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Muslim Wannabe Rebecca Abrahamson Publishes Delusional And Incoherent Screed About Temple Mount

July 26, 2017

MIM: More proof, if any was needed, that Rebecca Abrahamson is a raving lunatic.

"We are an Umma Wahida, it is impossible to separate Muslim from Jew"

"Where can I register? "Musawi Muslim" is a recognized category, right?"

Rebecca Abrahamson

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Rebecca Abrahamson with Omer Salem and 2 others.
3 hrs

Temple Mount - Haram Sharif: towards harmony - what we have forgotten, what we must remember

For my Muslim friends, I need your comments.

From the point of view of the Torah, the children of Ishmael live in the whole world. "his hand on everything".

If Ismail is evil, then he disturbs everyone.

If he's good, he'll help everyone. He will serve God in a simple way. He will avoid complexity. He will know what is right, and do so with any complexity, not complex intellectual arguments. In The Bible, he saw b sin and acted. He killed a man and a woman who was rudely ymrd against Moses. He did not wait until the court examined their case. This is an example of holy greatness.

When Muslims feel upset about something, they're right, but in the wrong place and at the wrong time. It is bad, it leads to terrorism, to dictatorships. Expressing good, it leads to the defence of helpless, vengeance against evil, the struggle for justice.

Temple Mount - Mount a

Why is the sacred temple mount? For Mankind: Adam was created there, and made sacrifices there.

For Jews, Christians and Muslims: Son Ibrahim and an altar, and almost got crushed there.

For Jews and Christians: Jacob was his prophet.

Her dust to the Jew begins on Mount Sinai. The Ten Commandments were placed in the ark of the covenant, and the Jewish people prayed to the ark of the covenant, not to the temple mount It was the ark of God's presence on earth.

The Ark of the covenant has travelled to several places. Then King David allowed special massacres. There must be one altar for the Jewish people. He brought the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, and placed on the rock where almost Isaac sacrificed.

It was supposed to be the house of prayer for all people. Judaism never said that mount moria was just for the Jews!

When the first temple was destroyed, a coffin was hidden under the temple mount. The prayer centre for the Jewish people and a symbol of the Jewish community remained.

In Rome.

Rome originally supported Israel. Athens was a beacon of Greek philosophy, Jerusalem was a beacon of Torah philosophy. When Israel rebelled against Rome, it was crushed by Rome. Three Wars fought the first and second wars of Jerusalem and the third bar. Rome crushed Israel, returned the land of Palestine and renamed Jerusalem. The Temple Mount was deliberately left in ruins, and the Roman soldiers remained there.

In 614, b went to seize Egypt, and Jews helped them conquer Israel. When the Byzantine Romans defeated the Persians, the Byzantine King, is, the Jews were punished by turning the temple mount into a toilet, where all the waste was thrown out there.

So for 500 years, the temple mount has suffered every possible deterioration. These divided Jewish groups have inspired the rebels to fight for the temple mount again.

Under the reign of Caliph Omar, he conquered Jerusalem. Respect Islam Jerusalem. In Arabic, Jerusalem is called "Holy" - Jerusalem. So the first thing the Muslim invaders did, under age, to clean the temple mount. Omar cleaned him up, put an example of his soldiers to clean him up too. Thus, the centuries of the Roman decline. He brought the age of 70 Jewish families in Jerusalem (no one accused Omar the anything. Also under byzantine Rome, no Jew was allowed to come with 5 miles of Jerusalem on the mother of death, and here is the age of bringing 70 families to live there!

Omar didn't clean the temple mount for Muslims. He's cleaning it for the Jews. This is the role of Ishmael, the older brother who protects. Big brother who gives support to anyone who has the Bible and the prophets. The role of ismail is to provide support to other religions to worship God properly.

If Muslims believe that Islam only refers to those who follow the Qur ' an, then the Muslims have to fight everyone. But if Muslims, like Caliph Omar, believe that anyone has the prophet and the Bible is a secure state, then Muslims will actually help and protect the Jews in that they will surprise goz and Christians in our contribution. Then, "Infidels" are just those individuals who are outside civil society.

Why Jerusalem is the third largest sacred site in Islam? Because it's the first sacred place for the Jews. Muslims are supposed to be the protectors of the Jews. Anyone trying to claim just for themselves is a mistake.

At this time, the majority of Jews, under age, were not God, were Samaritans, readers and and. He built a Christian shrine on the rock, where the dome's dome is now. In the southern part of the temple mount he built a mosque where not now. Omar wanted to know where the mosque was built. The Non-Rabbani Jew said to build on the northern region, so that when praying, she was facing the dome and Mecca at the same time. And he refused. He didn't want to mix religions. So he built the mosque in the southern region.

Axel Guide was the leader of all Jewish communities, including divine, the, the and summer. His name was dominated. He was more political than religion.

Was was a Armenian historian who lived through the Caliph Omar. Jewish Jews were more active. They said the temple mount was only for Jews. Form a plot to avenge Christians. They slaughtered a pig and threw his body at the mosque. They said the Christians did it. They wanted the Caliph Omar to bring the Christians out of Jerusalem. He discovered the age of this conspiracy, and dominated, denied him from Jerusalem, and replaced him with the descendant of the house, the president of the academies of Babylon, a JEWISH JEW NAMED GARDENER.

A gardener has fully supported Omar's work. It was agreed that Muslims would stay on the temple mount clean and open to all believers. Jewish Jewish Jews will prevent give, radical and armed from trying to build a temple.

Since then, things have changed. Starting from the 400th century, 400 years after Muhammad, the definition of Muslims "insured" means only Muslims. Muslim commentators have stopped, including Jews and Christians.

Muslims have forgotten why Jerusalem was important. It is not important to Islam itself. It is important for Islam because Islam is supposed to support other religions. It is the third holy city in Islam because it is the first holy city in Judaism. A Muslim forgot to protect the children of Israel.

The Jews forgot they were a minority once. If Omar had not chosen six as the new Brussels and the official representative of Judaism throughout the expanding Islamic Empire, a Jew could turn into a militant cult of the belligerents and seek to restore the order of sacrifice. And, uh, free from the rabbi tradition.

In fact, when Muslims fight for the temple mount today, they inherit their protector. When the Japanese were allowed to go to the temple mount, they kept part of the forgotten agreement. The agreement was to stop Jewish Jewish people who say that the temple mount is only for Jews. Jews Jews rabbi know that the temple mount is a home to pray to all people, and from Mount Zion and bring the Torah spread to the whole world.

We're the shadow parties, and we're implementing an agreement that was reached 1500 years ago, with a little memory from where it started.

How to apply it today:

Jews and Muslims must be in a relationship. He will thank the Muslim Jews for the preservation of his divine God under the Caliph Omar. Jews must go to temple mount only when Muslims are allowed. The Muslims will call them to the temple mount when they see the Jews as believers.

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