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Abu Hamza al Masri - Imam of shoebomber refuses court via video link citing long toenails

British justice brought to heel by hook handed terrorist who insists that they toe the line
January 5, 2005

Sieg Halal !

Captain Hook: aka Abu Hamza al Masri

Islam Uber Alles :

"It's okay to kill them by slitting their throats, or by shooting them, any way you can deter them and others like them to do such a thing".
- Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Masri, asked whether it's ok to slit the throats of those who "work against Islam," interview for British television


MIM: Abu Hamza al Masri is not about to forego his VIP status as Britain's most coddled state financed terrorist while in jail. After the British government refused repeated American requests to extradite him to the US,demanding a promise that Al Hamza not be subject to the death penalty (!) he was finally arrested in the UK, in an apparent bid to keep him safely out of US hands.

Al Masri ran the Finsbury mosque and was spiritual mentor to converts like dirty bomber wannabe Richard Reid, James Ujaama (now in prison in Seattle for aiding Al Qaeda), born again Muslim Zacharias Moussaui, believed to have been the missing 20th hijacker.

In 2003 the Finsbury Park mosque was raided and police found weapons and falsified documents. British taxpayers complained that they were paying for police protection for Hamza and his followers who were worshipping in the street outside the mosque which also happened to be next to a Jewish neighborhood. (In 2002 an orthodox Jewish youth was stabbed in a bus by an Arab after leaflets had been sent out by radical Islamists associated with Masri calling on Muslims to kill Jews in the UK because of their support for Israel.)

In a mindboggling display of dhimmitude and hoping to avoid raising the hackles of Al Masri's followers, who announced to newspapers that they had an Islamic 'treaty of peace' with the British, which Muslims adhere to unless infidels start to 'intefere' with their mosques, The British opened the mosque again. It was not until John Ashcroft requested Al Masri's extradition and and members of the NYPD went to Britain to question him, that the UK 'arrested', 'dearrested', and 'rearrested' al Masri.

The British authoritie's deference to Al Masri is not lost either upon him or his lawyers.Now in prison Al Masri and his Muslim lawyer are exploiting British dhimmitude to the full and mocking the justice system who are acceding to all his whims and demands as in the past. Not only did Hamza refuse to appear for a hearing via special video link citing 'long toenails', he is taunting the British government by suing for welfare benefits he feels he is owed.

The prison in which he is being held has also recently announced they will be building a 1.6 million pound mosque ($ 8 m) since Hamza does not want to worship in the interfaith chapel. The special treatment accorded to Hamza and ongoing British dhimmitude and was documented and commented on by Dr. Daniel Pipes' in his weblog :Londinistan Follies :


MIM: Articles detailing how Al Masri's toenail growth has undermined the UK justice system.

No nail in the coffin during cleric's hearing

London - Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri failed to appear before a British court on Tuesday, complaining his toe nails were too long and he could not walk.

Abu Hamza, who is also wanted by the United States over 11 alleged offences, was charged by British police in 2004 on 16 counts including one terror-related offence.

He had been due to make an appearance via video-link from the high-security Belmarsh jail in London where he is being held.

"Hamza has physical difficulties. He is unable to walk. He has been perambulating barefoot around the prison," said defence lawyer Peter Hynes.

Prosecutor Adina Ekiel added: "He is complaining that his toe nails are too long."


Long Toenails Keep Hamza from videolink -,3604,1383397,00.html

In what must rate as one of the more bizarre reasons for a court no-show, radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza refused to appear in front of a judge yesterday because his toenails were too long.

The former imam at Finsbury Park mosque, north London, who faces 16 charges, including incitement to murder and stirring up racial hatred, was due to enter pleas via video link from Belmarsh jail.

The judge, barristers, officials and press waited patiently for Mr Hamza to appear on screen in court seven at the Old Bailey yesterday morning.

Instead, they heard how Mr Hamza had been walking about barefoot for the past few days because of the problem but now couldn't make it to the special video link room in the south-east London jail.


The Muslim cleric Abu Hamza refused to appear in court yesterday because, he said, his toe nails were too long.

Abu Hamza
Abu Hamza: long-standing problem

Hamza, 47, had been due to appear at the Old Bailey by a video link from Belmarsh prison, south London, for a plea hearing.

He faces 16 charges of soliciting the murders of non-believers, including Jews, and stirring up racial hatred.

But when the case was called, a prison officer told the video link: "He is refusing to come over here. He is being checked over by medical staff. He says he is unable to walk."

