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Jews For Jihad : AJC's Robert Silverman & ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt - Speak At Jews & Muslims Confab With Radical Islamists

January 16, 2017

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Conference Faculty

MIM: For more on Robert Silverman and the AJC see:

"Jews For Jihad Revisited: Robert Silverman And The American Jewish Committee's Partnership With Radical Islamists"

MIM: For more on Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL see:

" ADL aka Anti Defecation League Working to Rehabilitate Nazi Frog "

MIM: The radical Islamists at the conference are almost too numerous to name. They include:

Former CAIR operatives Rabia Chaudry,Parvez Ahmad and Khurram Wahid

Dhabah aka Debbie Almontaser head of the Al Qaeda/ICNA linked Muslim Community Network (formerly Muslim Consultative Network)

Wahajat Ali of The Center For American Progress

Haroon Moghul Fellow at the Institute For Social Policy And Understanding

Abdullah Antelpli - Imam - Chief Representative of Muslim Affairs Duke University

Tahera Ahmad - Associate Chaplain and Director of Interfaith Engagement - Northwestern University

MIM: For more on Tahera Ahmad see:

"Flying Imams Redux: Tahera Ahmad - Muslim Chaplain Claiming Discrimination On Flight Is Radical Islamist - Works With MSA and ISNA"

This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at