner workings of government or media, and to work with American Muslim leadership. Interns will be keeping up to date with local and national politics and media, writing reports and analyses, and will have an opportunity to interact with government officials, attend press conferences and events. The MPAC-DC office is located across the street from the Supreme Court, Capitol Building, and all of the Senate Office Buildings, allowing interns to experience the political atmosphere of Washington firsthand. MPAC-LA is located in the center of one of the nation's media capitols, and regular engages with media and governmental professionals as well as interfaith dialogue, hate crime prevention, and community outreach. How to Apply for Summer 2005 Internships (Deadline: March 30, 2005) We are currently accepting applications for full-time and part-time interns. If you are a student, we will work with your school to receive academic credit or work study pay. We have flexible hours, including occasional weekend and evening
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availability. Please call for more information. If you are interested in an internship in Washington or Los Angeles, visit our website at www.mpac.org to download the application. For any questions or concerns, email Amin Al-Sarraf, DC Projects Coordinator, at [email protected]. There are limited internships available, so act now! Islamic Internship for Worker Justice Put your Faith into Action for Workers! The Islamic Internship for Worker Justice is a part of Seminary Summer, which reaches out to Muslim, Jewish, and Christian future religious leaders. The program is inviting Muslim students to participate in unique summer field placements that help low wage workers. Participants receive one week of orientation and training, and two days of debrief in Chicago. The program runs from June 19 - August 26. Students will receive: l a weekly stipend l housing if relocating for the summer l transportation costs as needed l possible academic credit l help in finding a mentor for theological reflection Applications for Islamic Internship for Worker Justice are available on-line at www.interfaithworkerjustice.org. The first deadline is March 1, after which applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as space allows. Please contact Joy Heine if you have any questions, (773) 728-8400 x 33, [email protected]. Co-sponsored by Interfaith Worker Justice and the AFL-CIO since 2000. Flyer: http://www.nicwj.org/outreach/students/IslamicSumFlyer.pdf Other Non-Profit Internships: Union Summer 2004: Union Summer is a unique experience for juniors and seniors who are ready to graduate and become change agents in the world. It is a highly competitive program geared toward activists who have a track record of
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involvement or volunteerism especially regarding issues of social and/or economic justice. If you are angry about working people being abused and exploited by the rich and powerful you can have an opportunity to help people fight back. This is a better world when everyone moves forward together, not when the majority are left behind. Workers can have power over their lives if they organize their numbers and resources to gain a voice. Millions of workers today would join a union if they had that choice. In 2003 alone, 25,000 workers were fired trying to legally organize a union at their workplace! Bosses are allowed to break the law with little or no punishment for having done so. We need Labor Law Reform and we need it NOW. Working families need to mobilize and vote as a powerful force to take back America from the rich and powerful who don't care about what working families go through just to make ends meet. By participating in voter registration and mobilization, working families can elect people to represent issues of concern to all of us*health care, labor law reform, retirement protections, education and safety. This year, Union Summer interns will be doing just that. Mobilizing union and non-union workers around issues that affect their lives. Working America! Taking back America for the majority of good hard working folks! If you want to make a real difference on real issues in 2004, then you should apply for Union Summer. Union Summer is a program for juniors and seniors who think they would like to become organizers or do some sort of social justice work. People who KNOW they want to do social change work. We need high quality folks who want to make a difference. This is an intense experience. This is not a traditional kind of internship. You will work long irregular hours but it will be an experience you will never forget. You will have an opportunity to work with union members and workers who are not yet union members but have the same concerns as all working people. This is a 5 week internship that starts with an intense 1 week training before going out to the campaign you will be assigned to for 4 weeks. You will be paid a taxed stipend of $300 per week. Housing will be provided during your internship. Note: It is also possible for Union Summer Interns to get credit for their internships with certain of their professors. This SHOULD NOT be the primary motivator to become an intern but for those folks who are great candidates but are reluctant because of financial concerns this could help them make the decision to apply. To Apply: Please send cover letter & resume to [email protected] with internship # DC6-- in subject line. In your cover letter please answer the following questions: 1) Why do you think you would like to be a Union