Paul Hynes, for Hamza, the former imam at the Finsbury Park mosque, north London, said that the cleric had a "particular physical difficulty". He said: "He has been perambulating around the prison in bare feet for the last few days. It is a long-standing problem."

Adina Ezekiel, prosecuting, said Hamza was "complaining his toe nails are too long, which the Crown is rather cynical about".

After fixing the trial date for July 4, the Recorder of London, Judge Peter Beaumont, granted a defence application for the hearing to be adjourned for 14 days. He remanded Hamza in custody.

He also asked for a medical report on Hamza, who has only one eye as well as no hands.

Hamza is also charged under the Terrorism Act with possessing a document containing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

20 October 2004: Abu Hamza accused of seeking murder of Jews
16 October 2004: Hamza's case in Britain will halt US extradition

28 May 2004: Hamza the 'terrorist consultant'



The Egyptian-born radical cleric Abu Hamza al-Masari, although under detention facing 16 charges including soliciting to murder, continues to be a major problem for the British authorities. In the latest incident, he refused to appear at the Old Bailey on Tuesday because he said his toenails were too long.

A prison spokesman admitted that Hamza's toenails were two or three millimetres longer than the usual but he said they were no impediment to walking. The problem arose when the duty governor refused Hamza's request to wear flip-flops instead of shoes for walking from his cell to the video link suite at the high-security Belmarsh prison. His request was refused on ground of health and safety.

He was to appear in the court on Tuesday, but the judge, lawyers and court official were kept waiting while the toenail drama unfolded out of their sight. Ultimately a prison officer informed the court that Hamza had refused to come out of his cell on the plea that he could not walk.

The defence counsel said Hamza felt he could not walk as he had been perambulating round the prison barefoot. Hamza has also been complaining that he received inadequate medical treatment for his disability-he has no arms and can see through only one eye-and diabetes.

The court has now ordered that in future he must be produced in person and that the trial should take place on July 4.


MIM: UK justice saved by chiropodist :

Hamza has nails cut for court case
By Chris Millar, Evening Standard

January 15, 2005

Fundamentalist cleric Abu Hamza has had his toenails clipped - after he claimed he could not make a court appearance because they were too long.

The self-styled Sheikh of Finsbury Park mosque had said his toenails were so long he was unable to walk from his cell in Belmarsh Prison to a court appearance broadcast from the adjoining magistrates court.

His excuse provoked accusations he was mocking the justice system. However, he has been visited by a chiropodist ahead of an appearance next Tuesday.

When he failed to appear at the last hearing barrister Peter Hynes, defending, said: "There is a particular physical difficulty with him. He feels unable to walk."

Hamza, of Shepherd's Bush, is charged with inciting followers to kill non-Muslims and was due to appear via video link before an Old Bailey judge for a pre-trial hearing.


From Alcohol to Allah

Whackjob in a hijab: Yvonne Ridley

Before she had formally converted to Islam, Abu Hamza al Masri called her and said;" any time there is anything you need give me a call". Ridley gushed that "it was a sweet thing to do".

MIM: Maybe one of the reasons Ridley converted to Islam soon after Al- Masri's phone call because she knew he wouldnt try to shake her hand for religous reasons.


Theories as to why Abu Hamza lost his hands from lgf:

#6 NTropy 1/17/2003 05:05PM PST
Abu Hamza, 45, who lost his hands and left eye fighting in Afghanistan [snip]

But he is vowing to keep preaching at the mosque until he is arrested.

Horribly bad taste I know but will the bobbys lead him away in handcuffs?

Abu Hamza has obviously convinced the British press with his glamorous story of losing his hand and eye "fighting in Afghanistan," but Farrukh Dhondy says it's a lie.

MIM: Farrukh Dhondy speculates that Al Masri lost his eye and hand as a result of bombmaking. He cites a picture of Al Masri showing him 'in one piece' long after the time he claims he was wounded by Russians in Afghanistan.

The 'amputation for theft' theory is also intriquing.

#4 Geepers 1/17/2003 05:04PM PST

Abu Hamza is a liar? I'm Shocked. Shocked!

say it like it is 1/17/2003 07:35PM PST

According to my sources in London, Hamza lost his hand due to having it amputated for thievery whilst he was in Saudi.
Also, Hamza's sister is something of an embarassment to him as she is known to "sleep with men".

#18 Geepers 1/17/2003 11:03PM PST

Abu Hamza is a thief too? I'm Shocked. Shocked!

#13 Steve H. 1/17/2003 06:12PM PST

You people obviously lack my keen powers of deduction.

