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Somalian Dutch politician claiming need for bodyguards due to Islamist threats represented by terrorists favorite lawyer

October 3, 2007

Why Is The Netherlands' Terrorists Favorite Lawyer, Britta Böhler, Representing Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

October 3, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - Now that American Enterprise Institute scholar Ayaan Hirsi Ali has returned to the Netherlands, searching for sufficient funding to cover her prodigious "security" detail [estimated to cost upwards of $2 million per year], an extremely troubling relationship comes into clearer focus; Ali is represented by Britta Böhler, a naturalized citizen of Holland and a notorious defense attorney for European Marxist and Islamist terrorists.

"Former VVD politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali feels that she must ultimately arrange her personal security herself. As long as she is unable, the Dutch government will bear a responsibility for her protection however.

Lawyer Britta Böhler said this on Wednesday on behalf of Hirsi Ali. Böhler hopes the statements will create more clarity on the situation in which the former politician finds herself. " [source,]

As Dutch author & terror researcher Emerson Vermaat notes, during the trial of Samir Azzouz [the leader of "The Hoffstadgroep" formerly headed by Mohammed Bouyeri, the Islamist who butchered Theo van Gogh in November 2004] Azzouz' attorney Britta Böhler threatened the judge, warning him to honor the "vox populi" [as represented by Azzouz' supporters in the courtroom's spectator gallery] and sumarily release the defendant.

Another member of Azzouz' defense team, Viktor Koppe asserted to the judges that the friends and supporters of defendant 'agreed' with him - implying that they constituted a "proxy jury."

"The 'NRC Handelsblad' on November 10th, the article 'Spirit of the times the motor behind the trial of Samir Azzouz' cited the lawyer Britta Böhler. She warned the judges for the vox populi, if the court didnt acquit the defendants in this case.

I myself observed the trial and heard Böhler's office colleague Victor Koppe declare during one of the hearings that he had the impression that the people in the spectators gallery agreed with him. In their deposition both public prosecutors referred to Koppe's remarks.

Since 2002 I have been closely following all the important terrorism trials closely and this year I wrote a book about the Hofstadgroep trial [Nederlandse Jihad' publisher Aspekt 2006]. I have never experienced that a lawyer at a sitting called attention to the 'vox populi' from the spectator's gallery. In addition to journalists, both friends and family of the suspects were sitting there, showing their support for the defendants.

Whenever something negative was said about the defendants in the courtroom the spectators in the spectators gallery made throat cutting gestures and I even heard someone say 'Cancer Jew.'" [source, Emerson Vermaat, as quoted in]

Born in Germany, Böhler was an early devotee of Marx and Lenin as a student and a supporter of the Red Army Faction, a German terrorist group. As an attorney, Böhler's vigorous defense of terrorists and left-wing activism has brought her acclaim within both revolutionary and radical Islamist circles.

"She happened to be a great admirer of Abdullah Öcalan, a Turk-Kurdish macho with a preference for blond European women and the leader of the PKK, an extremely violent Kurdish terrorist network which specialized in liquidating opponents. In Ocalan's terrorist camps, there were a few German women who previously belonged to, or sympathized with the Baader-Meinhof gang.

When Turkey finally captured Ocalan, Britta Böhler simply announced she was his lawyer. Just before Ocalan was captured, Böhler tried to arrange his flight to the Netherlands, but the Dutch authorities did not give Ocalan's plane permission to land - for reasons of State security. Böhler was upset, claiming that Ocalan's "right to asylum" had been ignored. It so happens that Böhler and her associates played a legal role - as attorneys - in virtually every major terrorism court case in the Netherlands." [source Emerson Vermaat, as quoted in Front Page Magazine,{5B52E75F-E0F8-40AF-B325-46B73F55D557}]

Given Böhler's career, it seems inconceivable that she would be now be representing someone whose political ideology is seemingly diametrically opposed her own...that is unless Ms. Ali is not exactly what she has been representing herself as being. This is especially true when one considers that Böhler defended Volkert Van der Graaf, the assassain of Dutch MP Pym Fortuyn who was murdered for voicing concerns about the Netherland's Muslim population that were far less antagonistic than Ali's normal litany of charges.

As Ali's newest international theatrical dance plays out, the American Enterprise Institute had better give serious thought as to whether her continued "scholarship" at that esteemed institution has any value and whether she should be allowed to return, if and when she arranges private financing for her multi-million dollar "security" blanket.


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