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Summer intern? 2) What are your plans after graduation? Do you have ideas about where you would like to work? What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now? 3) How do you feel about talking to strangers? 4) What political, social justice, community or campus groups/activities have you been involved with? What do those groups do? What were your specific responsibilities? 5) Give me an example of a social injustice that really burns you up; makes you angry. What if anything did you do about it? Meighan Davis AFL-CIO Organizing Institute 919-656-0766 (cell) 202-637-5096 (work) [email protected] www.organize.aflcio.org www.unionsummer.aflcio.org ACLU The Washington Legislative Office of the ACLU invites applications for undergraduate internships with our national field department for the Spring, 2005 semester. The ACLU internship is designed to give students the opportunity work directly with a national field organizer, primarily focusing on grassroots mobilization around post 9-11 civil liberties abuses. Students will be experience first-hand the workings of a full-service national legislative office and the interaction between field and lobby operations. Intern activities could include attending congressional hearings and press briefings, assisting in field organizing and grassroots operations, tracking current events relating to civil liberty issues, and monitoring state political and judicial developments that may impact national ACLU legislative initiatives. A commitment of 10 weeks is asked, although the specific length and terms of internships will be negotiated when an offer is made. QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants should have excellent research, writing, and communications skills as well as the ability to work independently. A strong interest in civil liberties is essential. An interest in political science, the legislative process, grassroots organizing, and current events is helpful. APPLICATION PROCESS: Applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and writing sample of not more than 5 pages in length. Please describe your interest in civil liberties in your cover letter. Please also note your availability. Send materials to: Naheed Qureshi, ACLU Washington National Office, 915 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005. Applications may be emailed to [email protected] Position open until filled. Intern at RAN Date:2/3/2005
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From:[email protected] Intern for RAN for Spring / Summer For years Rainforest Action Network has been at the forefront of the radical ecology and environmental movement, working to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing, and nonviolent direct action. Currently, RAN is running hard-hitting markets campaigns to transform the multinational timber and international finance industries, with corporate targets Boise (formerly Boise Cascade) and Citigroup. RAN is looking for the best and brightest people out there who want to gain hands-on experience in any of the following fields: Environmental activism Markets campaign strategy Media, communications, and public relations Fundraising and organizational development Research Grassroots organizing Education and outreach Design and publications This is a great way to get involved in the activist movement and build up your leadership skills. RAN will be selecting up to 15 students to fill our internship position this summer, and up to four students for the Spring. RAN's non-paid internship program consists of 145 hours of work over the summer; students may receive college credit. We reimburse students for their local travel to our San Francisco office (up to $7 daily). Apply online today: http://action.ran.org/ctt.asp?u=2287344&l=77178 Or contact Jessica Bell at [email protected] or 415 398 4404 ext 335 for more information. ===================================================== ActionLA Action for World Liberation Everyday! Tel: (213)403-0131 URL: http://www.ActionLA.org e-mail: [email protected] ADC Summer Internship Program Recruiting Now for Summer Program The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is now recruiting interns for the summer program. We are particularly interested in recruiting Arab-American students, both undergraduates and graduate students. The deadline for applications is March 15. The summer program runs from May 23 to August 12.
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If students do not receive course credit for the internship, there is a small stipend. ADC is a grassroots Arab-American civil rights organization. It was founded in 1980 by former Senator James Abourezk to defend the rights of Americans of Arab descent, to promote the Arab cultural heritage, and to represent the Arab-American community on issues of foreign and domestic policy. Much of our work is focused on the prevention of anti-Arab discrimination, the defense of civil liberties, U.S. Middle East policy, and educating the public about Arab Americans and Arab culture. The ADC intern program is conducted under the auspices of the ADC Research Institute, the educational affiliate of ADC. Intern assignments deal with civil and human rights, education, governmental relations, media and journalism, publications, grassroots organizing, non-profit management and fundraising. Educational Program: One day a week, interns visit government and congressional offices, embassies, and other organizations. This introduces student to some of the policymaking institutions in the Washington area, which shape issues and events of concern to Arab Americans. There will be opportunities to take advantage of some of the speakers, films, conferences, and cultural programs in Washington which address Arab-American issues. Each year interns write and publish Intern Perspectives, in which they reflect on their experiences at ADC and on the issues they have dealt with. What You Need to Apply: Completed application form (available on ADC website). Resume Academic transcript Two letters of recommendation Two-page personal statement about your interest in being an ADC intern, your background, education, campus or community activities, career plans, or whatever will tell us how we can best use your abilities and experience in our programs. Applications should be sent to: Intern Coordinator American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee 4201 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20008 For the intern application form and for more information on ADC, the intern assignments in each department, and on our current campaigns, please check the ADC website: www.adc.org. Give me a call if you have any questions. Marvin Wingfield Director of Education and Outreach ADC 202-244-2990 For- Profit Internships: Microsoft Summer Internship Program