Hamza clearly lost his eye and hand to Islamic justice. They amputated his hand for spanking the monkey, and they removed the eye he used simultaneously to squint at photos of Vanessa Redgrave.

If you have any more questions, please email me.

#9 Glen Wishard 1/17/2003 05:30PM PST


Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord (or Allah as the case may be) split you, as my dear dad says.

No danger of that --- the Russians blew his ass off, too. Of course, the war had been over for ten years, but even those crappy Soviet shells have to go off sometime.


LONDON : Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, who is in a British jail on incitement to murder charges, is to sue welfare officials for thousands of pounds (dollars) in extra state benefits, a newspaper said.

Hamza, who is due in court next month on incitement to murder charges, claims he has been denied benefits worth 200 pounds (290 euros, 389 dollars) a week for nearly three years, The Sun newspaper said.

His family are already taking in benefits worth over 1,000 pounds a week, it said.

Meanwhile, he is kept at the taxpayers' expense in jail, has his own personal nurse and even received a new hook worth 5,000 pounds, which is in place of his missing hand, it said.

A jail source was quoted as saying: "He has a cheek."

Hamza, 47, an Egyptian-born British national, a distinctive figure with one eye and a hooked hand, was charged in October with 10 counts of soliciting murder.

The little-used charge, covered by an 1861 criminal law, relates to inciting others to murder unspecified people and carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

In Hamza's case it is connected to alleged incitement by the cleric at public gatherings to kill non-Muslims, specifically Jews, according to four of the charges.

He was also charged with four counts of using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour with intent to stir up racial hatred; one count of possessing threatening, abusive or insulting sound recordings; and one count of possessing a terrorist document.

The United States is seeking to extradite him on separate charges.

The US extradition case has been suspended until the British charges are dealt with.


Nov 7 2004

The 1.6 million pound mosque at Hook's jail

Victory for terror suspects

By Justin Penrose

BRITAIN'S toughest jail is to build a £1.6million mosque for prisoners including hook-handed preacher Abu Hamza.

Muslim inmates at Belmarsh Prison, who include Hamza and other suspected al-Qaeda terrorists, have objected to praying in a “multi-denominational chapel where they have to cover up Christian crosses.

Now prison chiefs have controversially agreed to give them a separate place of worship with its own dome and minaret.

Detailed plans for the 150ft x 150ft site on disused land will be put before Greenwich Borough Council for approval after the Prison Service gave the green light. The mosque is expected to be built next year.

Yesterday Brian Caton, General Secretary of the Prison Officers Association, attacked the decision.

He said: We recognise the Prison Services obligation to provide places of worship. However, we don't believe that spending a huge amount of money at this time is in the best interests of prisoners or staff. At a time when prison overcrowding is running wild, contagious diseases are massively on the increase and we have financial problems in prisons, to identify the £1.6million for a mosque for a single denomination is clearly wrong.

What would serve prisoners better would be to expand existing areas to ensure that they can be used by all denominations. This is clearly a waste of money.

A Belmarsh prison officer: This is an absolute disgrace. How on Earth can the authorities justify spending £1.6million?

The money should be used for something else worthwhile not so these people can pray in such luxury.

Nobody else is having a new building built for them, we dont have a synagogue, for example. The source added: This is political correctness gone mad just because they have kicked up a stink. This isnt a makeshift building, its a full-on mosque. Staff are totally disheartened at pandering again to the prisoners.

The mosque is to be built on land between the high-security Category A Unit, which houses some of the countrys most dangerous criminals as well as remand prisoners, and a workshop used to teach inmates.

The move is the latest incident where prison bosses have found themselves tiptoeing round the requirements of Muslims at the jail.

In August Governor Geoff Hughes sent a letter to inmates apologising for putting pork forbidden for Muslims and Jews on the menu. He ordered the meat to be removed from the menus of ALL prisoners.

Officers were also told to do overtime so they could take Muslim inmates to Friday prayers during the holy month of Ramadan. Radical cleric Abu Hamza, 47, is being held at Belmarsh charged with 16 offences including soliciting to murder and inciting racial hatred. He was originally arrested pending extradition proceedings to the USA before being charged with alleged offences in the UK.

No one has ever escaped from Belmarsh which is regarded as the most secure jail in Europe.

Last night a Prison Service spokesman confirmed that the mosque plans are in the very early stages.

[email protected]


The first mosque was built in the 7th Century in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

The focus is a central praying area where worshippers kneel side by side.

Shoes must be removed and the praying area is surrounded by facilities where people can cleanse themselves before prayer.

The prophet Mohammed said The whole world is a mosque meaning that Muslims can pray anywhere that is clean.

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