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The Company: Microsoft, of course. The Internship: Microsoft Associate Product Manager Intern. Are you fascinated with customer focused marketing? Do you have a passion for technology and how it impacts people's lives and businesses? Microsoft is looking for our next group of technology marketing innovators who will help us achieve our company mission of enabling people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. We are looking for marketers who have a passion for technology products and the people who use them. To be successful you should have the ability to analyze markets, competition and customers and translate that analysis into strategic insights. During your internship, you will work to develop complete marketing plans built on this insight and analysis, and/or create and drive execution of programs and tactics to support your product's current plan. You should have a deep understanding of customer behavior and perceptions and be driven by customer satisfaction. You will need to work collaboratively and build consensus across all functional areas (other product managers, finance, sales and development) as well as effectively manage external vendors. A keen understanding of how our products work, how our customer's think, how to position our products and how to deliver our products to customers is critical. Requirements: Candidates should be pursuing a BA, BS or BBA, have a strong passion for technology and applicable course work or job experiences in the marketing field. Ideal candidates will possess strong analytical thinking skills, the ability to effectively collaborate with others, excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication and presentation skills and have a strong drive for results. Application: Submit your resume to the job posting listed on the McCombs School of Business' online recruiting site, or email your resume to [email protected] The application deadline is March 6. Contact: Jill Jurenka, Recruiting Coordinator Microsoft College Recruiting [email protected] http://www.microsoft.com/college ----- Internship: Flashback Data, LLC The Company: Flashback Data, LLC. The Internship: Business Development Manager. Manage internal procedures between operations and sales. Work with marketing personnel in growing market share. Manage and establish relationships with corporations, computer service companies, and computer retail organizations.
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Location: Austin, Texas. Requirements: Outlook, Word, Excel skills. Strong communication skills. Works well in a team environment. Desired Colleges: Business, Communication, Liberal Arts. Interested? Contact: Damon O'Connell, at [email protected] Contact for more information: Chelsea Shaffer Mortgage Loan Officer 512-472-5433 ext. 2606 ----- Internship: Avignon Realty In case you missed it last week... Avignon Realty is looking for Marketing interns to help with company brand-naming. Earn college credit while gaining valuable, professional experience! Internship descriptions and applications can be found at http://www.avignonrealty.com/career.php Look under "internships" to see more information. Contact: Meghan Lowery, Human Resources Representative 512-236-8745 [email protected] ----- Job Opportunity: Enspire Learning The company: Enspire Learning is a growing company with the mission to create effective online learning. It was founded by UT alumni and is located in downtown Austin. The company provides e-learning development services to organizations like the World Bank, National Instruments, Canon, Dell and more. The job: The "Multimedia Course Writer Program," a year-long immersion in a growing start-up company where you develop scripts and storyboards for online courses and simulations and write interactive cinematic narratives. Info sessions: Tuesday, March , 6 p.m. in UTC 3.102 (application deadline Sunday, March 13) and Tuesday, April 5, 6 p.m. at 1708 Guadalupe (application deadline Sunday, April 17). Application: Submit a resume, cover letter, and writing sample (less than 500 words) to [email protected]
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Contact: Sunshine Black, Office Manager [email protected] 512-472-8400, ext. 228 Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer Opportunity: Austin Eastside Community Connection There is a volunteer opportunity available at Eastside Community Connection to help in their food pantry, teach English classes and doing random projects. Visit http://www.austinecc.org/volunteer/ for more information. If interested, contact their volunteer coordinator at [email protected] Volunteer Opportunity: UT Environmental Health and Safety Office UT's Environmental Health and Safety Office on campus is currently undertaking the project of educating the student body and faculty about the principles of recycling, particularly regarding the blue bins around campus. Objective: To design a well-organized, informative, catchy logo for the promotion of recycling. Duties: Meet with me a few times to brainstorm ideas and help me design a logo. Time Commitment: Sometime early March (I plan to have the first meeting during the first week in March); estimated 5 hours total: a couple brainstorming, a couple designing. Motivation: A volunteer experience to put on your resume; the opportunity to assist in decreasing contamination and increasing campus recycling. Contact Info: Amanda Towler, Intern [email protected] (361) 227-1362 -----------------

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